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Chapter 19: The Chunin Exam: Prequel

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Chapter 19: The Chunin Exam: Prequel

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Naruto woke up after hours of sleep. The Ultimate Susano's ritual was very Tiring for everyone of them. After finishing the ritual Naruto allowed everyone to rest for one whole day without any responsibilities. It was harder on Ayame, Tsunami and Kyoki as they were not Kunoichi's. However, he sent his instructions for wielding his sword and armor.

Naruto already had Chakra armor and he gained infinite armor from village of artisans. The chakra armor enhances the chakra of the user as well as invisible and infinite armor protects the user from almost every attack. Combining these two powers the armor was very suitable for Naruto. He won't be using any kekkai genkai in the exam so he needed a defense like that.

Next was his sword. Naruto wanted a double katana to be his weapon. It was consisted of all the swords he collected. Thus, it was very powerful one. It could reform itself from enemies' blood like Kubikiribocho, It leaves a white trail of chakra like white fang, it can cut through any material like Kusanagi, it cold control fire like Hoki's fire sword, It could extend and can turn into dragon heads to attack like the Garian sword and can unleash wind style attack like Kujaku's sword.

Kujaku delivered both the armor and sword set to bed while he was asleep. Suddenly a thought came to his mind.

"I think I did I punished them too much." Naruto thought.

"Now I have to comfort them." Naruto is thoughtful after hearing that, so he decides to go into the village to buys gifts. As he makes his way, he catches sight of a group ninjas, who are ogling something in the jewelry store. The group leaves and Naruto decide to go and see what they were ogling, it is a very beautifully crafted locket; it has a silver double rope chain, it has a lobster clasp, the locket itself is a golden heart used for holding pictures. They were right in the price it was 250'000 ryo highly expensive for the average civilian, but for Shinobi like Naruto who has completed a number of high-ranking missions it was affordable, so Naruto enters the shop and buys fifteen lockets.

Naruto's Home,

Ayame Room

"Hiya Ayame-Ne-Chan." Naruto says with his trademark foxy grin.

"Oh hello Naruto-Kun the usual?" Ayame who just took a rest after Ritual.

"I wanted to give you this." Naruto says blushing.

Ayame blushes at this never expecting Naruto to hand her a gift. She unwraps the box and gasps.

"I thought. It looks beautiful on you." Naruto says.

"Your welcome Ayame-Ne-Chan." Naruto says.

"Will you put it on me?" Ayame asks.

Naruto nods and puts the necklace on Ayame, as he does, they lock eyes and Ayame can't help but be mesmerized by his eyes. " They're beautiful like sapphires. Ayame thinks to herself.

"Ayame-Chan." Naruto says breaking the silence.

"Yes." Ayame replies.

"Well ever since we were kids you've always treated me with kindness, even though you knew what I contained, and though I chased after Sakura

Ayame went up to Naruto and kissed him deeply. Naruto lifted Ayame up as she wrapped her legs around him. Naruto pushed Ayame up against the wall, kissing her deeper and more hungrily. She was already nude as Naruto ordered no clothes in home.

"Whoa..." Naruto breathes. Ayame blushed as Naruto stared at her breasts. Naruto then went up and began sucking on her left breast, as he fondled her right.

"Ohh..." Ayame moaned. Naruto sucked on her left breasts as he pinched the other softly. He then switched between them. Ayame moaned out, which Naruto smirked to. He then stopped and dropped to his knees. Naruto then licked her womanhood, which caused Ayame to shiver. Naruto then inserted his tongue, as Ayame began thrusting into his face. Naruto ate Ayame out till she cum onto his face.

"Wow...sweet." Naruto compliments. Ayame blushed deeply, as Naruto stood up. Ayame began undressing Naruto by removing his jacket and shirt. She tossed them on the floors. She then knelt down to take off his pants. After she did this, she went to remove his boxers as his manhood shot out. Ayame looked surprised that Naruto was so big. Naruto grinned as Ayame admired his lower part.

She licked the tip as Naruto moaned lightly. She then took him into her mouth, and began sucking him.

"Ahh...Ayame..." Ayame began started out at a slow pace, then she put more of him into her mouth. Naruto moaned out as Ayame pleasured him. Ayame then deep-throated him all the way. This caused Naruto to lose it, and released down her throat. Ayame gagged, but swallowed it all. But what she didn't expect was Naruto to release so much in one go. She then pulled away, and smiled up at Naruto. Naruto grinned back at her, as he helped her back up. Then Naruto turned her around.

"Bend over for me..." Naruto whispers in Ayame's ear. Ayame obliged, and bent over. Naruto then placed his manhood at her entrance, and slowly entered her. Ayame gasped. She knew he was big, but she didn't think he could fill her up so easily. Naruto then began thrusting at a slow pace. Ayame moaned lightly which turned Naruto on, and he began thrusting faster.

"Ahhh...Naruto..." Ayame moans out. Naruto went faster and harder as he gripped Ayame's breasts. Ayame moaned out again as Naruto went deeper inside her. Naruto pinched Ayame's nipples, causing them to stand at attention. Ayame screamed from intense pleasure as her body shook from the massive orgasm she had. Naruto thrusted into her five more times before he released within her.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Ayame's knees gave way as Naruto caught her before she fell.

"That was amazing...huf...huf..." Naruto states, panting. Ayame nodded barely before passing out. Naruto cleaned her up, before redressing her and carrying her.

Tsunami Room

"Hey Naruto-kun," greeted Tsunami. "I thought you might be …."

"I'm sorry." Tsunami blinked. "I'm sorry for your face the pain." Naruto took out the necklace. "Here it's a small gift…"

"Wow..Naruto It's beautiful.." Tsunami smile.

"Yeah! it's beautif- Hmppff"

His sentence was muffled when Tsunami leaned in and kissed him right on the lips. Naruto's eye's shot wide at that but it only allowed the woman to thrust her tongue into his mouth. Effectively unable to talk Naruto lay there as the older woman moved her warm tongue inside his mouth.

"Aren't you tired?!" asked Naruto.

Tsunami pulled away for a bit. She looked dazed as she licked the small amount of saliva on her lips.

"Don't worry," she whispered. "You'll enjoy this."

Naruto breathing hard stared silently as the woman planted her breasts on the young man and once again brought her lips to his. Amazed by the feeling of the woman's amazing chest on his own, Naruto relaxed again as the woman slipped her hand down under the sheet.

She pulled back and despite Naruto's protests she slipped his boxer down revealing her 'big' discovery. Tsunami let out a moan as she laid eyes on the boy's penis. He was semi hard but already Tsunami could tell he was very big. Almost in a daze she reached out and used both her hands to touch him. Naruto laid on the bed wincing as the woman touched him there, but it was pleasant.

Tsunami couldn't hold it anymore and moved down and grabbed his cock and moved her mouth on to the tip where she started licking him while one of her hands moved to her dripping core and began to slide her two middle fingers in and out. Naruto clutched at the sheet beneath him and leaned back as he felt the woman take him into her mouth. It was wet and warm and felt amazing. Taking him in fully Tsunami began to slide her tongue up and down his length while furiously working her hand down at her sex.

Naruto tensed and finally blew. Tsunami felt the first shot hit the back of her throat and pulled back to allow the rest of his seed into her mouth so she could taste him. Naruto gasped hard as load after load shot into her mouth were, she eagerly drank it down as it entered her mouth. Finally done Tsunami moved her tongue around his penis lapping up any remaining fluid that had escaped her mouth. Naruto meanwhile was enjoying the aftermath of his release and the delicate ministrations of the woman. Feeling her move away from him Naruto looked up and saw the woman looking at him lustfully.

Tsunami smiled softly and brought her lips on him for another passionate kiss, Naruto could taste himself in her mouth, however it wasn't as bad as he thought.

However, before he could ponder more, he saw Tsunami shift her position, spread her leg wide. Naruto could only stare at her entrance.

"See," said Tsunami "How wet I am Naruto-kun?"

She placed her hand over her matted pubic hair and opening herself down there.

"Please..." moaned Tsunami. "Don't make me wait any longer Naruto-kun. Use your tongue and lick me."

Naruto nodded and moved in between her legs ready to repay her for how good she had made him feel earlier. Naruto moved his head in and instantly smelt her wet core. It was intoxicating and oh so welcoming to his senses. Naruto opened his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue up the length of her slit.

"Ohhh," moaned the woman. "Yes that feels so good. Don't stop Naruto… make me feel good."

Naruto began to explore the deep corners of her sex with his mouth. Tsunami moved her hands to her breasts and began to rub her hard nipples trying to maximize the pleasure she was receiving. Naruto continued on eagerly seeking to make Tsunami as good as she had made him. Naruto soon found something atop her opening and licked there, suddenly Tsunami made her pleasure obvious.

"Yes! Yes!" cried Tsunami.

Tsunami opened her eyes and looked at Naruto. She saw he had gotten hard again and smiled. Tsunami sat up still breathing deeply and wrapped her arms around Naruto. Moving in she captured his lips in hers and began to gently kiss him tasting herself in his mouth. Naruto closed his eyes and stayed there enjoying the kiss with Tsunami.

"I think it's time for the main course." She said. She then moved him off her and pushed him onto the bed.

"Main course?" asked Naruto. Tsunami smiled and crawled up on top of him.

"Of course Naru-kun," said Tsunami. "Things only get better from here on out. This is when the real fun begins."

she moved up positioned his penis at her entrance and sat down heavily sending Naruto's full length into herself in one quick motion.

"Ah!" moaned Naruto. "Tsu... Tsunami-chan!"

"Oh! God! Yesss!" cried Tsunami.

She finally felt Naruto's cock deep inside her. Wanting that initial pleasure to continue Tsunami moved up then dropped back down letting Naruto's hard length pierce her again and again as she moved uncontrollably seeking that wonderful filling of ecstasy once more. Naruto opened his eyes and was met with Tsunami's lustful expression as she moved down still moving up and down on his hard cock.

"Naru-kun!" cried Tsunami. "Lick them! Suck them. Please give me more!"

She trusted her chest onto his face. Naruto more than willing to do so moved his hands and captured on of the heaving breasts in his hands and ran his tongue across it.

"Oh! Yes!" moaned Tsunami. "That's it! Keep it up!"

As she felt Naruto begin to suck on her breast. Naruto had taken Tsunami's nibble in his mouth and began to gently suck as his tongue lapped at her nipple. Naruto happily sucked on Tsunami's chest alternating between the two and making sure the other one got some attention too by rubbing it with his hand. They had continued like that for close to thirty minutes, Naruto giving Tsunami's chest attention as Tsunami happily bounced up and down on top of him. Pretty soon however Naruto felt himself about to burst. But this time Tsunami had lost all awareness around her, all her attention was on the wonderful feeling that Naruto's cock was giving her between her legs. She had her head up mouth open and drool coming out of her mouth as she begged Naruto to give her more.

"Naruto-kun!" shouted.

Trusting up and down on him, their bodies making lewd noises as their flesh slapped together wet from their sexual fluids. Naruto had finally reached his peak.

"Tsunami-chan!" yelled Naruto. "I'm coming!"

"Come inside me!" cried Tsunami.

He Finally came straight into her soaking wet pussy. Tsunami felt his hot cum enter her and was finally pushed to the edge. She slammed down a final time and burst her orgasm hitting her full on as she came hard, leaning back and letting out a scream of pure ecstasy.


Same happened with every other girl in his harem. They all accepted his gift very nicely and had sex where was not dominant. Naruto allowed it in his wish. He wanted to create a lovely atmosphere in his house before chuin exam. He even booked the Konoha hot-spring for one night to take the girls out. Taking all of them out create suspicion in peoples mind.

Konoha Hot spring….

Ayame, Tsunami, Koyuki, Haku, Fubuki, Kurenai, Anko, Yugao, Mito, Kaguya, Mikoto, Kujaku, Izumi and Hisame enjoying female bath.

"Thank you…Naruto…" All women shouted.

"Good. Enjoy this place…" Naruto smile.

"This is a refreshment.." Fubuki enjoyed."So Haku…how are you feeling ? Since you're Ice type user."

Haku raised her eyebrow "I might be Ice type user…but I can handle heat in normal temperature."

Kurenai, Yugao and Anko enjoyed the company.

"Say..Mito-sama..please share things with your Times…" Anko asked.

"What do you mean..young lady.." Mito narrowed eye at her.

"On that Film were going ?" Koyuki asked.

"How many bloodline user were on that time? Haku asked as well as Fubuki and Kujaku liked to heard few things.

"Wait on sec…Please one by one." Mito said. "See."

"Mikoto-sama…can I asked you somethings.." Tsunami asked.

"Sure..." Mikoto said.

"I heard… Uchiha and Hyuuga were rivals from generation to generations specially for women. I heard some stuff especially on…" Tsunami stared at her chest.

Mikoto face turned into red due to anger. She covered her chest with bare hands and yelled. "Who told you that stuff…?"

Tsunami raised her hand in defensee. "It's Mrs Hyuuga when I was in village to get some supplies."

"HI..TO..MI.."Tsunami sweet dropped blazing Mikoto "uh oh…She is really hotter than this bath stream.."

While Ayame and Izumi talked about how to maintain their figures.

However, Kaguya went up and kissed Mikoto by holding her breast to tame her and it worked. Slowly everyone started making out with each other. It became a grand orgy on Konoha hot spring.

Few Hours later

Naruto came back to take them all home. He entered and saw the women were enjoying each other's body. An idea came to Naruto's mind.

"Finish fucking each other now, we will finish the night with an adventure." Naruto winked.

"Kage Bushin No jutsu." Naruto created a lot of clones and all of them headed out. Girls came out of the pool and searched their dress and didn't found any.

"You won't find any girls, I seized them and fifteen of my clones are in different places along the way to the house, you girls will travel from here to the house naked, If my clones find you then they will fuck you, if any of you can enter the house unfucked then you will be allowed to wear dresses in the house." Naruto announced.

Girls started laughing. They knew it was a competition but they kissed each other best of luck. It made Naruto happy. Naruto wanted to try another thing he learned after the ritual. Shisui's teleportation jutsu. Girls took their position like racer. They were on all four by lifting their ass and keeping their head down which made their boobs hang. Naruto took a picture of them in that position. Naruto inserted the ponytail butt plug on their ass to make it look sexier and they were happy with it.

"Teleportation Jutsu" Naruto yelled. It is so fast that even after images are strong enough to attack. So Naruto announced the initiation with a spank on their ass and he headed back home.

Naruto was waiting inside his house and after twenty minutes he saw his clones entering the house and everyone one of them have one girl locked on their dick and the girls wrapped their legs around their waist and hand on neck. He clones were stroking while walking. Naruto was laughing. He already knew the girls are no match for his tracking tactics.

Girls were also laughing though none of them could win. The clones finished their sex beside the pool and dispelled. Girls went into the pool. Naruto went there.

"The chunin exam will be starting from the day after tomorrow so I will concentration there, all of you be a good girl, Anko, you are hired as a proctor so you are allowed to do your duty while required and give me the list of examinees this year, I will not be using my special powers so I should be prepared." Naruto said.

Anko freshened up and went to the room to bring the scroll. By then all the girls went up and kissed him good luck. Anko gave him the scroll, kissed him and went back to the room.

While Naruto was going through the list, he saw some powerful ninjas of different villages, Naruto has to defeat them actively or passively to get their powers according to the book. Naruto also noticed some girls from different villages, Kin and Temari. Naruto thought if he could bring them in. Naruto also saw the Konoha girls also starting be woman of interest. Hinata, Tenten, Ino and Sakura was developing their body. Naruto has his eyes on them too.
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