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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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I mean, you'd think when he heard they'd show up in the anime, Kishimoto would say 'Here's some names to tack onto them!' Now we got uninspired Kaori and unfortunate Buta


Kushina & Mikoto


"There's a hole at the hot springs?!" Kushina cackled (much to copier's smug self-satisfaction) after the news was delivered.

Mikoto, however, stayed calm and stoic, allowing her friend time to vent her humor, though she seemed very aware that Kushina was too loud with her feelings. Fellow patrons of the food stall had looked up from their meals to see the reason for the clamor.

When Kushina had simmered down a little, Mikoto awkwardly cleared her throat into her fist; the picturesque of decorum and poise, very opposite to her brutish but beautiful friend. "The Mothers' Association has decided not to bring Fifth-sama into this matter. Yoshino-san…" She brushed thoughtfully at her chin, looking off to the side as she tried to explain diplomacy to Yoshino's rage. "She believes that too many trusted jonin are suspect to… matters like these."

Kushina, stuffing a whole dumpling in her mouth, understood completely and nodded with muffled agreement. Kakashi was a pleasant, if not stiff child, but from her son's description of him, he'd become somewhat sluggish in everyday life and had a keenness to the late Jiraiya-sensei's erotic novels. Still, she couldn't help a giggle as she gulped down her mouthful. Ebisu, Kotetsu, Izumo; all in one way or another, textbook pervs. But the matter at hand remained.

"Who do you think did it?' Kushina asked quietly and excitedly over her waiting platter of dango. She liked guessing, like a game or something.

Mikoto, of course, hadn't the heart to tell her outright that her own son was the prime suspect of the deviancy. She once again held up a timid hand like a barrier between her and her friend. "No one can say yet," she copped out rather obviously. "But Yoshino-san is determined."

In one swift, un-savored bite, Kushina cleaned the stick of dango balls, munched with the manners of her ill-behaved child, and swallowed loudly. Chased the dessert with a swig of lukewarm tea, and she was ready to move, heedless of Mikoto's unfinished foodstuffs. "Let's go see this hole," Kushina insisted, pulling at her easily-swayed friend's arm. Mikoto was far too refined to put up physical resistance, though she did give grievance over her wasted food.

When it came to difference of opinion, Kushina was oftentimes the winner of the arguments. Not that Mikoto was bitter, for a prestigious clan of nobles did not give her a life of excitement and fun… Not the first time around…

Since Sasuke's tampering with the powers of the Rinnegan, he'd left the village – and his mother – again to do some soul searching of his own. She wished to spend time with the child she had been taken abruptly from, but she also could not deny him the destiny he'd walked into or the man he'd become. She'd kissed his forehead, whispered the words of a mother, and let him on his way. This left Kushina as the only one to connect to. Rather fondly, Mikoto looked to the swishing red tresses moving to the sway of Kushina's steps.

At one point, Kushina turned to her best friend and smiled like a kid. Mikoto's head tilted to the side, and she smiled right back.


The hot springs were not as popular as Kushina had remembered. Perhaps Jiraiya-sensei's infamy had warded away women; Kushina had heard of a waterfall nearby that nubile women liked to play at. Maybe she should visit there some time. The years had passed, but her return had prevented those years from showing on her face. She and Mikoto were still a pair of knockouts, if she said so herself with pride.

"Yoshino-san or the others might be here too," Mikoto speculated as they stood outside the bathhouse, hearing the bamboo fountain clunk rhythmically whenever it capsized with trickling water.

"So?" Kushina shoved her fist ahead and marched forward like a woman with purpose. "They can't stop me from bathing! C'mon, Mikoto!"

A sweat drop not made of heat rolled down her cheek, but Mikoto followed without complaint.

They came to the women's dressing area, Kushina throwing the door open as if expecting to uncover a group of mothers gossiping about vandalism, but she was ultimately disappointed. Sure, she hadn't been invited to join the Mothers Alliance, and true, she would've turned down such a ridiculous clique, but she had a fondness of greater groups. As a chubby kid foreigner, she was too often excluded and made fun of; as a luscious and stunning adult, the women who did not envy her beauty – such as Mebuki – were kind and even flocked to her.

"Oh," she muttered dejectedly. She put her hands on her hips, scanning like she'd find someone hiding in a corner. And while she wasted time with needless observance, Mikoto – the one who had not wanted to come to the hot springs – started to undress. Her top came off first, and was folded methodically into a basket. Her bra – white and equally plain as her clothing – stayed on as her dress was removed; not dropped to bundle around her feet, she went through the effort of holding it down to her knees and stepping out before folding.

Her process was opposite to Kushina. After accepting the fact that they'd be bathing alone, Kushina loosened her attire and almost threw it all off like a burst of fireworks. "I thought someone would be here," she griped, unclasping the back of her bra and pitching it into the basket where the rest of her clothes were strewn.

Compulsively, Mikoto – wrapped conservatively in a towel – tidied up after Kushina, unflinching even as she handled the panties striped in varying shades of green. A choice for younger women, Mikoto mused with a faint smile as she folded them and set it on top, then sliding the basket into a cubby.

As brazenly as she had with the other door, Kushina flung the pathway to the bath wide. Her legs were separated, and the strong pull of her arm caused her breasts to lurch before stabilizing again. As always, the bathing area had dreamy trailers of mist filling the air, a palpable calmness to envelope the body and senses. The earlier disappointment of their solitude vanished, and Kushina whirled on Mikoto, swiped up her hand and encouraged her to the cleaning area. "C'mon, Mikoto!" she cheered, urging her friend to sit.

"I can wash myself, Kushina," Mikoto said, a subtle enjoyment in her voice; something caught from Kushina's bubbly contagion.

But Kushina refused, wagging her finger sternly in Mikoto's face and saying that it was necessary for a skinship amongst friends. Baths were very important to the people of the Whirlpool village; a sort of inherent nature like a Nara's intellect and slacker attitude or an Inuzuka's feral compulsions. Mikoto resigned with a smile to Kushina's insistence and took a seat, though she was more than a bit troubled when Kushina liberated her of her white towel. "We're both girls," said the redhead happily, though she pushed the boundaries of etiquette and friendly intimacy when she reached around and scooped up both of Mikoto's heavy breasts. Mikoto gasped her name, turning to her with a reddened face, but Kushina aloofly put her chin on her shoulder and gawked downward at her fleshy bounty. She groped more, nudging the brownish nipples upward to face her. "Wow," she mused with Mikoto gestating awkwardly under her inspection. "They're bigger than mine, really!" Bigger than she remembered, as well; this was not their first trip to the hot springs together.

Mikoto turned away, pursing her lips and trying not to overreact to Kushina's brazen coddling. "Um, Kushina…" With a shaky hand, she reached forward and plucked the showerhead from the holster beneath the mirror. She might as well have shoved it into Kushina's hand with the urgency she had to swap her attention.

"Oh, right!" Kushina sat back, balancing on her knees and the balls of her feet as she awkwardly rubbed her head. "Sorry, I got distracted!" Mikoto just nodded and faced forward and Kushina rummaged through the leftover complimentary toiletries. They should have brought their own; Kushina was just too impatient. But after just a little while of shivering naked on the stool, Mikoto heard Kushina give a laugh of triumph.

The water was turned on, but aside from the back-spray bouncing off the sponge, Mikoto didn't feel a thing until Kushina was ready. The rough caress of the loofa pressed against her back; she let out a relaxed sigh and closed her eyes. Kushina was very gentle and firm, rubbing in a nice, circular pattern along her shoulder blades and lower. Soft suds ran down the line of her spine and made her shiver when they dripped to her lower crevice.

And while Mikoto felt like she was merging with the touch, Kushina just scrubbed along with a diligent smile, watching the suds accumulate in a billow of foam before she swept it away. Mikoto had kindly lifted the veil of her glossy raven hair, her left hand pinning it in a bun atop her head as Kushina rubbed her.

Her body was certainly firmer than Kushina. How had she managed that after two children? Kushina would've been green with envy if they were not friends. "I'm jealous," she confessed, her voice quiet, though echoing in the large emptiness of the bath. "You have such a beautiful body, Mikoto."

Flushed, Mikoto turned away and crossed her right arm over to her left shoulder as some form of security. "Kushina," she pulled, "it sounds insincere coming from you. You've been an active shinobi until pregnancy."

Kushina chortled, took the compliment, but didn't say that the mountains of emptied ramen bowls after each mission counteracted the calories spent on those missions. She just kept to her task, scrubbing up and down Mikoto before rolling around to her front. Her tummy was one thing, but Mikoto hitched a little when Kushina brushed her breasts. Covered in fluff and water, her nipples perked eagerly, stimulated each time Kushina passed nonchalantly over them.

Maybe Kushina was more explorative alone; that must be why she didn't react to their intimacy, but Mikoto had not known touch – her own or another's – since long before her revival. A husband whose focus was a coup, or the betterment of his children; she did not fault him for these things, but a wife should not be so carelessly overlooked.

Mikoto fidgeted and pressed her thighs together as if Kushina had made a daring dash there. To steady her, Kushina set her right hand atop Mikoto's shoulder, muttering that she shouldn't squirm. "I didn't know you were ticklish," she wrongly assumed, giggling but making more careful passes along her friend's ribs.

Mikoto dipped her head slightly, though her smile reflected well in the mirror ahead of her. Subtly, softly, she reached her right hand up to touch the one on her shoulder. She caressed the fingers, but Kushina did not respond. "It's alright," she said.

The rest of the scrub-down was more or less uneventful, with Kushina doing a swift pass up and down Mikoto's legs. Her finish was a flourish, sitting next to Mikoto's feet and lifting one high – to Mikoto's offended modesty – and swept down to and across her sole. Clearly an attempt to trigger Mikoto's supposed ticklishness; all she won was a smile on Mikoto's face.

Kushina's wash-up was much quicker, much more haphazard. While Mikoto voluntarily rinsed off the soap, Kushina dumped a bucket of water over her head, soaped up, and re-dumped the bucket. Her wash was so quick that she was up and bouncing around before Mikoto even finished turning off the water to her showerhead.

"Now let's find that hole!" she cheered abruptly, not caring how her naked breasts bounced when she thrust her fists up high; smaller than Mikoto's, but no less stimulating to the eye with peach pink caps to contrast Mikoto's brown nubs.

Mikoto was half-surprised to be reminded of the scorned hole. The feather light touches and current doting of Kushina had distracted her so much that she'd just about forgotten why they'd come in the first place. To relax, she'd thought, though she must admit to having been somewhat curious when Yoshino first laid the declaration of the scandal. Jiraiya had been known to vandalize the hot springs in his day – while Mikoto and the other Uchiha women were safe in their privatized hot spring bath – but he had never tried something so perverse. He was more of a watcher

Now here was Kushina, treading the length of the divider, pressing up against it, mashing her tits against the smooth tile. Mikoto watched with a fondness to her childlike excitement. She scaled the decorative rocks, and halfway across the wall's length, she gave a cheer of triumph. "I found it already!" she swung around to tell Mikoto with a beaming smile; a smile that did not belong on the face of a woman who discovered such a sinfully intended hole.

At once, before Mikoto could advise her against it, Kushina dropped to her knees and pressed her eye against the hole, peeping the men's side with rapt fascination. "Kushina," stammered the other woman, holding up her hands as if intending to pry Kushina away from her fun. "Maybe you shouldn't…"

"Do you think someone will come?" Kushina asked, not hearing Mikoto's voice with her heartbeat drumming in her ears. Without thinking of the consequences, she shoved two fingers through the hole like bait. She wiggled them, and then pulled back and looked. Maybe she hadn't seen any men, but she hoped that they were just lost in the steam. But after a few more tries, she sat back, once again disappointed with the day's missed opportunities. Her enthusiasm for the hole deepened Mikoto's own suspicions of Kushina's son. Though one could not say habits were hereditary, Naruto had nonetheless picked up Kushina's nonsensical words to punctuate sentences.

Well, it wasn't a total loss. Doing away with her sadness, she looked up at Mikoto – now standing awkwardly at her side – and asked, "How'd Yoshino find out about this anyway?"

Mikoto thought about it. Yoshino did not deliver specifics, but it was easy enough to guess why Konohamaru the Third's grandson had wound up in that chair. Again, she thought of the consequences of giving Kushina an abundance of information. Konohamaru was like a little brother to Naruto. "Someone had tried it on Yoshino-san," Mikoto finally confessed, a shade of red crossing her cheeks that wasn't very unlike that Hyuga girl Kushina had caught eyeing her son frequently.

At once, Kushina threw her head back and cackled. "I wish I saw her face! Who was it?"

"He ran away," Mikoto answered surely, having prepared for the question.

Kushina, coming down from her hysterics, eyed the hole again, this time pensively. "Why don't you just block it or fill it up?" she asked.

"Yoshino-san wants to catch the person in the act, and then bring them to the Hokage for discipline."

That made sense, though Kushina thought it was too much trouble. It seemed like just a harmless prank; all the times Jiraiya-sensei had tried to see up her skirt or down her blouse had desensitized her to these kinds of matters. And truthfully, she thought it was a bit exciting.

Mikoto coaxed her into the bath, and she followed while contemplating. If Minato was around, she would've liked to try that mystery hole. There had been a time even – before Naruto's bond with Kurama awakened her from the Root's hidden treasury – when she asked Minato to do certain perverted activities. But Minato, true and quite modest, expressed apprehension to conducting those perverted activities. "Mikoto is also married," he would contend to her offer. Such debates led to vigorous fucking – not lovemaking – where Kushina would ride him, hoping to change his mind amongst pleasure-fueled disregard, but he always flipped it on her – literally – and rode her to mind-blowing climax. Modest he was, but a fantastic lover, and she would brag that to any woman worth bragging to – Mebuki.

But without him, that certainly left a hole to fill – pun intended. Kushina needed the intimacy, though she adored her lost husband. As Mikoto had guessed, she hadn't been shy to meet her body with her fingers while widowed, though her son rarely left her enough privacy to truly see it through. Sighing with some reluctance, wondering what she would have done if a man had slipped his piece through that hole in the wall, she sunk down to her nose in the water next to Mikoto.

Quietly, Mikoto let her body soak in the warm water, fatigue and stress washing away with each passing second. But her thoughts strayed to her companion as she tried to meditate. Kushina… her body, the lovely body that she'd seconded to Mikoto's. True, Mikoto was fit and firm, and her breasts were a bit larger, her hips curvier and her thighs luscious; but Kushina had that confidence that drew men regardless. Her breasts carried like a teenager in their prime, no sad droop or motherly baggage; she was a mother with none of the traits. Though she was hard on her weight, Mikoto saw no excess anywhere on her, going far enough to say that she was more on the skinny side but for her swollen breasts.

And then there was the charter of the eye; Mikoto had been quick and subtle in the glance, but she had seen the patch of fiery curls surrounding and crowning her crotch, trimmed down to just a third-of-an-inch forest; Mikoto, though not trying to impress anyone, had rid herself of all but a triangular patch of dark hair atop her gash, as she had done since adulthood. She recalled Kushina saying how she'd come to love the color of her hair and did not want to cut it; it seemed it applied down there too.

Maybe if Kushina had asked back then… Mikoto would have said yes. Minato was handsome, a heartthrob even to the stunning Uchiha women, and Kushina was not far from the mark when she had likened Fugaku to Frankenstein's monster. No doubt Minato would've given her a memorable ride, but if she were honest, she'd be more thrilled with that electric zeal Kushina often displayed.

"Mikoto," whispered the redhead. Mikoto looked at her, sunken up to her chin in water whereas she herself sat up so that her breasts were halfway submerged. Kushina looked up at her with those glimmering orbs of violet and gave a very sincere smile. "I'm glad we're here, y'know?"

Mikoto stared for a moment, gave a small nod, and then leaned in, kissing Kushina on the mouth; brief and fleeting, but it was not a friend's kiss. It spoke volumes of how she felt about her friend, her impulse finally overcoming the Uchiha poise. Their lips connected fully for more than a second before Mikoto lifted away and let the lucidity fill her cheeks with red and her mind with dread. She watched Kushina, ready for some response or some whisper of how those feelings were not reciprocated. Instead, what she got from the cutely dumbfounded woman was a small but cheeky smile, a dash of pink to go along with Mikoto's crimson, and a cute giggle as Kushina's head ducked between her shoulders.

For a long time, both were in reflective silence. It was getting just about unbearable, so Mikoto was the first to stand – after almost an hour of sitting – and crossed her arm across her chest, feeling unbearably modest and exposed now. Kushina got up with her – with none of her modesty – and gave just an agreeing nod instead of the usual jolt of excitement and the suggestion of Ichiraku.

Kushina, though being second to stand up, headed the way to the exit. Mikoto intentionally dragged her feet, not wanting to be in Kushina's direct line of sight. There was the temptation to admire the feminine sway of her hips, the way each ass cheek creased slightly at the bottom in each step's exchange, but she refused those objectifying notions. Bad enough that she kissed and made these feelings known outright…

The dressing room was even quieter than the bathroom. Mikoto had since grabbed another towel and tucked it around her nudity as if it would cover up what had happened between the two friends. But Kushina stayed quiet too, futzing abstractly with the clothes Mikoto had folded away for her. She held her underwear up, looking at it in deep contemplation. Mikoto had folded these too.

Likewise, Mikoto took her time dressing. In fact, she'd only taken out and held her bra before the awkwardness gripped her. She was of the illustrious Uchiha. She should not succumb to discomfort. The Uchiha did not make mistakes; they corrected them. If acting on her impulse was a misdeed, than she should explain it.

She touched the cubby ahead of her, and then grabbed it like the only ledge above a bottomless fall. "Kushina," she started softly, "about that… that kiss…"

Kushina swept her up like mentioning it had made it real. Mikoto was turned around, and immediately she knew Kushina's lips again, and now knew the fieriness of the Uzumaki's kiss. Kushina kissed her deep, much deeper than Mikoto's earlier chaste kiss, and tongue was employed.

Kushina was not bashful; never had been, and never would be. She liked and wanted Mikoto's breasts, so she took them. Mikoto's mouth veered off of Kushina's ravenous one, exposing her neck to hot kisses and passionate bites. Looking down, she saw Kushina find and tug at her left nipple, stretching the breast outward before letting go.

Here? In the women's dressing room? Mikoto had imagined this moment with a bit more forethought and restraint, but she hadn't the strength to resist Kushina now. Already her towel was torn off and thrown to the side, exposing her to her friend's hungry hands. They roamed her tits, tweaking her nipples, headed down the toned flesh of her body. If Kushina had it her way, she'd already put Mikoto on all fours and sit behind her, pumping two fingers into both of Mikoto's exposed holes.

But for the noise of someone else arriving to the hot springs. There was a big enough scandal for the Mothers Alliance to deal with; Mikoto couldn't let them think that one of their own was part of the problem. She was the one who broke away first, turning from Kushina and hugging herself insecurely while Kushina questioned her with a blank stare.

"Not… not here," Mikoto finally got out, and then began to dress at a much quicker rate than before, not providing Kushina the chance to dissuade her humility.

Kushina dressed swiftly, fixing her bra into her pocket instead of wasting time putting it on. She chased after the hurrying Uchiha, giving a curt nod to the woman – another of the Mother Alliance – whose arrival had interrupted what may have been the best part of the day.

Mikoto seemed in a rush to put distance between them, but Kushina hadn't allowed her. She caught her by the hand, slowing her and putting their pace to match one another. "I'm sorry, Kushina," Mikoto said, turning her head away just as they reached the exit. "I was…"

"Naruto!" Kushina interrupted quickly, a swift warning to Mikoto that her son was present. Mikoto perked up and looked; the blond No.1 suspect of the Konoha Mothers Alliance, yet she could hardly give him much attention after what had transpired with his mom and her. The small chitchat faded to the back of Mikoto's mind as she thought of how Kushina's anxious hands grabbed at her body, and how closely she had come to know the most intimate parts of her best friend.

"Hi, Mikoto-san," Naruto's voice crashed through her consciousness. She blinked as if waking up and saw those bright blue eyes were on her. She regarded him for a moment, putting his face on the unknown deviant of the hot springs. She didn't want to believe it – for Kushina's sake – but he seemed like the sort to take certain pranks too far. But with the hot springs currently in use by a fellow Mother, if he was the one doing shenanigans, he'd be apprehended within the hour.

Nonetheless, she bid him a fond hello with a warm smile, and then passed him; he seemed just as eager to go by her. Little she needed to be eyed by a suspected deviant when her body was aching for some thorough contact.

Naruto gone – likely to ill-ending misdeeds – Kushina turned Mikoto to face her. There was a quaint blush on Kushina's face, accompanied with a smirk. "Should we go to my place? Naruto's not there." Her smirk promised a very good ending to their earlier encounter.

And it was hard to say no. The conflicted feelings she had, she knew better than to rush into Kushina's arms right offhand. She excused herself with a respectful bow, one that should not be given to a friend as close as Kushina. And while Kushina sulked wordlessly, Mikoto took a brisk pace to the apartment her son had left her.

She needed to be alone right now. Otherwise, she might find that hole in the hot springs very useful after Kushina's tease…

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