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Chapter 10: Three clan heads part-2

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Chapter 10: Three clan heads part-2

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Mito Uzumaki, Kaguya Namikaze and Mikoto Uchina all were blushing from Naruto's proposal. They didn't expect anything like this. However, they didn't respond immediately.

Mikoto asked, "How is Sasuke?"

"He is good and strong except for the hatred he carries inside him." Naruto replied.

Mikoto smiled, "Don't worry about it, itachi won't plant anything bad to his brother. I suppose you don't know itachi yet, it's a long story, I will tell you some other day."

"let's get to work then." Naruto smiled.

For the first time Kaguya spoke, "My niece being very persuasive, I see."

"It's all your fault, three women in such dresses would arouse any boy." Naruto accepted.

Suddenly Naruto felt a hand in his hard cock. It was none other than Kaguya. He read about the speed of Namikaze clan. Now he saw it with his own eyes. He was used shadow clone jutsu and took the three ladies into three houses. Naruto planned really special things for them.

At Mito's house,

Naruto grabs Mito's shirt like top and takes it off follow by her skirt leaving only Mito's black lingerie see through bra and panties with the Uzumaki swirl on them.

"N-Naruto-kun, w-what a-are you going to do me?" said Mito as she blushing.

Naruto's answered by grabbing Mito's bra and takes it off and Mito's breasts bounce lovely with her nibbles harden, Then Naruto starts sucking on Mito's right breasts while groping on her left.

And Mito herself moaning loudly while blushing even more while she has her hand on Naruto's hair, Then Naruto starts sucking on Mito's left nipple as she is moaning louder than before.

After doing that for a bit, Mito is off of her bed and on her knees while Naruto is sitting on the bed and Mito is slowing removing Naruto's orange pants and leaving only his boxers which are green then Mito notice a bulge that had form under the boxers.

Mito gets closer to it while slowly removing Naruto's boxer and Naruto sits there and watching and waiting as Mito fully removes Naruto's boxer with long and huge rod hits her on the face by surprise.

What Mito sees as she's in surprised in hell that the thing that hits her face is Naruto's 10 inches' cock and how thick it is, And Mito can't help but think that Naruto has a big cock that is way bigger than the one that she saw before.

"N Naruto-kun, Y-your c-cock i-it's huge" said Mito as she blushing like crazy as Naruto say "you think so?" as his cock gets harder than it was before, And Mito snaps out of it and starts stroking it lightly and Naruto moans and groans lightly then Mito out of nowhere began licking Naruto's cock starting with the tip then makes her way to the bottom then giving it kisses.

With Mito doing that, Naruto moans louder as he is enjoying it greatly and Mito stops at the tip part of Naruto's cock as she gives it one more kiss before she takes it into her mouth. And so Mito starts sucking Naruto's cock and was able to take less than half of it inside of her mouth and Naruto says "damn you're very good Mito-chan!" as he feels his cock inside of Mito's mouth as he found it very nice and warm as Mito herself is bobbing her head at a fast rate as she thinking how amazing Naruto's cock tasted.

Then Mito stops sucking Naruto's a cock that confused Naruto, then he sees Mito lift up her breasts and wraps the rest of Naruto's cock as she resumes sucking Naruto's cock while starts her rubbing her breasts onto Naruto's cock as Naruto is getting overwhelmed by this combo.

Having his cock suck by Mito who is his sister as well as having her breasts rubbing onto his cock, and Both of them are loving this more by the sec as the whole room is getting full by the scent of sweat, love and lust as more and more of it are being made more by them.

After minutes of enduring it, Naruto feels something coming from his cock after being suck and rub by Mito, that means he can't hold it any longer as he says "Mito-chan I can't hold it anymore! And your tits are so soft!" who about to cum into Mito's mouth and Mito knows what he means and so she starts sucking Naruto's cock even faster than she could.

With a full minute with Mito bobbing her head and when she has all of Naruto's cock into her mouth and down in her throat, Naruto on that very moment unleash his load of cum into Mito's mouth and down into her throat.

Upon feeling Naruto's load into her mouth, Mito lets go of her breasts and holds onto Naruto's upper legs as she tries drink Naruto's cum but she thinks that it's too much for her take.

Mito starts coughing as she redraws her mouth from Naruto's cock because she got choke by Naruto's load of cum since there was too much of her to drink, With the rest of Naruto's cum fires out of his cock and starts covering Mito's face as she coughing a little and feeling the warmth of Naruto's cum on her.

Soon after that, Naruto is on his back on Mito's bed as Mito herself is getting atop of Naruto as they are in the 69 position and Mito sees that Naruto's cock is still hard as steel and so she facing Naruto's cock once again and this time Naruto will be pleasing her at the same time.

Naruto sees just how wet Mito's pussy is as well how huge her ass is and a thought come to him that he will soon be pounding it with his cock. That gave Naruto an idea, he rises both of his hands and have them aim at Mito's huge ass.

Mito moans in surprised when her ass got smack by Naruto who has his hands on her ass, however without any warning, Naruto smacks her ass again as it caused her to moan louder while blushing greatly.

With Mito's ass keeps being smacked by Naruto's hands, Mito's pussy is leaking out more and more of her juice upon each smack upon her ass, but then Naruto stops smacking Mito's ass as he grabs a good hold of it and spreads her ass cheeks widely, And Mito looks at Naruto with curious thought in mind but it didn't last as Naruto starts licking her pussy which makes her moan even more than before.

Mito decides to do a little pay back to Naruto by once again sucking onto his cock but this time taking all of it into her mouth. Both of them panting, with Naruto's face covered with Mito's juice after he makes her cum greatly and the same Mito whose mouth is full of Naruto's cum and now both are taking their break while covered in sweat.

"Mito-chan that was amazing but i don't think we are done yet right?" Naruto asked.

"You're right Naruto-kun, We're not, not by a long shoot" said Mito as both are still trying to catch their breath.

After taking their break, Naruto and Mito are ready to do it once again, Mito lays on her stomach as she facing the other side of her room while has her hands on the edge of her bed. Naruto places his hands onto her legs and spreads them and by doing so, He gets a good view of Mito's pussy as well ass and Mito is blushing even greater than before.

"Please Naruto-kun Be gentle" said Mito with a look of cute yet sexy on her as Naruto can't help feel his cock got even harder.

"o-okay Mito-chan". Naruto said adjusting his cock as the tip part of his cock is rubbing against Mito's entrance of her pussy with her moaning lightly with a darker blush on her cheeks.

Mito readies herself while Naruto has his cock entering Mito's pussy as she feels the thickness of Naruto's cock as she thinking about this 'I can't believe that I'm having sex with a little boy's cock inside of me! And how big his cock is! With it he could break me!' while trying hold back her screams but letting out only a bit of her screams with pleasure.

Naruto keep having his cock going deeper into her pussy as blood leaking out of it and Mito has bit of tears on her eyes. Finally, Naruto has his cock fully inside her pussy with Mito herself is breathing hard while blushing badly with tears on her eyes while feeling Naruto's cock inside of her.

"Naruto-kun, You're so huge." said Mito as she turned her head lightly that she could look at him and Naruto nods to it then starts moving his cock by thrusting his cock lightly with Mito making more light screams as she trying to get used to Naruto's cock size.

As time passes, Naruto is slowly increasing the speed of his thrusts as Mito slowly but surely getting used to Naruto's cock with her screams getting louder by the sec and her ass being hit against Naruto's waist with sound of skin hitting each other as it fills the room of it.

Naruto grabs hold of her big breasts then starts thrusting his hips to make his cock go deeper into her then it was before with Mito screaming all of it out because she feels Naruto's cock going deeper and deeper into her with Naruto groping her breasts more.

And just like that, the room of Mito gets fills of screams, sweat and smell of sex as both of them keep at it for hours on end as well switching positions for when one of them had ranch they climax and more.

Naruto and Mito are in their final Position which is with them standing on they feet on the bed with Mito bends over with her hands holding onto the wall with Naruto thrusting into her like madman from behind with his hands holding onto her ass as both of them completely covered in sweat with Mito screaming out.

he makes his last thrust which fires his final load into Mito's pussy and filling her up with it and Mito herself screams loudest as she can while she too cum as well while feeling Naruto's cum inside of her pussy.

At Mikoto's house,

Naruto entered the house and he saw that now Mikoto was lying on her stomach. He blushed a bit and silently noted that she had very nice posterior. No, her whole body was beautiful. He came close to her and untied her top, then his hand began working on her back the way that made her purr from pleasure.

"you are very beautiful" Mikoto turned over and sat up, giving eyeful of her bosom to the blond, whose face was turned crimson. She wiggled her chest then brought her index finger to her lips, trying to look like an innocent girl.

"Am I?" Naruto nodded and next moment was enveloped in the hug, blushing even more from the sensation of her hot skin pressed to his.

"Mmm... Thank you, Naruto-kun." She cooed into his ear and then she rubbed their bodies together, both moaning from pleasure that came with the action. Mikoto turned them over so now she was lying on him all while her hands were roaming all over his body. Several seconds later he too allowed his hands to explore her body. He grouped her ass and Mikoto moaned, her lustful eyes telling him to continue.

Mikoto kissed him and he responded back Mikoto licked his lips asking for entrance and he allowed her in, sending his tongue to explore her mouth like she explored his, both moaning in each other from how great this felt. She caught his tongue and sucked on it, licking it with her own, earning moan from blond teen.

Then Naruto tried this with her an even if clumsy a bit, good enough to make woman moan into the kiss too. Finally, the broke more than minute long kiss: they were still humans and needed air.

"Shall we move to the next level?" Naruto irresolutely nodded. Mikoto smiled at him and kissed his collarbone, licking it. Then she moved south, sliding against h while her hands were removing his swimming trunks; Naruto's hand were now massaging her shoulders.

When she reached his crotch, Mikoto kissed him on the tip of his already stone-hard dick and looked at him with her eyes full of lust. She licked him from the tip to the testicles and back several times, covering his whole dick with her saliva. Then she began planting butterfly kisses on the tip and licking it from time to time while stroking him and massaging his balls, making Naruto moan in pleasure. She felt him ejaculate some precum and tasted it.

'Mmm... Tastes nice... I want more...' So she took his tip in her mouth and began sucking it lightly licking it, slowly taking more of him in... Naruto, whose hands were now on her head, let out loud lustful moan when his tip hit the back of her throat. And another one. when Mikoto began deepthroating him, which only made her 'work' on him harder.

"Mikoto... -chan... I'm going to cum..." He warned. She let him out of her mouth with a wet pop and licked him from the tip to the base and back before taking tip of his dick in her mouth again with her tongue working miracles on it.

"I'm cumming..." Naruto warned her again, but she didn't stop pleasuring him even when he came in her mouth with loud moan of pleasure. He came a lot and even some of his cum leaked on her lower lip chin, but Mikoto didn't stop her tongue-work was sure she got it all. She let his dick out of her mouth and swallowed his cum. Then she used her tongue to lick the rest of it from her face.

"Yummy." Mikoto licked her lips seductively and kissed the tip of his already hard again dick. Then she kissed her way up his body till their faces were on the level. Naruto decided that now was his time to act. He rolled them over so that Mikoto was now under him. He kissed her body down to her breasts and kissed her dark-pink erect nipple, making her giggle.

He took her right tit in his mouth and began sucking it and playing with her nipple with his tongue while he was massaging her left breast with his right hand, brushing his fingers against her nipple there, making blue-haired beauty under him moan in pleasure.

Sometime later blond teen switched between her breasts to give them equal attention. This made her moan louder... ...Naruto took her left breast from his mouth and used his previously free hand to play with it while he continued kissing his way down her body. He stopped massaging her bosom and brought his hands down to spread her toned legs.

"Do you want this?" He asked.

"Yeah, go ahead! Eat my pussy!" Mikoto half-said half-moaned while she massaged her own breasts.

Naruto nodded and untied laces of her panties and threw the rest of their clothes. He kissed nuzzled into small blue triangle of her public hair, making her giggle from the sensation. Naruto stopped for a moment to admire her wet pussy. As his tongue explored depth of her moist cavern, Mikoto wrapped her legs around head, trying to bring him even closer to her core. Naruto found her juices to be nice and tasty and eagerly lapped them, flicking his tongue against her clitoris wanted more nectar from lustfully moaning beauty.

Experimentally he sent his tongue into the tight depth of her vagina, licking her inner walls there, earning a pleasure from Mikoto. Several minutes later her entire body tensed and began rocking, her inner walls tightened around his tongue and with a long lustful cry orgasmed, lots of her juices streamed into his mouth. Naruto drank all of her cum and licked her thighs and lips clean.

He untangled her legs and looked at her showed pure bliss, before kissing her pussy one last time, sending shivers through her now limp body. He trailed kisses up her body, again stopping at her breast give them some extra attention with his mouth. Naruto kissed her on the tip her nose, making her giggle and then pressed his lips to hers. Mikoto gladly responded to his kiss, unmindful that it carried her own taste.

"Fuck me." She pleaded when they broke their kiss.

"As you wish" She giggled and then moaned with him as Naruto began pushing his ten inches long tool into her. She was tight as she had no real sex for decades and Naruto gave her time to adjust to his size. Mikoto wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him even deeper into her, and nodded, saying that she is ready.

Naruto put his hands on her breasts, giving them a good squeeze and kissed her before sliding out of her almost completely. Then he slammed back, both lovers moaning from it. He repeated his actions and Mikoto began helping him as she moved her hips, giving both of them more pleasure.

"Fa-a-aster! Aaa... Ha-a-a-arder!" Naruto did as she asked, increasing his pace and putting more force behind each thrust, while she shifted a bit, allowing him even deeper in her vagina... ...Minutes later Mikoto's body tensed and she began trashing as she was approaching her orgasm. Naruto felt her inner walls contracting around his dick and her juices flowing against his length and leaking out of her pussy.

With a loud cry of pleasure, she came. He stopped thrusting into her leaned forward, planting kiss on her lips. When she began coming down from her orgasm, Mikoto rolled them over so now she was on top of him. She sat up on him and placed his hands on her hips.

She began playing with her bosom while he massaged her ass, this making his dick grow even harder inside her. Mikoto rose up on his tool and then slammed down, making them both moan in pleasure. She started bouncing on his dick rapidly then and Naruto was helping her to keep the pace. Several minutes later she tightened around his meat pole again and her body began shaking with orgasm approaching, but she continued bouncing on him, crying lustfully from pleasure, until she couldn't anymore and her limp sweaty form collapsed on his chest.

Mikoto began rolling her hips slowly, wanting to keep Naruto's dick inside her pussy hard. She loved how complete she felt having his dick deep inside her.

"Are you OK, Mikoto-chan?" Naruto asked his mate.

"Yeah..." She tried to smile between the moans of pleasure from being fucked hard by him. Sometimes later

Naruto felt that he was coming to his orgasm

"I'm going to cum." Naruto told her.

"Cum in me! Fill me with your cum!" She answered, continuing to ride his dick. Not a minute later he again felt her inner walls tightening around him, intent to his cum from him, while her body tensed and began trashing wildly in his arms. Mikoto cried in pleasure as her orgasm, stronger than any before, hit her and later Naruto came into her with loud lustful moan, filling her womb with his hot hick cum.

At Kaguya's house,

Naruto's didn't dive for sex in this house. He was interested about his own clan. He cuddled with her in her bed and playing very softly with her boobs and asked,

"How did you escape from Orochimaru?"

"it's our swift release, we are very fast and because of this he kidnapped me to experiment on me. But I was quick enough to flee." She replied.

"Why didn't you come back to the village?" Naruto was surprised.

"the village was full of his spy and your father dies just a few weeks ago, thus it was not safe and your name was also changed from Namikaze to Uzumaki." Kaguya's face became pale.

"I am surprised why didn't I attain the kekkai genkai?" Naruto was concerned.

"There are certain training needed to accelerate the awakening, otherwise it may sometime hide for the whole lifetime, the strength in your body says you are very near to attain that." Kaguya replied happily.

Naruto felt sad thinking of how much he missed in his life. Kaguya understood his sadness. Kaguya slowly grabbed his cock.

"I will try to repay all your debts, Naruto." Kaguya told him with a naughty smile.

she's upon him-hands roaming beneath his shirt, her plump lips suckling at his neck. He's so aroused.
Kaguya eases herself onto it right after him. His trousers are little more than a temporary annoyance, and her nimble fingers shrug them off with ease; his boxers are next, and soon his dick flops out, hard and rigid. She licks her lips.

"Impressed?" Naruto asks, grinning widely.

"I am," she admits. "You have got to be the biggest I've seen… ever." Kaguya reaches a hand forward, and strokes his cock. He is huge-and incredibly thick too. Most women would be daunted by his sheer size, but Kaguya merely eyes his cock as if she were looking at a particularly delicious looking popsicle. She was actually proud of her niece.

Her tongue circles her lips. She lowers her head, so that she is eye level with his dick-she looks at it so curiously, every stroke she gives it serves only to make it harder, and harder, to the point where it feels like a refined steel rod in her slim fingers. And then his balls-massive, and surely to be flowing with copious amounts of cum. She had always had a fondness for the taste of cum, and she sure hoped that he would be able to give her a nice load to make up for having to take such a beast.

Kaguya looks at it impassively. There was a calculating look in her eye, the look of a siege specialist looking for the weak point in a wall. On the flip of a dime, she stops her strokes, and Naruto groans in want. This time, she wraps both of her hands around the hilt, but she does not jerk him at all.

Instead, she gently takes the mushroom head into the warm embrace of her mouth. Naruto has seen woman struggle just to get the tip into their mouths, but Kaguya does it so seamlessly he is astounded.

"Argh," Naruto groans, toes curling as she gently strokes him at the base. She takes it with ease-one inch, two inches-right into her hot and wet mouth, lips puckered around the shaft.
At about the five inch mark, she pauses. Her tongue swishes around the shaft, lapping it up, her saliva dripping down the sides as she continued to stroke him. His cock seemed to grow harder, it pulsated in her hands, it throbbed and twitched; never in his life had he been subject to a blowjob that could be so simple, yet so pleasurable. It was a new experience for Naruto, and one that he almost wishes could happen again and again.

"Fu- fuck," Naruto gasps.

Kaguya hums around his dick, and Naruto sees stars for a moment. She continues her descent, passing the six inches' mark within a few seconds, and only going down further. It's as effortless to her as breathing, and the effects of her assault on Naruto are more than enough proof to show her mastery at the art.

"Ka- Kaguya," Naruto pants. "Fuck… fuck, if you keep going, I'm going to-"

Then, before he can react, she stops. A wet shulk is all he hears before he realizes that she has withdrawn from his cock-precum drips down her chin, and the sexiest, most sultry smile crosses her face.

"I don't want you to cum yet," she murmurs, brushing a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. "A nice, big, thick, fat cock like this…" Once more, she licks her lips, collecting his precum on her tongue and swallowing it without a second thought; his dick twitches appreciatively. "I want to give you a proper fuck as a welcome to the clan." Kaguya grins.

She reveals the lacy blue bra she wears, and clears her bust altogether. So that she sits before him with nothing but that too-tight bra holding back her wondrous bosom.

If he was hard before, it was nothing compared to what he was now; and that arousal was only furthered when she undid her bra, and allowed that to fall as well. Perfectly rounded, perfectly proportioned, perfectly plump-it was the best pair of tits he had ever seen, and Naruto stared at it as if it were the first breasts he had seen in person.

She shimmies out of her tight little skirt, and the way her breasts bounce up and down as she did that was… Naruto could not articulate it, it was a sight he would remember until the day he died.

"Alright, big boy…" Kaguya mumbles. She was as nude as the day she was born now-and with a grunt, she hoist herself atop of Naruto, so that her dripping wet slit rests just above his erect dick, just an inch away.

Naruto groans; his cock twitches and engorges-it lifts up slightly, and brushes against her folds. Kaguya lets out the softest little moan in return.

"Eager, are we?" Kaguya notes.

He grins and smiles. Kaguya chuckles, and neglects to say anything further. She reaches a hand down, grasping the hilt of his dick and tilting it upwards-it's slick with her salvia, glistening in the dim light, throbbing and pulsating in a way that made it look twice as majestic.

For the first time, she allows even the slightest hint of anxiety to cross her face; Naruto can just make out a swallow. Then, she lowers herself down… down… down… until the mushroom head of his dick presses up against her entrance. Kaguya purses her lips together, and continues to push herself down.

It takes a moment, but with a yearn he enters her-Naruto lets out a groan, and Kaguya briefly allows an expression of triumph to cross her features. She brushes her bangs out of her eye, and places both of her hands down on his muscled chest.

"Use your hands," she directs. He had been so swept up that he'd forgotten that he actually had to do things to make it better for both of them-with his face red, Naruto quickly grasps either side of her wide, wide hips.

She begins to sink down; there's an elegance to it, a sort of nonchalance that only a dignified woman could maintain when they were taking the biggest cock they had ever been witness too. It was obvious that she was straining slightly-her ears were pink, her lips pursed together, brief flashes of pain reflecting across her eyes-but she showed nothing more than the most subtle of discomfort.

Two inches, three, and Naruto cannot help but moan as her increasingly tight snatch clenches around his dick.

Four inches, five, and there is a brief pause-she takes a moment to recuperate, chest heaving, breasts bouncing, before she renews her continued descent.

"Kaguya," Naruto murmurs. "I'm, I'm-"

"Shh." She presses a finger against his lips. "I know you're close-I can feel it." Kaguya wiggles her hips from side to side, and it takes every ounce of willpower he has to not shoot his load inside of her then and there. "Just let me take the rest of you first; I want to feel you all the way inside of me, Naruto…"

And she continues to sink herself down.

Deeper, deeper and deeper she takes him. Kaguya begins to play with herself a little-she massages her clit, she circles her finger around her entrance and his shaft. She moans a little, face turning red; there is only a few more inches to go, and whatever discomfort she had felt at first was being replaced by a distinct pleasure that she could hardly fathom.

She grins down at him. And begins to ride her fellow blonde without fail-up and down, up and down; his massive cock quivering inside of her cunt. He was lost in the pleasure-eyes closed, laying down on his back, his hands only doing the bare minimum to aid in her ministrations.

"F-fuck!" Naruto moans. He'd been under the impression that he was skilled at sex-apparently, he was sorely mistaken. This woman was just so hot, everything about her was perfect, and there was nothing he could do to resist. His body seemed to do everything to mound to her wishes; it was only a matter of time before he lost all restraint and came.

"You're so deep inside of me, Naruto-san," she whispers. "I can feel your big fucking cock penetrating me… filling me… mmm… I don't think I've ever felt so full before." She throws her head back, and continues to ride him. "A girl could get used to this feeling," she says offhandedly.

Kaguya nudges her engorged clit once more and explodes. It's spontaneous-she moans, and clenches around him so tightly that Naruto has no choice but to cum himself. His load is massive and filling; it fires off inside of her, jet after jet, wave after wave, sloshing down her canal and spilling into her insides. It's hot, gooey and sticky… it splatters across her insides.

All three were resting inside their houses with Naruto just finishing a round of sex. But Naruto allowed the women to take the lead up to now. He has a whole different plans for them. Naruto lifts them and comes out of the house in the open place and placed them down and the two clone pops saluting Naruto.

Mito, Kaguya and Mikoto was blushing after looking at each other as all of them were naked and cum dripping from their pussies. Naruto yelled "Kage Bushin No Jutsu" and 24 cones appeared in front of them.

The three clan heads were astonished to see this and Naruto declared, "Ladies, my show begins now."
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