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There's a hole at the hot springs!

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There's a hole at the hot springs! by the infamou5 c0pyc4t

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Ayame certainly hadn't expected it. Every time she got a chance to visit the hot springs, it was uneventful and lonely. This time, however, upon stepping into the empty bathing area with a towel around her youthful body, she discovered a hole in the divider of the men's side and women's side; and filling that hole, jutting out like an oversized coat hanger positioned far too low on the wall, was a very hard cock. At first, the cook's daughter thought she was seeing things, but after blinking several times, stepping a little bit closer, and gawking for a few seconds, she discovered that it was no trick on her eyes, Genjutsu or otherwise.

This was really a cock, thrust through the divider to reach out to the women's side.

The question now pondered was: what should be done with it? She could scold the man, find out who it was, and report him to the Hokage for such indecency. She could inflict some well-deserved bodily harm on the mystery pervert. Or – the opted choice – she could go along with it and play naughty.

With a smirk at the throbbing cock that was already beading pre-cum, she carefully knelt down, settled comfortably in front of the hole – a gloryhole, she had heard – with her towel cushioning her knees, and examined the presentation. Right offhand, she could admit him to easily being larger than any other that she had encountered. Father might believe her an angel, but an aspiring chef must be adventurous. Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.

Hot springs and gloryholes; a satisfying if not an unoriginal idea, but she was willing to try her hand, literally speaking, as she coiled her fingers around the thick muscle. The skin stretched tight, and the head was gushing with excitement. A morsel would have been lost had Ayame's tongue not been there to catch the gooey droplet. As a proud cook, she was very willing to sample new flavors, and semen had a very robust tang, suited not for anyone, but she found a liking to it.

Whoever this mystery person was, he was lucky to have caught Teuchi's daughter with his bait; she appreciated the thrill of anonymity. The mystery heightened the ecstasy of fastening her lips around the head. The masculine muscle jumped as she gingerly slid her mouth around it. Determined to tap the wall with her nose, she had the blunt head threatening to slide into her throat. Her gag reflex stung at the corner of her eyes and caused a hacking noise, but she expertly stifled it – a handy little trick she picked up when testing out some of her father's failed recipes – and consumed more of the cock until her nose met its mark.

It was undignified, but it satisfied the always-busy chef. She'd seen so many people wolfing foods in their mouths; it was nice to be the one doing the wolfing. And like her more loyal compatriots, she made noises to accompany her appetite. Loud, obscene slurping and sucking and slathering noises that would make her dad cover his ears and cry out at his daughter's indecency!

Her tongue danced and swirled, being sure to treat the glands at the underneath of the head's rim. Ayame eventually had the man lose his vow of silence with the muffled sounds of grunting and moaning. Part of the fun of this anonymous pleasure was fantasizing who it could be. Maybe the jonin leader for Team 7 had decided to prey on her and set some tantalizing bait; perhaps Sasuke had returned, just to fuck the mouth of whatever Konoha slut was available… maybe it was Naruto, being mischievous again and wanting to boast an anonymous conquest!

Whoever it was, Ayame always satisfied a customer. Her cheeks hollowed when she increased the suction. The recipient couldn't help crying out. Her sealed lips curved up at the sides from her accomplishment. Surely this man wasn't going to hold out much longer. She wouldn't mind at all guzzling his mess down, though she contemplated disengaging her lips to be switched with the salivating set between her legs. The thought of backing her ass up against the wall and letting this stranger fuck her through that hole had her nearing her own orgasm.

Only one hand was needed to steady her weight against the wall, so she took the opportunity to tend to her own needs. The towel had already been shed for the comfort of her knee, so she had instant access. Modest B-cups were put on display with risen, light-brown peaks; she wished that her mystery-man could see them, watch and get riled up as her nimble hand plucked and pinched at the aching buds to firmer, swollen points. The breasts themselves were nicely matured, though in her cooking clothes, one could hardly appreciate it. They kept high on her chest, though they held some weight and molded with her molestation of them. She squeezed them, grabbed them, and lifted them, putting on quite a show for the wall before inevitably heading down. A meadow of brown hair was passed over before her fingers discovered her erect clit. She wasted no time playing with it. She started fast and passionate, unlike when she was alone and teased herself with slow caresses.

The boy on the other side of the wall had managed to get his voice back under control, but Ayame knew that he wouldn't last much longer. She took him deep a few more times before isolating her lips around the swollen tip, nuzzling his slit with her tongue's tip. Her anticipation only aggravated the diligence of her fingers; her thumb rolled her clit while her entrance was stabbed with her index and middle fingers that crawled in to the knuckles, far enough for them to curl and address to her G-spot. She moaned desperately around the prick, hoping that it could hold out until she felt the bliss of relief.

The erection swelled, but she was the first to cross that finish line. In a display that she would feel ashamed about later, she bucked her hips on her delving hand, sobbed and almost lost her mouth's grip on the penis, and squirted around her fingers. A puddle of her essence splashed on the towel but she was in no state to stand on courtesy, especially when there was no one watching to judge. To her full elation, she continued riding her fingers, satisfied to hold off on the concern of her towel being caught in her spray. She rolled her mouth off of the cock as she screamed, bracing on the wall while she finger-fucked her way to a harder orgasm. Anyone who opened those sliding doors would see a daughter chef with legs splayed wide, hand groping at her cunt, juices squirting out in audible gushes!

The cock fired off its abundance, the first spiraling out across the stone pathway around the water; the second, siphoned through its predecessor's spasm, arched weakly and hit across the navel of Ayame's flat midriff, reminding her of the delicacies she was missing out on. Panting and sweating from more than just the steaming humidity, Ayame quickly put her mouth in the line of fire and was rewarded with the first bitter sting on her tongue; a flavor that she savored and piled on as more of the goo – both stronger bursts and weaker dribbles – sloshed across her face, into her mouth, and over her tongue. The anonymous' vitality certainly showed in the amount he donated her. She had swallowed what she could, but a good amount still overflowed and ran down her neck, across the slopes of her breasts to their valley, down and down until the thick underbrush of her pubic mound caught the pasty spill.

The cock flagged tiredly, but Ayame's tongue stuck out beneath it as if begging for just one more drop; one more drop was all he had, and she was thankful she did not miss it. She swallowed it down, a thick, hot gulp, and exhaled a breath heavy with the scent of semen; her father would not miss it if she spoke to him. Leaning up slightly let her give the cock a sweet peck and then gazed dreamily at the length, lightly scratching the side of it with her fingernail. "Thank you for the meal, Mystery-kun," she cooed with the sweetness of a waitress' voice. Not bothering to wrap the soiled towel around her, she merely picked it up, used a clean corner to sweep away the traces of cum that were not in her hair, and made for the exit; she may not have bathed like she wanted to, but this experience had been better source of stress relief.

ccc A few seconds ago on the men's side ccc

"And that," Naruto emphasized, showing a look of jubilation on his foxy face while shoving his naked hips firmly against the hole in the wall. Konohamaru watched intently, red in the face, but willing to learn the tricks that Jiraiya had taught Nii-chan on their long journeys. Naruto had seemed excited to demonstrate this lesson, particularly after so long without the relief of a partner. "… is what a gloryhole is." He exhaled blissfully and slowly brought his failing erection from the passage, slick with saliva and remnants of his semen.

Konohamaru pursed his lips when he heard the recipient of Naruto's load give gracious praise for the meal. He was a little envious of Naruto's size, for as an undeveloped youth, he was stuck with an immature cock that barely reached to three full inches when fully erect. Well, he did choose Naruto to be his boss for a reason; it made sense that, even as a sex-coach, Naruto would greatly exceed him.

Of course, the day hadn't started with either of them expecting to be putting use to the suspicious hole that had been carved into the wall at the hot springs, but when Konohamaru was baffled by it, Naruto decided to explain it, as it was one of the lessons Jiraiya was sure to impart on his protégé; now the time had already come to teach his own apprentice, and what better way to explain then a demonstration? Luckily, there was a willing participant who walked in on the other side of the fence.

Left alone in the men's side, Naruto casually wrapped his towel about his waist to hide away his deflated penis, which Konohamaru couldn't stop marveling at with jealousy. "Ero-sennin told me about it when he was training me on how to make Rasengan my own move," Naruto explained. "He used a miniature one to carve a hole in the divider and told me just what to do. Heh, I didn't try it until I came back to Konoha." He blushed and scratched the side of his nose when recalling his first and failed attempt to enjoy the gloryhole with Sakura. Unfortunately, his timing was off, and his dick was standing eagerly behind the target for the entirety of her bath, unnoticed and ignored. The amount of pre-cum wasted on that trip was astounding, forming a puddle beneath the aching muscle, and Naruto's balls ached by the time Sakura-chan stretched, said the soak was just what she needed, and left, still ignorant to the cock waiting for her to take heed of it. Had she not noticed it, or did she know it would be worse for it to just stay hard but ignored? Naruto recalled how painful it was, masturbating alone after his failure and cumming especially hard in his towel, hard enough to sting with the intense passage of built-up Jinchuriki seed.

Konohamaru gulped, pursing his lips tightly while considering the splendor of Naruto's 'technique'. The 'gloryhole' was appropriately named. "Naruto-nii-chan," blubbered the impressionable youth. "When… when do you think I'll be ready to use the Gloryhole no Jutsu?"

Naruto's stance dulled, as did his expressions. Considering this perverted act as some sort of ninjutsu was sort of a stretch, even if a Rasengan was employed. Still, he would humor his most-devoted disciple. Puffing out his chest, fists pressing against his hips in a proud display, he reasserted his bravado and told Konohamaru, "It's not easy to master. It took me two and a half years to finally muster the courage to practice it on my own." He winked at Konohamaru and held up a forefinger while leaning forward slightly. "But under my guidance, you'll learn it in no time."

With hope and excitement sparkling in his eyes, Konohamaru gasped, "Amazing! Naruto-nii-chan…" He bowed deeply, pressing his forehead on the floor. "Thank you! Please teach me!"

Not much to teach other than putting your dick through a hole and hoping to get a pleasant reaction from the receiver, but Naruto was always a willing instructor. He patted his fist against his chest and gave an oath to pass down the 'secrets' of the Gloryhole no Jutsu! "But first, I've got to meet Sakura-chan. She agreed to have dinner with me at Ichiraku, and my mom never lets me eat ramen anymore." He winked at Konohamaru and gave him a thumbs-up. "But what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

Mimicking his boss' gesture, Konohamaru snickered and agreed. When asked if he was leaving, he declined and said he wanted to ponder the gloryhole a while longer. "Suit yourself," Naruto said with a shrug while sauntering into the changing room. "Just don't get into trouble."

"Right, Nii-chan!" Konohamaru cheered, waving his hand over his head. After hearing the departing clack of Naruto's sandals heading out of the hot springs, the young genin turned back to the hole that had been just recently used.

Naruto-nii-chan was really amazing, not just for the size of his genitals, but to effectively utilize the illustrious gloryhole and make a successful catch in a mere demonstration. A mouth on the penis was a bit new to Konohamaru's sexual knowledge – as he usually just stuck to nudity and provocative petting during either version of his Sexy no Jutsu – but from the look on Naruto's face, it was a very desirable act.

For minutes on end, Konohamaru pondered the hole peeking into the women's side of the hot springs. Was it even appropriately sized for his own, smaller penis? Swallowing hard, looking around and checking for any signs of life in either side of the bathing area, his trembling fingers went to his towel and fumbled around with it.

ccc A week later ccc

Wiping the back of her forearm across her perspiring brow, sighing in relief and self-satisfaction, Uzumaki Kushina admired the motherly-touch she never had a chance to use before. The wreck of a home her son had introduced her to almost two weeks ago had finally been picked up, the final garbage back of empty ramen cups sealed and the outgrown outfits set aside to be donated. It had been a shock to her when Naruto explained that he had cleaned the entire apartment when he left for two years with Jiraiya; she scolded him and said that his home looked like it was unattended to for ten straight years!

Of course, it didn't take the full two weeks of her revival to clean up the room. She just didn't spend much time at home since her son liked to take her out around the village. He was especially excited to introduce her to Teuchi, though it had been rather anticlimactic when they both assured Naruto that they had met long ago. Kushina couldn't have been expected to ignore Ichiraku's salt ramen, after all.

"All done," she said with a smile. The room was practically twinkling with cleanliness. She had been on her hands and knees practically all day, scrubbing out stains on the floor, and the results were well worth it. Now she wouldn't be embarrassed when he brought company over. That thought made her ponder her social life. Mikoto's death had been mentioned, but the grief was moot when Sasuke's newly-acquired Rinnegan brought her back from the afterlife.

"Ah~" She stretched her weary arms high over her head. "That took a long time! But now I can relax." Tossing back her red tresses, she looked about the newly clean space. Hopefully, her son would not be so quick to return his apartment to the mess it once was.

She made a sudden grunt of thought. Speaking of her rowdy son, where had he said he was going? The hot springs? A smile crossed her face. Well, now that she was done cleaning, there was no reason why she couldn't treat herself to a little relaxation like he was. "Besides," she told herself with the wide grin that was inherited by Naruto, "I haven't been to the onsen for a long time! I owe it to myself!" And with that, she hurried to gather up the essentials needed to visit the springs.


Konohamaru was discouraged. Since Naruto had left him in charge of the wonders of the gloryhole, he had missed two opportunities to try out this splendid technique that left Nii-chan with such a look of rapture. Despite how the hot, humid atmosphere, he made an oath to make his boss happy: he would stay until he at least attempted the 'Gloryhole no Jutsu' on someone. "The next girl," he swore out loud to himself, pressing his face against the wall to peer through the hole and scout for a hopeful participant. "I won't go back on my word."

He had to wait several more humid minutes before he was stirred from his boredom. Someone had finally showed up, and as luck would have it, it was from the women's side. He was pressing against the gloryhole expectantly to confirm that it was a woman. Naruto had done this before putting out the bait and receiving rather quickly. Of course, he was fishing with something women found more… appetizing; Konohamaru shifted his towel until it came apart at his measly penis, to which he gave a self-conscious glance.

Didn't he need to be rigid like Naruto had been? He had been hard before, having kept up with Naruto's routine of peeping in adult magazines when the shopkeeper's back was turned to him. Right now, he was more nervous than excited, so he wasn't able to visualize erotic scenes to help with the swelling.

Wet footsteps and a feminine sigh… The woman was about to pass by the hole. Now! Konohamaru gulped, knowing that this would be the best time to catch the attention of the unsuspecting woman. When Naruto-nii-chan had done it, the person on the other side had gasped in surprise, but nonetheless received the cock until Boss was satisfied. Now or never…

He gave himself a few power pumps which hardly helped at all with the blood flow, and then pierced the hole of glory without a second thought.

He half-hoped that the footsteps would pass by, that this would just be a test of his courage, that he was willing to attempt the act, but not succeed in garnering attention. Sticking himself through a wall, it was the first time he was actually aware how small his dick was, how short in comparison it was to Nii-chan's, as only the head made it to the women's side through the divider; hardly that, too!

The wet footsteps continued.

Yes, he was too small. It was a sobering experience, maybe even a defeating one! Konohamaru pressed his head to the wall. Dammit, he thought! I'm… I'm not there yet! And he feared he never would be there… but the footsteps paused; there was a shift, an obvious pivot, and then the mutter of a girl.

"Is that a hole?"

A woman! Konohamaru gulp sharply, his stance tightening, head coming away from the wall as his bottom lip stiffened and stuck to his upper lip. No turning back now… or maybe? He could always pull back and run for the exit, crying all the way home or to Naruto-nii-chan's house to admit his weakness.

But it was too late. The woman gasped sharper, her voice closer to the divider and carried more anger than before; an infamous anger, particularly amongst the youths of Konoha. "How dare you?!"

Konohamaru's blood turned to ice.

It was Nara Yoshino!


Kushina walked into the hot springs not much later, expecting to find a grouping of women – the other mothers of Konohagakure usually – to bond with. Reconnecting with the denizens of the Leaf had been a goal of hers, hoping for trade secrets to motherhood and raising her rambunctious son.

But nothing… An empty bathhouse with a silence that almost echoed. She arched an eyebrow, slowly and carefully looking left to right. Well, maybe it wouldn't have been packed, but she had seen someone's leftover clothes in another wicker basket. That someone should still be here! Or had she walked off in just her towel?

"Uh…" Kushina looked concerned. "Hello?"

Nothing but a steamy room hiding a vacant hole in the wall…

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