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Chapter 30: Spy ring part-1

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Chapter 30: Spy ring part-1

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Naruto caught up with Eri kisaki and Yukiko Kudo with his insect tracking. Naruto has no time to spare. Jiraiya warned him that the girls may not co-operate. Naruto was hoping that too but he decided to put them though extreme situation to check their integrity.

Naruto: I am Jiraiya's representative and I want all the passcodes and pathways of secret rendezvous point.

Eri: I don't know what you are talking about.

Yukiko: I don't know any secret pathways man. What the hell are you talking about.

Naruto tried to push more with the talking but they were quite resistant. Naruto decided to go all out. Naruto made five clones and dedicated three for each. Naruto used his favorite position. Dick in mouth, one in pussy and one in the asshole and pounding really hard. Naruto made two more clones to smack their boobs, ass and body. They never faced anything like that.

Both of the girls were struggling too much. Naruto was deep-throating continuously which made it harder to breath for them. At one point they gave up. They couldn't keep up with them anymore. They spilled their secret. Naruto was a bit angry that they couldn't with hold the information and Naruto wasn't done too.

Naruto created another pair of clones for triple penetration. Naruto asked them if they had said this to anyone. They first started to deny, but in the end, they said the truth.

Eri: There was a girl with blue kimino. She used some kind of drugs to us.

Yukiko: we couldn't withhold anything; they were too scary.

Eri: They were determined to kill if needed. But they did spill something in the rage.

Yukiko: They will be waiting for Jiraiya at the rendezvous point.

Eri: We never betrayed Jiraiya, it was drugs. It made us very weak. It was something called D-99.

Yukiko: Please, let Jiraiya know we are still loyal to him.

Naruto was laughing, they didn't know they were under genjutsu at the final time, otherwise they were withholding the information against Naruto's big thrusts. Naruto decided to take them in. He put one the seal on them while he was filling them with his cum and summoned risty.

Naruto: You know longer work for Jiraiya, you work for me now, risty take them to the mansion.

Risty took them and went for the villa. Naruto didn't waste anytime there. He went out for the rendezvous.

While Naruto was at it, the villain group wasn't sitting idle, they knew everything now. so divided themselves accordingly so that they can capture every single one of the spies. They went out according to team.

[Read the story THE LEGENDARY SUCKER PART-1 to know the villains and spies.]


Sayo – Miki – Yuko/ Vermouth – Akeginu

Vermouth is very keen in her plans. The resurface of Hitsugi, Tsurugi and Yuko will interest both Kaname and Goryu. She knew that and planned to utilize it. Vermouth called for a secret meeting and they reached the secret path which would be taken by the triage trio. The trio was walking through the road.

Yuko: It has been a long time since we worked with the triage.

Tsurugi: We all had to go underground because syringe and Tobishiro's people were working together.

Hitsugi: It was luck that Jiraiya gave us this job. I am going to search for the triage after its completion.

While moving forward Yuko suddenly noticed body beside the road. Yuko was very surprised. It was Goryu. Her body was very bloody. As a doctor she was having a mind to cure the lady but her timeline was closing in soon. Hitsugi notices Kaori and Kaoro on another side. Tsurugi noticed Kaname and Hizaki on another side. Now it was getting suspicious. Either triage had operation here or their location was leaked. All the bloody bodies seemed like every one of them are dead. Yuko suddenly heard someone crying.

Hitsugi, Tsurugi and Yuko combinedly looks the crying spot and it was none other than Oriha. She had bodies od Mikoto, Suzue and Fiona. Now the trio came running to Oriha and seeing the three in front of them, they almost became numb. Suddenly they felt that crying has stopped and Oriha was standing up and she left her cloths.

The trio became totally surprised. A girl with a blue kimino was standing in front of them, It was none but Vermouth.

Vermouth: I finally got you, Jiraiya's spies. I have been searching you for 8 years, since our fight.

Yuko: It will end today; I will finish your misery. She took on her sword.

Vermouth: Look around you first.

All the dead wear standing up and none of them had any blood on them except Fiona, Mikoto and Suzue wasn't standing up. Hitsugi went crazy.

Hitsugi: I will take you all.

Tsurugi: But what the hell is happening?

Hitsugi tried to attack vermouth. She suddenly heard a shout.

Akeginu: Stop or I will truly kill Oriha.

Vermouth dodged her attack.

Vermouth: It was Akeginu's blood projection which fooled you three. I knew it will be tough for us to take you three so I took the help of Syringe and tobishiro to take in Oriha and Mikoto and then frame you. In the way we killed you favorite Arashi also.

They screamed in that news but they were caught.

Goryu bound the trio and pushed an injection on the fallen three Fiona, Mikoto and Suzue to wake them up.

Vermouth: Now we will go to your rendezvous point and kidnap your rest of the teammates too. I will take your information and leave you to them. The trio was disappointed in themselves for the failure but they couldn't believe, their location was compromised.


Jibril – Valkyrie/ Lust

Lust decided to take no chance. She used her ultimate spear to grab on to both of them and headed to rendezvous point.


Riru – Yuriko/ Brandish – Aldia

Brandish and Aldia had very different approach than vermouth. They planned to overpower the spy team. So, they directly encountered them. Riru recognized them in a moment.

Riru: "So you found us".

She doesn't wait for a moment rather attacks brandish with her psuchokinesis. Brandish was ready for this attack. Brandish used her command T to manipulate the matter and turned every element Riru throws at her to turn into water which was nothing for brandish.

Aldia directly attacked on Yuriko. Yuriko started with a deadly blow but she was no match for Aldia's spear and shield. Aldia defeated and bound her very easily. After capturing Yuriko, she turned to the other fight that was evenly matched battle. So, she decided to play it dirty. She hit Rru from behind and vanquished her.

Binding both Yuriko and Riru they started towards the Rendezvous point.


Meiko – Esdeath/ Vasilisa

Meiko was and trap specialist and Esdeath was very strong fighter with a Teigu to control ice. So Vasilisa planned to attck very suddenly so that Meiko can't work her magic then she will have a face to face fight with Esdeath.

She went on as planned. Meiko was immobilized in a moment. Vasilisa then focused on Esdeath. Easdeath was hitting her with Ice but couldn't catch up with her due to her vasillisa's speed. Vasillisa then initiated an inferno and it was too much for Esdeath to respond, she could only save herself but she was vulnerable to next attack.

Vasilisa took both of them and headed to rendezvous point.


Kazehana – Manami/ Anastasia

Kazehana: I see our location is compromised. I can't wait anymore then.

Kazehana attacks attack her with wind sword and Anastasia was hit by it without any chance to respond. Kazehana was a bit of challenge for Anastasia. Then the fight was easy when she discovered the trick. Anastasia used Kazehana's wind moisture to capitalize her ice and reattack. She got Kazehana in the process.

She bound both of them and headed for rendezvous point.


Yubelluna – Grafiya/ Tier – Amida

Tier was a master tactician. Facing Yubellena and Grafiya is very tough. Tier planned out to attack from both front and back. Tier came on to attack Grafiya from the front and Amida attacked Yubellena from th back. Yubellena dodged the attack with her demonic senses and attacked an explosion. Amida was wiped out on the other hand Tier almost got the best of Grafiya. Yubellena joined with Grafiya. Their combined attack wiped out tier.

But the twist was resurrection of Tier which grant her additional capability. Her water manipulation defeated both Yubellena and Grafiya. She woke up Amada.

Therefore, bind them and headed to the rendezvous point.


Ageha – Mirei / Irene

Irene was very confident about her attack. She used her eye attack to see the whereabouts of Ageha and Mirei. She used her enchantment to create an illusion then she used her dragon slayer magic to defeat them without giving them any chance.

She took them and went to the rendezvous point.

All of them gathered in the rendezvous point. Only vermouth was having a squad behind her. Others have done their work too. They gathered all the spies they were hunting for this long. The were ready to face Jiraiya.

Vermouth: We have been cheated for so long, today we will take revenge, we will take on that Jiraiya today. Undress all of them and create a circle in the middle and I will inform our leader about the event. She may join us.

All the spies were naked in a moment and they were hanged by their hand while their legs were spread by binding their foot to their waist and hanging it. They all were unconscious, but they were awakened by rude smacking on their body, pussy, boobs and ass.

By the time they were crying for help, Naruto reached that secret cave of Rendezvous point. Naruto hid his presence using transparent escape jutsu. He entered the cave. He counted the bound girls and girls oppressing them. it matched the description in Jiraiya's book.

Irene understood Naruto's presence. She came onto him with a deadly blow, Naruto dodged the attack but a near blow from tier hit him. Naruto was forced out of his transparent jutsu. Their power was on whole other level. Naruto had to go out all in all.

Vermouth: Who is weakling and how does he know this place?

Lust: I have no idea; I think the boy is lost in the way.

Vasillisa: Where is that stupid Jiraiya?

Naruto: Enough bullshit, Jiraiya is my friend, I came to save those girls you kidnapped, I will give you one chance to hand them over to me and I will forgive you.

Akeginu: If we don't, pretty boy?

Naruto: I will enslave every single one of you and you will be facing severe consequenses.

Vermouth: This petty boy is such a big talk, finish him now, I won't allow any of jiraiya's accomplice to live.

Naruto: You chose the wrong guy to mingle with.

Naruto used his quick style to dodge attack and spread his hiraishinin kunai. Naruto decided to take on one by one but he has distracted others. Naruto used his shadow clone jutsu to create ten clones. His clones were more developed now due to addition of wood clone and insect clone. Naruto his original self.

Naruto knew about their extraordinary powers but their execution of the powers was quite extraordinary. Naruto never expected such a fight. Naruto noticed that vermouth was instructing everyone but she wasn't that powerful. Naruto decided to take on their strategist first.

Naruto switched with his clone. Before starting his action, Naruto decided to make things in his favor, He used him summoning jutsu to summon Ena, polt, risty and yurisia. He also summoned the deadlock summon of Kalawarner, Nonko and Okatsu. They started helping the clones.

Naruto first attacked on Vermouth. Naruto held her with his chakra chains and then put her in Sharingan genjutsu and defeated her. She was bound by Naruto. The other members noticed the absence of Vermouth and They became more furious. By this time, Risty was struck very hard by tier and she wasn't able to move.

After capturing Vermouth, his enemies became more furious. Foe the first time Naruto faced a combo by them, first Irene used her illusion to create a confusion, followed by Brandish's gravity crush using the command T and finally and inferno by vessilisa. It was so outrageous that Naruto's all the clones were destroyed and Naruto couldn't escape with help of his Hirashinin kunai.

Vasillisa: That shit sure is gone now.

Suddenly they noticed a body, arising from the ashes. It was none other than Naruto with his susano's. Naruto used his Butterfly expansion and the third stage of his Susanoo as well as the chakra chains were activated. All of Naruto's summons were inside the Susanoo.

For the first time they were in a dilemma about Naruto. Naruto didn't waste any time. He first attacked on irene but the attack was frozen by Anastasia. Tier and Akeginu attacked simultaneously and that repelled by Naruto with a blow from his kusanagi.

Lust had a enchantment of enhanced beauty and she tried to seduce the fighter but Naruto avoided it and captured her. Second one done. Amida came with a huge blow which initiated a slight crack in his Susanoo. Naruto couldn't allow it, he used his demonic mirror jutsu to distract the enemies while he used his shadow capture zone to capture every single one them but aldia was flying so she came in charging with her spear, Naruto used his mind destruction jutsu.

Finally, Naruto got hold of the situation. But Naruto's chakra was almost at the end in many days. He used all his top jutsu's together. Naruto decided to hold one by one using chakra chain and then bind them. Naruto approached to grab Irene and Suddenly a whip stopped his chain and when another chain was trying hold vasillisa it was cut of by a scissor. Naruto was astonished at the scene. Naruto suddenly heard two girls yelling.


A new voice: I was expecting jiraiya here, who are you messing with my subordinates.

Naruto was a bit astonished, he never though his chakra chains could be stopped but hi lack of chakra may have caused this or his enemies was way too powerful. He thought it can be both. Naruto decided to shorten this conversation. For the first time after having the book, Naruto was in a situation where he thought to leave the lace to fight another day is the best option.

Naruto: I am here to save my friend's subordinates; you keep your subordinates and I will take mine.

Naruto took in the spies in his Susanoo and decided to leave the place. But his way was blocked by a force field and Naruto felt a huge blow. It was strongest body slam he ever experienced. He heard again,


The new voice: You really thought you can escape that easily from me, I am erza scarlet, the leader of them and my friend queen has come here to support me.

While talking about friends Naruto saw some unknown girls are there, who are consciously hit in time of battle. They were syringe and tobishiro's subordinates.

Erza: I will finish right here, right now. She yelled: Heavens wheel armor. And a blow on Naruto, then she yelled again, SEA GOD ARMOR and Naruto was hit with water gun, then she again yelled, FAREWELL FAIRYTAIL ARMOR, and had the final blow on Naruto. His Susanoo was broken and Naruto was almost unconscious. Naruto took too much damage from erza.

Another new voice: ganging up on one person isn't a bit too much? I expected better of you queen and erza.

Naruto suddenly felt an attack, destroying the forcefield and Naruto felt a potion entering his body.


The voice: Face me erza, I am Sakura Kinomoto, helping my magical-girl friends.

Erza: in my view who supports a looser in also a looser. So lets go.

Kinomoto took on her sealing wand but the erza was too fast for her. In the mean-time Naruto heard again:


Rupture took out queen and scissors while phoenix used her flame thrower to take down whiplash and Nazani but Erza attacked all of them together. She was too fast for any one of them. but war nurse's treatment made Naruto like a fresh morning rather more powerful. Power was surging through his body. Only Naruto an Erza scarlet was standing on the battle field.

Naruto: You have given me good fight while I was at the end of my strength, now we will see who goes where.

Erza came onto him with requip THE KNIGHT and used her telekinesis. Naruto used his partial expansion jutsu and rock clone to avoid the attack and used hiraishinin kunai. She was using her armor attacks on him again but this Naruto was superfast using his quick style and Hiraishinin. Naruto used slug and told combination which he earned having sex with nonko and Kalawarner. Followed by a phoenix fire jutsu and followed by thousand needles of death. Followed by whirlwind from his sword and finally he used his Naruto 2000k barrage.

Naruto was too fast; thus, every attack was a hit. Finally, Naruto extended his Chakra absorption chain and using soft body technique he wrapped her body and then started to absorb her chakra.

Erza: Who the hell are you? I was there to kill that jiraiya. Now I am losing to brat like you.

Naruto was very reluctant to hear this, while he felt she was almost out, he used his genjutsu to trap her. Finally made it. If Naruto was late or Jiraiya would have come here today, it would be a disaster. Naruto was almost dying too as his summons also. Those team of kinomoto and rupture helped him. Naruto was the last man standing and it was impossible for him to arrange a transportation now. Naruto summoned Shiromari and loaded every single one of them there. Naruto instructed to treat the enemies and spies and their friends in separate room with lock seals. He will look after them after that and to send Aki and Tsunade here soon. Naruto almost fainted again.

Shiromari delivered the message and Tsunade and Aki came as soon as they got the news because their mission was already finished. Naruto doesn't remember much after meeting Aki and Tsunade in the cave. Tsunade and Aki started the healing immediately. Then Naruto remembers both of them pulling him on a coach and breastfeeding him.

Naruto woke up and saw he was in his room. All the girls were around his bed except the medical squad. Smile was seen in their lips but their face was still looking concerned. Naruto sat with a smile.

Naruto: I am alright, no need to worry that much. How long was I out by the way?

Hisame: for straight 24 hours, you must have had a huge fight. We are sorry, we couldn't help you.

Naruto: do not blame this on yourself, they were too many and to powerful. But it was miracle that I got help in the end.

The medical squad came in running. Tsunade had tears in her ways to see Naruto wake up finally. She came forward and planted a kiss on his forehead.

Tsunade: don't you dare get up from the bed now, you will have to rest more to get back o your original state.

Naruto: But…

Shizune: No but's Naruto-kun, take this medicine and sleep for a more while, then you can get back to your normal actions.

Telling it she fed Naruto the medicines and then pushes her boobs in Naruto's mouth and Naruto starts sucking it. Slowly, Naruto falls asleep again.

Naruto wakes up almost after a six hours sleep, Houkouin and Kiriko was in the watch. They welcomed Naruto with a gentle kiss. They called upon other girls. Ayame comes in with foods for Naruto and Kaiyo feeds him. Naruto felt god after his treatment and rest. Emi dresses him with a comfortable robe.

Naruto got up from the bed and flexing his body slowly. Girls were also helping. Naruto knew that Jiraiya left the mansion and he should have lost the memories of those days except for the sex time with Tsunade. Naruto goes out of the room and girls starts to accompany him, Naruto remembers that he sent four teams to missions and he couldn't receive the reports.

Naruto: What's the status of the missions I sent you?

Kujaku: Don't have worry about that, we have completed the missions and you will see the outcomes in a moment.

By that time Naruto reaches the pool side and he saw some girls were hanging there in the punishment position. Naruto couldn't recognize them and no one has the authority to do so in his house. Yugao comes up first.

Yugao: We have decided to hang them here and wait for you because without your permission we couldn't inaugurate anyone, we didn't do anything without your discretion.

Naruto: Okay, good work, now reports pls.

Yugao: You can see we captured Amaichi and also the sea monster who named herself s Isaribi, she somewhat seemed innocent and victim of orochimaru's experiments. We gathered all the data from the lab.

Naruto: Hanare, finad out what Amaichi knows, then sent him over to the leaf prison and inform Hokage about it. Mito, prepare the seal I created to try on disabling orochimaru's fuinjutsu. Draw the seal and take Isaribi and Anko there.

Tsume: The Hoshikage accepted his defeat and pledged his loyalty to the leaf and we have secured the meteorite in a secured room here. This girl here is Natsuhi, who has mastered the star and the next teenager girl is Hotaru, she was keen to meet and join your harem but we didn't do anything without your consent.

Naruto; Very good work, I will take in the meteorite power after the tour and I will plant a seal on them later also.

But Naruto places a small kiss on hotaru and pinch natsuhi's boobs then moved on.

Kurenai: We have secured the user of Kurama clan genjutsu user, Yakumo, she is a teenager as you can see and she is out of darkness.

Naruto notices a brown-haired girl.

Naruto: Good work.

Izumi: We had a considerable fight but we managed to secure all Kageru, Sasame and kotohime. Kageru, ephemeral jutsu was killing her but our medical was able to block her death.

Naruto: Congratulations on your missions, girls, you will have a gift for it, send eligible reports to the Hokage only. Now, take me to the medical area, I have a lot to check on there

Naruto first enters medical area. It was first time this area of th mansion was busy and it is actually extended because shiromari gave complete instruction to the squad. Naruto first enters the room which was administered by Mai. Naruto saw everyone of them are almost healed up. They didn't have to take much hit however as Naruto covered them as they were down on the hits.

Naruto next entered the room where the squad was taken care of who came at the rescue of Naruto. Naruto wasn't still introduced to them. Naruto at first walked up to Shizune first to talk about their health. She reported that they were very fine and they haven't had any major injury. The girls softly bounded them because they weren't sure about their position. Naruto walked up to them one by one and ordered free them of their bond. All of them was young slightly greater than Naruto.

Naruto: I am grateful to you for saving my life. We haven't met in a situation to introduce ourselves and subordinates couldn't figure out about you so bound you, I am sorry for that. I am Naruto Uzumaki From Konohakagure, please accept my hospitality.

Sakura Kinomoto: It's okay to have a cautious behavior, I do not mind it at all. I am sakura kinomoto, jiraiya requested me look over his spy squad, Eri kisaki informed me about the information leak. So, I went to the place and our life was also saved by you.

Asuka: yeah, she is right, we came as we knew that Erza has collaborated with Queen and her subordinates. So, we came to help Kinomoto. Thank you for your hospitality. Please call me Asuka.

Kurumi: Arigata Naruto-kun, I am Kurumi.

Mia: I am Mia. Thank you for your hospitality.

Tamara: I am Tamara. You have a very nice house.

Naruto: I am very happy that I met powerful people like you, I want to welcome as my house residents, my subordinate, Hana will show you around and explain some things, I will not force you to join my house.

Naruto was very eager to hear their decision because they seemed a very good addition to the Harem.

Naruto went on to the next room, Aki was in charge of that room, fifteen spies were being treated in that room, they were also in very good shape at that moment, they Naruto decided to finish things up with jiraiya, so Naruto greeted everyone of them and ordered Hisana to dress them with his house armor and ready hem for a meeting at the poolside room, Naruto sent Kujaku to call upon Jiraiya in that room.

Next Naruto entered another room which was room of his enemies, they were also healed but Naruto decided not to bring on heat right now. Naruto ordered Mikoto and Izumi to place them in genjutsu and then ready them for a special session in the dark room. Erza scarlett and the secondary magical girl squad was also in that room.

Finally, Naruto entered the room, where was alliance of vermouth which Naruto didn't know about. So, he went on.

Naruto: I don't know your relevance in the scenario, but as you haven't attacked me directly yet, I will go easy on you.

Naruto ordered Hanare to investigate every single one of them and the alliance of the Scarlet teams are to be send to the dark room. Oriha, Fiona, Suzue and Mikoto was relieved a bit which as clear from their look.

Naruto has to do a lot now. Naruto first went to the meeting room where Jiraiya was waiting for him.

Jiraiya: Thank you Naruto, you saved their lives, I don't know if I could even save those.

Naruto: There is no need to thank me, ero-sennin, I also overestimated myself, it was important for me have this fight. I understood that, I could get a lot stronger. I have a request to you.

Jiraiya: What do you want, Naruto?

Naruto: I want to you hand over your spies to me if they have the consent, they have wide range of capabilities and I would like to add them to the arsenal.

Jiraiya: You gave me the woman of my dream, so I would do that honor to you, but I have another request to you, while you ask them of their consent, can I have Tsunade? I promise we will not leave the room.

Naruto: You needy pervert. Deal done then.

Hanare enters the room at that moment.

Hanare; I have completed my investigation, four of them were allies to Yuko, Tsurugi and Hitsugi. So, I have transferred them to them.

Naruto: Good work, Hanare, now, tell hisana to bring in the squad and call Tsunade also. I would also love to have updates on Hana too.

Hana also enters the room.

Hana: Kinomoto also wanted to add themselves to the spy rituals, because they were to look after by them.

Naruto didn't show an outer expression but she was happy to see what happens.

Mito entered the room with Tsunade.

Mito: Everyone is ready outside Naruto; do you have any announcement?

Naruto: Yes, the punishment room is already sealed I believe, so that is safe. Gather everyone in the room to spectate.

Naruto then goes out of the room. He sees that the girls were lining up to enter the room to declare their consent. In a glance, Naruto saw the potential members of his harem, Naruto cleared his throat.

Naruto: Thank you so much for showing interest to join my household. I hope you have already seen around my mansion and how things go in here and how you get to serve me. Once you enter the room first declare your decision to join in or not. Then, show of your abilities and next tasks will be done inside, hope to have you all in my Harem.

Naruto went inside, he saw many weapons that are very unconventional and never seen in his area, he believes that would increase his strength. Naruto gave Mito and Kaguya to conduct the program. Naruto was wearing a very simple robe. A throne was there for Naruto and Naruto took is seat, near the throne jiraiya was waiting.

Naruto: Before the program begins, Jiraiya has requested for Tsunade one last time, so he has provided me with many thing so I will allow this time in his full senses.

Tsunade was a bit unhappy, she wanted to be in service of Naruto but now she will have to please that pervert Jiraiya. She came up to Naruto and kneeled down, slowly pushed her head inside robe to kiss and suck for a bit, Naruto pulled her head out and fonldled her breast for few minutes then turned her over to Jiraiya. Without any delay, jiraiya thrusted his cock in Tsunade's pussy. Naruto laughed seeing his eagerness.

Naruto declared to ladies to have three of them around Naruto all the time in rotation o that everyone gets the chance of intimacy with Naruto. First came Yushino, Yasaka and Kiriko. Kiriko was breastfeeding him while Yushino and Yasaka was taking care of his cock and balls.

Naruto: let the ceremony begin.

Mito: First one to enter the room will be Sakura KInomoto.

Naruto sees and early teenager entering the room with a wand and she was wearing his household's armor, her figure was not overwhelming but not bad. She was created a magic circle which was glorious to see, then she used different cards to change her forms and use different attack powers, they looked impressive to Naruto.

Kinomoto: I, Sakura Kinomoto hereby declare to join the team of Uzumaki Naruto and serve him with my power and mu body whole heartedly and abide by the rules of this house.

Naruto: You are welcome.

Mikoto comes forward to take of her cloths and kisses her, then she moves forward upto Mito, she puts milking seal on her and then kisses her, then she reaches the base of the staircase of the throne, she gives her weapon to Kujaku. Then she walks to Naruto and Finally Naruto stands up and puts the slave seal on her, Kiriko helps her to put her breast into Naruto's mouth to feed him and then to knell and kiss his dick. Then Naruto spanks her and she joins the girls.

Mito: Next entrance will be the Magical girls.

Asuka, Kurumi, Tamara and Mia enter the room, and with their weapons the change their dress which is a dimensional power them, this seemed very good to Naruto, he can install in other girls so that they can hide their original character when they are outside.

In this way, the ceremony almost came to an end. After spanking Yubellena the ceremony comes to an end. Naruto turns over to Jiraiya, he was puttinh in his final loads to Tsunade's boobs.

Naruto: Times up, Ero-sannin.

His looks become sad, he slowly kisses Tsunade one last time and then walks away.

Naruto: I am very happy that everyone has joined, I will give you heck of an experience now, Tsunade, if you want in, the go freshen yourself now, Houkouin, take in the girls from your missions, I will inaugurate our new members and your new sisters.
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