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Chapter 13: The Training Tour

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Chapter 13: The Training Tour

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Naruto woke up in the morning with a sucking from Mikoto. It was almost a daily routine for him. His wake up call was this blowjob. All women have started their own works. Today the home was taking a festive look. Naruto was going to be the student of Hiruzen Sarutobi as well as his training in Kenjutsu will also start from that day.

Naruto has his breakfast made by Ayame. He rewarded her with a spank. He practiced the use of chakra chains with Mito and Sharingan with Mikoto. He was getting quite stronger these days. He also got access to the secret library of the clans. Hint from the book said, "every clan has their secret library which will allow to use special jutsu."

Naruto collected all scrolls and books of Namikaze, Uchina and Uzumaki clan and his clones was already studying day and night. However, Naruto had eight women in his house now and he felt a sense of discomfort among them. He planned to fix it tonight. Suddenly a messenger hawk reached his house and Naruto received a letter.

It was from the Hokage, He told Naruto to pack for three days, this will be his first training tour. Naruto got a little disappointed as he wouldn't be able to tart his kenjutsu training. However, he started packing and took a new weapon he created last night, his own hirashinin kunai. Naruto's range isn't as wide as Minato but Kaguya said it will increase with practice.

Naruto knew, these three days is enough for him to learn every jutsu and technique from Hiruzen as he has the Sharingan now and within one night he possesses, three tomei Sharingan or the complete Sharingan. He locked his secret facilities and locked the home from outside and created a strong seal so that nobody can leave. He has very strong shinobi's in his women arsenal.

Naruto reached the hokage tower and entered the room. The hokage was sitting in his sit and he noticed two more figures in the room at both sides.

He looked at his right, there was a fairly tall woman who was of slender frame. She had light brown, pupil-less eyes. Her hair was violet and styled in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail. She was wearing a fitted mesh body suit that covers her from her neck down to her thighs. Over this, was a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a pocket on each side, a dark orange mini-skirt, a dark blue belt, and pale grey shin guards. In addition to the typical forehead protector, she also wears a small pendant that looks like a snake fang and a wristwatch. Apart from her appearance, Naruto was impressed by her big bust and thin lips.

Then looked at his left and saw a fair-skinned woman of slender build. She had long black untamed hair reaching her upper back, and very unique eyes that are red in colour, with an additional ring in them. She was wearing make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her outfit consisted of a red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible and very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages.

"Meet Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yuhi, Naruto they will help you in the tour in every way possible and they will accompany us in the tour." Sarutobi declared.

"I will not disappoint you, sensei" Naruto repiles with a win at them.

" is this the brat you will train, Hokage-sama? Is he worth it?" Kurenai asked with surprise.

Anko also nodded in agreement. Hiruzen was laughing at them. Hiruzen Sarutobi himself may lose against this boy. He declared, "Naruto evolved a lot since he became genin, don't underestimate him, I have a proposal for him regain your confidence, A battle between Naruto and you two."

"The boy will be killed, Hokage-sama." Anko protested.

"We will see about that, bring it on, Ya-know." Naruto replied with enthusiasm.

It is set then. The match will take place once we cross the border of Konohagakure. They started their journey. While passing through the roads, Naruto saw Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Sasuke, Shino, Ino, Anko and Kurenai gossiping. They were surprise seeing Naruto in such an elite team. They did saw Naruto in action sometimes though, he did get a lot stronger.

"You will help me right? Now help me make friends jealous." Naruto said to Anko and Kurenai.

They nodded to agree as they thought he will try to have conversation but they got shocked as they felt a hand on their butt and squeezing it like a pro. When they were just passing the genin group, Naruto stepped up his game with a spank on their asses. They were too astonished to respond in this event.

"How can he do such thing to two jonin? Kiba shouted in anger.

"Did that idiot became such powerful?" Sasuke said.

"It was a drag to see this." Shikamaru said.

Ino and Anko couldn't even utter a word. They all understood, Naruto levelled up way faster than anyone of them. That explains his use of different jutsu and having better treatment than them in the village. However, most of the people still hated him as the demon fox, Naruto still couldn't achieve that.

The team reached outside the village. Hiruzen selected a place for the battle. Everyone was preparing for the fight. Anko pulled of her overall and Kurenai pulled of everything without the bandages which covered her important parts. Their attire was saying about their seriousness.

"You will suffer for spanking us, you brat." Anko said.

Naruto was rather reluctant about it. He took out his hirashinin kunai and left his bag at a side and took positions. Hiruzen announced, "Let the match begin".

Kurenai used her ability to disappear by passing through a tree and Anko came to him with a serious blow. Naruto dodged it with ease. Kurenai attacked him from behind. Naruto doges that too. Naruto decided not to use his hirashinin kunai. So he kept it in his bag.

Anko and Kurenai decided to attack together. Naruto was still enjoying the view of their boobs jiggling while running. They came with a combo blow. Naruto jumped over them to dodged it and landed behind them and spanked their asses.

Both the women became red with anger. They decided to come at him without holding back. Kurenai attacked with a kunai and Anko followed her and yelled,

"Many hidden shadow snake hands". It was quite a combo.

Naruto for the first time decided to become serious. Naruto used. "QUICK STYLE: SUPER SPEED."

Naruto evaded every attack successfully. He was not attacking them. He didn't even use any of his special techniques or kekkai genkai even. It was pissing the women even more.

Kurenai decided to use Genjutsu. Naruto hadn't mastered genjutsu with Sharingan but he sure how to dispel it thus he kicked Kurenai from the first time and she was way out of the area. Anko got surprised by that much physical power.

She yelled, "FIRE STYLE: DRAGON FIRE JUTSU." Flame head was going towards Naruto.

"WATER STYLE: WATER DRAGON JUTSU" Naruto neutralized the fire and ended the fight with another blow on Anko.

"How do you like the brat now bitches?" Naruto yelled even-though none of them were near to hear it.

Hiruzen was laughing but suddenly he stopped laughing. He sensed different chakra. He ordered Naruto to bring those girls as there was high chance them being knocked out till now. Naruto went in that direction and it was already late. Both Anko and Kurenai was out of Chakra and two shinobi was holding them and squeezing their boobs.

Naruto recognized the shinobi's by watching their headbands. 15 of them came from Amagakure. One of them said, "We came to in for spying and before even start we find rewards, How Fascinating, Konoha sure has sexy shinobi's."

"I am going to kill you all, you fools." Naruto yelled at anger.

"We captured two jonins, what a mere kid like you can do to us? Amagakure Shinobi's were laughing.

"Sharingan" Naruto said while he thrown five of his hirashinin kunai. Anko and Kurenai was watching Naruto in action and they were so surprised that they were being ravaged by enemy.

In a blink of an eye five of the Amagakure shinobi's throat were cut, two of them were the ones enjoying the boobs of Anko and Kurenai. Naruto's Hirashinin was as First as the Fourth Hokage in this range. Anko and Kurenai lost their words.

"Go back to the Hokage, you two." Naruto ordered. He didn't waste second and used, "HIDDEN MIST JUTSU", followed by "FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU."

The enemy couldn't predict which way the fire was coming thus 4 of the died in the spot.

Naruto wasn't giving the enemy any time to spare at all. He cast another jutsu again, WATER STYLE: THOUSAND NEEDLE OF DEATH." They couldn't evade this jutsu. Naruto killed every single one of those enemies without a single blow taken. Anko and Kurenai was speechless watching these.

Naruto finished the fight and took both the women to Hiruzen and explained the situation. Hiruzen was astonished in his power. In their way back, Naruto went to his subconscious and met beautiful orange head Kurama.

"How nice of you to meet me, Naruto." Kurama greeted.

"I am going announce you as my source of all powers, Otherwise I will be exposed and who knows what will happen." Naruto said to Kurama.

Kurama accepted the request. Naruto kissed her in the cheek through the barrier and came back.

Anko asked, "How the hell do you have Sharingan?"

"I am the Jinchuriki of Nine-tails and I have befriended her thus came by powers." Naruto replies as planned.

"Now do you think of Naruto be worthy of my disciple?" Hiruzen asked to the women.

They couldn't answer in embarrassment. They went to secret place and Naruto trained day and night under the Hokage. He could use all jutsu except the kekkai genkai, that's why he was the god of shinobi. Naruto also learned every single one of them using his Sharingan. Followed by his training in Bojutsu. Hiruzen summoned Monkey king Enma and he also decided to train Naruto by seeing his power and dedication.

"Will you have a summoning contract with Naruto, Enma?" Hiruzen asked.

"I have to admit he is the strongest among any other ninja you trained, he can the material that can defeat your another genius trainee Orochimaru as he went rogue. I will be happy to do that."

"Thank you so much, Enma, I will not disappoint you" Naruto said happily.

"I announce another thing t you Naruto, if you can prove to me you can handle me better than Sarutobi then you will have surprise which Sarutobi doesn't even know." Enma declared secretly to Naruto,

Naruto was quite interested in that surprise. That was their last night in the training. Anko and Kurenai wasn't of very help. Naruto did here some moaning sound from their tent at night but he refrained himself from going there due to his training. He decided to ambush their tent that night.

"You have done well Naruto, I have nothing left to teach you now, I also taught you the jutsu of first and Second Hokage. Use of those jutsu will make you more powerful if you can use them with strategy." said Hiruzen.

"I will for sure, old man, thank you for your teaching" Naruto replied and went to river to have a bath as it was almost night. Naruto came out refreshed. He opened his book.






Naruto didn't fill like checking other things right away, he passed apprentice level so he could add points it different categories. He has 800 points for that now as he never used even one. He decided to do it later. He was more interested in Ultimate Enma as it had a very close deadline.

Naruto went outside of his tent and heard the giggling again. Naruto went inside the tent and saw two jonin making out with each other. Both of them noticed Naruto.

"We were hoping you would come tonight; we want to congratulate you for your successful completion of training and thank you for saving your life." Said Anko.

"we will do everything for you tonight, just lay down with us." Said Kurenai.

Naruto did as they said and Anko pulled out his majestic dick.

"See something you like?" Anko purred as she reached a hand under the covers. Kurenai flushed and Anko thought that she looked too cute when she blushed, then realized that Kurenai was still at the edge of his bed.

"Aren't you going to do something?" Anko asked as she fondled Naruto's dick.

Kurenai leaned forward to capture Naruto's lips shyly but when his tongue unconsciously licked her lips she opened her mouth to allow him in. Watching the show before her as Kurenai kissed him deeply, Anko felt his member begin to harden.

"Come here," Anko ordered and Kurenai hesitantly pulled away and crawled over to the violet haired girl. Anko pulled her closer with one hand and when their lips met, immediately pulled the quiet girl into an intense kiss.

"Mmm…" Anko moaned, letting her hand rub harder against Naruto's dick. Not only did Anko have a hand around his penis, but also she was making out with Kurenai just inches from his eyes! It was only a few seconds later when as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes he realized he was also tied to his bed.

When a soft whine escaped his throat, both girls turned to look at him, both of them flushed and breathing hard. "Naru-kun…" Anko pouted. "Don't you like your present?"

Kurenai had returned to kissing Naruto, while Anko threw his sheet to the side and softly kissed the tip of his cock. Then she slowly began to slide her mouth around it, careful to place her hands firmly on his hips to prevent him from bucking upward. She heard a loud moan come from him and smirked around his cock.

Kurenai in the meantime began to trail kisses to his neck; occasionally biting down which usually earned her a half-strangled groan. Then she felt a dainty hand start to untie the fabric around her chest. Once the scrap had fallen away she felt Naruto lean up to catch a nipple in his mouth and then he began to suck. "Oh Naruto… moaned quietly.

Anko could tell that Naruto was close to his breaking point, as she deep throated him and then pulled up until only the tip was still left in her mouth. Finally, she pulled away completely and smirked at Naruto's whine that caused Kurenai to moan at the vibration.

Naruto's hips bucked upwards in an effort to convince her to resume what she had been doing, but she ignored him, instead tugging on Kurenai's hair till her head turned so she could kiss her.

Then she began pulling the orange thong tantalizingly down Kurenai's soft legs. Naruto watched this happen with wide eyes, his cock still straining upward and begging for release. Kurenai was now completely naked before them, a blush spreading itself from her face down to her chest. A trimmed path of black curls lay nestled between her legs, and her arms had come up to cover her chest self-consciously.

"Now it's your turn," Anko said teasingly and pushed Kurenai back so she lay spread out on the bed, her hips propped up with a pillow that afforded Naruto an excellent view. Then she lowered her lips to Kurenai's already soaking core.

Kurenai writhed with pleasure and a loud moan escaped her lips, Naruto in the meanwhile was straining against his bonds trying to reach out and touch her too or at very least take care of his aching cock.

Anko reached up with one hand to squeeze one of Kurenai's large breasts and Naruto found himself struggling fiercely to break free of his bonds. Then Kurenai hit her peak and called out Anko's name and as her face contorted with pleasure Naruto's dick throbbed with need. Anko lapped up Kurenai's juices eagerly.

Anko then shifted so that she was able to kiss Naruto, the kiss turning more into a battle for dominance. Anko pulled back from his lips. "I'll release you…" s whispered in his ear, "but only if you can make me orgasm."

"Then you had better take your clothes off," Naruto chuckled, no longer straining against the ropes. Anko sexily dragged her thong down so that a small patch of hair was visible. Then she reached up to untie the ribbon around her breasts. "Come here," he ordered her.

She crawled towards him, showing off her body and straddled his chest. "Yes master, what is your bidding? Would you perhaps like a taste of ambrosia?" She spread legs so that her soaked center was on display right before him.

Naruto swirled his tongue around her clit and smirked when Anko whimpered loudly. Kurenai in the meantime had recovered from her orgasm and was watching with fascination what was happening.

Every time Naruto's tongue flicked over her clit, Anko let out a resounding moan. Eventually Kurenai began to softly knead Anko's breasts, in awe at their softness. Then she lightly bit down on one of Anko's rosy nipples, which caused Anko to cry out. "Oh gods… yes!"

Naruto hardened his tongue and plunged it into Anko, whose eyes rolled back, as a wave of pleasure washed thorough her. Kurenai indulged Anko's mouth into a fierce kiss, and continued to massage her breasts.

Kurenai felt herself begin to heat up as she watched the stunning display that was Naruto and Anko together. She noted that Naruto's dick was straining upward was twitching as if it were begging for release. Kurenai guided herself down unto it, groaning as she felt herself being stretched.

Naruto let loose a grunt as he felt Kurenai begin to ride him, his hips thrusting up to match her tempo. His tongue mercilessly plundered Anko, enjoying every sound she made. Then Anko orgasmed and her body arched so that a cascade of pink hair extended down her back. Kurenai's eyes were shut tight as she rode Naruto fiercely, the soft lashes almost touching her cheeks as her face contorted with pleasure. "Na-ru-to," she moaned impaling herself upon him.

Then he realized that Anko had untied him, and was watching them with lust filled eyes. He allowed his hands to rest on Kurenai's hips guiding her down unto him. As he hit a certain spot within her she cried out loudly.

He flipped her over so that he was on top and rammed into her, her eyes flew open even as her hips arched up to meet him. Finally, with a groan he came, spilling his seed deep within her tight body.

Once he had recovered he noticed that Kurenai was stroking him carefully, while Anko nipped lightly at his neck. "It's my turn now…" Anko smiled a roguish smile, one that promised something so completely sinful that he was immediately turned on.

He thrust into her, without waiting for her permission catching her off guard and enjoying the breathy moan that escaped her pink lips. Kurenai was watching the eyes that still burned with lust, as she lay on his bed.

Anko's nails dragged down his chest, causing a hitched gasp to escape Naruto. "Oh please…" Anko breathed. Anko was a sight to see, her violet hair tousled and her lips open in a constant sigh of pleasure. Anko was desperately trying to reach her peak, and she was so close already. With so much foreplay, this wouldn't last long. With one final thrust Anko came, with Naruto following close behind.

Anko was on top of him her head resting on his chest, filling his nostrils with the scent of sweat and sex, a very potent combination. Carefully he shifted so that was on his left side, while Kurenai moved to nuzzle him on the right. Her pale eyes closed, and her pink lips pursed so cutely as she rested.

He pulled the sheet over all three of them and settled down, one girl on each side. Anko pressed against his back while Kurenai rested with one of his hands draped loosely over her hips.

Naruto was pissed a himself for not ramming them more and she lasted a lot less than his normal time because of the fierce training. However, He knew he can enslave this two also with another session. So he went sleep.

Naruto woke up at midnight. Anko and Kurenai was still sleeping. Naruto carefully went outside. He was thinking of the Ultimate Enma. He summoned Enma.

"How can I convince you, Enma?" Naruto asked without any foreplay.

"That's on you, young boy" Enma replied.

An idea hit Naruto's head. He created several targets at wide range in an area. And requested Enma to have a clone and turn into adamantine staff. Naruto took both of them in his hand.

Naruto casted a jutsu of Second Hokage, GENJUTSU; INFINITE DARKNESS.

Everything became dark and Naruto used his Bojutsu to hit every target as he activated his Sharingan. He dispelled the jutsu when he was finished. Enma was impressed.

"You are really good and I will tell you the secret, Even Sarutobi doesn't know that, I have another form, Shut your eyes." Enma said to him.

Naruto couldn't have predicted anything, so decided to go with the flow and close his eyes. After a few seconds he opened his eyes and couldn't believe what he saw.

She was wearing a red beret with the lower part having four leaf clover patterns. She had an elegant red and gold cloak, and underneath that she has a short green elven shirt and sleeves with bracers with darker green ends. On her lower body she had a short green elven skirt with a small white cloth and a belt with four leaf clovers and a four leaf, Celtic-designed clover buckle. On her legs she wears green thigh-high elven boots. Only sign of her being a monkey was her tail.

The way she was handling her staff was also very astonishing. It sure seems her way with the staff. For the first since Naruto own the boob, Naruto had no words. He knew Monkey King Enma, Now it's a girl.

Enma understood his dilemma, she herself started talking about it. She offered Naruto to sit with her.

"It's a long story, Naruto. My father Enma died years ago. But revealing his non-existence will call upon misery on our Family. Because, unlike many others my father married an elf and gave birth to us, me and twin sister. For her safety, she was sent another part of the world, where she is known as the Alleyene of Queen Blade. We have similar powers. For the safety of hers I keep doing the transformation jutsu and come here being Enma." Enma explained.

"Why are telling me this? Aren't you jeopardizing you secret?" Naruto asked.

"I saw you fight, I saw you train, your every move reflected on your pure heart. You are my first summoning contract, so I didn't want to keep any secret between us." Enma said.

"I appreciate it, but What should I call you if you are not Enma?" Naruto said.

"You can call me Ena."

"I wanted to have your battle power but now I want more." Naruto said while his hand slowly went under her dress to twitch her nipple.

Ena couldn't resist this invitation. She leaned towards Naruto and her lips touched his while her tongue entered his mouth. Ena was lost in that kiss.

Naruto broke the kiss so he could take his shirt and boxers off. while Ena took off the dress and pushed Naruto's back onto the ground.

Once Naruto was on his back Ena slowly sat down on top of him and lined up his cock in her pussy. "Naruto I want this so much. Please Naruto put it in" said Ena as she slipped the head of his cock in her pussy and slammed herself down on his cock.

Ena started a steady rhythm of up and downs while Naruto palmed her plump ass. "Naruto, more! Oh God, ah, ah, Oh God my pussy's on fire! Naruto, fuck me. Oh God! Ah, ah, more! Touch my breasts; they want to feel your touch." Exclaimed Ena between pants.

Naruto grabbed one breast and started to suck on her nipple. He grabbed her other breast with his free hand and started pinching the nipple. "Ena you're so fucking hot. Faster, I can feel your hot pussy. I want you to cum all over my cock. Naruto managed to say before he grabbed her ass and started bouncing it faster, thrusting up at the same time.

"Naruto more! I'm almost there! Your cock feels so good! Fuck my pussy harder. I'm almost there! Hurry Naruto! Oh God. Deeper! Ah, ah, ah, Oh God! I'm Cumming! Shouted Ena as she had the hardest orgasm of her life. Naruto gave a few more quick thrusts as he bottomed out inside her and released his load into her waiting womb. Extending Ena's orgasm a few more seconds.

"That felt so good Ena. I hope you didn't think I was gonna be satisfied with just one round did you?" Said a grinning Naruto switched positions. so now Ena was on the bottom and Naruto was on the top.

"More. Fuck me more! I'll do anything you want. Just fuck my pussy raw!" Half-shouted Ena as she opened her legs to show Naruto her pussy, still dripping with both their love juices. Naruto then grabbed her waist and rammed his cock in her pussy, hammering away at full speed.

"Ena your pussy is so good! I can't stop. your just too sexy." said Naruto as he slammed in and out of her pussy.

"Naruto more, faster, harder! Oh, ah, ah. fuck me, fuck me rough! Oh God faster!" She was openly screaming at this point. She grabbed the bed rails so Naruto could fuck her faster. "Naruto fuck me till I can't cum anymore! Until I can't move! Oh God! Cum in me! Fill me to the brim!"

"Ena, I'm gonna cum." grunted Naruto.

Me too. let's cum together." Moaned out Ena as they both came. Naruto Shot six times before he pulled out, another 2 spurts came out and hit her breasts.

"Sorry about that Ena. I thought I was done." Naruto sheepishly admitted while rubbing the back of his head.

"No worries Naruto. Now let me suck you off." Said Ena as she got on her knees, grabbing his long cock with one hand she engulfed the first few inches in her hot, wet mouth and messaged this balls with the other hand.

"Go faster my little staff slut." Moaned Naruto.

Ena didn't even care that Naruto called her a slut. Ena licked the bottom of his cock first and when she got to the tip she kissed it. Putting it in her mouth Ena started to suck hard and fast.

"Ena. Deeper. Suck faster you bitch I want to cum all over your face." Naruto grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock down the back of her throat. Unfortunately, he was only able to get six inches in without hurting her. And while she seemed to be enjoying being used like a whore he was still rather new to sex. "Almost... there." groaned out Naruto as he sped up his thrusting for a few seconds before erupting in her throat. Holding his cock where it was most of his seed went down her throat causing her to choke. It became too much for her to shallow and some of his seed splashed onto her face and dripped onto her breasts.

"Damn Ena. You sure like sucking my cock don't you?" Gasped out Naruto, commenting on the fact that she didn't resist at all when he started face-fucking her?

"Yes. I do Naruto. It's a good thing you're already contracted with me; I will have a lot of this I hope." Ena finished with a lusty grin.

"Get on all fours. You said to fuck you until you couldn't cum any more so I want to fuck that nice ass of yours till you can't even think about moving without feeling sore. Hurry up my cute little cum dumpster." He said as she got up.

Naruto smacked her ass as she got on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open for him.

"Now Ena, before I fuck your ass, tell me how hard you want it." Naruto ordered as he put his cock near her asshole, and robbed it around the entrance, teasing her until she did what he said.

"I want it hard! Fuck my ass till I can't feel my legs anymore. I want you to stick your long hard fat dick into my little ass. Fuck me hard and long until your balls are empty. Make me your bitch, I'm yours Naruto. So please Naruto, stick it in already! I don't care if I start screaming in pain! Just fuck my ass as hard as you possibly can!" She pleaded, practically vibrating with lust and excitement.

"Okay then slut, when I'm fucking your ass I want you to thank me for giving it to you so roughly." Naruto said right next to her ear.

It was a little difficult to put the massive head into her small ass but the juices from the sex they had a second ago helped tremendously. Before Ena could plead to put it in faster she was cut off by him succeeding in getting the head in. taking her words to heart Naruto gave no mercy as soon as he was able he rammed all the way into her tight ass, drawing a scream of one-part pain and two parts pleasure from her. His hips resting against her ass cheeks for a second before he pulled all but the head out and slammed back in. after a few thrusts he abandoned any form of rhythm and was slamming in and out of her with reckless abandon.

"Oh God! My ass! Fuck me harder! Oh God, deeper. Ah, oh, ah, ah, ah, Oh God fuck my Ass. Oh God, your huge cock! I can feel it, it's in me so deep! I'm your whore! Thank you Naruto for fucking my ass so hard!"

"That's a good slut, next time we get a mission we're going fuck." said Naruto as he spanked her ass.

"Naruto, I'm gonna cum." Ena moaned weakly.

"Oooh no, you don't cum till I tell you too. Hold it in, the longer I fuck you the harder your orgasms going to be."

As he went even faster with a quick application of some chakra she shoved her face into the ground. Not even having the strength to grab the bed rails again. Naruto didn't stop, not even for a second, he only thrust harder and faster as the minutes ticked by.

Ena couldn't take it anymore. "Naruto! Please I need to cum! I can't take anymore!"

Naruto ignored her and continued slamming into her, making sure that she'd be begging for more the next time she got horny.

Naruto bent down holding her tail and whispered into her ear. "You've earned it Ena-Chan, let it go whenever you want."

And she did, with a mighty scream Ena had the greatest orgasm yet, topping the one earlier by far. Naruto, feeling a now familiar pressure building up used a bit more chakra and sped up thrust thrusts to inhuman levels. After a few seconds of this he slammed into her ass with bruising force and released the biggest load of the night into her rectum.

"You can shift at my house; I can arrange a monkey style home for you too." Naruto winked at her.

"Let's meet at your home then." Ena kissed him good bye before dispelling.

Naruto was quite surprised at the events happening around him. He fucked two women and a monkey woman unexpectedly in one night. He went inside his tent and opened his book.




Naruto closed the book and gone back to sleep embracing ANKO and KURENAI. Next day they went back to the village and everyone as talking about Naruto taking down fifteen shinobi. Word has gone out about his hirashinin too. People started to call him the new yellow flash. But Naruto had to establish discipline in his manor.

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