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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto immediately made himself a flying dozen, fanning out in land and on ground. He had only one way to run, but he hoped that by rushing her, he'd slip by without incident. She seemed slow enough that it was possible.

But her statement: We knew it was you. It bothered Naruto. And Naruto's strength in dire situations was impulse; he was thinking too much, and while she might've seemed slow, her clan's hereditary ability was quite effective with handling a tight clutch of enemies.

She flanked him on both sides, her hands stretching out and expanding to clap together, dispatching all fakes until she clutched just one Naruto in between both hands, one of flesh and blood. Of course, he fought against her great strength, but unless he woke up Kurama – who had refused to participate in Naruto's childish hi-jinks – he was stuck. He had his pride, after all; he wasn't about to go all out against a mom, let alone a friend's mom!

Despite his desperate situation, Akimichi Buta smiled reassuringly at her capture and reeled him in, her limbs returning to their natural size and length until she was just holding Naruto by his biceps in front of her. By that time, he'd calmed down a bit. If he were in trouble, he doubted she'd release the Body Expansion technique so quickly. But what kept him in place instead of bolting was her smile.

If a woman disapproved of Naruto's 'offering', he'd normally be rebuked or the woman would make a threat that insisted that he make a retreat. Never had a woman come face-to-face with him. Oddly, it made him feel some modicum of shame. His eyes fell to the floor, wandering off while he waited for whatever it was that Buta wanted with him.

"Relax, Naruto-chan," she soothed him, touching her thumb to his whiskers and petting gently. He blinked and looked at her dead-on. It was as if he suddenly remembered who this woman was. He remembered the moms of Shikamaru and Kiba; both had been very strict women who treated Naruto like some kind of street urchin. But Choji's mom had been a welcoming mother, oftentimes inviting the lonely orphan to a meal after playing with her son. She had her quirks, but despite the fearsomeness when she glared, Naruto never really had anything bad to say about her… other than the gluttonous traits of her clan as a whole.

Yep, that towel was put to work, stretching across her bulk, tightest at her chest where her bosoms swelled. He did not look to assess those particular attributes; bad enough he offended her with his cock through the wall. Yeah, that, he also remembered, and an impulsive "Sorry" came out of his mouth.

Buta smiled a little less, but the smile was still there. And while he was looking at his toes again, she eyed him top to bottom to top again. He certainly had grown from the scrawny child who tried to ravage as much as her son at the dinner table. It was both impressive and cute.

Then her eyes wandered to the scene of the offense. Naruto's towel had been in place, and the shock had certainly discouraged him, so she wondered the estimation. Spotting the site, it made sense. The clever boy had carved into the thick wall before drilling the hole, leaving a depression to shove his pelvis against so that the wall's width didn't use up his length. To have what looked like seven or eight inches sticking out to her, without the divider carved out, Naruto would have had to have used one of Orochimaru's elongating techniques.

She turned her attention to the teen, who regarded her with his cerulean gaze. A rather innocent glance for such an ambitious pervert, Buta mused.

Tucking her towel at her bosom, she moved, allowing Naruto relief from her stifling presence and silence. "Naruto-chan," she started with some hint of exasperation and concern, "you need to be more careful with what you do." She had moved over to the bathwater and tested it with her toes – toenails painted purple like her fingernails.

Naruto watched her as an expression of surprise took his face. "You… you're not mad?" he asked, hoping to make some clarity out of this confusing encounter.

She beamed over her shoulder. "You are young, and you have natural urges. The Akimichi clan, perhaps more than any other, understands that. If you crave something, you must satisfy that craving." She eased into the men's side bath, exhaling hotly as her body soaked. It felt so good to be in the water.

Scratching his head, Naruto wondered if it was some sort of trick. But having a stronger faith in people than some would guess, he snickered and put his trust in her. "I thought you'd be angry and stuff," he confessed, putting his hands behind his head.

He was happy and clearly relieved, but Buta did not have only good things to say. That hard and scary glower turned on him, and his smiling ceased. "I said you need to be more careful, Naruto-chan. There are others who are on the lookout for you. They know about your hole." She pointed to the gloryhole for emphasis. "And they already suspect you as the culprit. Poor Konohamaru-chan has already been abducted, but he hasn't said anything about your involvement."

Naruto quickly became concerned. "Konohamaru?! But…! I haven't seen him since I showed him…!" He trailed off, thinking it too much information to give out, though since he'd already flashed Buta, the line of boundaries between them had been pushed to the horizon.

She held up a hand, not needing the explanation. "I'll try to get him free, and I don't want you to stop…" Her eyes flickered from the hole to Naruto's groin. "… indulging."

A method of parenting, considering Choji's weight, Naruto vaguely considered.

"But Nara Yoshino is hoping to catch you. I didn't think the one responsible would try for me, but…" She smiled again. "You are known for doing the unexpected."

"Yeah, I guess so," Naruto modestly said, scratching idly at the bridge of his nose while trying to contain his hot blush. He walked closer to Buta without really noticing it. "So… Shikamaru's mom is after me?"

Buta nodded, and added, "The whole of the Allied Mothers Force is. If Tsume was involved, you'd be apprehended already. You're lucky she's away."

Cupping his chin in thought, Naruto hummed. The Allied Mothers Force; that was a lot of women to outmaneuver. Luckily, he was quite sure that his mom wasn't a part of it, though Sasuke's mom joined quickly shortly after her return. This wasn't like planning for a battle with Sasuke, Madara or some witch from another time. He could beat the entirety of Konoha! But no way was he going to violence… This took another sort of cunning if he wanted to keep the glory in that hole.

Perhaps it was time to return to the ways of a prankster. He grinned mischievously and began to chortle to himself. If he could best chunin and jonin as a kid, he could outwit an angry mob of mothers.

And of course, for this, he thanked Choji's mom, bowing to her respectfully while keeping a tight hand on his towel. She nodded in return, and said with a smirk, "You certainly have grown, Naruto-chan."

ccc At Kurenai's apartment ccc

It had taken some convincing, and no small part of thanks went to Buta's previous appeal for his mercy, but Konohamaru was in the familiar – and safer – surroundings of his late uncle's girlfriend's place. And safe was not a word used lightly. Kurenai's home radiated security and order, giving a natural feel of comfort. Yoshino ran a strict house, that was true, but Konohamaru did not feel safe there; not when the angry mom would randomly scold him or turn him and lower his pants to paddle his naked butt. It made the chair he'd been tied to for the better part of two days a living hell! But Kurenai finally agreed that Konohamaru should be under her care, as she was the closest to a relative he had while his parents were off on diplomatic missions or whatever. Yoshino felt that the petition would lead to further leniencies to these delinquents, but with Buta's voice cast in opposition joined by Kurenai and eventually Mikoto, Yoshino let him go. "But under the strictest surveillance!" was her one condition, and Kurenai rightly fulfilled it with a seal stamped onto Konohamaru's stomach. If he ran, if he tried to get away when Kurenai's back was turned with Mirai, the seal would tighten and send a paralyzing jolt to his stomach. Nothing painful, he had been promised, but he would not get away.

But Konohamaru wasn't even thinking about escape as he sat on the comfort chair. His body was tense, shoulders high and head low. Outside, he could run into Yoshino again, and his backside stung from memory alone. He wanted to close the window that permitted the cooling breeze, imagining the mother as a banshee sweeping through to torment him again.

So Konohamaru continued to sulk like a whipped puppy. Kurenai-oba-san had been a very pleasant hostess and a merciful change from his previous prison, yet he treaded carefully. She may not have been on the other side of that wall in the hot springs, but that would make her no less judgmental to his perverted actions.

He had become a helping hand in this home; Kurenai thought it not only cruel to keep him tied to a chair, but found it wasteful. He was not a criminal or an enemy to the village; there was no reason to treat him like one. He was a boy, and therefore should be disciplined as a boy should.

"Please watch Mirai," she had told him before stepping into the shower. With a baby and no spouse to speak of, it was harder to do these daily things, but Konohamaru was the helping hand she needed.

Not that he was necessary, he groused on the chair, glancing over to the crib where the baby slept peacefully. Babies had it easy. Grown-ups like Konohamaru; they had to work and make their way! He pumped his chest, stiffened his upper lip, and gave a self-assuring nod. Naruto wouldn't sulk, and neither would he! He wasn't in Yoshino's clutches! He was in his beautiful aunt's! A second chance to do right and be brave!

Next time, he swore to himself, finally standing up tall with his chin up and eyes hopeful, he would conquer the Gloryhole no Jutsu as Naruto-nii-chan had!

But first came his new home. He wandered around with abstract interest, not really into all the red and rosy decorations. There were a few pictures, some making him nostalgic with a smiling Asuma horsing around with him for the photo. And his beautiful aunt… A self-portrait of her holding newborn Mirai, but Konohamaru's hungry eyes noticed right away the swelling of Kurenai's bosom as they innocently squashed up against her babe. Her cleavage surfaced even in the modest blouse she wore for the picture.

Groaning, Konohamaru thought it best to set the picture down and put aside those ravenous thoughts. Truth be told, he had used Kurenai's figure as reference for his honed Sexy Jutsu, but he never knew what she looked like without clothes.

Now could be the perfect time to amend that, a perverse voice apart from his good conscience told him, and he realized that Kurenai's doors were all open, even the room where she showered. He wanted to believe he was better than that. He wanted to believe he'd learned his lesson or at least show some sign of penance. But wanting was a far cry from doing.

Yes, the bathroom door was only slightly cracked to vent steam, but if it opened wider, the draft of opened windows could be blamed. Konohamaru learned the art of sneakiness well from Naruto before he'd left to journey with Ero-sennin.

Gulping with a throat dry as sandpaper, he peeked in. The curtain was drawn, but with the daylight coming in through the window, the profile of Kurenai-oba-san was quite detailed. Her hair hanging as her head fell back, her hands lifted ahead of her to catch the water, her breasts stood out perfectly round and supple, the inward curve of her spine leading to the shapeliness of her backside.

Konohamaru had to clap a hand over his mouth to keep his exclamation of wonder muted. His face reddened and his head steamed like he had been in an old man's hot spring too long. He swallowed again, eyes shrunken as he watched the silhouette pass a sponge over her body. The definition was so clear, he even saw how her breasts wobbled and bounced when she cleaned them.

A tease to the jutsu, he made a mental note for improvements to the Sexy Jutsu.

And his small cock ached in his trousers. What a pity there wasn't a wall between him and his aunt right now, one with a hole…

ccc The hot springs ccc

Naruto didn't know how to react or if he should say no. A part of him was even afraid, but the rewards were… indescribable.

"Mmph…! Mm! Mph…!" Back and forth, Buta's red lips moved along his prick, scrubbing whatever excess of Temari that she herself had not slurped up already. Either Buta didn't discern the taste of another woman, or she had no complaints to it. She just kept on sucking Naruto's shaft, stopping only to deliberately lick up the pre-cum that swelled from his tip. But whenever a translucent was consumed, the entirety of his cock would follow straight down the big woman's gullet.

If asked before, Naruto would have said he'd always turn down Choji's mom as a matter of setting standards, discouraged by her size and looks. All he'd ever have to say nice about her was her cooking and her kindness. Little did he realize that an active mouth meant mind-blowing blowjobs!

He did not regret taking off his towel when Buta quite patiently asked if he could show her again. "You looked very energetic," she had said, though when the towel bashfully spread, the cock hung flaccid beneath a small thicket of blond pubic hair; she complimented his choice to trim. Next, she asked to touch it, but did not wait for approval. Naruto squirmed a little from the grab. Her chubby hand squeezed him rhythmically; he recognized the method as one to draw blood in. Despite her off-putting figure, he began to grow. Buta smiled warmly up at him as the tip began to point to the ceiling, but it vanished before full mast. "H-hey, wait!" Naruto had cried out when Buta stuffed her mouth with his dick, but then found the glory of a heavy woman's blowjob.

In no time, Naruto found himself where he was now: sitting at the edge of the water while Buta sucked him. He didn't touch her, just watched as her big round head bobbed back and forth in his lap. She took him deeper than other women had; much deeper. And easier too. Tsunade might be replaced as The Legendary Sucker if this got out, but then, Naruto couldn't compare Buta's skill to a woman he'd not experienced. Ero-sennin had always said that a master's greatest joy comes when the student exceeds him. Plowing Baa-chan was a very real goal to Naruto, but all he could focus on now was Choji's mom.

Her mouth came off him suddenly with a loud pop. "That hole is restrictive. Remember that, Naruto-chan." She sounded like a mother should, and that made his own mom pop up in his mind. If he'd come to the springs sooner…

He grunted and held back. No… Don't think that!

The hand that had rested so tenderly on his upper thigh now circled his cock as its twin went and brought up his undercarriage. He held his breath, always tense when his delicate orbs were handled. But Buta handled them with care, slopping her tongue around them and coating them with her spit before kissing or sucking on each one. She was not like Yugito – who had enjoyed nudging his balls and teasing; she went straight for them while keeping his cock in motion with her hand.

"Yah…!" She finally earned that cry from him, his head falling back. She rubbed her smirking lips into his scrotum, and spoke around them. "You can't let women play with these through the wall." As if to demonstrate what he was missing, she caught the top of his sack and squeezed gently, causing his balls to bulge together. As he gasped loudly, the fullness of her tongue swirled over them both before carefully stocking them in her mouth, one after the other. Her cheeks filled like a chipmunk's, she sucked on them. The boy was wracked with pleasure that teetered with fear from his testicles being lined above and below with teeth. But Buta knew what she was doing. Everything her mouth did proved that she really was worthy of the position of a legendary sucker.

Spit began to spill out and over around Naruto's bald sac, and it made a wet mess around his legs. Not that he minded; the husky woman doted so fervently on his balls that all was forgiven. And most importantly, he felt like he was going to blow. Even after relieving himself all over Temari's toes, this building climax was reaching greater heights, promising an explosion of white lava to reward Buta's ministrations.

"Plppffahhh…" Buta's mouth opened, and Naruto's balls spilled out in order – along with a deluge of her saliva. Wow, Naruto thought as he gawked at her. She might not have had a figure that matched her with the other lovelier mothers of Konoha, but she knew how to put on a show. Her deep eyes leering lustfully up at him while her gaping mouth and lazily-extended tongue hovered over his glistening balls, hot breath cresting over them; he daresay it nearly made him lose a volley then and there!

He didn't ask for permission like she had. He didn't need it. He just reached for Buta's towel, and as he pulled it loose, she sat up, allowing him full view of her round body as it was exposed. The towel sagged and then sank with the weight of the water it'd already soaked up. With their support gone, her breasts dropped and separated. Not breasts like he was used to; not perky hills like Temari's youthful bust, or the voluptuous mountains of Samui's when she and a force, begrudging Karui made amends for the uncalled-for beat down. Motherhood, age and weight had wrecked what might have been a tight figure at one time, but her confidence lured her to be fucked, and Naruto wanted to fuck her. Maybe the curiosity of fucking a fat woman, or maybe their history… Maybe the fact that she saw his cock and liked it… He just wound up grinning after taking in an eyeful of her gut.

Understanding that grin, Buta returned with one of her own. "Want me out of the water?" she asked.

"Yeah!" he answered, red lines slanting underneath his merrily-squinted eyes.

The water that poured off of her when she stood up was loud. As she waddled out, her thickness jiggling at her sides and thighs with the steps, Naruto eyed her bushy muff; he intended to split her there, he mused, licking his lips excitedly. If he were in a less elated state of mind, he might've retched at the idea. But his cock was rock hard and refused discrimination!

"Are you ready, Naruto?" she asked, and then descended to her hands and knees, presenting herself readily.

And Naruto leaped to her with a "Yup!" He even snickered as he got into place, watching his cock throb and a spill of pre-cum drip down to the ground between Buta's knees. She accommodated him, shuffling as he squeezed close enough for his long erection to bury between her legs. One hand on the wideness of her ass; he opened for a good gazing and guided himself to her opening. The water of the spring was not the cause for her slickness while he anxiously rubbed between the swollen lips beneath the mat of hair. He found her hole. No turning back, and he committed to her.

"Ah! Naruto-chan!" she gasped out as he punctured her hole like a curious adventurer. His hands went to her sides, bracing them both as he crept deeper and deeper. His groan was drawn-out and long, every inch hugging him a wave of pleasure. She was looser than Temari, but there was more pressure. The pink walls crowded him. He grunted, hitched, readjusted his hips, and then made the final dive that filled Buta entirely. He pushed hard against her cervix, and the big woman yelped and rocked forward, her rolls ricocheting from the movement, fat breasts swinging underneath her and clapping against her gut.

Naruto waited, reveling in the feel of Choji's mom squeezing his shaft. But even after his training with Jiraiya, he'd never been one for patience. He swung his hips back and then forward again, slapping loudly against her ass. A few more of these, and he started a rhythm; long strokes, but fast. Already, Buta began the symphony of long-denied pleasure finally indulged. "I'm starting now, Oba-san," he said a little too late, his voice already winded.

Buta's big head nodded, her second chin wobbling. "Go, Naruto-chan…"

Apparently, those first thrusts really were a warmup, for after Buta's consent was given, Naruto unleashed his desires. He grit his teeth, not looking unlike the Kyubi's rage was taking control of him as he started to pound the voluptuous mom harder and faster. His cheeks reddened with his efforts, pelvis smacking hard against her ass, making waves roll up to her lower back. Each collision resounded with a slap, usually followed by a howl of Buta's from her tender cervix receiving impact from his swollen tip.

The balls that she had sucked on now swung and returned the favor of pleasure by hitting into her clit. "Naruto-chan! That's amazing!" she droned, throwing her head up, her moaning and screaming mouth making a tall, skinny oval.

Naruto went at her harder, much harder than he had with Temari earlier. His balls ached and had ached since she played with them, slurping them both in her mouth like sweet dango. This load, he wanted to plant deep inside of her. He threw his hips forward and stuck them there, grinding against Buta's pelvis, feeling the soft scrape of her pubic hair. In that moment, he wished he would just release his boiling load, but no… He waited, but flipped the situation to his terms.

Buta's back thudded loudly when Naruto employed an improvised method of Frog Kata flipped her heavy frame onto her back. The cushion of her body prevented harm, but she would hardly have noticed anyway when Naruto crammed his cock back inside of her. Now leaning over her body, he dug in as deep as he could, determined to rub the head of his weeping cock against her womb and paste the promise of sperm against it.

Her tits looked best like this, when she was laying on her back, her mass pooling instead of hanging. Her fat nipples stood out, and Naruto helped himself to them in the same manner she'd helped herself to his testicles; slurping them one by one, teasing with his tongue, pulling them into his mouth. His full weight pressed down on her when he even decided to shove both tits together and lick their dark brown tips together.

"Naruto-chan!" she cried out again, her big arms making a circle overhead on the ground. "It feels amazing! You're better than my husband!"

Naruto liked that. Unlike Temari and Shikamaru – who looked for someone better – Buta gave admission that he was better.

He rushed her like never before, wanting to prove that she was right to put him above her fat husband. No, Choza couldn't fuck like this. That oval of her mouth stretched as she reached a higher note with her husky voice. The cushiony walls compressing Naruto's assault came down all the more, squeezing like he was caught in her fist instead. He shouted out her name – "Choji's mom!" – and began to shudder. Her own release had broken him down, and the floodgates unleashed. As intended, he came against her womb with all his might, millions of potential children invading the womanly tomb in a growing cloud of white.

"I can feel it," she wheezed as the boy lover jerked and tugged and put all of his efforts into her belly. The heat swam through her, resting in that one spot like a swirling vortex. And Naruto did not pull out immediately; he stayed in her sticky cocoon for a good while even after his relief had taken his stature.

He laid over her like a wet rag, his head between her tits as he recovered his strength and mobility. That was…intense. His balls even hurt from how hard he had ejaculated; like firing cannonballs instead of bullets. Surely Buta would be happy that he filled her stomach.

The comedown was a smooth and gentle one, almost formal even, as Naruto – sliding off of her bulk – awkwardly sat back and wondered where to go from here. Buta just reached between his legs and opened up her channel to let him see the cream filling he'd given her pie. He licked his lips; this time, because his mouth had run dry. The clarity of post-sex was coming in, and while he wasn't as ashamed with himself as he thought, there was still that nagging, reoccurring voice that kept asking: What'd I just do?

Buta did not force him to stay and talk about what had just happened. Like the kindly mother she was, she allowed him to leave, kissed his cheek, and merely warned him with a finger: "You must check, Naruto-chan. The other mothers – especially Yoshino – will not be kind to you."

He nodded, and then grinned, as if he wasn't standing in front of her with his dick out and wet. "But Buta-chan was," he pointed out, garnering a grin and a nod from her.

Buta stayed, going over to the women's side to relax and revel from the first good sex she'd had in a long time. Naruto, however, had decided that it was very late. Mom's probably home making dinner! He loved that; homecooked food after a vigorous and unexpected fuck that broadened his horizon of women.

But that did not mean he'd forget that he was going to be watched. Konohamaru was prisoner, and he couldn't leave his most loyal disciple to torture! Somehow, he'd get him free.

ccc Uzumaki apartment ccc

"I'm home," said Naruto as he came in through the front door. He stepped onto the floorboards before pausing and remembering the new rules of the house. No more kicking off his sandals wherever; a mother's rule.

As he had suspected, Kushina was already at the stove, her hair tied up in a ponytail, dressed in casual clothes and form-fitting spandex that hugged her lovely legs. She turned from the well-balanced meal she was carefully providing to her ramen-inclined child. "There you are! Did you have a good time at the bath?" she asked.

Naruto chuckled secretively. "Yeah, it was great," he confessed, pulling out a chair and sitting at the table, ready to be patient for his mom. "How was your day, Mom?"

Kushina turned back to the pot, a small smile forming as she reminisced once more of that day. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

He snickered again. "Same!"

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