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Chapter 16: Preparation of chunin exam : part 3

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Chapter 16: Preparation of chunin exam : part 3

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[I was away because my studies. Sorry for the delay, I hope you guys will enjoy the story. please keep a review]

Naruto took Sasuke and Sakura and headed towards Takigakure. His plan was to intervene and steal the hero's water without anyone noticing such that no conflict starts between Konohagakure and takigakure, they reached at the edge of the village hidden in waterfall.

Suddenly, A guy was started shouting at them. Don't come here you people. Naruto recognized him, Subuki. He tried to befriend with Subuki. But he was somewhat tensed. At that moment, some of the people tried to attack on them.

Subuki shouted," Suien is here. How would I protect my people?" He saw three people with a small squad was approaching towards them. Naruto ordered Sasuke and Sakura to head inside the village with Subuki and he decided to take on the squad. Even though Subuki wasn't confident on Naruto but other members of team 7 knew about Naruto's capability. so they headed inside.

Naruto had Mayengoko Sharingan, so he decided to use his Susanoo's. He marked one woman in the squad in front of him. She was a young, quite tall, and slim kunoichi with fair skin, short light brown unkempt spikey hair, azure blue earrings, red lipstick, pupil-less black eye irises, short thin light brown eyebrows and wears a white hairband over her head, holding the hair out of the way from her eyes. She wore a pink tube top that has a dark red linen along with an open, light blue shirt, navy blue pants and ninja sandals. She wore her shuriken holster on her right leg.

Naruto saw another potential harem member in her. She tried to attack him first with her water style: Water whip. Naruto dodged it very easily. He killed the whole squad with his primary Susanoo's except the woman. He used hirashinin mark on her and came near her very easily.

"We can't live in a fight with me, so answer my questions and abide by me and you will live." said Naruto.

"I am Hisame, one of the most intelligent ninja from Amakagure. I understand my situation. I will answer you but you can't beat Suien, my boss." Hisame repied with a smirk.

Naruto slapped her hard. "There is no one, I can't beat, why are you here?" Naruto asked

"Suien is here to take the Hero's water and by now he has it of course, we are supporting him" Hisame replied.

Naruto used it genjutsu on her to show his previous kill to her. For the first time a sign of fear was seen on Hisame's face.

"Suien will die, eventually but if you can steal the Hero's jar from Suien and give it to me then yo have a chance to live, it's up to you now."

Naruto entered the village with Hisame and saw Sasuke and sakura fighting an squad and Subuki gathered enough courage to drink the hero's water but Suien now has the Hero's water. Intense fight was going on between both of them. Suein gave the jar to Hisame for safe-keeping.

Using Sharingan, Naruto saw that the power of the hero's water is wearing of from both subuki and Suien.

Hisame took the wise decision and gave the jar to Naruto. Naruto saw that, Sasuke and Sakura is almost done with the squad, so they can help Subuki.

He decided to pursue on his own goal. He pulled Hisame towards him with his chakra chains and started sqeezing her boobs with one hand touched her pussy with another hand. Hisame's body shivered.

"is it for keeping me alive too?" Hisame asked with a moan.

'yeah and I can notice you are already enjoying this." Naruto replied.

Naruto took a look at her panties and noticed the massive wet spot on it. Reaching down he forcibly removes it and places it on his nose. Taking a big whiff of it he sighs in content and made his erection even harder.

'Damn, her pussy smells great. I wonder how it tastes like.' He thought to himself before tossing it aside

He takes a moment to gaze at her moist pussy, it was really smooth, looked super tight and clean shaven.

He then lowers his head down and begins assaulting her wet folds with the utmost efficiency. Taking by the sudden attack on her moist slit Hisame let out a loud moan letting him know that that he was pleasing her. Naruto viciously licks away at her pussy like a rabid animal. He stops for a moment much to the disappointment of Hisame.

''Why the fuck did you..Ah!'' She squealed as Naruto flicked her clit with his tongue

Noting her reaction he then inserts a finger into her vaginal opening and pumps it in and out roughly while placing his mouth on her clit and sucking on it.

''O-OH GOD NARUTO! THAT FEELS SO GOOD PLEASE DON'T STOP AH!'' She screamed in pure bliss as he increased the pace of his finger banging

Soon enough the pleasure would be too much for her as she felt something building up in her lower region. Placing her hands on his head she practically shoved him deeper into pussy and that was enough to get what Naruto was waiting for. Naruto took into account the disappointment she expressed a moment earlier, the punishment is waiting for her and every woman in his harem, so he decided to take it easy.

''N-Naruto!'' She screamed at the top of her lungs as she experienced her very powerful orgasm, her mouth now opened in a silent scream.

Her pussy sprayed out a large amount of her juices coating the blonde's face in it making him appear as if he just exited the shower. Opening his mouth wide he allowed the juice spray into his mouth. After a few minutes Hisame's orgasm had died down and she was left catching her breath and a blushing mess. Naruto was waiting for her another orgasm to drink the hero water as Sasuke is stalling suien.

Looking up at Naruto she saw him licking his fingers slowly, each one covered in her pussy juice. Sucking on his pinky he then uses his pointer finger to lap up what remained of juices off her folds and licks that up as well.

''Damn, your vagina and juices taste so good, how did I do?''

''You...that was...amazing Naruto-kun..'' She got out between pants

''I aim to please.'' Naruto said giving her his trademark grin

Regaining her composure, she gets up and she shoved him hard onto the back where he was on his back, taking off her bra she tosses it aside before getting on the grass, she then gets on all fours.

''Damn, that's fucking hot.'' Naruto said watching the redhead slowly crawl up to him and undoing his belt. With a very forceful pull she literally rips Naruto's pants off of him an of the bulge made her eyes bulge out of her sockets

'Oh my god...He's huge for a shithead!' She thought with a blush on her face

''You can get a better look at it if you'd like Hisame.'' Naruto said in a husky voice

Placing her fingers over the boxers, she then yanks it and was instantly pimp slapped from what had to be the greatest thing she ever laid her eyes on.

Totally caught off guard Hisame managed to regain her bearing, the sight before her made her pussy gush out even more liquids moistening her even more. The sheer size and Naruto's penis was unbelievable.

'Holy shit! That thing is like 12 inches long. Those fucking veins. Hell, his ballsack looks like it's fucking swollen! ' Hisame thought transfixed on the sight, her mouth watering and her blush only increasing

Naruto noticed that she was just staring at it.

''Hisame, is something wrong?'' He asked in teasing voice.

Shaking her head, she licks her lips before looking at him, ''Sorry Naruto-kun, I was just surprised is all, I mean holy shit you have a dick that looks like it belongs on a fucking elephant for piss sake!''

Smirking at her comment, Naruto couldn't help but give out a light laugh.

''Well, so how about you play with my dick like the expert you are, since you're should be good at blowing.'' Naruto said while squeezing her tits. causing her to give off light moans

Gulping and licking her lips, she reaches for the ramming rod of a cock and swirls her tongue around the bulbous glans penis before giving a loving and passionate kiss earning from him. Hearing his moan only made her libido go up exponentially and then sticks her tongue out and puts it into his pee hole. She then places both her hands on the girthy man meat and proceeds to give him a hand job while moving her fingers.

The sudden warm intrusion of his urethra and hand-job made Naruto scrunch his face up in pleasure

''Oh damn, Hisame...'' He moans

Hearing him being pleasure Hisame then withdraws her tongue and gulping one more time, she opens her mouth as wide as she could and begins to engulf the massive cock. The warm feeling surrounding his cock made Naruto moan even louder.

. Hisame then begins to bob her head at a furious pace, each time she bobbed her head down more of his massive ramrod of a cock. After a few minutes she managed to envelop over 11 inches of hismeat scepter being deep throated.

''Oh damn! Hisame, your throat feels fucking great! So warm and tight! Fuck just let me fuck the shit out of it!''

He moaned out loud as he places both his hands on her head

''Hmph? Whaaa aaa youu dooin?'' She muffled in surprise

''Hisame, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your throat, here let me take charge.'' Naruto said with his trademark grin.

Surprised at his sudden outburst, she places her hands onto the grass to balance herself and Naruto lifts her head off his massive dick, it took a while though as she as already deep-throating a large portion of it but soon she was left with only the head of his penis in between her lips. Holding his breath and summoning all the strength he could muster he slams her pretty little head down with so much force that all 12 inches of his meat scepter went straight down her gullet much to her pleasure though.

Hisame then began humming, the sheer vibrations making him groan at the extreme pleasure.

''Oh fuck yeah! That feels fucking good!'' He shouted before he raised her head up again and slamming her head down, each movement spearing his massive dick down her throat.

After about 20 minutes of throat fucking Hisame, he was approaching his climax.

'' It comes Hisame!'' He got out between pants, his face scrunching up in pure bliss as he felt his cum making it's way from his ball-sack and through his shaft

With his orgasm imminent she pulls the prick out of her throat and leaves only the head in her mouth. She proceeds to suck and lick it to get the cum she so desperately desired.

''Ugh! Ah god I'm cumming!" He shouted just as he shot his spunk into her mouth making her cheeks puff out at the force of his ejaculate.

She swallows it all in one gulp but before she can open her mouth to breath another load erupts into her needy mouth filling it to capacity once more.

''Mmmmmm.'' Hisame moaned as she swallows every drop of it before Naruto pulls out and rubs his penis prompting himself to ejaculate more and soon enough two more gallons of cum covers up her succulent c-cup sized boobies and her face.

''Ohhhhh fuck...'' Naruto moaned as his orgasm died down

Gasping at the sheer amount of cream all over her boobies and face she then uses both her hands to take literal handfuls of baby making material proceeds to hand feed herself until she was cleaned up completely.

''Wow Naruto...that tasted like fucking heaven.'' She said as she burps making her place both hands on her mouth blushing,

''Oops, excuse me.''She giggled

She gasps in surprise when she notices that Naruto's ramrod was still rock hard.

''What the fuck? You came and that beast is still hard?!'' She shrieked

''Oh yeah, what can I say? Since it's still hard want to relieve it Hisame? I still have enough energy left to give

you a really good pussy pounding.'' Naruto chuckled

''Okay then.'' Hisame said as she goes to lay down on her back with her head resting on the pillows,

''Oh I plan to.'' Naruto smirked before going over to lay atop her, they engage in a passionate kiss before

Naruto positions his veiny prick at the tip of her orifice.

''Naruto just a second..'' Hisame spoke softly

''Hm? What's up Hisame?'' Naruto asked

''Just...please be' first time.'' She said in a shaky voice

Smiling, Naruto places a hand on her cheek and gives her a kiss, ''Don't worry, I'll be gentle.''

With that he then gently slides his enormous sex organ into her vagina, the sheer pleasure causes Hisame to whimper in pain as she felt like his dick was splitting her in two. Eventually he felt her hymen. Looking at Hisame, she gives him a nod and he then pushes three more inches of his penis into her breaking her hymen.

Hisame whimpered in pain and before Naruto could ask if she was okay. she puts a finger on his mouth.

''Just keep going Naruto-kun.'' She ordered

Nodding Naruto pushes two more inches into her depths making her moan loud. The sheer pleasure that followed the pain was enough to drive her crazy, deciding that being slow and gentle wasn't going to happen because she needed that pussy pounding and she needed it now.

''Gah! Fuck being gentle I want you to just shove that dick in me and just pound me into oblivion shithead!" Hisame shouted in desperation

Naruto chuckled before saying ''Alright then, don't complain to me later when you're bowlegged you naughty girl.''

Grasping his cock with both hands he takes a deep breath before he shoves his entire 12-incher straight into her depths, the sheer tightness making him groan in pleasure.

''H-Holy f-f-fuck!'' Hisame screamed, the feeling of being so filled by the massive dick making her whimper a bit, ''Fuck it, just fuck me Naruto! Fuck my tight ass pussy you giant bastard!"

''Thought you'd never ask. Get ready because I'm going to reshaping your pussy and fuck you so hard.'' Naruto grinned before withdrawing his entire dick from her pussy.

''Oh fuck...that's going to be addicting.'' Hisame got out between moans

Before she could speak more Naruto shoves with all his might and spears his entire length into her penetrating her cervix and entering her womb

''Shit! It feels like you've speared my womb shithead! Ugh stop being slow and just fuck me really fast and hard dammit!'' Hisame requested.

Naruto, smirking at her's desperation and begins slamming into her at such a fast pace that the whole fucking ground was shaking.

''Oh fuck!, oh fuck! That's right! Fucking pound that cunt until it breaks! Split me in two!'' She moaned out loud in pure bliss as an orgasm hits her

Feeling her's pussy spray a water hose of pussy juice this caused Naruto to pick up the pace fucking her at a speed that was unimaginable for Hisame.

''That's right! Fuck me like that you elephant dick bastard! OH GOD!' Hisame screamed

She was taken by surprise when Naruto sheathed his cock from her pussy and suddenly flipped her over and forced her face into the ground. Hisame decided she liked the new position and reached backwards with her hands and proceeded to spread her ass cheeks giving Naruto a pleasurable view of both her puckered anus and her wet vaginal opening.

''Hurry up and fuck me shithead who said you could stop!'' She shouted in the ground muffling her voice

Without a word Naruto just slams his dick into her pussy getting a loud high-pitched squeal from her. Thrusting his entire length into her at such a furious pace he was practical thrusting her head into the grass frame. Hisame opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out as she was fucked into oblivion.

After about half an hour of slamming her senseless Naruto felt his ballsack readying another massive load of cum.

''Oh shit, here it comes Hisame! Get ready because you're gonna be filled!'' The blonde, spiky haired bastard said through pants

''Fuck yes! Fill every nook and cranny of my pussy! Shoot that cum inside me.'' She said as she goes through an earth shattering orgasm that makes her whole body shake

''Ohhhhhhh shit!" Naruto shouted before he came to a halt.

Feeling Hisame's pussy clamp down onto his dick and practically holding him in place Naruto moaned as he shot a massive load of cum.

''Oh my god yes!'' Hisame shouted as she relished in pleasure of Naruto's sperm entering her cervix and getting into her uterus.

Pulling out, Naruto watched in glee as he saw his massive load of spunk spill out of her pussy. Hisame goes to sit on her back and sighs in disappointment seeing a puddle of sperm under her. She and Naruto then use their fingers to scoop up the goo and gently place it at the entrance of her pussy. They then insert their fingers together inside making sure sperm that leaked out stayed in.

Naruto then collapses next to Hisame, both a sweaty covered in sex juice mess. They then embrace each other and kiss passionately

''Kami...that was something else Naruto.'' Hisame panted

'' was, hope you liked it Hisame.

Now I will go down to my business. He bound Hisame s that she couldn't move or flee. Then he took out the Hero water and begin to finger the pussy of Hisame again. He was fist-fucking her real fast and hard. It was shocking for Hisame but Naruto was always very clear about his goal. He needs her juice to drink with the Hero's water.

Hisame was near her orgasm again and Naruto brought out the jar of hero water while fisting Hisame's pussy hard. And finally, her cum juice started flowing and Naruto poured some of it with the Hero's water and drank it all. He could feel the enraged chakra behind him, He was not covered with visible chakra because the effect was hero's water was permanent and much more stable in him.

He wanted to tribute this to Subuki who had shown extraordinary courage to face Suien. He wanted finish this in Takigakure style. He learned the move using Sharingan.

He got out and called out to Suien, "funtime over fool."

"TAKIGAKURE RYU: MIZIKIRINO YAIBA, he yelled and attacked with full fury on Suien. Naruto was invested to consume hero's water so he didn't fight with Suien before. Suien didn't have any chance against Naruto. Naruto's fatal blows killed Suien within moments and freed Takigakure people. He became a hero in their eyes. He thanked Sasuke and Sakura for coming with him. He took Hisame and headed towrds his home.

He was now ready for the Ultimate Susanoo's scroll on basis of Chakra.
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