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Chapter 12: Three clan heads part-3

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Chapter 12: Three clan heads part-3

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"I don't have a lot of suspicion about you three but allow me to search your houses." Naruto declared.

He didn't wait for their approval six clones entered each house. They started searching them. They weren't concerned about Naruto than this search. Naruto went towards Mito and Mikoto. He still wanted give his clan member a private show.

Mito and Mikoto also came together as Naruto reached them. Mito and Mikoto smiled as Naruto groped their breasts and kneaded them while they slid their hands towards his penis.

Naruto blushed at how soft both mounds were within his hands as he fondled them and brushed his fingers across their nipples. Mikoto breathed lustfully with Mito as their breasts were teased by Naruto and he started licking the blue-eyed female's neck.

Mito moaned in pleasure as Naruto licked and nibbled her neck; a blush beginning to form on her face before the male blonde sat up to place his tongue over the mound he wasn't touching.

Naruto slowly began flicking his tongue on Mito's breast and tasted the delicious mound while he gently pinched Mikoto's own nipple. In response, the two kunoichi gripped Naruto's cock and stroked it, while he slid his hands down both their stomachs near their clits.

Naruto's fingers began rubbing both clits with Mikoto and Mito moaning in response. He still licked at Mito's neck and began suckling on it before Mikoto sat up to her hand on his chest.

"Hang on; I've an idea on how to make this work." Mikoto said.

"How so?" Naruto asked as he stopped kissing Mito's neck and sat up with her.

"Watch this." Mikoto answered as Naruto got to the side and she placed herself over Mito; making their breasts press together. The two kunoichi smiled at the pleasurable sensation before Mito gestured for Naruto to get behind them.

He did as instructed and got behind the pair on his stomach. Naruto eyed both folds in front of him and licked his lips while trying to decide which pussy to take first.

Ultimately, he decided to finger Mito's pussy first by slowly rubbing his finger against her clit. She whimpered at this before she kissed Mikoto and she returned the lustful move.

Naruto brushed his fingers on Mikoto's folds carefully as the kunoichi kept her lips pressed against the other female. The male blonde placed both hands near the folds and wriggled his fingers on both of them, making the both Mito and Mikoto moan in their kiss.

He decided to keep going at making their arousals rise by tracing his tongue around Mito's folds before doing the same to Mikoto's folds. The curvaceous kunoichi blushed at this as they kept their lips pressed together and allowed their tongues to lick.

Mito's tongue explored the inside of Mikoto's mouth and wrapped her arms around her, making their breasts completely smother each other. Naruto used both fingers to spread both folds apart and his index finger entered Mikoto's warmth, while his tongue entered Mito's pussy.

Naruto smirked at this before beginning to lick into Mito's pussy and fingering Mikoto's warmth. The cerulean-eyed man licked Mito's pussy in both a teasing and savoring one due it tasting good to him.

Despite kissing, the two mutually looked at Naruto pleasure both of them and focused on keeping their tongues dueling. Naruto licked into Mito's warmth while working his fingers inside Mikoto's core and smiled at the blue-eyed woman's blushing face.

Mikoto began to sway herself slightly and make her breasts rub against Mito's; the mounds slightly jiggling together. Naruto circled his thumb around Mikoto's clit wriggled his fingers inside her core and moved his tongue inside of Mito.

Mito and Mikoto broke the kiss to moan at how well Naruto was with his skillful pleasuring. Naruto licked into Mito's pussy and Mikoto whimpered as the spiky-hair rubbed his fingers against her warm yet moist inner walls.

Mikoto began to lick Mito's neck as Naruto had done a few moments ago and the woman closed her eyes to whimper. Naruto still trailed his tongue of Mito and he vigorously wriggled his fingers inside of Mikoto's warmth.

Naruto decided to shake things up by making his thumbs twirl on his companions' clits and he then licked the inside of Mikoto. She moaned from this but focused on licking Mito's neck as Naruto licked into her core.

She blushed and closed her eyes while Naruto slowly trailed his tongue on her inner walls. He then returned to licking Mito's wetness and she moaned once again blue-eyed male tasted her.

Naruto couldn't get enough of how Mito's wetness tasted as he licked her caverns and returned his fingers inside of Mikoto's own pussy. The kunoichi licked Mito's neck and began nibbling it, much to woman's enjoyment.

Mito closed her eyes in pleasure and Naruto both licked her warmth, and wriggled his fingers inside Mikoto. Mikoto reached a succession as she finally gave Mito a bright red hickey and they kissed again in a congratulatory way.

Finally, Naruto reached his own succession when he made both Mito and Mikoto release their fluids simultaneously. They moaned into each other's mouths as they came and panted the next moment, as Naruto licked Mito's fluids and licked Mikoto's off his fingers the next minute.

"Now, this is good." Naruto said as he sat back while Mikoto and Mito sat up.

"Nice work, Naruto-kun." Mikoto said.

"You sure know how to show two ladies a good time." Mito smiled and Naruto chuckled in response.

"Gee, thanks." Naruto said as Mito and Mikoto looked at his penis.

"Well, Naruto-kun, it's time we show you a good time." Mito seductively purred at him.

"If you say so." Naruto answered as they got off the bed with him sitting up on the bed while Mito and Mikoto kneeled down in front of him.

Mito took the first approach by gently gripping the head of it and slowly stroked it, while wrapped her fingers around the rest of his length. Mito worked with Mikoto as they stroked Naruto's cock and he sat as he was. Mikoto palmed Naruto's balls and toyed with them as Mito stroked his length with hand.

Naruto began to breathe heavily while Mito used her other hand to play with the young ninja's balls. Mito and Mikoto stopped bouncing Naruto's balls in their palms to start licking the hardened erection and licked the veins smoothly.

With the veins being licked, Naruto moaned at this and shivered in joy at how warm the tongues felt on his length. Mito licked Naruto's cock as Mikoto temporally stopped doing so, to slowly blow on it.

Naruto bit his lip at how cool Mikoto's breathe was before laying back and the two smirked at this. Mito then planted her mouth on the top of his erection. Mikoto licked his cock from the bottom of it to the center.

The blonde male mentally melted as Mito began brushing her tongue on his cock with Mikoto toying with his balls again. Naruto slowly made small, careful thrust into Mito's warm mouth and she nodded to Mikoto, who smirked.

"Oh, boy." Naruto thought to himself as he figured those looks meant something that he wouldn't like, though he was proven to be completely wrong as Mito and Mikoto cupped their breasts and pressed them together on his cock.

He groaned at this while Mito and Mikoto smothered the length with their sizeable breasts. Mito took her mouth off Naruto's cock to smirk at him with Mikoto.

Naruto smiled back and just moaned pleasurably while the females rubbed their breasts together on his member. Mito stroked her breasts on Naruto's cock. Mikoto making sure their tits rub the veins.

Mito smiled at Naruto's face before she placed her mouth back on his member and he slowly thrust into her mouth. Mikoto licked his shaft as she squeezed her mouth against Mito's and Naruto dug his fingers into the grass as a result.

Naruto thrust into Mito's warm mouth as she stirred her tongue around his member and kept his cock in full strength. The sizeable orbs of flesh massaged Naruto's length as Mikoto licked every single one of his veins that wasn't between the mounds.

Mito slowly licked the head of Naruto's member as it thrust into her mouth and Mikoto licked his hilt smoothly. Naruto's member pounded into Mito's mouth and slowly rubbing her breasts on his hilt.

Naruto made the ample busts jiggle on his cock as he sent his length through it and watched Mito work her mouth on it. The erect cock jerking upright and the mounds helped both Mito and Mikoto pleasure Naruto with their breasts bouncing on it.

Mito stroked Naruto's member and she moved her head back and forth on his hardness. She stirred her tongue around his member with Mikoto helping her by both licking and blowing on wherever she had previously licked him.

Mito felt the head of Naruto's length twitch inside her mouth and her eyes connected with Mikoto to give her a heads-up. The kunoichi understood this and licked the veins of Naruto's erection.

Naruto sent his length into Mito as both her mouth and breasts jerked him off. The woman smoothly licked Naruto's emerging foreskin and Mikoto on the cock held in her chest.

The blonde male moaned before he came into Mito's mouth and his semen completely splattered on her tongue. Mito let the semen hit her tongue and she swallowed all she could before releasing his member.

His semen trailed down his cock and Mikoto licked it clean. Mito and Mikoto both freed Naruto's cock and the trio sat on the bed to take a breather.

Mito noticed Naruto's erection and wasn't surprised it was still so hard; her recognizing its owner's almost-unlimited strength.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Mito purred at Naruto as he lay back to stretch his arms.

"Yes, Mito-chan?"

"Still just like that, all right?" Mito said and Naruto nodded before she moved to him and sat on his lap. She planted her feet on the soil for balance and moved forward allowing Naruto's hardness to enter her body and break her barrier in the process.

Naruto moaned at how warm Mito felt and she did likewise with how hard he felt before he made the first move. He jerked his member upright into her and she worked with his movements by bucking her hips.

Mikoto sat next to the pair and watched the show as Naruto slammed his length into Mito's pussy. She moaned in pleasure as she rode him and he cupped her bouncy breasts.

Naruto kneaded the ample orbs together as they jiggled in his hold. Mito blushed, both moaned at this while Mito's breasts heaved into the air and she wiggled her hips. Naruto thrust into the warmth that kept him stimulated and Mito moaned at strong he was inside of her.

Naruto made Mito's plump ass tap against his lap as he pumped his length upward into her pussy and groped her breasts. Mito felt Naruto start to twist her nipples and moaned as he pressed them together.

He smiled at this as he groaned with Mito and pummeled his pulsing cock into her fiery core. She grinded the length inside of her by constantly bucking her making all of her movements sync with that of Naruto's. He rubbed Mito's breasts and kneaded them together as he made them jiggle. He sent his pulsing length into the gorgeous woman's humid insides and growled huskily.

Mito moaned as she felt her wetness being pounded into as her large breasts bounced in Naruto's hands and she felt herself getting tighter as he twisted her tits. She carried on with working her hips as her warm insides were crashed against by the throbbing length inside of her.

Mikoto smiled at the scene and lowered her head to kiss Mito's navel. Mito grinded Naruto's member as his crotched kept jerking at an upward angle and she moaned at Mikoto's tongue.

Mikoto licked Mito's navel before planting small kisses on it and the moaned at this. The pair worked their legs to tandem in correspondence to each other's movements while Mikoto rubbed her tongue on Mito's clit.

This only served to arouse Mito more than she already was as Naruto caressed her breasts and kneaded them. Mito closed her eyes as she bucked her hips and Naruto jetted his cock into her walls.

Mito held onto the bed as well as she could as Mikoto placed her hands on the mounds and helped Naruto toy with them. She whimpered at this and spread her l wider, giving her new lover more space to slam his cock into.

Naruto moaned with Mito as he played with her breasts and noticed her plump ass bouncing on his lap. He thrust his cock into her warmth that was beginning to tighten with each movement he did. Without opening her eyes, she turned her head to Naruto and kissed him. Their tongues entered each other's mouth and licked each other.

Naruto and Mito kept their lips together as they made love and she opened her eyes to meet his; cerulean eyes gazing deeply into aqua blue ones. They moaned into each other's mouths and Mikoto rubbed the bouncing mounds together.

Mito let go of the bed and joined her fellows in groping her breasts. She moaned at this but it was truly Naruto's cock slamming into her that made her feel good.

Suddenly, she felt her walls about wrap around her lover's erection and judging from his husky growls, he was nearly ready to come as well. Naruto toyed with Mito's nipples while she and Mikoto primarily caressed her breasts.

Mikoto released Mito's breasts and lowered her head down to her clit again to lick it. She circled it and smirked as she blew on Naruto's throbbing cock.

He shuddered at this and groaned as Mito's warmth constricted his length, allowing his seed to enter her womb. They moaned at this and kissed again as they both released. Their cum poured from Mito's pussy and Mikoto licked up most of it. She smiled at this as Mito lifted herself off Naruto's length and lay next to him to kiss his cheek.

"Well, Naruto-kun, I'll give you this: you sure know how to put on a show." Mikoto complimented before she noticed his erection unaffected and pondered at this.

"Huh. Well, he does have more strength than most people. So, I guess him still being hard wouldn't be much surprising." Mikoto thought to herself before she gripped Naruto's cock and stroked it.

"Hey, Naruto-kun, why don't you have a go with me?" Mikoto lustfully said as she stroked it and Naruto smiled.

"I'm for another round." Naruto said while he lay as he was and Mikoto straddled him; her pussy right in front of his cock. She brought herself forward and eased Naruto's cock into her as she slid down.

"This should be good to watch." Mito thought to herself as Mikoto, ignoring the temporary pain she felt on the inside, rolled her hips forth. Naruto complied by jerking his cock upright into her core and she held onto him by planting her hands on his shoulders.

Mikoto moaned as her walls were pummeled into by Naruto's powerful length and this made her large breasts jiggle. Naruto thrust into Mikoto's core and groan member rubbed inside of her warmth. Naruto groaned as her plump ass smacked on his lap as he pounded his way through her folds and she rolled her hips. The blonde male watched as Mikoto's breast repeatedly heaved into the air and smiled at the show.

Mikoto worked her hips on Naruto's length and he corresponded by pummeling his cock through her folds. The two moaned at this while Naruto reached and cupped her ample bosom. Naruto caressed the jiggling mounds and he pressed his fingers into the underside of her nipples. He twirled them around her erect tits and helped them bounce in his palm.

Mikoto held onto Naruto's shoulders as her breasts swayed in his grip and she moaned as she received his length inside of her heated area. She gritted her teeth as Naruto fondled her breasts and rubbed them together. Naruto sat up and buried his face in Mikoto's bosom. Mikoto held his face against her heart as he licked her chest and licked his way to her tits.

He licked the erect buds as he held them together and tasted them. The green-eyed woman moaned at this as she rolled her hips and Naruto swirled his tongue around her tits. She whimpered at this as he tasted the tasty mounds and her entire face turned red. Naruto stopped licking Mikoto's nipples to look into her face and their eyes connected.

In a moment of heavy passion and lust, she sent her lips crashing against his and they kept them pressed together. Without even taking his eyes off Mikoto, he managed to caress her breasts and circle her tits. Naruto and Mikoto met tongues in their kiss and gazed into each other's eyes. They moaned into each other's mouths as Naruto pounded his member deeply into her core and she wrapped her arms around his back.

Mikoto held onto Naruto like so while she rode him and they looked into each other's eyes dearly. Mito smiled at the scenario and heard her fellow female moan in the kiss.

She figured that must mean she was getting ready to release and was proven to be correct. Mikoto broke her kiss with Naruto and held his face against her breast. Naruto suckled the tits that he kneaded and jerked his powerful length into Mikoto. His lover worked her hips that were motivated by his cock ramming into her pussy and him groping her orbs of flesh.

They both groaned when Mikoto's innards wrapped around Naruto's length and squeezed it, allowing a wave of semen to quickly emerge in the process. They both gritted their teeth tightly and Naruto released Mikoto's breasts to dig his fingers into her ass mounds.

As Naruto came falling back, Mikoto fell forward and landed on him; her breasts smothering his chest. The pair panted as their semen streamed out of Mikoto's pussy and she lifted herself of his cock which, much to her surprise was still hard.

"Wow. Naruto-kun, how it is you're still so hard?" Mikoto asked out of amusement and he chuckled.

"Magic." He chuckled, despite knowing full well that the cause was his above-average stamina.

"Well, maybe I could help." Mito said lustfully as she crawled towards Naruto until she was on all fours over him. She pressed her lips against his and he returned the kiss affectionately as he reached up to cup her breasts.

He and Mito kissed while she lowered her wetness onto his member and he groaned as it took him in. The two sets of blue eyes met as Mito began shaking her hips. Naruto just lay there.

Mito shook her hips and Naruto responded by jerking his length up into her core. Mito then rested her ass on Naruto's lap and rolled her hips forth. Both moaned at this and Mito blushed once again as she felt Naruto's erection pounded into her. She looked back to see Mikoto moving forward and watched as she placed herself over Naruto's face.

Mikoto smirked and spread her legs apart, showing Naruto the still-active wetness inside her. He licked into her pussy while pummeling his length into Mito's curvaceous form. Mito and Mikoto moaned as their large breasts jiggled from the pleasure they were given. Naruto swayed his tongue inside Mikoto's core as he tasted it and wriggled it savor the taste.

Mito moaned as her perky breasts jiggled in Naruto's palms and he kneaded them together. She wiggled her hips to grind Naruto's erect member and she whimpered as it heavily hit her inner walls powerfully. Naruto wriggled his cock inside Mito's warmth and did likewise with his tongue inside Mikoto's. He released her breasts and held onto her waist to balance her.

Mikoto blushed as Naruto's tongue licked her moist caverns and noticed Mito's jiggling orbs. They locked fingers and pressed their lips together lustfully. Mito and Mikoto's tongues licked each other. Their breasts smothered against and they kissed as Naruto gave them pleasure.

His cock jetted upright into Mito's tight pussy and licked Mikoto's warmth. He how loved her pussy tasted somewhat different from before and he figured it due to the fact of their earlier sex.

Mito and Mikoto locked their hands together as they licked each other's tongues lustfully and moaned as their mounds bounced against one another. They broke the kiss to moan as Mito grinded Naruto's cock by wiggling her hips and he endlessly licked Mikoto's pussy.

Naruto's cock pummeled into Mito's wetness until she finally released her juice.

The scenario was different in Kaguya's scenario. As one of the clone was towards Mito and Mikoto the other two came close to Kaguya.

He kissed her very deeply. Kaguya wanted to spice things up thus he started tongue fight inside her mouth. Naruto wrestled her tongue into submission while he put a blunt bite on her lower lips. Her body shivered with pleasure. The last clone present in the scenario came near Kaguya and slowly spread her legs as she was kissed by Naruto.

He put his tongue to use. His tongue touched the wet clit very smoothly. Kaguya was trembling with desire. He worked his way into the pussy walls very slowly. Other Naruto was already playing with her breast. He broke the kiss and came onto the breast.

He tried to mix pleasure with pain. As in the downward region she was flowing with pleasure, he decided to keep things rough up here. He smacked her boobs. The sign of five fingers appeared on her pink breasts. Tear came out of her eyes as well as she was moaning from pleasure from the pussy licking. It was a view to watch.

The clone was improved his game a little. He pushed on of his finger in her asshole. Kaguya quivered on the event. Naruto was sucking her right boobs and groping the other one as the same time.

"Handle my ass carefully, Naruto-kun, I am virgin in there." Kaguya finished the sentence with extreme difficulty as she was almost unable to announce a word clearly without moaning of pleasure.

Naruto's clone inserted another finger in her asshole right after she declared that. Kaguya understood that his niece is quite naughty. After sometime, Kaguya's body became rigid and she came.

Naruto didn't spare a moment rather lifted her to his lap while he was still sucking on her breast. The clone got up and helped him to lift up Kaguya. She couldn't understand or predict what was going t happen. She wrapped her legs around Naruto's waist.

The clone started to kiss her neck as his one hand was travelling to her stomach and he was teasing her navel while he pushed three of his fingers in her asshole. Naruto slowly started to insert his cock into her pussy. Kaguya was screaming with pleasure. Her vision was so blurred that she couldn't even see the position of Mito and Mikoto.

The clone took out his fingers as Naruto was stroking inside her gently. He gave a look at the clone meaningfully. Kaguya couldn't understand it but relieved as his ass was taken out of action. Suddenly she screamed like her world was upside down. Naruto laughed and put a bite on her nipples and started kissing her.

Clone inserted almost seven inch of his cock inside her asshole with one push. Naruto was stroking her pussy as he was kissing her. The clone was fucking her ass while ravaging her boobs from behind. It was too much for Kaguya. She couldn't take it anymore. She came again.

That didn't stop Naruto. Both of her holes was busy taking Naruto and his clone's cock. They were stroking very first. Three of them kept moaning and after quite some time Kaguya released her juice again.

"You are having a good time I see." Naruto smirked at Kaguya as he made her in doggy position and the clone inserted his cock into her pussy now. But he didn't leave the ass alone, his fingers were doing their work in her ass. Naruto pushed his cock inside her mouth.

She was choking from his strokes. It hit her throat every time. Kaguya was fucked in this position until she came again. Naruto was still hard. So they changed position again. Hey put Kaguya sideways while the clone pushed his cock inside her pussy from the front and Naruto, for the first time put his cock in her ass.

Naruto grabbed her boobs from behind playing with her nipples and the clone started kissing her. Kaguya was almost fainting from all the orgasm. Naruto again felt her walls tightening around their dicks. Naruto was also close this time. They almost came together.

Mito and Mikoto was also at the finish line. Naruto and his clones took three clan heads nearly and pushed their asses against each other. They thought it was the end for that day. They were also felt very tired, But the intensity of their kiss and their boobs being ravaged didn't seem like the end. At that time the clones came out of the house. Their eyes were also full of lust.

The girls suddenly saw the inspection clones to divide into three equal groups with seven persons each. The initial three thrown them towards three groups. While they were in air they had no idea what was going on. As the groups caught them, they felt like perverted monsters were holding them.

Naruto declared, "Let the show begin."

The teams came closer to each other such that every woman can hear the other on scream. The group sex started then and it was quite a show.

They no idea how the clones managed this positions. One cloned laid on the ground while other clones placed Kaguya's ass on his dick and laid her on the clone and started stroking her ass. Another clone sat onto his knees and pushed his dick inside her pussy and made her legs wrapped around his waist. Another clone took position behind the sitting clone and took the feet and started stroking in between the crossed feet. One clone sat on her stomach and gripped her boobs together and started fucking it. Two clone took one hand on each on both side of her body and hands were used for handjobs. One clone pushed his dick inside her mouth. The last clone took her hairs wrapping them around his dick and started stroking it.

Mito and Mikoto was in the exact same position. Any moment their hands were slow or tongue not working enough slaps and smack came ono them like rain. Therefore, no chance to faint even. The clones were interchanging their positions time to time. That little time was there only relief in that gangbang. They were fucked like this for almost two hours non-stop and the clan heads had numerous orgasm. Every single of their muscle were sore.

The clones made them sit on their knees and circled around them. Three women inside the circle and twenty-four Naruto was stroking their dicks and the girls were ordered to juggle their boobs with their hands and wait for the cum by bringing out their tongue.

The circle was closing in fast as well as their time. The cum rain started on them and they also came their last. Their boobs, mouth, legs , hairs all of the body parts were full of cum. They licked each other's body to eat all the cum and also licked clear the dicks. Finally, while licking the last cum from Kaguya's nose by Mito and Mikoto, They Fainted.

It was a hell of experience for Naruto. Naruto also has a shock while he popped all the clones, such pleasure. Naruto took some rest and destroyed any evidence of this houses. Naruto got dressed and made two clones and took the tree women his home "The Jungle Beast" and put them in the transformation and genjutsu removal seal.


Kyoki and Fubuki gave him a good blowjob and finished his bath. Naruto went to the sealing room and completed the jutsu. They were real. He called his girls Haku, Kyoki, Fubuki, Ayame and Tsunami. They were still unconscious from that day until now due to the jutsu. They would wake up in an hour or so.

They took Mito, Mikoto and Kaguya to three rooms and took care of them while Naruto entered his room and took the book and opened it.









Naruto opened the stats tab now.


Naruto Stats:

· Acrobatics: 50

· Chakra Control: 70

· Chakra Levels: 70

· Endurance: 70

· Intelligence: 60

· Luck: 50

· Reflexes: 70

· Speed: 70

· Strength: 70

· Knowledge: 90

· Courage: 20

· Sex Appeal: 110

· Scientist: 50

· Wealth: 50

· Politics: 40

· Leadership: 40

He turned over to skill page.


· Archery: 00 points.

· Bojutsu: 00 Points.

· Earth Elemental manipulation: 10 points.

· Fire Elemental Manipulation: 30 points.

· Genjutsu: 30 points.

· Kenjutsu: 70 points.

· Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 30 points.

· Lying: 40 points.

· Medical Jutsu: 00 points.

· Ninja Master: 50 points.

· Ninjutsu: 60 points.

· Sealing: 00 points.

· Senjutsu: 00 points.

· Sexual Aura: 100 points.

· Taijutsu: 55 points.

· Water Elemental Manipulation:10 points.

· Wind Elemental Manipulation: 30 points.

· Healing Factor: 40 points.

· Massaging: 00 points.

· Stealth: 15 points.

· Summoning: 00 points

· Crafting: 00 points.

· Haggling: 00 points.

· Knife Fighting: 10 points.

· Pick Pocketing: 15 points.

· Summoning: 00 points,

· Cooking: 10 Points.

· Forging: 00 Points.

· Medicine Making: 00 Points.

· Throwing: 20 points.

· Trap Making: 00.

He turned over the page to see the achievements.


· Lost Virginity.

· Became Shinobi.

· Has sex with a kunoichi.

· Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

· Had group sex.

· Has Chkara chains.

· Have Sharingan,

· Has Hirashinin.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


· Ninja start and kunai.

· Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

· White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

He turned over to the collection page.


· Chakra armor (perfect user).

· Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

· White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

He turned over again to see the perks page.


· Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

· Food Freak (locked), requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

· Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

· Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.

· Hyoton (Ice element): Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included.

· Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available





· Jinton (quick style): (have sex with Namikaze); Extreme Speed n Taijutsu and can gain hirashinin.

· Mayengoko Sharingan (Locked): Use Sharingan in battle and kill,

· Eternal Mayengoko Sharingan (Locked): Bit one Sharingan user.

· Rinnegan (Locked).

· Hirashinin Level 2 (Locked).

He turned over to the trophy page last.


· Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

· Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

· Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

· Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

· Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

· Bronze Harem 2: You had sex with Five woman. +100 points

· Anal Fetish: Had anal sex. +100 points.

· Shadow Fetish: Had sex using Shadow clone. +200 points.

· Shinobi swords of mist 1: Collected one of seven swords of Shinobi swordsman of Mist. +100 points.

· Bloodline addition: Obtained first kekkai genkai. +200 points.

· Banger (had group sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

· Leader (had sex with clan leader); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

· Clone master (use more than twenty clone in sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Naruto happily closed the book and kept it in its place. From tomorrow he has to start his Kenjutsu training. He also saw the form Kakashi gave to give earlier. It is for Chunin exams. He filled it. Naruto wanted to have a signature weapon. Something could be formed by forging from his collection he thought. He would need a very good artisan for that. He heard of village of artisans. He needs to make a tour their before his chunin exam.
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