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Chapter 14: Preparation of chunin exam : part 1

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Chapter 14: Preparation of chunin exam : part 1

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Naruto reached his house "The Jungle Beast." He had a discussion with Anko and Kurenai. They wanted to keep their job and live with Naruto. But Naruto said otherwise. They couldn't think of any way to miss the fucking of Naruto. So they officially resigned as a ninja from the village hidden in leaf and moved in with Naruto. Moreover, Ena has also moved in with him, nobody knows her secret in the house. His harem was a total mess. He needed to fix it.

An idea came into his mind but he had scheduled a tour with Yugao in the village of Artisans to build hi new weapon. So he came down to his science department who were working on improving the clone quality. Naruto could already use shadow clone and water clone and learned mud clone from Hiruzen. They combined this three jutsu to make a clone which will be a lot efficient and can last longer.

So he used this jutsu to create a clone and sent in to pack his things before going to the office of Hokage. The Ultimate Susano's was also troubling him. Only five days lest for jutsu. He had to discuss this with Mikoto. So he called her. Mikoto was way over the moon as she was called alone by Naruto. This is what was making Naruto's harem a problematic place. Naruto will fix this very soon.

"I need to discuss something with you Mikoto-chan." Naruto greeted her.

"Anything for you Naruto." Mikoto replied while taking of her cloths. She thought Naruto was looking for physical pleasure.

"I haven't called you for sex Mikoto, but I don't mind it either." Naruto was a bit happy to see the initiative to please him. Naruto pulled off his pants and shirt and took a sit. Mikoto came onto and kissed him. Naruto returned it back and grabbed her by the waist to place her on his dick facing himself. Mikoto's boobs was bouncing just in front of Naruto's mouth. Naruto put a blunt bite on them.

"Aaaaah, Fuck me harder, Naruto-kun." Mikoto responded to Naruto's bite.

"What is the Ultimate Susano's? How can someone obtain it? Naruto asked her.

"Ho-o-ow do-o yo-ou know about that? It is not in any books or scrolls? Mikoto was surprised.

"I have Kurama in me, and don't you dare question me again." Naruto spanked her so hard for few times that her ass turned red and tear came out her eyes.

Naruto was enraged. Naruto stood up in that position and kept stroking her with more speed. Naruto created a clone which immediately penetrated her ass. Naruto was clearly showing her who was in command.

"where is it, you slut?" Naruto was stroking without any mercy.

"I have a secret chest with me. That is the most secret treasure of Uchina clan. It has a secret sword named kusanagi which has the power to cut through anything irrespective of metal and the secret scroll of Susan's will allow to combine he power of all the susano's." Mikoto revealed all the secret.

"Are there any special requirements? ", "What are their powers?"

"How many types of Susano's are there?"

Naruto was throwing questions with every stroke, Mikoto was feeling pain in place of pleasure today as she made Naruto angry.

"You will get all the information in the scroll but you will need two Uchina girl to complete the jutsu added that you will need a lot of chakra than you have now." Mikoto replied with extreme difficulty.

"how can I get two? You are the only Uchina slut I found luckily" Naruto yelled with anger.

"There is a way, but I can't guarantee it, please be gentle with me." Mikoto was crying.

"Tell me the name, Uchina slut." Naruto yelled again but with that Naruto came into his senses.

"Izumi Uchina, her father wasn't a Uchina so she was abandoned from the clan and she Itachi's girlfriend. He couldn't kill her I believe, as he couldn.t kill Sasuke and me. She must be hiding like us somewhere within this jungle. You can use her if you can find her." Mikoto explained while she felt Naruto being a little considerate.

"Okay, Mikoto, never do something like this with me again and hand me over the chest." Naruto kept stroking and the clone almost came together. Mikoto couldn't stand after that. She started crawling to her room to get that chest, she even forgot to take her clothes.

Naruto was thinking, this must be an additional improvement in the game, He never found anything about this. However, he was also excited. He made three clone to search of Izumi Uchina. When Mikoto came he took the scroll and Kusanagi and gave it to the previous clone which headed to the Hokage office.

While Naruto was thinking of a lot of chakra, the daily hint of the book popped up. HERO WATER OF TAKIGAKURE. Naruto started reading about it. It says it's power is temporary and the person who drinks it will die after using it. Naruto can't die now. Naruto started reading the next part. It said that if the water could be taken from any girl's pussy that is mixed with her cum-juice then it will have very stable effect on the user.

Naruto knew this was not the work of one person and he didn't want to include his girls in this mission as it would make a riot to be selected in his team. He approached his team 7 that is Sasuke and Sakura. They both agreed to go with him to a secret mission but he didn't disclose his real motive. He made another clone and sent it to Takigakure.

Prior to one week of chunin exam, his preparations were going very well. He opened the book to check his present state and then he will take care of his girls in the mansion. So Naruto went to his room and opened his book.

LEVELED UP 8 to 11

Naruto knew was supposed to happen as he didn't go to details in his previous encounters of the book. He had 1500 points to play with. A notice popped up. Different levels of your stats and skills. They will be divided into Four categories:

1. God level: 300+ points

2. Master level: 200+ points.

3. Expert level: 150+ points.

4. Adept level: 100+ points.

5. Apprentice level: 50+ points.

God level will allow you the complete mastery of a skill and stat and some options to manipulate it.

Naruto decided to round up his every stat. He started input of points in every category; He input 350 points in different categories to round up the stats except wealth because only points can't do that. Only because be enslaved a Daiyamo Kyoki, he has some money. Otherwise it would be difficult for hi to manage all his expenses.

Naruto Stats:

Acrobatics: 100

Chakra Control: 100

Chakra Levels: 100

Endurance: 100

Intelligence: 100

Luck: 100

Reflexes: 100

Speed: 100

Stamina: 100

Strength: 150

Knowledge: 150

Courage: 100

Sex Appeal: 200

Scientist: 100

Wealth: 50

Politics: 100

Leadership: 100

He turned over to skill page.

Then his input of points was 1025 points except in Senjutsu as didn't knew what was that. He made all normal skill up to apprentice level like haggling and pick pocketing and made himself to lie better. All elemental manipulation reached to adept level so he could learn any jutsu with simple difficulties but can't create jutsu yet.

He reached expert level in Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu. He could perform any jutsu at very ease and defend them as well. He had 75 points left so needed summoning more this these days because of Ena, so he put 50 points in summoning and 25 points in stealth. He reached master level in Bojutsu so he got 100 points bonus which input in Ninja Master which allowed him to +10 bonus in all manipulation of element.


Archery: 50 points.

Bojutsu: 200 Points.

Earth Elemental manipulation: 110 points.

Fire Elemental Manipulation: 110 points.

Genjutsu: 150 points.

Kenjutsu: 100 points.

Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 110 points.

Lying: 50 points.


Medical Jutsu: 50 points.

Ninja Master: 200 points.

Ninjutsu: 150 points.

Sealing: 50 points.

Senjutsu: 00 points.

Sexual Aura: 200 points.

Taijutsu: 150 points.

Water Elemental Manipulation: 110 points.

Wind Elemental Manipulation: 110 points.

Healing Factor: 50 points.

Massaging: 50 points.

Stealth: 75 points.

Summoning: 100 points

Crafting: 50 points.

Haggling: 50 points.

Knife Fighting: 50 points.

Pick Pocketing: 50 points.

Cooking: 50 Points.

Forging: 50 Points.

Medicine Making: 50 Points.

Throwing: 50 points.

Trap Making: 50.


· Lost Virginity.

· Became Shinobi.

· Has sex with a kunoichi.

· Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

· Had group sex.

· Has Chakra chains.

· Have Sharingan,

· Has Hirashinin.

· Has summoning contract with Ena.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


Ninja start and kunai.

Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

Kusanagi of Uchina clan.

He turned over to the collection page.


Chakra armor (perfect user).

Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

Kusanagi off Uchina clan.

He turned over again to see the perks page.


Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

Food Freak (locked), requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.

Hyoton (Ice element): Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included.

Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available

Sharingan: Have sex with Mikoto Uchina.

Hirashinin level 1: Have sex with Kaguya Namikaze.

Enma recruit: Be the pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Chakra chains: Have sex with a Uzumaki girl.

Jinton (quick style): (have sex with Namikaze); Extreme Speed n Taijutsu and can gain hirashinin.

Snake style Taijutsu: Have sex with Anko Mitarashi.

Mayengoko Sharingan: Use Sharingan in battle and kill,

Eternal Mayengoko Sharingan (Locked): Bit one Sharingan user.

Rinnegan (Locked).

Hirashinin Level 2 (Locked).

Ultimate Enma: (obtained): Have sex with Ena.

Ultimate Susano's: Unlocked but unattained. (5 days left)

He turned over to the trophy page last.


Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

Bronze Harem 2: You had sex with Five woman. +100 points

Anal Fetish: Had anal sex. +100 points.

Shadow Fetish: Had sex using Shadow clone. +200 points.

Shinobi swords of mist 1: Collected one of seven swords of Shinobi swordsman of Mist. +100 points.

Bloodline addition: Obtained first kekkai genkai. +200 points.

Banger (had group sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Leader (had sex with clan leader); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Clone master (use more than twenty clone in sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Silver Harem (have sex with 10 women); sexual aura +50 Sex appeal +50

No new trophies now except the silver harem, but he knew a lot of trophy is loading for him. It made his sexual stats to master level. He was feeling in a very good shape. He closed his book happily.

He called upon all the girls in front of the pool. From the he saw Mito, Mikoto, Kaguya, Kyoki, Fubuki, Haku, Tsunami, Ayame, Anko, Kurenai and Ena. All came within a few seconds. Everyone was looking with a disgusted face to each other. They would start a cat fight if Naruto wasn't there. Naruto Casted a genjutsu.

"GENJUTSU: INFINITE DARKNESS". Naruto knew almost every one of them were shinobi, they may try something in that situation so he captured everyone with his chakra chains so that he can suppress their chakra. All started screaming. They thought of it as an ambush.

"Naruto, save me." They were calling for help me.

"Shut up, you bitches." Naruto yelled.

"You thought of yourselves as resident of this mansion, you can do whatever you want, I announce today, every one of you is my slut, my bitch. I will make you pay for your arrogance today."

Naruto tied them separately in a single room and used a seal to suppress their chakra. In that infinite darkness they didn't know what was going to happen to them. They just knew they were naked and they will not have a pleasant experience that day.

[This chapter is the prequel of four sub-stories as you have already noticed, Naruto in his house and he sent clones in three directions. Next chapter will be very interesting. So stay tuned and leave a review]
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