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Chapter 9: Three clan heads part-1

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Chapter 9: Three clan heads part-1

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It has been a day Naruto came back from the mission from the land of waves. He officially asked Ayame to move in with him to be his cook. Naruto's home was quite crowded from yesterday. Naruto started a fun game from yesterday night. He forbade his girls to wear cloths inside her house for one day which would be initiated from this morning.

Naruto from sleep from the sucking of Fubuki and Haku. Fubuki was licking her balls while Haku was giving a good morning blowjob to him. Morning couldn't be better for Naruto. After discharging a load to their faces, Naruto got up. He went to the kitchen and saw cute butt of Ayame cooking delicious ramen for him. Naruto drank water and had soft kiss with Ayame. Kyoki and Tsunami was preparing his shower. When Naruto entered they took the responsibility for his bath. Naruto had a meeting with Hiruzen so he went out after breakfast. Five pairs of jugs were waving him good-bye.

On the way to the Hokage office, Naruto was thinking about the clans and the game book. It had many information but all were generic. No clan specified or special scrolls was not included in the book. So he has to get the access to clan library and scrolls for better knowledge. Recently he learned about Uzumaki, Namikaze and Uchina clan. According to local knowledge no female shinobi is alive from those clans. Naruto was thinking about ways to gain those specialties.

By then Naruto decided not to ask Hiruzen about him being his pupil before construction of the new house. He entered the office and greeted the Hokage.

"You brought two more in my village?" Hiruzen asked angrily.

"One of them is carpenter and the rogues are for my training. Both of them are ice element user so they are helping me with that and I ensure you of no harm from them." Naruto replied.

"How can you use Hyoton?" Hiruzen was surprised.

"It's my little secret, so where are you suggesting me build the house?" Naruto asked but he had a place in his mind which was suggested to him by the book. There was a place in the jungle which was totally inhibited and not too far from the village. The hint was to acquire the area and search it properly.

"Not inside the village, I am okay as long as nobody becomes suspicious of your girl collection. You have changed a lot since you became genin. Is there anything strange going on with you, Naruto?". Hiruzen asked.

"Okay, I have decided a place and another request, I have already studied all books and scrolls in the library. The secret section is far larger than the original library, please allow me the access, I promise nothing will be misused." Naruto requested the Hokage.

"I shouldn't allow it but I have a feeling that you will not misuse it. So I am allowing you." The Hokage replied.

Naruto came out of the office and he was happy that everything went well. He was planning the orientation of his new house. Suddenly Kakashi called him.

"Naruto, I have something to give you. You have improved beyond anyone's imagination. In last major missions, you single handedly managed to complete the missions. I am starting to envision you as powerful as my most respected person Sakumo Hatake. In honor of that, I present you with his "White light Chakra sabre." Use it well Naruto." Kakashi explained and went inside the Hokage's room.

Naruto was very happy to obtain a very precious gift and honor. He was also sure that it would be added to the collection of the game book. He headed towards his home.

Construction of his home would be very artistic. It will be all in one. His harem, practice ground, laboratory, research station, home and library, in a word his little world. He had plenty of space and he was taking an inhibited area. He wanted it to be completed by five days. He decided to use his "Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu". He collected all his girls ready for a five-day camp and reached the location. They have worked for day and night while two of Naruto's clone was studying in the secret section of the library. The most interesting thing they found was a jutsu to remove any transformation or genjutsu. However, it had additional requirements.

Naruto's house was complete. It was not a house rather a mansion. Tsunami made a separate room for all Bukijutsu (Kenjutsu, Bojutsu, shurikenjutsu, kayakujutsu etc). Some rooms were designed to practice but not specialized, they could be upgraded as Naruto obtain new weapons. One Taijutsu practice room, Ninjutsu practice room, a lot of living rooms for future recruits of Naruto, Kitchen, swimming pool, garden, all these was up the ground. There was also underground establishment. A library for depositing the scrolls and books collected by Naruto. Two interrogation room was the idea of Haku and Fubuki. Naruto wanted a medical research room and also a medical Facility. There were also rooms for several big scale jutsus. It was almost 20 storied palace including the underground. The whole area was cleared and security walls has been created also. Naruto named this, "The Jungle Beast".

The made the collection of all scrolls collected from the book made also the copies he made from the library. Three days later, Naruto went to visit the Hokage as well as to inform him about his house. Naruto entered his room. Naruto asked him to make him his pupil.

"It's not possible, Naruto. You are too young and being Hokage doesn't spare much time." Hiruzen shouted at him.

Naruto was exceptionally calm and asked again, "Make a summoning contract between me and Enma as well as deploy any excellent shinobi for my Kenjutsu training."

"What is wrong with you? I told you earlier, it's not possible". Hiruzen refused hi again.

"I have Mito Uzumaki, Mikoto Uchina and Kaguya Namikaze (Fictional sister of Minato Namikaze) in my house, revealing them would create complications in village politics and I don't want to do that." Naruto said in a threatening voice.

"You are bluffing, show them to me first." Hiruzen asked Naruto.

"Deploy my Kenjutsu trainer and promise me to complete the deal if I show them to you" Naruto proposed.

Hiruzen called an Anbu and a moment later a masked shinobi with a sword appeared in front of them. Naruto knew that Anbu are the best of the best. So he thought a tough shinobi like Kakashi would be his trainer.

"Remove your mask, you are relieved off your Anbu service and you will be trainer of Naruto Uzumaki." Hiruzen ordered. The mask came off slowly.

"Naruto, this is Yugao Uzuki, Best swordsman of Konoha, she will be your instructor. Now complete your end of the bargain. Naruto didn't expect a woman; He was more than happy when she was that beautiful.

"We will start our training from tomorrow, Yugao san, Let's go old man". Naruto lest the office with the Hokage. Naruto blindfolded the Hokage after entering through the gate. He didn't want him to know the details of his house. Hiruzen's eyes were free in front of a room.

He was shocked after entering the room. Four Naruto was maintaining three transformations and genjutsu removal diagram on three sides of the wall and three naked female figure was bounded in the diagrams are none other than Mito Uzumaki, Mikoto Uchina and Kaguya Namikaze. Hiruzen recognized the jutsu by seeing the tags on their pussy.

"Now you believe me old man, I have found them in last three days, I was still not sure of their identity thus I started this jutsu." Naruto smirked.

"It's impossible, Mito-san and Mikoto were dead and Kaguya was taken by Orochimaru and never returned. How can every one of them are young?" Hiruzen was stammering.

"As far I know of the history, nobody saw the death body of Mito-san, nobody found the corpse of Mikoto-san and same in case of Kaguya-san. But all of them being in the best of their beauty isn't clear to me yet. However, Mikoto told me about a technique "Ninja art: Creation rebirth- Strength of a hundred technique." Naruto explained.

"Keep this a secret for now Naruto, discover the truth first and I will train you but the summoning contract it up to Enma- the monkey king."

Hiruzen left the house shocked. Naruto went inside the pool with Kyoki and Haku. They were massaging his body. Naruto had a flashback of previous three days.


First at the new house. After having a smooth sex session with tsunami he went out to check he forest. He went near the waterfall. Naruto was feeling wonderful for conquering the areas where no human has landed before. Suddenly he saw a redhead girl dancing under the waterfall. Naruto approached towards her. It almost felt like the scenario the book showed him of Minato and Kushina. He stumbled for a moment and looked back at the fountain and she was gone. It almost felt like an illusion him.

Naruto yelled, "Kage Bushin No Jutsu." He sent the cones in 360-degree direction. They were searching for a lady. In very deep in the jungle, one of the clone found three houses placed almost face to face. The clone popped and The original Naruto got the information and came to place. During his study, Naruto saw his natural talent in sealing. Before entering the houses, he sealed the area so that no-one can enter the house. He opened the door.

He noticed a woman with red hair bun on both side of her head, dressed with tiger skin. Dress would not be a perfect description rather a slightly larger than bra and panty.

"That's a pretty good sealing you got kid and I see no intention of harm." She told.

Suddenly Naruto felt a pressure in his stomach and he felt like he fainted, when he opened his eyes, he found himself sitting on water on a hallway. He heard something growling at the end of hallway. Naruto slowly started to walk towards the sound. Naruto reached open space and saw a huge gate in front him. A very complex seal was placed at the gate. A ferocious fox face with nine tails appeared behind the prison.

"Why are you meeting her kid? Do you know who she is?" said the fox.

"Firstly, I didn't plan to meet her, secondly who are you and where am I? thirdly why are you so rude to me? Naruto asked.

The fox was touched by the innocence of the kid. She replied, "You are different from any of my previous vessels, let me introduce myself, The vessel of hatred, Kyuubi the nine tails".

Naruto didn't let her finish, "you are responsible for the death of my parents, I am gonna kill you."

Naruto threw a kunai at her, that doesn't have any effect on Kyuubi. " Don't blame me for what your people have done, I was created to create balance and you are my first vessel who seem to appropriate for that. I am giving you a chance boy, I will help you and in exchange you free me."

Naruto's intelligence was a lot higher than before. Naruto didn't fall into the trap. He remembered the times the orange chakra engulfed hatred inside him. He played a bigger trick. Naruto proposed, "I don't believe you now but let us friend and keep helping me and I will decide the outcome along the way."

She couldn't see through Naruto. She agreed to it. Kyuubi said, "okay then, I am taking the first step towards our friendship, call me Kurama." Suddenly the big and bold nine tails started to change her form. Naruto couldn't believe his eyes. An orange haired girl with an appealing body standing in front of her wearing very short clothes standing behind the bars.

"Wowww, I didn't expect that in a million years, is it an illusion? Naruto asked.

"This is my normal form and the girl who you have met just now is Mito Uzumaki, wife of Hashirama Senju and my first vessel. She was very powerful and that concerned me so that you met me, this is your sub-conscious. You can meet me here now." Kurama explained.

"Okay, Kurama, good bye for now, I am looking forward to meeting you". Naruto replied.

Naruto came back to the real world. Mito Uzumaki was standing in front of her. Naruto knew by now that she should have been dead. So he asked her directly about that.

"After extracting the Kyuubi, I left the village in secret and came here as I knew nobody comes here and I developed a jutsu "Ninja art: Creation rebirth- Strength of a hundred technique." My enormous Uzumaki chakra helped me." Mito explained.

"Who are in the other two houses? Why didn't you go back to the village? Naruto asked out of curiosity.

"My existence was discovered by Itachi Uchina so he left his mother with me before the assassination and Kaguya, your aunt flew from Orochimaru and took shelter in this jungle and then I found her. All three of us would be the head of three extinct clans thus our life was in danger so we decided to live our life here."

Mito called in the other two, one blonde with yellow bra and panty along with a blue haired woman wearing blue bra and panty entered the room. Naruto recognized them from the pictures in scroll. Naruto proposed a naughty proposal. "You are far away from man for a long time, I want to help you in this regard."
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