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Holiday from Real

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Corbin uses her imagination in two ways...

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AN: okay kids. I wrote "Ghost of You and Me" and made Pete a real homicidal asshole, but he's not so bad in this one, just as my imagination forms him. Please read, enjoy and review. i love hearing what you all have to say! Sexual content ensues, but thats expected from a perv like me ;) Enjoy everyone!

Title: "Holiday from Real" - Jack's Mannequin


Corbin sat lazily on her couch, flipping through the many channels on her digital cable. She stopped when she saw him. He was always on TV, always on the radio, always everywhere she wasn't. It was a daily frustration, for both of them, she assumed. She was stuck at college, wishing that an education wasn't so important, so she could just be with him. Pete Wentz, Pete Wentz, Pete Wentz. She tried so hard to continue her days without thinking of him, because it wasn't the months that slipped by, they seemed quick, it was each agonizing day apart that made her sad.

She left her couch and went to her bedroom to sulk instead. She kept her walls pretty clear of Pete, minus the Karrang! and Spin magazine covers she tacked to her wall. Corbin laid down on her bed and was listening to her Ipod, where she generally passed over Fall Out Boy songs, because they just made her feel bummed. She goes through stages like this. Right after he leaves, she will basically stalk youtube and buzznet, just to see Pete and to hear his voice. Then after a month or more of his absence, she will stop trying to think about him, because it as the potential to bring her to tears. She wasn't even sure at this point why she stayed with him. He never called her when he was away, he never IM-ed her when he was online. It seemed like he was concerned with only him and his career when Corbin wasn't around. When Pete was home, however, Corbin couldn't leave his side for five minutes, it was offensive to him. They weren't really an overly sexual couple either, for the most part they were pretty normal as far as she was concerned. They had their days when they would be entranced with each other's bodies, but they also did normal couple things, like dates and hanging around with friends.

She slowly walked home from class around seven. It was a Wednesday night and the Chicago streets were looking pretty bleak, especially in this part of the city. In her loneliness, she found herself thinking about sex. Not just any sex, but the amazing, mind blowing sex she has with Pete in his bed, with his parents just a floor below them. It seemed to fuel his fire to know that someone could catch them, be it his brother or his friends who always just randomly show up when he is home, or his parents. She felt herself sort of yearning for the feeling on Pete's lips on hers, his bass calloused hands sliding up the inside of her thighs and the way his tired eyes always sparkled when he was making her feel good.

She walked in the front door of her dorm building and waited patiently for the elevator. A few more people came in and waited with her, but she didn't feel like saying hello, like she usually does. She had worked herself into a fit thinking about her and Pete and the nights they have spent between the sheets. The elevator couldn't have taken longer and the walk to her room couldn't have been farther. She walked in to luckily find herself roommate-less and free to do as she pleased for at least a little while. She immediately stripped and hopped under a warm shower, which only complicated her situation. She let the water run down her whole body and tried to think about anything but making love. But, she couldn't help it, the mere memories gave her shivers and she longed for him. In lieu of Pete's fingers, she took her own and began to rub herself. She moaned softly. She remembered the day before he left, how they never left the bed, just made love for hours. They would finish and after twenty minutes of kissing they were ready for more. She thought about the sexy things Pete would whisper in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was, how much he loved her breasts, her thighs, and the smell of her hair. She thought about how Pete would climb on top of her, kiss her and when his pants were off, he would take himself in his hand and slowly pull on his dick and groan into her mouth. That always drove her crazy, she would ask him how if felt and he always replied with amazing. He would resume kissing her, making them lower until he was sucking gently on her nipples. She would being moaning as well, trying to pull her own panties off without interrupting him. She remembered how he always entered her without warning. He would just slowly slide his full length inside of her, making her whimper with desire. Then he would start pumping, always slowly at first, but the pace would always get faster and faster...

Corbin returned to her bedroom feeling a little better, clean and well, refreshed. Her phone began ringing suddenly and she picked it up off her desk. The caller ID read "petey omfglolz!!" (it was her subtle way of making fun of his teenies). Excitedly and wondering to what she owed such a pleasure, she said hello.

"Hey baby. Guess where I'm at?" he said, rather loudly. She could hear loud music in the background and checked her clock. It was 9:30 already?

"I give up, where?" she said.

"Berlin!" he replied, with an excited tone. Corbin twisted her face, say what?

"Baby, Berlin? As in Germany?" she asked him. He laughed his amazingly cute laugh.

"No! Berlin. The nightclub on West Belmont Ave? Why aren't you here? I miss you, Core," he said to her, his tone loud but serious. It was when he talked like that that she remembered why she stayed with him all this time. The payoff when he got home was instant and well worth it.

"I just got out of the shower, but I guess I can shoot for an hour?" she replied. He laughed again.

"The shower, huh? What were you doing in there?" he said jokingly. Corbin smiled.

"Thinking about you, babe," she replied, then promptly hung up. She loved playing these games. She hurried and got ready as fast as her hair would dry.
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