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Chapter 17: Preparation of chunin exam : part 4

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Chapter 17: Preparation of chunin exam : part 4

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The clone of Naruto headed towards the village of artisans. The clone has Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza), White fang of Sakumu Hatake, Kusanagi of Uchina clan with him. Naruto has given specific instruction to him. He was accompanied by Yugao Uzuki. He requested her to accompany him in this tour. Yugao was his teacher of Kenjutsu however he had a feeling that yugao didn't exept her as a strong student.

Yugao, on the other hand was very keen to know about this boy who became disciple of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the god of Shinobi. She wanted to test Naruto. She suddenly started attacking Naruto. Naruto had a very good taijusu skill but he didn't want to take any chances.

"Quick style: Super speed" Naruto used speed to attack Yugao but not any lethal blow. Yugao was impressed with him.

"I see; you are worth my training." Yugao complemented Naruto.

Naruto had eyes on Yugao since he met her. He had no idea how to include her in his Harem. She had a boyfriend; Hayate Gekko. He saw Hayate in action one day. An idea just popped into his head. He told Yugao to wait for a bit.

Naruto used Hayate's "Transparent Escape Technique." This is the first time Naruto is using this Jutsu. He was quite excited. He came behind Yugao. She didn't even notice Naruto because of Naruto's high stealth attribute. Naruto was happy he upgraded that. Naruto slipped his hand between her hand and body to hold her medium sized breasts.

"Are you following me Hayate? I am on a mission." Yugao told invisible Naruto.

Without answering Naruto started to unhook her black and grey sleeveless Anbu armor and started squeezing her breast more. Yugao was also a sensory ninja. She used the hands to push inside the transparent Ninja's pant and started stroking his penis. Naruto's penis started revealing its true shape and it was twelve and half inch long and thick enough to astonish any girl.

"You are not Hayate, He is not that big." Yugao tried to get away from the man telling this.

Nut Naruto's grip was way too firm. It was Naruto's turn to talk. He dispelled the jutsu and Yugao saw that she was holding Naruto's cock in her hand and her boobs was in Naruto's hands.

"Sensei I know you are enjoying this, I will satisfy you more than Hayate, I promise" Naruto proposed.

"I can't cheat Hayate." Yugao replied.

"You will change your mind when this will be finished just play along." Naruto focused his sexual aura on her after telling this.

Suddenly Yugao felt a sense of attraction towards Naruto and she decided to enjoy whatever is coming next. She started undressing herself and Naruto was undressed by that time.

"Come here, Naruto-kun. As it would turn out, I'm quite wet." Yugao said as she lay on her back and spread her folds apart with both hands. Naruto pounced on Yugao and planted his lips on hers.

Blue eyes met green ones as Naruto's tongue entered Yugao's mouth and dominated the inside of it. He planted his hands on her breasts and toyed with them.

A blushed appeared on Yugao's face as Naruto kissed her and fondled her breasts. He squeezed what he could of them as he rubbed them together. Yugao tried what she could to get on top of Naruto but failed as he kept her underneath him and kneaded her breasts. He squeezed Yugao's breasts and groped them endlessly while Yugao had the inside of her mouth licked by Naruto and she pitted her tongue against his.

Though Naruto's tongue outmatched the speed of Yugao's, she still licked his tongue and their saliva blended together. Naruto broke the kiss and Yugao watched as he lowered his head to her bosom to plant his lips on her tits.

His fingers massaged the areas he cupped and he flicked his tongue on her nipples. His tongue roughly brushed against the sizeable orbs of flesh and Yugao closed her eyes.

The young woman lowly moaned as Naruto caressed her ample breasts and tasted them. Naruto held the orbs of flesh together and licked them. He realized Yugao's nipples were getting hard and began suckling her tits. Yugao moved her hand and placed it on the back of Naruto's head; holding him closer to her chest

Naruto licked Yugao's nipples and the blush remained on her face while he began brushing his length against her folds, which was starting to turn wet from his groping. He then went on to lick her deep cleavage and he licked his way up to her neck.

Naruto started licking Yugao's neck and she whimpered as the tongue roughly rubbed on her. He took one of his hands off her breast and guided it down her womanhood. Following his instinct that she may have been wet by his current actions, he wriggled his fingers into her warmth and started rubbing them against her moist walls.

"Naruto-kun!" Yugao moaned as he wildly moved his fingers inside her pussy and teased her tight insides. He licked Yugao's chest and moved himself downward until his face was in front of her folds.

Not wasting a second, Naruto began licking his way through the wet folds and into Yugao's body. She moaned loudly at this as she looked down to see Naruto already hungrily licking her insides and watched him work his tongue.

Naruto wagged his tongue inside Yugao's pussy and simultaneously rubbed his fingers on her clit. Yugao moaned as she felt Naruto's tongue work its way through her inner tunnels and licked her wetness.

Naruto wagged his tongue inside Yugao and she gripped the ground as her breasts slowly bobground from the lust. He reached up and palmed one of Yugao's breasts. She enjoyed the feeling as Naruto sank his fingers into her mound and fondled it as he vigorously tasted her warmth. He swirled his tongue on the moist walls of flesh and licked inner walls.

Naruto swayed his tongue inside Yugao's body and she frequently moved her legs. She placed her other hand on her free mound to fondle it and doing only served to increase her wetness.

The man's tongue licked her moist caverns and squeezed the breast he held. Yugao bit her lower lip to suppress a loud moan as Naruto's animalistic tongue worked inside of her and she placed her other hand on top of Naruto's.

The pair both fondled her breast as Naruto's tongue wildly swirled in her womanhood while he rubbed his fingers on her folds simultaneously. Yugao's ample breasts slowly bobground as her pussy was tasted and Naruto's tongue wriggled inside of her.

Yugao moaned pleasurably as Naruto licked her wet inner tunnels and they worked together to caress her breast. Naruto pinched Yugao's nipple and she moaned loudly for a moment at her sensitive bud being pinched. Naruto placed his other hand on Yugao's free breast and kneaded it as well. Yugao whimpered while both her breasts were squeezed and toyed with by Naruto.

He slid his hands underneath her ass and lifted her lower body off the ground; bringing her pussy closer to his mouth. Yugao moaned as her breasts fell back and she began bucking her hips out of excitement.

Naruto began squeezing Yugao's ass cheeks as he buried his tongue in her wetness and she began toying with her breasts out of lust. The blonde man's tongue ravaged her warmth and groped her ass simultaneously.

The blush on Yugao's face remained constant as Naruto tasted her innards and her head began rolling around as she moaned. Yugao's face turned into a lust-filled smile while her eyes remained closed and she whimpered as she felt herself about to come.

Naruto wildly shook his head like a dog and made his tongue lick Yugao's folds; making her eyes snap open in the process. This was the last straw for Yugao as she instantly came a moment later and her fluids oozed out of her pussy.

Yugao panted as Naruto licked her fluids clean and set her rear down on the ground. He stood up and flexed himself as Yugao caught her breath.

After catching her breath, Yugao got onto her knees and pressed her breasts on his erection; catching his attention. She smiled up at him as she began kneading her breasts together on his length and she looked at it in amazement; admiring it strong it felt inside her cleavage.

She placed her mouth on the erection and Naruto placed his hand on top of her head to hold her steady as he began to pump his cock into her mouth. Even with Naruto's speed, Yugao did what she could to suck off Naruto's member and keep it enclosed inside of her ample bust.

He moaned as he rammed his erection into her mouth and she swirled her tongue around the head of it. She smothered her breasts on his stiff length and used them to jerk it off. Naruto held onto Yugao's head as she moved it back and forth on his cock. Her saliva covered it as she squeezed her breasts on it and rubbed her erect tits on the shaft of it.

She moaned as the erection pumped itself into her mouth and her tongue slowly brushed it. She held her breasts together as Naruto's pounded his cock through her deep cleavage and the jiggling breasts bounced on his manhood.

The soft mounds pressed together on Naruto's stiffness and he plunged it through them. Yugao's hot tongue stirred around Naruto's length and kept him satisfied.

Naruto thrust into the orbs that bounced on his member and watched as Yugao pleasured his powerful member. Yugao's head followed Naruto's wild thrusts as did her breast and she kneaded them together on his shaft.

Naruto pounded into the deep cleavage and moaned in ecstasy. Yugao tapped her tongue on Naruto's length and flicked her tongue on it.

Yugao moaned as she felt Naruto's member twitch inside her mouth and she realized he was about to come. She squeezed her breasts together on his erection and just then; Naruto unleashed a torrent of semen in her mouth.

Yugao did her best not to take her mouth off Naruto's length as he came heavily and removed his cock. She swallowed the semen and noticed Naruto crouching down behind

He gripped her forearms and pulled her back. She didn't struggle as she figured he wasn't trying to hurt her and pulled her onto his lap; taking his cock into her warmth and had pushed it through.

Yugao moaned loudly at this before Naruto started to thrust his length into her core. She began to buck her hips to grind Naruto's powerfully erection and her breasts heaved in the process.

Naruto moaned with Yugao as he cupped her breasts and caressed them. She moaned loudly at how good Naruto's hands felt on her jiggling breasts and he did likewise with the feeling of her warmth.

Naruto caressed Yugao's breasts as they heaved and sank his fingers into them. He rubbed them together and pounded his hardness into her warm innards that housed it.

Naruto pounded his throbbing erection into Yugao bucked her hips and gripped the ground sheets. The blonde moaned as the warmth was pummeled into by his erection and the moist walls rubbed it at it flew into them.

Yugao worked her hips in total tandem with Naruto's movements and moaned at how big he felt inside her inner tunnels. Her plump ass smacked onto Naruto's lap as he pummeled his cock into her core and she fell back onto him.

She moaned and worked her hips on his length. Naruto fondled Yugao's jiggling bosom as he jetted his manhood into her warmth and her walls rumbled due to the heavy impact of blonde's member.

Yugao planted her hands onto the ground and dug her nails into the them. The woman whimpered as Naruto's erection slammed its way into her core and rubbed against her walls. Naruto growled lustfully at the warmth of Yugao's innards as he pummeled his hardness into her tight crevice.

"He's hitting so deep!" Yugao thought to herself as Naruto rammed his manhood into her warmth. He circled his fingers around her tits and gripped them.

Naruto began twisting them and pulling them downward; teasing Yugao and making her core wetter. This was fine to Naruto as his length plummeted into Yugao's pussy and hit her innards. Yugao worked her walls on Naruto's cock and moaned with him. Naruto began brushing his tongue on her cheek and Yugao's blush took up most of her face at that point.

Her moist womanhood was rocketed into by Naruto's cock and she moaned as her mounds jiggled endlessly. Yugao wiggled her hips and had her insides milk Naruto's erection. She eventually opened her mouth and allowed Naruto's tongue to enter it. Their tongues met and instantly began to do battle.

The tongues wildly licked each other as Naruto caressed Yugao's' heaving breasts and groped them. Their bright eyes might one another and covered each other's tongues with their respective saliva.

Naruto growled huskily and signified he was about to release. Yugao bucked her hips and watched the possessed blonde man pump his length into her body.

Shortly afterwards, Naruto thrust into Yugao a final time and buried his member in her warmth as her walls wrapped around him; squeezing his seed out of his cock and allowed it to enter her womb.

Both Naruto and Yugao moaned loudly at this as the former squeezed the large mounds a final time. Yugao got off Naruto and panted as sweat ran down her forehead.

"I figured You'd be amazing at something like this." Yugao thought before she noticed Naruto, who was still on his back, reaching for her and she placed herself on his lap. She lowered her head down to kiss Naruto and he wrapped his arms around her.

Her breasts began heaving over Naruto and her ass began to tap on his crotch. Naruto thrust into the young woman and held onto her ass as he did so. He moaned with Yugao as her ass repeatedly hit his lap and he watched her breasts jiggle over him. Yugao rolled her hips forth and brought her womanhood onto Naruto's dick as he plunged it into her.

Naruto's fingers massaged the flesh of Yugao's ass and she placed her hands on his shoulders. She watched as Naruto drove his member into her inner tunnels and rode him. She sat upright and looked to see Naruto reach up to cup whatever he could hold of her breasts. Naruto sank his fingers into the jiggling mounds and caressed them.

His fingers pinched her tits and pulled them forward. Yugao bit her lower lip and her blush was reborn on her face. Yugao moaned loudly and kept her hands on Naruto's shoulders. He thrust his manhood into her walls and Yugao moved her hips forth on his length.

Her tight walls grinded Naruto's cock and he sat upright to bring his face to her bosom. He squeezed the breasts together and kept them like so to put his lips on the erect buds. Naruto suckled the jiggling mounds and massaged the warm flesh with his fingers. Yugao moaned loudly at this and wrapped her arms around the back of his head; smothering his face into her deep cleavage.

This didn't bother Naruto in the least as he licked the inside of her cleavage and jetted his cock into her walls. Her breasts jiggled and Naruto nuzzled the ample orbs while licking them. He then sank his teeth into the mound as he came into Yugao and a torrent of cum filled her core. Yugao moaned and threw her upper body back as she did so.

Their cum poured out of Yugao before Naruto's length entered into her once again and didn't waste one moment in ramming himself into her. Yugao moaned before beginning to buck her hips and looked into Naruto's face.

Serene eyes faced animalistic as Naruto began licking her lips and her mouth opened. Her tongue lashed out of her mouth and met Naruto's tongue.

Her breasts bobbed up and down as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's back. She held him close to her and her mounds pressed against his chest.

Naruto pummeled his erection into Yugao's wetness and moaned from his cock inside the tight crevices. She stopped licking Naruto's tongue as he kissed her and she ran her hands through his hair.

Naruto's member slammed into Yugao's innards that grinded his length and his waves of thrusts made the sounds of flesh smacking sound throughout the room. Yugao moaned into Naruto's mouth and held onto him tightly.

He moaned at how good her breasts felt and slightly lifted his upper body to plant his hands on the jiggling orbs of flesh. Naruto groped the mounds and kneaded them together. Naruto rutted his hips and sent his member into Yugao's warmth. Yugao still kissed Naruto and trickled her fingers through his hair.

Yugao's blush was still on her face and she whimpered as the impact of Naruto's cock ramming itself into her womanhood. The kuniochi held onto Naruto's tightly as he pumped himself into her core and rumbled them as well.

Naruto thrust into Yugao's entrance so much that her eyes closed and a pleasure-filled smile appeared on her face. She bucked her hips and moaned into Naruto's mouth as they for the third time.

"How do you like it?" Naruto talked for the first time after starting the sex.

"It is fucking heaven, Hayate was nowhere near, I am glad I did this and I wish to continue." Yugao replied with excitement.

Naruto was laughing inside. After tonight she won't have the courage to talk to him without his permission. However, he decided to keep it a secret now.

"You can come live with me after today's mission, I shouldn't call it a mission as it is for my personal purpose." Naruto told her.

"I would love to." Yugao headed towards her clothes after replying and pulled out her sword.

Naruto understood her intention, she wanted to train him now so he pulled out his kusanagi and Activated his Sharingan. Naruto had ample strength left though he was a clone.

Within a few moments, Naruto became almost expert with the sword. Naruto couldn't help herself spanking her ass, rubbing her boobs or to kiss her from time to time during the training.

Yugao was more than happy with his performance and she decided to teach her secret techniques. Naruto could feel the possibilities of empowerment with the sword. He felt he could use two swords easily.

Yugao performed her "Dance of the crescent moon" and "Hazy moonlight". Naruto learned this within a few moments.

"You are a very fast learner, Naruto, it took me years to learn this moves." Yugao complemented him.

"I had a great teacher." Naruto winked at her and pulled her close and started rubbing her boobs after a soft kiss.

"You didn't tell me why are we going to the village of Artisans." Yugao asked while moaning.

"I need a wielder who can forge swords by keeping their powers intact." Naruto informed.

"I don't have much left to teach you but I can help you with some secret information," Yugao said.

"Please, go ahead." Naruto planted a kiss on her neck.

"Infinite armor, Weakness less Soaring short swords, Garian Sword, and Fire Sword, this are the secret weapon of Takumi village and a group of four people protects it now and rumor has that, they will be trying to revive Seimei, their founder, among those four is their best wielder Kujaku. If you can attain all of them then your power will increase many times." Yugao spilled her secret information.

"This will be of great help, sensei, now let us head towards Takumi village." Saying that Naruto inserted his dick her again. Naruto released another load in her and they freshened up from the river flowing beside and headed towards their destination.

They infiltrated the Takumi village and they were looking for the celestial signs, according to Yugao, the celestials are so proud that they hang a celestial banner in front of their house. After searching thoroughly, they found the house almost in the middle of the village.

Naruto used his Transparent escape technique and told Yugao to climb on the roof and wait for his signal and Naruto her his swords. He didn't want to use it before final wielding. He entered the house and went in the middle. He saw four people using different weapons and training with them. Among them one caught his eye.

She was a fairly slender kunoichi who had fair skin, dark green hair that had two light yellow striped bangs in the front of her hair, light brown pupil-less eye irises, had light red lipstick on her lips, worn a light grey jacket that had a long white furry tuft around her neck, under this was a dark red sleeveless dress that exposes most of her top cleavage, had two dark brown belts wrapped around it one at the top of her waist and the other at the bottom, under that was a light brown sleeveless shirt that had covered her dark red sleeveless dress, a long light grey sleeveless leather glove on her right arm, a long light brown stocking that covered her left arm, which had a single pitch black leather glove covering her right hand, a white hidden artisans forehead protector that was wrapped up all around her forehead, wore light grey calf length high heel stocking sandals and she was carrying two swords. Her arrogance was the sign of her leadership.

Naruto planned to watch the training first to learn the use of this tools and worthiness of being stolen or obtained by Naruto as he already has three very powerful swords and chakra armor.

He saw a man controlling a lot of fire with his long black sword. He recognized that as the fire sword and the user as Hoki. Naruto figured it won't be tough to beat him.

Then he saw a man with a tiger faced armor blocking almost all the attacks. Naruto was amazed with its power and he wanted to take the infinite armor.

He marked another slightly shorter man to handle a sword with three prongs with were extendable and also releases dragon heads for attacks. He was also pleased with Ryugan using the Garian sword.

Finally, came the leader Kujaku. She was a long ranged Kunoichi. She used her Whirlwind wind slash and that was devastating. Naruto has to break her will and make her his personal wielder.

Naruto's clone made another and appeared in the middle of their practice session. Four celestials were surprised to see such a jutsu. Kujaku was the first one to talk.

"How dare you enter the celestial's house without permission?" Kujaku yelled.

"I have a proposal for you, you give me your weapons and your best wielder and I will let you live." Naruto smirked.

"I have a counter proposal, we kill you and you do not disturb us anymore." Kujaku came running after saying this.

Naruto knew this was coming so the another clone thrown twenty Hirashin Kunai around the place. The clone talking them used chakra chains to hold Kujaku. Her swords fallen down from her hands.

Hoki, Suiku and Rayugan tried to attack Naruto.

Naruto yelled, "Earth style: Earth flow river."

The ground underneath slid them over one another before they could even dispel a jutsu. Naruto used his Hiraishin to unarm them within a few seconds only and killed Hoki and Suiko using his "Takigakure Ryu: Mizikirino Yaiba."

Kujaku was astonished and her heart almost stopped from fear. He called upon Yugao o collet all the weapon and his clone was holding Rayugan. Kujaku was even exclaimed to see the stability of a clone. She had no idea the real Naruto was chilling in another village and writing a letter to his Hokage.

"You and I are gonna talk now." Naruto said to Kujaku.

"I will do anything, please do not kill him." Kujaku cried out.

Naruto nodded at the clone and he strike a blow on the boy and made him unconscious and stored him in a scroll.

He will be in my custody until satisfy me. Naruto nodded again to the clone. It collected all the weapons from Yugao and stored in another scroll then he bound Yugao. Yugao was astonished.

"Welcome to the Harem sensei." Naruto winked at Yugao and the clone headed towards Naruto's home taking Nude and bound Yugao.

While all of this was going on Kujaku was still bound by the chakra chains. Naruto pulled her down. She knew, she had no chance against this Ninja with her weapon, now that her weapon was also taken away she had no other option but to surrender.

"You have already taken our weapons and our dream to revive Seimei, what else do you want from us?" Kujaku asked.

"I know you are the best wielder in this village moreover in all countries, can you merge swords and armor that will have all their powers intact?" Naruto asked clearly.

"Yes, I can, after Seimei I am the only one who has attained this power, will it be all?" Kujaku was still in fear.

Naruto was happy that his mission was successful. He found his wielder. Now he wanted to play with her.

"It would be all if you had agreed to me before, now I demand your service for life with your skills and also with your body." Naruto declared.

Kujaku was surprised by his proposal. Naruto could see her dilemma I her face.

"You can deny if you want, I will kill that boy and cast a genjutsu on you using my Sharingan and my work will be achieved." Naruto explained and smirked.

Kujaku never felt so helpless in her life. Hey thought Seimei was strongest. He wouldn't sand a chance against this ninja. Though he looks like a young boy, his power and intelligence is extraordinary. He leaned to accept her fate as his slave to save a fellow ninja.

"I agree to your conditions, please leave Rayugan." Kujaku told.

"He will be safe, now you need to prove that you mean it, satisfy me with that body of your and before that pack all your wielding instrument for your new residence." Naruto ordered.

She gathered her instruments in front of Naruto and he could imagine that his wielding is perfect for this setups. Tsunami did a really good job in the architecture. He stored them in a sealing scroll.

"Let the show begin." Naruto declared.

Kujaku knew, there was no point being sad. So she decided go full on if it makes her future tolerable. She started stripping in front of Naruto and she could see Naruto's pant rising up slowly. After undressing herself she started kissing him. She broke the kiss and directed Naruto towards the bed.

The green-haired female walked over to Naruto and crawled on top of him.

He was staring as Kujaku blushed and pressed her breasts onto his face; the softness of them making him completely freeze. Kujaku then began to undo his dresses while still keeping her bosom on Naruto's face.

"Naruto-kun, once I have finished undoing the dresses, you may do whatever you please with me." Kujaku said and once she was done, she removed her bust from Naruto's face and slightly swayed over him with her body on all fours over him.

Naruto smiled and planted his palms on Kujaku's breasts. Though he couldn't even fit the mounds in his hands, he began caressing them and rubbed his thumbs on her sensitive nipples.

Kujaku still blushed at her breasts being groped and maintained her balance. Naruto pressed the mounds together and held them together, allowing him to flicker his tongue on her tits.

She moaned at this as he tasted both her nipples and sank his fingers into the softness of her breasts. Naruto listened to the small moans escaping Kujaku's breath and suckled her hardening nipples.

Kujaku watched as her breasts were bounced by Naruto and licked her erect tits. She looked back to see Naruto's erect length just underneath her entrance and noticed it didn't appear to be getting closer to her womanhood.

"Well, he seems to quiet and docile." Kujaku thought to herself before Naruto smirked and gripped her shoulders. He quickly pushed Kujaku onto her back and gripped her ankles her legs high in the air.

"Please don't hurt me, Naruto-kun." Kujaku said and Naruto, while still holding the woman's legs, moved forward; his erection hovering right above her womanhood. He began rubbing his length against her folds and clit.

She let small moans escape from her lips at how hard he felt and found herself getting wet at this. Naruto smiled and continued to rub his manhood on her entrance.

Kujaku closed her eyes at how hard Naruto felt and he growled in satisfaction since his length slightly felt the heat through her folds. Then, he closed her legs to enclose her thighs on his manhood and he moaned at his cock being surrounded by warm flesh.

He began to pound his erection through Kujaku's inner thighs with the underside of it still brushing against her folds and she bucked her hips with his assistance. Kujaku gripped the sheets and moaned as Naruto pounded his length through her inner thighs.

She kept her inner thighs together and Naruto wrapped his arms around her legs, keeping them on his member tightly. He enjoyed the feeling of how tight they felt closed together on him and slammed his manhood through her inner thighs.

Kujaku's breasts began to bob about and she moaned at how the underside of Naruto's growth rubbed against her folds. Naruto's thrusts were so much powerful as Kujaku could hear their flesh hitting and while she tried bucking her hips on her own, she discovered his speed outmatched her own.

Naruto held Kujaku's thighs tightly on his cock and he moaned while beginning to lick her calves. Kujaku gripped the bed sheets tightly and moaned with Naruto. Her breasts jiggled and the hypnotic sight made Naruto lick his lips hungrily. He rammed his erection through Kujaku's thighs and it rubbing against both her clit and womanhood was helping her form an orgasm.

Naruto growled as he plunged his hardness through Kujaku's closed thighs and she helped pleasure him by bucking her hips. She watched as his member twitched and she figured it meant he was nearing a release of his own.

The male blonde smoothly licked the older woman's calves and she thought his tongue felt good. Kujaku held onto the bed sheets tightly as her body rocked in accordance with his thrusts and her breasts also followed the same rhythm of movement.

The underside of Naruto's hardness brushed itself on Kujaku's entrance and made the wetness inside her increase with each thrust. While Naruto licked Kujaku's calves, he noticed her heaving breasts and licked his lips hungrily for a moment at the sight.

Naruto's length pounded through Kujaku's thighs and her nipples grew hard from the strong impacts. She bit her lower lip at her sensitive tits turning hard and Naruto stopped licking the woman's calf to moan again at how good his member felt.

She dug her nails into the bed tightly and moaned with her breasts bouncing quickly. Naruto slammed his member's way through Kujaku's thighs as he gritted his teeth tightly and listened as she moaned just before reaching a climax; though not before Naruto's member twitched once more and came onto the underside of her breasts.

Kujaku panted while Naruto released her thighs and allowed them to be separated; her inner fluids trailing out of her aroused warmth. He placed his face over her breasts and began to brush his tongue on the mounds vigorously.

She placed one hand on the back of Naruto's head and smothered his face on her bosom. He cupped the breasts and held them together as he made her tits meet. The blonde man planted his lips into the mounds and suckled on both her erect buds. She whimpered at this as Naruto sank his fingers into the tender flesh and groped the orbs.

He then bit softly into Kujaku's breast and she let moans escape her lips before Naruto suddenly made his lower body hover over her ample chest. She understood and opened her mouth to allow Naruto's length inside it.

Naruto moaned at the warmth of Kujaku's mouth and before she could do anything else, he cupped her breasts and squeezed them together on his cock. Both moaned though Kujaku's was muffled and the sensation fueled Naruto as he began to thrust into the older woman's mouth.

She sucked on his length and began assisting Naruto massaging her ample breasts on it. Kujaku's mounds began jiggling together with Naruto's manhood between them and he kept pounding it through them to please himself.

Kujaku's tongue swirled on the head of Naruto's member and moaned at how well it she thought it tasted. Naruto's animalistic eyes gained a pleasured look in them as Kujaku's breasts smothered his length and she rubbed her hard nipples on the vein areas as well.

Naruto plunged his erection through Kujaku's bosom and she sucked it off the best she could with his high speed movements. The blondes both kneaded and caressed the large orbs of flesh that encased Naruto's manhood.

He pummeled his erection through the ample valley of flesh and rubbed his thumbs on the erect buds. Kujaku let out a muffled moan as her tongue soaked the head of Naruto's dick and she felt herself getting wet again.

The kuniochi's tongue swirled around the top of the stiff member that thrust into her mouth and she covered the top of it in saliva. While both Naruto and Kujaku worked her breasts on the cock, the former mainly played with them by sinking his fingers into them to grope them.

He doing so only built Kujaku's arousal to higher levels and her muffled moans were music to his ears. She blushed at this and continued to massage her large bust on Naruto's length. Her mouth engulfed the head of Naruto's stiffness and her tongue succeeded in covering it in saliva. Suddenly before Kujaku could even predict anything, Naruto moaned as he unleashed his semen into her mouth and her eyes widened in surprise at how strong the impact of it hitting her tongue felt.

"It's so hot!" Kujaku thought in regards to the semen as Naruto slowly pulled his still-harden manhood out of her mouth and she managed to swallow most of it. Just after she was done Naruto placed himself on top of Kujaku and entered his length into her body.

Kujaku moaned loudly and Naruto began pounding himself into her pussy. A smile spread on Naruto's lips as he could tell Kujaku was a virgin since her womanhood was quite tight and she whimpered at his strength.

Naruto's wild speed sent his length pummeling into Kujaku's inner walls and she began to buck her hips. Kujaku folded her arms behind her head and moaned as her breasts started heaving repeatedly.

Naruto growled lustfully as his hips charged forward and crashed his cock into her pussy. He planted his palms on her breasts and squeezed the areas his hands were on.

Kujaku bucked her hips and Naruto drove his erection into her inner caverns. She moaned at her sensitive breasts being squeezed and the blush she carried remained constant.

"Amazing, Naruto-kun!" Kujaku moaned to Naruto about his inhumane speed and the only response she got from him was a lustful lick to the neck. Naruto's hips flew forth and rammed his manhood into Kujaku's innards.

Kujaku kept her arms folded and moaned while Naruto groped her breasts. He did something unexpected by sending his lips crashing into Kujaku's and she moaned as he kissed her. Thanks to the heavy amount of lust, she felt, Kujaku's tongue instantly met Naruto's and both respectively did battle. Wild cerulean eyes met peaceful blue ones as the pair kissed lustfully and Naruto started pressing his thumbs on her tits.

Naruto and Kujaku moved their hips together so well that the sounds of their flesh smacking against each other was heard. The pair moaned together and Kujaku's breasts heaved about in Naruto's hold.

He kept his palms on the kuniochi's bouncing mounds and made his fingers massage the large orbs of flesh. Kujaku bucked her hips and Naruto separated their lips; only for their tongues to slide out of their mouths.

Their tongues started licking each other's tongues and Kujaku closed her eyes in a pleasured bliss. Naruto licked Kujaku's tongue as he rutted his hips forth and pressed the mounds together.

He held them like so and made them jiggle together in the process. His thumbs circled the aroused buds and buried his fingers in the large bosom. Thanks to the movement of Kujaku's hips, her warmth grinded Naruto's member that pounded into her core and he kneaded the mounds. Naruto and Kujaku covered each other's respective tongues with saliva and panted with lust in their breath.

Kujaku's walls began to wrap around Naruto's charging length and it was made clear that one of them was about to release; with the male blonde having the most potential to do so first thanks to his inhuman speed.

The curvaceous woman unfolded her arms and wrapped them around Naruto's back in order to hold him close while they separated tongues. She kept her eyes closed as she bucked her hips and Naruto rammed his cock into her innards with his superior hip movement.

Naruto lowered his head and started licking Kujaku's throat as he thrust his hips forward. The young man moaned as his member spasmed inside of her womanhood and his cum filled the inner tunnels of flesh.

A lust-filled smile appeared on Kujaku's face as Naruto unleashed himself inside her. Naruto pulled his length out of Kujaku and she looked to see his cock was still hard.

Wasting no time, Naruto lie on his back and gripped Kujaku's wrists as he pulled her onto his member. She moaned as Naruto began pummeling into her warmth and she rode him while placing her hands on his chest to balance.

Naruto made another clone at that moment which Kujaku didn't notice. I came onto Kujaku from the back and inserted his to her ass slowly. She was feeling immense pain but after sometime it turned to pleasure.

Her breasts began to bounce as Naruto pounded his cock into her pussy and ass and he moaned at how good Kujaku felt on the inside. Though she couldn't keep up with Naruto's movement, she did her best to roll her hips and make her womanhood grind the erection inside her walls.

This made her plump ass hit Naruto's crotch and he released her wrists to cup what he could of her breasts. He pressed his hands into them and caressed them; his fingers saving the feeling of the soft mounds as they jiggled in his hold.

Kujaku's face grew redder with lust as Naruto did vast thrusts into her core and squeezed her breasts. He sank his fingers into the mounds and the pupils of his animalistic eyes watched intently as the orbs of flesh bounced.

As hypnotic as the sight was, Naruto did not let up on making his erection collide into Kujaku and she moaned at his hard cock pounding into her core and ass. He thrust deeply into her inside and she blushed at how swollen his manhood was inside of her.

Naruto released Kujaku's breasts and he placed his hand on her back. He then made Kujaku fall on all fours and gripped her ass.

He held onto her ass as he rammed his length into her warm and tight innards and the clone held her boobs from behind while ramming her ass and she balanced her body on fours. She noticed Naruto watching her large breasts jiggle over his face and he moved his head closer to her bosom.

The blue-eyed young man took one hand off Kujaku's rear and pressed it into her left breast. He then pressed his lips on the other mound and began suckling her nipple.

Kujaku whimpered as Naruto suckled her aroused, sensitive bud and he sank his fingers into her ass. He brushed his tongue on the orb of flesh and flickered her tit with his teeth before softly biting into it.

The blushing kuniochi gripped the bed sheets tightly and moaned as her womanhood wrapped around Naruto's length in just a second before he came as well; his seed going into her womb and ass. He dispelled the clone.

The impact of Naruto's cum made Kujaku's face form into true pleasure as her eyes closed and her mouth opened to emphasize how pleased she was. Kujaku lifted herself off Naruto and trickled her finger underneath his chin seductively.

"Well, Naruto-kun, you want more, right?" Kujaku asked and he tilted his head to the side in an animal-like-fashion; seemingly understanding her. Knowing he understood her, she turned around in a direction that faced the other side and Naruto licked his lips at the sight of her ass.

He immediately gripped her waist and slid his erection back into her moist pussy. A pleasured look appeared on the blonde face as Naruto reprised his role of heavy thrusts that rumbled Kujaku's inner walls and she kept that pleasured smile on her face.

Her breasts swayed with each thrust he did and she felt Naruto lean forward. His chest touched her back and Kujaku turned her head only to have the blonde male made their lips meet.

Their tongues instantly entered each other's mouth and Naruto sank his fingers into her bouncing assets to play with them once again. Naruto and Kujaku's tongue clashed wildly in each other's mouths as he rubbed the globes of flesh together.

He began to twist Kujaku's nipples and his crotch smacked into her rear. Naruto kissed Kujaku and she moaned into his mouth while she marveled at how he groped her so well.

Naruto rutted his hips forth and Kujaku stared into his eyes longingly; there was something about the inhuman look that attracted her attention. The pair reared up together and were on their knees.

Naruto still groped Kujaku's breasts and fondled them to make her innards tighten around his raging member. Kujaku moaned a final time as Naruto came into her and they separated lips to catch their breaths before the blonde male gripped her ass to bring her closer to him to spank for a bit.

While Kujaku was tired as hell on the bed, Naruto woke up and bound her. Naruto ordered specifically to complete the mission within night. Naruto dressed up and took the kuniochi and headed towards Naruto's home.

All the teams reached Naruto's home "The Jungle Beast". Previous women were already in the dark room. There was Mito Uzumaki, Mikoto Uchina, Kaguya Namikaze, Ayame, Kyoki, Fubuki, Tsunami, Haku, Anko and Kurenai and Ena.

The three teams brought Izumi Uchina, Hisame, Yugao Uzuki and Kujaku. Naruto ordered everyone to bound in the dark room except Kujaku.

Naruto gave Kujaku a time of one hour to complete the installation of the Wielding room. Naruto was happy that he had all the requirements fulfilled for the ultimate susano's. He was thinking if the female kunoichi's leave their ninja duties then it will be harmful for the village.

So he wrote a letter to Hiruzen to setup a meeting. Naruto dispelled all his clones. And then he opened his book.

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