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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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I want to make this note: Akimichi Buta is Choji's mom, and Yamanako Kaori is Ino's. Fuck them both for not having names.


The Offense Taken


Konohamaru's butt had not before or since felt the amount of flesh-searing pain than when Yoshino had beaten it red, her own palm throbbing. Honorable grandson or not, she had scolded him sharply while casually coddling her pained hand, he would not be allowed to disrespect the sanctity of the hot springs and its compatriots.

After their encounter, and realizing his folly, Konohamaru had made a failing attempt to escape the fearful mother, but Yoshino, though retired, had been a ninja once; she caught him with minimum effort. He had cried out in pain when she snagged his ear, but it soon became a matter of common decency to hold onto his towel. "Ow, ow, ow!" Tears sprayed from his eyes as he was dragged out of the hot springs, just barely missing the red tresses following a bodacious mother through the women's side of the establishment.

All proceeding happened so fast; Konohamaru had no idea the network of mothers was so well-connected, for here he now was, tied to a wooden table chair in the Nara household, and surrounded by the mothers of up-and-coming ninja: Haruno Mebuki, Yamanaka Kaori, Akimichi Buta, Yuhi Kurenai, and Uchiha Mikoto. Mikoto and Kurenai both seemed very concerned for Konohamaru, but neither made a vote to ease up on him, but Buta, upon seeing the late Third's grandson restricted to a chair, immediately protested her outrage.

"What is the meaning of this, Yoshino?! Konohamaru-chan should not be held down like a criminal for interrogation!"

But Yoshino stood firmly behind Konohamaru and crossed her arms. She'd since switched from a bath towel to her normal wear after whooping Konohamaru's backside and employing the useful rope technique. "No matter how young, a deviant must be dealt with," she shot back at the obese woman who showed far too much compassion for the troublemaking youngsters.

Her face reddened, and she yanked at Konohamaru's ear. The boy wailed, his feet kicking as he implored her to let go. "This one was caught misbehaving in the sanctity of the bathhouse."

"What do you mean?" Kurenai looked to the boy, but he could not face his uncle's girlfriend. She was always so kind to him, offering candies and ignoring when he'd glimpse her cleavage like so many other boys and men.

"What does it matter?" Buta barged in, again wanting Konohamaru's freedom. "No boy should be…"

"There's a hole at the hot springs!"

And copier pats himself on the back.

Yoshino flung her finger in the general direction of the scene of offense. Her face still carried the color of her embarrassment, but her frown was strong. "The once-Honorable Grandson committed something unspeakable! He…" Her jaw tightened at the phrasing. She looked down, and Konohamaru, though staring solely at the ground, felt himself shrink under her glower. She did not pity him, reasserting her anger and shouting out, "He pushed himself through and showed it to me!"

A tad bit vague, but the mothers – and Kurenai – assembled were clever enough to catch the meaning. Kaori gasped out in shock, her face reddening as if Konohamaru had taken out Little Konohamaru and wiggled it right in her face then and there. Kurenai was astounded as well, not believing Asuma's nephew would stoop to such mischief. Mebuki at once reprimanded the boy, shaming him with a waving finger.

Konohamaru gulped. He was suddenly glad Kiba's mom was not in attendance. She was known to be vicious to wrongdoers, and her nose was an accurate truth-finder. If they called on her help – Konohamaru gulped hopelessly – the whole truth of the Gloryhole no Jutsu would be exposed. Bad enough he was caught; he would throw himself in the way of a kunai to protect his boss!

"You cannot treat the Honorable Grandson like this!" Buta resolved.

"A pervert must be weeded out at once!" contended Yoshino with a wave of her arm. "Remember the way of Jiraiya-sama!" A finger was thrust out at Konohamaru. "He might've learned it from that lecher for all we know!"

There began the stirrings that truly gripped Konohamaru's nuts. Murmurs from the other women agreed that such a thing was probably taught to the boy, and that meant the whole of the blame would fall on the teacher. Few guesses who was the one young Konohamaru idolized who would pull such an obnoxious prank…

"I did it on my own!" Konohamaru selflessly lied. "I… I did it as a prank! I wanted to scare girls! It looked like… a worm or something!" Pride tossed aside… His butt clenched like he was already propped over Yoshino's lap, ready to take another, possibly lethal spanking. He looked around at the faces, hoping the majority to be convinced. Buta had a look of sympathy; whatever blows he may come to with this jury, he felt Buta would intercede to at least weaken the blow. Mebuki watched him scornfully, for her husband was a jokester, but pranks of this variety were not those she would tolerate. Kaori – Ino's mom, let's not forget – seemed empathetic to his plight, but she was known to follow majority rule. Kurenai – sometimes Auntie Kurenai to a happy Konohamaru – always believed in justice. But Mikoto was a blank face; her sympathy for him came from the reunion with her youngest son after years separated by illusion and conspiracy. She could feel for a boy who felt helpless and alone.

That left Yoshino, and Yoshino would have him hogtied on the floor and whipped publically for his transgressions!

"He's just a boy," Buta maintained. She stepped between Yoshino and Konohamaru, separating their sight of each other with her heavy frame. She put her pudgy fists on her wide hips, glowering at Yoshino, ready to pit her mother's care against Yoshino's womanly duty. "If I were to punish Choji each time he misbehaved, he'd never sit down again. Your own boy was a troublemaker at one time, running around with Naruto and getting into all sorts of mischief with him and their friends. How can you condemn Konohamaru-chan so quickly?!"

Yoshino wasn't going to back down. Hands on her own hips, she shoved her face up to Buta's. "My son never did something so disgusting."

Buta's red lips formed a tight line; Yoshino's unpainted ones kept down in an unafraid scowl. It was up to these two titans of the Allied Mothers Force.

Konohamaru's fate rested within their hands. He sulked and sniveled, thinking of his duty to protect Naruto-nii-chan. Boss… What are you doing now?



She was younger than Naruto's usual score, but that didn't deter him in the slightest. He was given the opportunity and seized it, and had seized it the last time and the time before that! It was a neat little arrangement they had; the three of them. Shikamaru's idea, but Temari's permission, and Naruto's willingness.

Of course Shikamaru would come up with an idea like this. Though not his usual meticulousness, he saw the benefits of extending Temari's intimacy with another man. She got satisfied, and he needn't lift a finger. He could just watch or relax and listen while the clouds crept through the sky at a snail's pace.

"Uh! Ah!" Temari wrapped her hands around to the back of Naruto's neck, anchoring her on him as he drove his cock harder and harder through her pussy lips. She'd already taken the study of his body crashing up against hers; now her deep-green eyes were on his face, intent on maintaining eye contact. She had such a fierce look. It sent shots of pleasure down to Naruto's very core when she looked at him like that, all the while gasping. It made him drive harder.

Shikamaru was playing lookout against the trunk of a tree not more than three feet from where his friend fucked his girlfriend. Lazily, his legs were kicked out ahead of him, and his hands distracted themselves by either flicking ash off his cigarette or flipping open the cap of Asuma's lighter and closing it again. To his credit, he did find some lust stirring whenever he watched Temari underneath the hips of another, crying out for them, sharing secrets of what she liked that Shikamaru was often unwilling to do. He was a cuckold, and if someone called him that, he'd shrug and say that he kept his girl happy without trying.

Forgoing her usual favorites – doggy-style or cowgirl – Temari resigned to the missionary position, though Naruto did not disappoint her. He loomed over her, his hands mostly keeping support unless the heave of her hidden breasts urged him to tug her top down again to see them lunge in time with his pelvis. Lovely pink; a good-sized chest… He craned his mouth to catch a nipple and suck it until a moan needed to be given.

"Heh," he weakly started, nuzzling his cheek to her bosoms while clumsily keeping the tempo. "I really like your boobs, Temari."

"Shut up," she wheezed back at him, yanking at his hair to throw him back up to his rightful position. One condition to this debacle: no talking. She had been reluctant at first, viewing Naruto as a blabbermouth and something of a bad influence on Shikamaru – for some things – but she inevitably agreed when the other option was Choji. Kiba had almost made the cut, but Shikamaru smartly weighed the cons of letting a possessive-type like Kiba get a hold of his girlfriend.

Naruto had showed some apprehension at first when they came to him with the proposition after treating him to a two-bowl maximum – Temari's insistence – ramen dinner. By the end, after the awkward negotiations and the act were completed at Naruto's secluded house – his mom away with friends – she was satisfied with the results and confessed secretly to herself that she might've gone as high as a four-bowl maximum if she knew what she'd be getting…

Now, Naruto rode her hard, his hands now catching the backs of her thighs to turn them up. With her acquiescence of holding her knees in place, Naruto had formed her into a bowl, now pushing downward instead of up. Her legs came up to her chest; an uncomfortable strain normally, but for a young, seasoned Kunoichi, merely an exercise of flexibility. He felt deeper like this, though he needn't try so hard. Since the first thrust, she felt him up against her womb as if begging for immediate entry. Now might be a good time to remind him…

"Pull out," he heard her gasp, and he gave his word that he would, though not without a knowing snicker.

He had other plans for this position anyway. His thrusts were deliberately hard, and though crashing against her cervix felt good – for him – he liked the idea of her feeling his balls slapping against her backdoor; the place where his finger had once wandered curiously during their second time – the only 'fully naked' encounter they'd had thus far – and she immediately turned on him, refusing access, though seeming so shy and innocent compared to her usual countenance. He had mentioned that to her before, and that was when she implemented the new 'No Talking' rule.

Well, rules were rules, and he didn't need to tease her to enjoy himself. He was Jiraiya's apprentice! He'd learned all sorts of tricks of the trade when it came to women! How else would he have learned about the Gloryhole no Jutsu, after all?

Still pressing her legs up, one hand neared to where her lips separated around his piston. His thumb stretched out, touching the modestly-shaven curls of Temari's crotch – soft and bouncy instead of prickly, as he'd found other women's pubic hair to be – and then touched home at her clit. Her weakness aside from her protectiveness of her asshole; she yelped and a leg kicked against the press of his hand. Determinedly, he rotated against the nub, not satisfied to give her less than two orgasms each meeting.

"We still have a meeting with the Fifth," she heard Shikamaru say, and she shouted at him to shut up just before her climax was reached. She swore – probably at Naruto – and curled her body, bunching up her back kimono and unintentionally losing her tits underneath the folds of fabric. The legs he'd supported slipped free of his hands and now rested over his shoulders. Another sound from her mouth; unintelligible, but Naruto could've sworn it was praise that she almost let slip. He would've kissed her on the mouth if that wasn't also prohibited; a Shikamaru rule.

The hem of her black kimono had been pushed up to the small of her back. Small wonder why, Naruto thought with a victorious smirk. The second time: that was when he confirmed that she was a squirter. The hot gush sprayed out and around his dick, though he tried vainly to plug her up. She screamed, her normally even tone broken by her own ecstasy. Still, Naruto's thumb kept after her clit. Technique was given over to speed, rubbing the vulnerable jewel as fast as he could, like a genie would pop out of her cunt to give three wishes.

"Stop!" she finally conceded, grabbing his wrist with shaky fingers and a buckling pelvis. It was too much all at once. He could feel her desperation by the nails biting his skin. He relented, but with a good amount of pride earned. Now came the part when he just relaxed and enjoyed the vibrations of her body as she gave into a fit of spasms while drenching the earth with her shame.

Shikamaru puffed one last time, the tobacco all but spent. He scrubbed the butt into the ground, sighed, and started to get up. His stiff joints creaked, so he stretched. "Are you done?" he asked, looking at his girlfriend as she began to recline, the orgasm letting go of the tension that made her body curl. She laid flat on the ground, her pigtails gathering twigs and dirt and grass; hopefully no stains on her kimono, though that might've been too much to pray for.

Shikamaru guessed that, with his obscured training with the Sannin, Naruto had taught himself to cum at will. What else explained Naruto's cool as he took himself from Temari's puffy vagina – a long slide that a whine chased with her hips – and aimed appropriately with vigorous jerking?

On guard, Temari quickly intercepted the path of his wad with both hands forming a barrier that would prevent him from getting anywhere on her clothes. Sometimes, Naruto showed uncommon consideration for such a plight; he aimed not for her bosom or face – the second time – but for her legs. Hot, almost-decorative waves burst across her thighs, nearer to her groin than she would've liked, but he wound up twisting her leg to cum directly across her toes. A foot fetish, or maybe just thorough; Shikamaru turned away and decided not to analyze Naruto's motives.

Temari wrinkled her nose at the mess stringing between her toes, a mess across her sandals, but she'd no time to complain; not when Naruto scooched up to saddle her stomach. She rolled her eyes, an annoyed scoff exiting her mouth before puckering her lips over Naruto's tip. She knew Shikamaru didn't like this particular go of things; swallowing cum, putting genitals to mouth. She staved off those urges for him, but there was no rule forbidding it.

Naruto took into account the glower of her eyes, but there was no denying the feeling of her tongue secretly flicking across his head, inviting the rest of his storage to slop over her taste buds before heading down her throat. No cumming inside had its loopholes, he figured with a grin.

It was her choice to end it, though Naruto insisted he could stay much longer. Temari saw that his cock still bobbed for attention. Her needs, however, were not as insatiable as a young Jinchuriki in the midst of sexual ascent. "We have to go," she stated for Shikamaru, who had already started to move in the direction of the Hokage building. She fluffed out her pigtails, took out whatever forest debris had clung in them, and straightened her kimono. Naruto leant a hand and brushed some dirt off her back, apologizing a little for a hidden grass stain, but she said nothing in reply. She straddled her fan behind her, knelt to wipe as much goo from her toes as she could, and then walked with Shikamaru.

Shikamaru said nothing to his girl's bull; just waved two fingers, turned and lit a new cigarette.

Naruto was alone. He sighed heavily, shoulders lifting and dropping as he stared after the two. Far be it from him to start understanding the lazy ass and butch chick he wound up with. The arrangement was simple, and could be ended just as simply. He refused to complain… but the needs of a Jinchuriki wereinsatiable.

A sly-faced smile crossed his face when he decided that the hot springs was the appropriate place to go now.

Snickering, he put his cock back into his orange trousers – an uncomfortable stickiness that he'd deal with later – and zipped up. Temari was amazing, he wouldn't say otherwise, but he just needed that little extra, and that was what a gloryhole was for. Something quick and anonymous… or not so anonymous.

He recounted another encounter with a blonde; an earlier exploit of his, far off in the region of Kumogakure during his training with Ero-Sennin. The old pervert had taken off to pursue a blonde with much shorter hair and a much heavier rack than the one Naruto had an encounter with. Admittedly, at this time, he wasn't seasoned and he even shied away from the woman who was occupying the hot springs he'd happened upon. But she was not shy and invited him in to join her.

She hadn't been exotic like the other women of Kumo; long dusky-blonde ponytail down to her waist, red lips, dark eyes. And she was naked! Yes, Naruto's eyes had taken that in first and foremost. High, taut breasts, hard pink at their centers, wobbling as she stalked towards him; Naruto at first wanted to give her privacy and peace, but she insisted that she was no enemy of wayward travelers… so long as they did not make her an enemy.

She had interrogated the boy – "Where are you from?" "What are you doing in Kumo?" "Are you searching for me?" – to his discomfort. It was hard to give smart answers when naked, bare for her to see. The cloudy waters were his refuge, but she came to him like a game of cat-and-mouse.

It was the first oral experience he had. He wasn't quite sure about the details, but he had would up on the ridge of the water, her legs open, his crotch uncovered, and her between his knees, playing with his cock, fondling his balls like toys. Especially his balls! Of all things, he remembered how she tended to them most of all. She had nuzzled them with the fondness of a cat to her favorite ball of yarn, licking them or sucking them into her mouth one by one. And when he'd commented on how good it felt, her eyes flashed like a mischievous cat.

Yes, she was thorough; more thorough than the curious, bubbly dark-skinned girl he'd a run-in before. She let him cum in her mouth, and while he panted and recovered, she harbored his hot jizz and carried it until she kissed him. Deep and hard; sealing his lips with hers, not allowing refusal as she gave him her tongue. The seed he'd blindly expected her to swallow came into his mouth now, rubbing along the roof of his mouth and oozing along his tongue, forcing him to sample the bitterness he had fired off in her. More than that, she did not come away swiftly; she waited until he drank it down. His first snowballing… You'd have to be in the right mood for that, especially after cumming, and the mood was rare for Naruto, having not down it since.

His recollection of her – the Neko Onee-chan, as he'd been given no name to call her – had helped or hurt his current drive; that was for sure. If Temari was still in range, he'd probably beg for one more go.

But she wasn't in range, and begging might not have been good to do. Shikamaru would feel a beggar was too troublesome to deal with.

Naruto had chosen his path and would stick to it, heading through the village to the hot springs, never expecting to run into – at the doorway, no less – his mother; Kushina and Mikoto, as a matter of fact. And both seemed equally surprised to bump into him. Mikoto turned away, though Naruto only noticed how his mother's face turned a light shade of pink.

"Naruto," she said with a nice mix of surprise and fondness. She laughed, a forced sound, but Naruto paid no mind to it, just happy to see her smiling. Growing up without her, he took pleasure in those sentimental things. "Visiting the hot springs again? You weren't lying about taking frequent baths."

Gushing a little, Naruto nodded while rubbing the back of his head. It was easy to agree, but his stomach felt a little stony knowing that his cock was rigid while facing his mom. She might not have been the cause of it, but it was still there. And of course… lonely orphan he was… it wasn't like he hadn'tthought that during her miracle revival.

He acknowledged Mikoto as well, greeting her, and she solemnly gave him a nod and a smile, seeming very eager to pass him and be on her way with Kushina.

Well, they all three had things to do; Naruto wanted to get it done sooner rather than later, and it was best knowing that his mom was out of the line of fire. He promised to meet her at home in a little bit, kissed her cheek, and hurried inside. No one was inside? Good! Naruto disrobed quickly, his cock flinging out of his pants and waving proudly in front of him. With a bit more discretion, he headed to the bath, and – luck again – he was alone. And that hole, that glorious little punch in the wall was still there, inviting him to be naughty.

He rubbed himself a few times, a few scoops of hot bathwater cleaning away the drying residue of Temari's pussy, and then aimed at the hole. He listened first, listened hard over the thump of his excited heart. He wanted to hear the delicate slap of feminine feet and slide his cock through to presentation.

Quiet… All disappointingly quiet. Naruto resigned to it, snagging his cock, pushing his head against the wall, and relied on memory to help do him in. He rubbed himself back and forth, holding his breath, hitching every now and then; hitching until he stopped and realized… a woman had come.

Naruto, eager to stir up mischief, stopped and confirmed it. Yes, there was a woman on the other side of the wall. Alone, too! He beamed and looked at his unsatisfied prick. Time to lead out the bait. He eased through the wall with great care as if he was entering a woman; he almost groaned.

Then came the wait that carried the most anticipation. Would the woman see it? Would it be a happy response as it had been with Ayame? His cock surged, and he felt the discharge of anticipation drip from the tip.

The feet stopped; Naruto knew now and waited with bated breath for the response.

"Heh… So that's it."

Naruto felt that he'd heard that voice before. The anticipation began to ebb, a strange feeling of a sixth sense warning him away. He obeyed it quickly. Something told him to flee, and he listened, withdrawing and snatching up his towel.

But it was too late. A kunoichi! She was over the wall and barred Naruto's path before he could make his third step. He backed away, wide-eyed as he stared at her, clad in only a towel with a firm smirk on her face.

"We knew it was you, Naruto."

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