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Chapter 18: Preparation of chunin exam : part 5

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Chapter 18: Preparation of chunin exam : part 5

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[This chapter is a bit dark, i tried something different, please let me know how do you like it.]

[In this part of the series i would like to thannk NARUHINA123 for his continuous support for me. Thank you man ]

Naruto opened his book and he knew a lot of congratulations are in order. Naruto was quite chilled about everything now. With four days left in his hand he has collected all the ingredients for susano's as Mikoto said. He looked at his book.








He turned over the first page and Naruto leveled up to level 15. Level prizes will be given when he reach level 18. He turned over the page.

Naruto Stats:

Acrobatics: 120

Chakra Control: 160

Chakra Levels: 180

Chakra sensor: 100

Endurance: 120

Intelligence: 130

Luck: 120

Reflexes: 120

Speed: 140

Stamina: 140

Strength: 150

Knowledge: 150

Courage: 120

Sex Appeal: 220

Scientist: 100

Wealth: 50

Politics: 100

Leadership: 120

He turned over to skill page.


Archery: 50 points.

Bojutsu: 200 Points.

Dojutsu: 100 points

Earth Elemental manipulation: 110 points.

Fire Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Genjutsu: 150 points.

Kenjutsu: 160 points.

Lightning Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Lying: 50 points.


Medical Jutsu: 50 points.

Ninja Master: 200 points.

Ninjutsu: 150 points.

Sealing: 50 points.

Senjutsu: 00 points.

Sexual Aura: 220 points.

Taijutsu: 150 points.

Water Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Wind Elemental Manipulation: 120 points.

Healing Factor: 60 points.

Massaging: 50 points.

Stealth: 75 points.

Summoning: 100 points

Crafting: 50 points.

Haggling: 50 points.

Knife Fighting: 50 points.

Pick Pocketing: 50 points.

Cooking: 50 Points.

Forging: 50 Points.

Medicine Making: 50 Points.

Throwing: 50 points.

Trap Making: 50.

He turned over the page to see the achievements.


· Lost Virginity.

· Became Shinobi.

· Has sex with a kunoichi.

· Has chakra armor and rainbow chakra.

· Had group sex.

· Has Chkara chains.

· Has Sharingan,

· Has Hirashinin.

· Has summoning contract with Ena.

· Has eternal Mayengoko Sharingan.

· Has collected weapons of Seimei.

· Has susano's.

He turned over and saw the weapons page.


Ninja start and kunai.

Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

Kusanagi of Uchina clan.

Garian sword. (Rayugan).

Weaklnessless short sword (Kujaku).

Fire sword (Hoki).

He turned over to the collection page.


Chakra armor (perfect user).

Kubikiribocho (Sword of Zabuza).

White fang of Sakumu Hatake.

Kusanagi off Uchina clan.

Garian sword. (Rayugan).

Weaklnessless short sword (Kujaku).

Fire sword (Hoki).

Infinite armor (Seimei).

He turned over again to see the perks page.


Lord of Harem (Naruto can start a harem now and include girls in his Harem).

Food Freak, requirements: have sex with Ayame twice, take Ayame to your harem.

Rainbow man (Can gain kekkai genkai); requirements: have sex with Kyoki at the platform

Chakra man (Can use the chakra armor regularly); requirements: have sex with Fubuki, collect chakra armor.

Hyoton (Ice element): Haku's demonic crystal mirror technique included.

Silent killer: requirements (Have sex with Haku, Defeat Zabuza); Hidden mist jutsu available

Sharingan: Have sex with Mikoto Uchina.

Hirashinin level 1: Have sex with Kaguya Namikaze.

Enma recruit: Be the pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Chakra chains: Have sex with a Uzumaki girl.

Jinton (quick style): (have sex with Namikaze); Extreme Speed n Taijutsu and can gain hirashinin.

Snake style Taijutsu: Have sex with Anko Mitarashi.

Mayengoko Sharingan: Use Sharingan in battle and kill,

Eternal Mayengoko Sharingan (Locked): Bit one Sharingan user.

Rinnegan (Locked).

Hirashinin Level 2 (Locked).

Ultimate Enma: (obtained): Have sex with Ena.

Ultimate Susano's: Unlocked but unattained. (5 days left).

The Hero: Drink hero's water.

Weapon man: Collect Seimei's weapon set.

He turned over to the trophy page last.


Lady Killer: Had first sex; 200 points; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Princess Hunter: Had sex with a princess; sex appeal (+10 points), Sexual Aura (+10 points).

Bronze Harem: Started Harem and had sex with three women; sex appeal (+20 points), Sexual Aura (+20 points)

Chakra Boy: Can use chakra armor. (Chakra: +20 points, Chakra control: +20 points, strength: +20 points, speed: +20 points).

Rainbow boy: Have rainbow chakra (luck, courage, endurance, intelligence +20 points).

Bronze Harem 2: You had sex with Five woman. +100 points

Anal Fetish: Had anal sex. +100 points.

Shadow Fetish: Had sex using Shadow clone. +200 points.

Shinobi swords of mist 1: Collected one of seven swords of Shinobi swordsman of Mist. +100 points.

Bloodline addition: Obtained first kekkai genkai. +200 points.

Banger (had group sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Leader (had sex with clan leader); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Clone master (use more than twenty clones in sex); +200 points Sex Appeal +20 points, Sexual Aura +20 points.

Silver Harem 1 (has sex with ten women) Sexual aura +50 sex appeal +50.

Silver Harem 2 (has sex with 15 women) sexual aura +20 sex appeal +20.

Weapon god (Collect Seimei weapon set) Stamina +20 Speed +20

Hero Ninja (Drin hero's water) Chakra level +10 Chakra control +30

Naruto had 500 points in his hand. He decided to deposit it for now. He was happy watching his own progress. Now he needed to bring order in his house. All fifteen woman were bound in the dark room where he casted his genjutsu, Infinite Darkness. Naruto would torcher the world out of them today. And then he will complete his Ultimate susano's ritual.

Naruto's clones were studying the hidden books and scrolls of Uchina, Uzumaki and Namikaze clan. He dispelled them too as they were finished. He also dispelled the research team. Overall Naruto was saving all his energy for the upcoming ritual. He sealed the house strongly so that no intruder can invade.

Naruto entered the dark room and dispelled the genjutsu. All fifteen of them were bound in the same position and they were positioned in such a way that they make a circle. Their legs were spread 180 degree and they were hanged from the ceiling and their hands were bound behind their back and that were also hanged from the ceiling. All their hairs were pony-tailed and hanged from ceiling. Their mouth was also gagged so that no one can talk. Their eyes were full of fear both old and new.

Their fear increased seeing the whole lot in the same position. Naruto created fifteen clone and all picked up narrow sticks by Naruto's order. Naruto ordered them to open the gags. The woman's started crying at that instant without even knowing their fault.

"Forgive me Naruto-kun" Mito said.

"I didn't do anything wrong, Naruto-kun" Mikoto said.

"I was the good the whole time Naruto-kun." Kaguya said.

"I will make you better food, Naruto-kun." Ayame said.

"Why am I here, Naruto-kun?" Yugao said.

And so on. Naruto ordered his clones to follow him. Naruto threw a severe blow on Kyoki's ass and clones followed. Naruto was circling around them by giving on blow on each one's ass. The room was full of screams as each one of them was struck with fifteen severe hits.

"What do you think of me you sluts? Am I here to resolve your quarrels? Naruto shouted at them.

Naruto could see a fear in their eyes but when they look at each other it becomes a look of hatred. Naruto was quite annoyed with that look. He kept on another circle of beating on them. Their legs were already sore due to hanging and they couldn't move their head due to the bondage.

"will I see it again?" Naruto shouted.

Their faces were red from pain. They started blaming each other. Suddenly the whole place became crowded. Naruto was raging with anger. Naruto thought of another way. Naruto gagged their mouth again and created another set of clones.

The women were used to taking Naruto both in ass and pussy together so it was not a big deal but Naruto created another set of clones. The fear came back in their faces. One set penetrated all their asses. Naruto didn't spare a second, went all the way in. It was brutal for them. Another clone inserted its dick to the pussy. Double penetration was no matter for them.

Naruto tried something for the first time. TRIPLE PENETRATION, none of them experienced two dicks together in their pussy, it was a whole level of pain for them. Naruto saw the look of submission in them. Naruto was nowhere near finishing. He made another four set of clones. Two of them started fucking their legs and anther went to back to fuck their bound hands. The other clone started smacking their busts.

It was disastrous for the women. They couldn't even scream as they were deepthroated with gags. What they could only do was to see the sufferings of other woman and feel condescension. They had only two thoughts in their minds at that moment. The helplessness of their whole lot and the submission to Naruto.

Naruto was going all in on them. He filled their holes with cum one time. They were a little bit happy that they didn't had to take two dicks in the ass. Naruto smirked as if he read their thoughts. Naruto started again, TRIPLE PENETRATION, this time two in the ass. Their eyes were about to come out their eye cage. It was more brutal then the previous time. Naruto was playing with the boobs and ass in the previous triple penetration. Now both clones in the ass were spanking with every single stroke.

Their boobs were whipped with a short whip. Even their navels were finger fucked. They were even hanged on this. They couldn't even faint due to the pain. Their eyes were filled with tears. Naruto was stroking hard in them. Naruto released another load in their holes.

"How do you feel, you bitches?" Want some more? Naruto yelled again.

For the first time Naruto cut of the rope hanging their pony tails. Their body became parallel to the floor now hanging on their hands and legs. It was not possible to fuck their hands anymore. They replaced the gag with their long and thick cock. Triple penetration started again with same previous arrangements with two cocks in the pussy again.

Naruto was fucking them for almost five hours by reversing various positions. Their body was filled with cum. Pussy, stomach and ass was full of them too. Naruto felt it was enough to tame them. He could see the sympathy growing for each other and when they looked at Naruto the absolute obedience was in their eyes. They didn't have energy to talk. Naruto wanted to make sure this sympathy was permanent.

Naruto cut off all their bondage to bind them in a new one. He tied the ropes tight round their necks, looped under their cunts and round to their wrists at the back and gagged them again. He dispelled all his clone.

"I am going out for an hour, you can't remove this bondage by yourselves. I want to se how good you work together. From today, no one is allowed to wear any clothes, you will be my fuck-slaves until you prove to me that you can all live together like sisters and serve my ultimate authority. This will be the proof of your slavery." Naruto announced.

You put a huge but plug with a ponytail on their asses as they look like dogs when thy are on Four. Naruto freshened up and went out to meeting with Hokage.


"Come in, Naruto, I have urgent matters to discuss with you." Hokage said.

"That's why I am here, grandpa, what is it?" Naruto asked.

"Some of the Kunoichi's are retiring but they are very crucial to Konoha, I.." Hokage was talking.

"I already planned that out, you can hire them from me with a price when you need them." Naruto replied before letting him finish.

"That will increase the cost Naruto, how can you demand that?" Hokage was angry.

"At least they will be coming, Grandpa." Naruto said.

Hiruzen saw no new ways. He himself only knew the secrets hidden in his house can start a riot in Konoha. So, decided not to argue anymore.

"Okay, one more thing Naruto, you are way more powerful than you should be in this age, I don't know how you getting all these kekkai genkai, but do not expose this huge power in front of other villages in chunin exam, they will grow suspicious." Hiruzen explained.

"What am I supposed to do then, Hide my powers?" Naruto almost yelled.

"Be rational Naruto, show as much you need to win, but avoid kekkai genkai like Sharingan at the early stage." Hiruzen told him calmly.

"I will try my level best to keep your word." Naruto stood up to leave.

"and try not to kill anyone." Hiruzen laughed. Naruto responded with smile and headed back to home.


All the girls were on the floor helplessly, looking at each other and crying. They couldn't even talk to each other due to gag. Their all body was sore from all that fucking and beating. An idea popped up in Mito's mind. She used her chakra chains with huge difficulty to pull Mikoto towards her in such a way that Mikoto's hand reaches her gag belt and her chakra was over and chakra chains was gone. That was enough for Mikoto too understand her action.

She unhooked Mito's gag with huge difficulty as she couldn't see anything and her body was sicky with cum. She took out gag too. Mito had a sigh of relief but Mikoto had to struggle a lot as with her every movement the rope was scratching her cunt.

"My sisters, I am sorry for everything I did, I believe our only way to is live together, I have an idea how to get out this bond, first we need to get of these gags so that we can communicate. I will undo one and then let's replicate the process." Mito explained in a loving voice.

He reached Mikoto's neck by digesting the scratch of the rope. She saw the belt was too sticky to pen with the mouth. So, she started licking the cum on her neck and throat to clear the cum. It was arousing for both of them but the downside was the scratch of the rope. When belt was cleared Mito unhooked the gag. Mikoto planted a soft kiss on Mito's lips in gratitude.

Mito headed to Kaguya and Mikoto to Yugao, then Mito went to Fubuki, Yugao went to Kyoki, Mikoto went to Tsunami and Kaguya went to Ena. Scenario was almost same like Mito and Mikoto. They had licked their partners neck. Again, Mito went to Anko, Mikoto went to Kurenai, Fubuki went to Kujaku, Ena went to Izumi, Tsunami went to Ayame, Kyoki went to Hisame and Kaguya went to Haku.

The scenario was really hot, girls licking cum from each other's neck. Then they started to unhook the rope using their teeth. Once their hands were freed, they got out of bondage. Their boobs and ass were covered with cum so notice any marks but the scratches of rope were clearly visible on their pussies. Kyoki sat down in front of Anko and started licking her pussy and surrounding areas to comfort her pain.

Then it became like a chain. Kyoki to Anko, Kaguya to Kyoki, Haku to Kaguya, Yugao to Haku, Izumi to Yugao, Mikoto to Izumi, Kujaku to Mikoto, Fubuki to Kujaku, Ayame to Fubuki, Tsunami to Ayame, Ena to Tsunami, Kurenai to Tsunami, Mito to Kurenai and finally Anko to Kurenai. It became like a cycle. It didn't end at licking the pussy rather they licked each other clean so that their saliva comforts others cut from the beatings and bondages.

After a long session of sucking all of them moved to the Bathroom area. They cleaned each other off and occasionally kissing each other. After that all of them ate food together. Then they went into the pool together. Only one mark was still in their body from that long submission session was the pony tailed but plug.

Naruto entered the house at that moment. He got out of his cloths to get swim before rest. So, he entered the swimming pool area and he was surprised and happy too. When the girls saw him, all the girls got out of the pool and started doggy walking aiming at Naruto. It was looking like fifteen dogs with breast and ass coming towards him. He got hard from it. All the girl came clos to him and put a gentle kiss on his dick.

"Please forgive us, Naruto-kun, we will live together happily and follow your commands, don't make us your slaves." They pleaded to Naruto.

"Okay, don't make me angry again, we have very important work tomorrow, its midnight, let's take goodnights sleep." Naruto allowed them to pull of the butt plug. They gifted Naruto with lovely blowjob to get off his hard on and they all embraced Naruto and went to sleep. Naruto sleeping like a bay after al that work among the sea of boobs.

Naruto woke up early in the next morning and waked others up also. All of them freshened up and had their breakfast together. Naruto opened the scroll with all of them sitting in front of him. It was a huge seal like a triangle where twelve girls will be at the base, then two uchina girls in the middle and at the top of triangle would be an elvish girl. Cum juice and blood both will be necessary for the completion of the ritual. The user has to maintain a lot of clones and at the last climaxes all the clones should go to the climax at the same time.

Naruto was quite shocked by this scroll. It was a very difficult job. It also says, for twelve girls on the base one light circle will pop up before anyone is allowed to go the final climax. For that Three clones have to fuck every girl in mouth, ass, pussy, one has to get hand job and one has to fuck her boobs continuously for ten hours.

Th rules for two Uchina girls are different too. They have to dominated to the fullest. The conditions to fuck them are, Triple penetration with two in the pussy, two having hand jobs with two hands, One fucking the boobs, One fucking her mouth and finally two fucking her leg fingers for ten straight hours but clone switching is allowed.

Finally, everything was same from the elvish girl except that the triple penetration will be with two in the ass for five hours then two in the pussy for five hours, but quadruple penetration for ten hours is for the best result.

First, the circle has to be drawn with their blood and the original one has to fuck the elvish girl. When all the circle will be complete then dispelling all the clone except one for each girl and then they have to reach the climax together and the user will achieve the Ultimate Susano's.

All the girls became afraid of this ritual. Naruto gave them one hour to rest and mentally prepare themselves, by then he strengthens the seal around the house and he himself took rest after eating some food. He will need unimaginable stamina and chakra for this. Without hero's water it would be impossible for him.

The time has come. Naruto was undressed by all the girls. Naruto escorted every single girl to their positions and place them there with a kiss. He completed the seal drawing beforehand. Naruto Created required number clones (He decided to go for quadruple penetration: Two in pussy+ Two in the ass) and gave them individual instructions. All of them took place, then all the girls cut their hand a little and drawn a circle around them.

All clones touched the girl's pussy, ass or boobs with both their hands and girls started their hand signs and original Naruto put on his Uzumaki special mask collected from Uzumaki library according to the scroll. They Started their Hand signs: Dragon, Rat, Ox, Rat, Monkey, Horse, Dragon, Hare, Tiger, Serpent.

A white light emerged in the room and a case of seal was made. A countdown of two minutes started. All clone kissed deeply to all the girls and took their positions. Without Naruto's high Acrobatics, it was impossible to create such positions. The Ten hour begun after that and the seal was full of scream and moan.


Naruto completed all rituals, now he and all fourteen clones was fucking all fifteen girls in the same rhythm as it was instructed to reach the climax at the same time. Naruto was stroking very hard and he was also near his climax. Naruto it was coming. Before starting the ritual, he got a tip scroll from the book about all the susano's possible (All the susano will be here and every one will complete irrespective of its user completed it or not).

Naruro reached his climax. His eyes became dark from the pleasure. After ten hours of sex he was truly tired. When his visions almost blacked out from the pleasure, he saw eight susano's primary ribcage form and suddenly all the exhaust was gone.

He saw a reddish orange ribcage (Itachi), Violet color ribcage (Sasuke), Dark blue ribcage (Madara), purple color ribcage (Indra), Green ribcage (Shisui), Light blue ribcage (Kakashi/Obito), Sky blue ribcage (Hagoromo) and a black color ribcage (Naruto).

Naruto learned from the scroll that only seven type of susano exist, so he understood the black one is his own one and his canvas for designing his own Susano. His black ribcage had seven bones, so decided to put one bone from each suusano's. This was only a protective stage. It protects the original body from any physical attacks and many ninjutsu. The level of protection increases with practice.

And the very first one complete and then it despaired and seven colored half bodied skeleton appeared. But then one full bodied humanoid also appeared. (Madara). He desided to keep it legs as it is then giving the rib area the green color, reddish orange color skull. Upper part of right hand became light blue and lower part of right hand became violet color as well as the upper part of left hand was sky blue color and lower part being purple color.

Which took in the part from all seven making it the strongest one. This stage was actually the extension of user's will. It can protect the user and also hold and attack the enemies. It can also multiply in number according to the will of user (Madara).

This disappeared after completion. Now came the next part, The Yamabushi stage. This Stage had some weapons as well as cloaks. Reddish orange one had Blade of Totsuka and the Yata mirror, Violet one had a bow, Dark blue one was having a tiger seal formed, Purple wasn't having any special attribute, the green one was having a flame vortex in its chest, the light blue and sky-blue ones didn't have any special attribute. Everyone's body was covered with their own colored cloak.

Naruto decided to make the cloak having a ray of every colors which made it very colorful. He gave the green flame vortex for the chest and designed the sword and the Bow to be hanged in his back. Over them the Yata mirror was hanged. The combination of blade, bow and shield resembles the warriors of ancient times. The hand was making tiger seal.

The Yamabushi stage that Naruto designed was very powerful. The susano could use ninjutsu because of the tiger seal. The Yata mirror was endowed by all nature transformations and can negate any physical attacks. Bow could fire any nature transformed arrow including the manipulation using the flame vortex in its chest. The sword of Totsuka was stored in gourd and it could seal anything it pierces in genjutsu of "world of drunken dreams". Naruto was happy with this formation.

Then came the final "Perfect Susano's". All Seven appeared it a very strong shape. Naruto became confused how to arrange this one. The reddish one didn't have new attributes except Yasaka Magatam (Eight slopes curved jewel) for long range attacks. The violet one had a pair of Katana and Two strong wings which can reflect the light of infinite Tsukuyomi, the dark blue one had Katana and it was able to throw the blades, Purple one had the sword of Kusanagi, Green one had a drill sword which can manipulate flame vortex, The light blue one's special attributes was the Kamui Shuriken and the sky blue one was larger than any other and also had the sword of Kusanagi which can cut though the tailed beast bomb of ten-tails. Naruto had no idea about the beast bomb but he thought of it as a very great attack.

Naruto started designing his own one. He chose the size of sky blue one, He chose Katana two be his swords but added the attributes of Kusanagi with them. These two were hanged at the back in a cross shape and the sword of Totsuka was hanged in the middle straightly. He hanged the drill sword in his waist and the Kamui Shuriken bag on the other side. He allowed the Yata mirror in the left hand but allowed it to be hanged on the back while using bow or pair of Katana. The right hand was holding the Bow and allowed it to be hanged in the back while using the swords. And matched the color like the humanoid form.

Finally, Naruto added the special attribute to his eternal Mayengoko Sharingan and all forms of Susano's. He added Amaterasu (Itachi), Chidori blades (Sasuke's Susano), Kotoamatsukami (Shisui). The power of Kotoamatsukami was limited though as it could be used by Naruto only once in a month. It can increase his increase of power.

The voice of the book started talking after all these. It was the instructions about the Ultimate Susano's.

"congratulations kid, you have obtained the ultimate Susano's, but you can now only obtain the ribcage structure, you have to work hard for the next levels, the requirements will appear on the book, there will be additional uses of susano's which you will come to know at times for example using it as a armor of tailed beasts. Good luck using Susano's." The voice ended.

The came back to the real world and the exhaustion came back. He was stroking hard here while he was designing his susano's. All Narutos reached their climax and filled the pussies of the women with their cum. All the woman became unconscious and the clones started to pop out. The immense pleasure and exhaustion also hit Naruto. He also lost his senses and blacked out for the first time after becoming a genin.

His preparation for chunin exam almost complete except the forging of his own sword.
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