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Chapter 15: Preparation of chunin exam : part 2

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Chapter 15: Preparation of chunin exam : part 2

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Naruto's search team headed out immediately for Izumi. Naruto told them to consider this as an A-rank mission. Mikoto ensured she wouldn't leave the village as anywhere other than this village would be dangerous for her. Mikoto provided them with her exact appearance of last time she saw her. She said,

"Izumi had long brown hair with bangs framing her face and onyx eyes, with a mole under her right eye. She wore a long-sleeved, high-collared purple shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back, baggy blue pants, a shuriken hostler on her right leg, red armband on her left arm, and a long purple fingerless glove that ran nearly the length of her arm."

The clones were searching for her in every inch of the jungle. Izumi was a Uchina and she would be powerful too. So the clones put forward a plan. It will serve both of their purposes. The clones reached the place where Naruto found Mito, Mikoto and Kaguya. The clone started to go deeper in the forest. Naruto's chakra sense increased a thousand fold than the previous time. He sensed a strong chakra so hey initiated the plan.

The clone scattered. One went on the trees to confirm a position. The clone signaled the other clone and the third clone was nowhere near them. While giving the signal Naruto was attacked. Naruto dodged it and a sense of accomplishment went through it. By then the other clone also reached the place. They boxed in the target from both side.

It was none other than Izumi Uchina. "So we found you, Izumi Uchina."

She didn't utter a single word rather replied with, "SHARINGAN"

The clones had no other choice. They also activated their Sharingan. Intense fight was going on between them. The clones tried to distract her.

"with a fight like this how can you be Itachi's girlfriend, shame on you'" said the clone.

Itachi's name startled her a bit but she chose not to reply against it. She tried to fight harder. She couldn't keep up with a ninja like Naruto. They were way higher level than her. If Itachi was here she would have saved her.

"May be Itachi spared you because of your weakness bitch." The clone tried again. This time it worked. Tear dropped down her eyes and she came running to hit. Other clone took the chance. He activated his Susano's and Izumi was captured by him with three hits Izumi was almost fainting. She was bound by the clones. Suddenly both the clones popped due to hit of kunai.

Izumi was surprised, who can beat this two this easily. She was free of hiding and she saw the man who rescued her, it was none other than Itachi. She jumped onto his and kissed him deeply. She wanted to have Itachi for so long now.

"Someone is in hurry I see, I am here Izumi." Itachi talked for the first time.

"Come on Itachi, I know you want it too." Izumi insisted again.

"Okay then." Itachi dropped his pants and as well as hers. He placed his cock against her pussy.

"I'm going in." Itachi gave a small warning before pushing his crotch forward and easily entering Izumi. She moaned as the head of his cock penetrated her and dug deep. She could feel the blood pumping through his penis in an effort to achieve a full erection, one which she would later find out was one inch longer than usual.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" Izumi made a lusty grin as she wrapped her legs around Itachi's torso, pulling him in just a little bit more. The stupendous size of Itachi's member was something Izumi had gotten very accustomed to throughout the last two decades but it felt bigger that day. She remembered the first time she had sex with Itachi, she had been a virgin and was pretty nervous about the whole thing. She thought things like, "I hope he finishes quick" to try and calm herself. This was all pointless once she saw his cock. Three feet of meat she would never, ever forget.

"Itachi, I'm gonna give you the fucking of your life!" Izumi grabbed Itachi by his short collar and brought his face close to hers. "You're gonna know that I'm yours." She then pushed her face into Itachi's, locking lips and battling tongues. She made her best attempt at the lewdest kiss she possibly could in an effort to best her previous self.

He began to swirl his tongue in and around his concubine's mouth to remind her that he was the one in charge. His organ probed her mouth until he began what could only be described as 'fucking her throat' with said organ. Saliva splashed inside the mouths of the two and they both moaned in great pleasure.

"How's that?" Itachi smirked. He looked down at Izumi's torso to observe the bulge he was creating inside her. At this point, his erection had reached full size and was ready to break her; Just for show, he flexed the muscles in his member, which made the bulge in his partner's abdomen visibly move.

A creaking sound could be heard as Itachi began to thrust himself inside Izumi at a faster than usual pace. He wasn't one to take it slow, but he been invigorated by the woman beneath and determined that there was no other way to put her in her place besides ploughing her insides. He moved in and out rapidly while he also kept his head low near Izumi's in order to whisper naughty things to her.

"You like that, whore?" He moved his head down to her neck and took a deep breath. The smell of Izumi's arousal and his own was intoxicating in a way no alcohol was. He gripped her by the waist and felt the contours of her well-maintained musculature, a musculature that aided her in various sex acts. Itachi could feel perspiration beginning to drip from her body and began to fuck her deeper.

"Just a horny little cock-sleeve, aren't ya?" Itachi was trying to goad a response from Izumi, one that would make him feel like he was above her, one that would reaffirm her status as his whore. The only sounds coming from the brown-haired matriarch were whimpers and moans of pleasure. Itachi's cock had been pounding directly into her cervix for a few minutes now, and she wasn't confident that it would hold for much longer, especially with the man above her's speed.

"Tell me how much you love my fat cock!" Itachi had raised his voice, the pleasure he felt in his cock was increasing at a steady rate. He could feel the meat-ring that was Izumi's cervix become soft and malleable around him, ensuring that it would be penetrated. With one more hard thrust, he was in. He felt the tightness of her cervix squeezing around him as the base of his crotch made contact with her pelvis, balls-deep as some may say.

"Ahh! I love your fat, fucking cock!" A scream of pleasure burst out from Izumi as her brain frazzled from her cervical penetration. She had felt this countless times, but she never got used to it. The cock inside her had pushed all the way through her womb and bashed up against its walls, a feeling that was heavenly for her partner.

"Shit! Your so fucking tight!" Itachi held himself for just a second before resuming his ministrations—he would usually hold for a bit longer post-penetration, but he needed to show Izumi who's boss. He rapidly entered and exited her deepest orifice with gusto as the woman cried out in pleasure.

By this time, Itachi was gripping her by the hips as he continued to thrust back and forth, going ever faster as he came closer and closer to orgasm. He again looked down at Izumi and said another line to her.

"You really are a worthless slut, aren't you? Tell me!" His vision blurred just a little, he could feel his balls churning the huge load he was soon to deliver.

"I'm just a worthless slut! I love getting used by your cock!" Izumi too was approaching orgasm as she felt her extremities begin to numb. This was a feeling she had seldom felt before, this was how she knew that Itachi was definitely not going easy on her.

Itachi's thrusts began to fall out of their previously-rhythmic pattern and become disheveled as his breathing became haggard and his grip tightened. He now was at the precipice of cumming and couldn't hold it any longer. With one very hard thrust, Itachi released all his pent-up load in a screaming orgasm.

"Graaagh!" He growled as he felt his orgasm rip through the lower half of his body and his semen bursting from his urethra's entrance. Seemed that the sheer intensity of his fucking had somehow boosted his virility. His ejaculate had not come out in strands, but as shotgun-like bursts of thick, virile fluid. The first shot completely painted Izumi's uterine walls completely white and partially bloated her womb. The next shot had seen her womb bloat again—she now looked halfway through a pregnancy—and some semen splatter back through her vagina and out into the space between her crotch and Itachi's. The next shot and those beyond had increased the effect the first and second had, leaving Izumi in a cum-filled mess while a clear liquid shot from her own genitals to signify a particularly strong orgasm.

"Itachi? Are you up for another round?" Of course, he answered, the Nine-Tails gave him near-unlimited stamina.

"Then you can fuck my ass." Izumi smiled cutely as her words betrayed her expression. Itachi simply looked at Izumi with a blank expression. He was really interested in continuing anal sex, He would never turn that down.

After letting Itachi's cum drain out of her and having Shadow Clones clean it up, Izumi shifted her position a top of Itachi so that she facing down and sticking her rear-end upwards. In this position, Itachi would have easy access to her asshole and be able to really ram it inside.

"I'm not gonna go easy, Izumi. You sure you're up for this." Itachi had his cock positioned in front of Izumi's anus and poised to insert it.

"I'm more than ready, Itachi. Fuck my slutty asshole already!" Vigor still remained inside Izumi from the pussy-fucking and she was already wetter than before from the feeling of her anus being prodded by Itachi's prodigious member.

"Here goes, then." Itachi thrusted his hips forward ever so slightly in order to penetrate her ass without going in too much. He pushed further and watched as Izumi's sphincter swallowed the head of his cock and he tightened his new grip on her hips. He kept moving at this pace in order to get Izumi's body prepared for the utter chaos he was about to bring it.

Fucking her in the pussy was a mind-blowing experience for both involved, but fucking her in the ass was on a whole other level. He likened it to eating ramen. Having ramen with nothing on it was good, but the different sauces and miscellaneous toppings made it even better.

Itachi went on, and found himself reaching the entrance to Izumi's bowels. He wasn't half way in at this point, but this was nothing unusual. He began pushing just a little bit harder to penetrate her second sphincter and continue claiming her body, but Izumi stopped him.

To Izumi's surprise, Itachi used his right arm to hold her by the neck and pull her up so that her body was parallel to his. This way, Itachi could talk dirty to her while also having more leverage to fuck her ass but he didn't give a shit o Izumi's request. He showed this by pushing past her second sphincter and breaching her colon, sending a shockwave of pleasure through the woman.

It was a very unique kind of pleasure for Izumi. It wasn't direct stimulation like when she was fucked in her vagina, but instead a kind of pleasure one would get from getting a compliment or being told by their significant other that they loved them. Anal sex was all about mental pleasure for Izumi.

"How's that feel, slut? Does it feel good when I fuck your asshole?" He continued pushing further before stopping halfway through her colon. He decided that this would be a good starting point to begin actually fucking her, and thus started removing himself from her in preparation. He could feel all the strange textures from her gastrointestinal tract rubbing along his cock as he pulled out of her; it really was nothing like fucking a pussy.

Once he had pulled out enough so that only his head was inside her, her thrusted forward back to his position inside her colon. Izumi let out a short scream in surprise. Anal sex was something that she would never get used to, regardless of how much she loved it. But that was part of the reason she loved it so much—never getting used to such an intense experience meant that she could always get the greatest amount of pleasure from it every time.

Unconcerned with how Izumi felt, however, was Itachi, who's main focus was on how he could make his own pleasure increase. Anal sex in the past for him was a tale of not being able to figure out which orifice he liked the best. Sure, pussy was literally designed to please his enormous cock, but actually fucking someone's guts was an experience like no other.

"I'm gonna fuck right into your stomach, whore." Itachi whispered again to her. His cock was now ploughing through her at rapid pace, so much so that his balls were slapping against her thigh. He was not yet fully in, though. There was perhaps half of his penis left to enter Izumi's intestines and Itachi was speaking the truth when he said he would fuck Izumi's stomach; he knew he was entirely capable of doing it.

Suddenly filled with an overwhelming urge, Itachi thrusted his cock even deeper into the guts of Izumi and completely filled her colon. There was one more organ between him and her stomach now: the small intestines. The jutsu Izumi used earlier would aid her in being able to take Itachi's entire cock inside her.

Itachi focused in and pulled Izumi's head back further so he could breadth in her scent. It was just as womanly as before, and it only spurred him to fuck harder. The state of Izumi's guts at this point was something that would normally be medically worrying, but not to a kunoichi like her. Izumi knew that if there was any damage to her insides that she could easily heal herself without worry. Nonetheless, her intestines were rapidly inflaming with the friction caused by Itachi's member goring in an out of them.

At this point, Izumi was having mini-orgasm with each thrust of Itachi inside her. She could now feel an incredible pressure against her actual sex organs that managed to elicit the orgasms out of her. It was an entirely unique experience for her, one that could only be done through the magic of anal sex. She could feel her legs going numb, and was suddenly glad that Itachi had been holding her up by her neck this whole time.

"Iiiiyahhh!" A howl of pleasure escaped Izumi as she felt her ass be penetrated by her lover, but she barely recognized the feeling as her brain went into panic mode and she fell unconscious. This didn't bother Itachi. All he would have to do is continue holding her up and he would have no problems fucking her ass. He would continue to fuck the unconscious woman until he was done.

"Fuck! This feels so good!" Itachi exclaimed to no one in particular. The one thing he was concerned about was how much longer he would last inside Izumi until he had no choice but to cum. He wanted this fuck to last forever, but he knew it had to end eventually.

"Here it comes, you fucking whore!" Itachi couldn't last forever, and that was proven when he felt his last orgasm of the night approach. His entire body had gone numb and he was working only on instinct when he slammed into the unconscious Izumi and launched his seed. Anyone one else would have the quantity and quality of their semen decrease with subsequent orgasms, but not Itachi.

"Gagh!" Izumi was awoken from her unconsciousness by the feeling of warm cum splatter against her insides. stomach. Shot after shot burst from Itachi's cock inside her until eventually she reached max capacity and the dense semen splattered back through her bowels and she faints again.

She bounded again and taken to the shoulders. Her senses came back an hour later when she found herself bound and carried by a man with orange jumpsuit.

"Was it you all along?" tear came down her eyes again.

"You knew that was not Itachi?" How could you? Naruto asked with a little surprised

"I have Sharingan too. Where are you taking me?" Izumi replied.

Naruto was happy that his plan worked. It was the plan to beat her with two clone so that Naruto can awaken ETERNAL MAYENGOKO SHARNGAN. Then the third clone which transformed into Itachi will save her and they knew, no one can say no to this twelve inches' treasure.

"You will be my master's new slave and he needs you for a special purpose." Naruto replied to Izuma.

The clone saw another clone was coming towards him. He took Izumi in his shoulder and ordered the other to pop. He placed Izumi in the same room with other girls where every one of them were waiting for something devastating.

Naruto was chilling beside the pool. Other two teams were near too. Once everyone arrives then Naruto will start the session. Now Naruto opened his book.



Naruto closed the book and closed his eyes planning for the party and the clone reported after placing izumi in the room and he ordered it to pop.
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