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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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The Bed Being Made


ccc One week later ccc

"I… I'm not sure this is appropriate." The woman gestated awkwardly, tucking her loose hair behind her ear and then fixed her bottle glasses. Though she had just rinsed off, shampooing her hair and smoothing it down, stray strands still stood out. Her head tilted down, her blush livening her pale cheeks.

The cock still jutted from the wall, twitching with its pulse. With its prolonged neglect and anticipation, the narrow opening had started to bead with a clear dewdrop. Thump-thump! The dewdrop overloaded and spilled down to the floor in a slow drip.

Shiho adjusted her glasses, and then looked up at the dick like she was having a conversation with it. "Well, I suppose…" She glanced at it. Thump-thump-thump! She fidgeted, wondering, if she had it in her. She touched the white towel holding around her slender body. Over her shoulder, she glimpsed the crowd of old women that had already been here since before she had arrived; they sat and dozed in the water, not making a sound. Socially-awkward Shiho had tread along the edge of the pond and reclined briefly on the boulders before noticing the jutting appendage now before her.

She consciously ignored that there had been enough space in the hole to spot a crown of yellow at the root of the manhood. She decided who this man would be, and he was black-haired. Now he sought relief, and she was his chosen. She'd worried that he would have another blonde in mind. And maybe, before he changed his mind… "It, it seems like it needs to be alleviated. Um, maybe Tsunade-sama… or Sakura-san… might be of more…" Her hands balled up in her lap. She pursed her lips tightly. "I believe I can manage it myself." Encouragement meant for herself…

She caught the cock near the base. She fortified her decision. She analyzed the meat, its heat, the heavy musk and its throbbing weight. The weight of it… She figured a thing at such a rigid height could not carry much mass, yet she felt it when she wiggled it in her hand. An intriguing thing, she thought excitedly and shoved a big kiss up against its underside.

A taste made; masculine and foreign, she was not put off by it, but it was new. New was exciting, and much was new to the bookworm who tucked herself away to the comfort being walls behind books. Well, she wouldn't have wanted to admit it, but after decrypting the late Jiraiya-sama's message, she had revisited the books that held the key to his encoded warning.

They had intrigued her and acted as bedfellows when she finally would go to bed. Hot and heavy dreams ensued. Hot and heavy, like the cock before her.

A gloryhole. They appeared from time-to-time in Jiraiya-sama's novels, and most times, they involved an anonymous man and a woman who was built up to be desirable. In this tale – in reality – Shiho was the desirable. It was as if this anon were complimenting her.

She blushed modestly, cupping her cheek and trying not to smile too much.

Shikamaru-san was always complimentary to her! Such a sweet, caring guy!

But he certainly didn't bleach his pubic hair yellow. Ignore that fact; this gentlemanly cock was Shikamaru-san's! "I'll do my best," Shiho promised him with a following gulp.

She cranked the cock downward to level out with her mouth. A bit embarrassing, for the slit seemed like an eye watching her, but with her fortitude mounted, she charged her mouth around the swollen head and – with less courage – began to consume the rest of the cock with the grace of a feasting snake. Her lips sealed around him, then her jaw opened and her lips took another inch, then they closed again. But even with this methodical try, her inexperienced gag reflex hardly allowed her to bring him to the back of her tongue before she choked up and retched.

So as not to offend him – and possible vomit – she extracted the length entirely and drooled between her knees in a fit of coughing. The girls in Jiraiya-sama's books; they went with such ease, even being virgins who had been secluded all their lives!

Maybe oral treatment was out of the question, Shiho remorsefully concluded. The jutting penis seemed so lonely and disappointed while covered in a sheen of her own spit. She couldn't let Shikamaru withdraw with such a sloppy mess over him. If she could not fixate him within her gullet – the thought made her nearly retch again – she was more than willing to try a hands-on approach. And thankfully, her joined hands were enough to surround his substantial girth.

The hold of her towel was compromised, but if it slouched, Shiho was willing to risk it. She had put both hands to the long phallus, one atop the other, and stroked him vigorously. "Perhaps," she breathed erratically, the pace and direction of her hands matching the spasms, "this will suffice." She panted, keeping a keen eye on his dripping slit. It would strike without a moment's notice. "I'll…pantpant… I'll do my best!" she repeated to encourage herself. The bottom of her fist smacked into the wall now, the glide of her saliva providing momentum. The foreskin overlapped and receded in tempo with her hands, and trying to be daring, she nudged her lips forward to dangle her tongue against that winking slit of his.

Taste him… Taste him! She thought of the fountain of white that was to spray forth in frothy bursts. She'd seen it only several times before: during health lectures when a masked male shinobi would attend the kunoichi lessons and the teacher would stroke him to completion so that the girls could understand male completion, and the few times pictures appeared in her health books. Now, up close and personal, she was willing to see it again.

But the anon was unwilling for that.

The prick pulsated, the tube of his underside bulging. Even she could tell it meant something, so she drew back, sacrificed one hand to steady her glasses, and waited for the wet eruption. It was always described as waves or a torrent. Should she pinch her nose shut and hold her breath as if she were diving into a pool?

Nothing came but a particularly heavy droplet that strung down several inches from the head before parting ways to the ground. It thumped and bobbed, and Shiho could make out just the faintest sigh of relief amongst panting breaths on the other side of the wall. Was that clear blob the ejaculate? Its release was far less grand than described, and Shiho felt she wasted the opportunity, that it was her fault that the bursts of volcanic proportions did not arrive.

But the cock – or rather the hips it was attached to – jostled and made a beseeching thrust. He wanted more! Dutifully, the cryptologist reached, but the moment she grabbed, the cock stole away, almost slipping back out of the hole. Then it returned in full length and made another punctuation, and again, Shiho – more tentatively this time – tried to take hold only to receive the same result. "What…?" She paused. Analyzing was her job, and she needn't be an expert for this puzzle.

She blushed redder than ever before. "We… we can't do that," she told the penis. She glanced warily over her shoulder to the possible interlopers, but in her distraction, she hadn't noticed that she was alone. With this privacy came a lack of excuses. She didn't want to say that she was too scared to let her first time be with an anonymous stranger – even if it was Shikamaru standing on the other side, in her mind's eye at least – but it was hard to commit to this act.

Still, how rare was privacy to her? She liked solitude, immersing herself in books or work. Never a person to enjoy company with… At the rate she was going, with Shikamaru's need for her dwindling, when was it possible to overcome her anxiety and put herself out there? Better to know than to wonder…

She made up her mind, but not courageously. Like a turtle girl holding her shell, she stood up with her towel and pondered how to make this work. She first tried to straddle the wall; not an easy venture on a flat surface with a top that was a whole body taller than her hand could reach. The outcrop of boulders could come in handy, and she tried that too, but to no avail. More for experienced women, maybe. She looked awkward and clumsy; so good that no one was here to witness her failing endeavors.

At last, realizing she had no choice, Shiho committed to her own degradation and turned her back to the hole. She inhaled sharply and gave one last consideration to stopping this whole thing. She'd done enough for her own merits; tasted a cock, played with it and studied it 'behaviors'. Walking out of the hot springs now, she'd still be more of a woman than when she had awkwardly padded her way in from the laboratory.

"I… I hope you'll be gentle with me," she called out to the other side like an awkward student to a teacher. While holding her towel close, hiding the majority of her body, she presented her intimate areas to the cock and backed up. With shaky fingers, she grabbed hold of him and accommodated their leveling.

Good to go, she succeeded with a shudder. He went to her unshaven loins until he pressed onto the slickness of her flowered opening. Carefully, by her nervous guidance, he was inserted, stretching the firm gap around his considerable length. She yelped and whined and stopped with no more than the bulbous head settled inside her body. When he – whether by impatience or impulse – shoved to her, her body split further, and she gave a hitched grunt like something inside her tore. Her head flicked up with such speed, her thick glasses almost sailed from her face.

The chastity that she'd kept ended in a swift push. And as if that took away all option, Shiho relented, bowing her ass back to the hole until her skinny cheeks shoved to the wall. "Please," she stammered as the shaft drew back menacingly, "soft!" He rammed in, almost knocking her forward with his force. She braced with her knees, feet separating for support, looking all the more ridiculous as she squatted in front of the hole, a stranger's shaft arching up to plunge in and out of her body. Each push into her worked her taut muscles apart and tapped hard against her cervix. The dusky blonde hair matted to her mound from her flowing juices.

She whined, unsure if she liked the pace or would've preferred a gentler handling. She grabbed around her, trying to find some sort of stability. Maybe if he joined her on this side; he could hold and support her. The bucking of her body weakened the tie of her towel, and while she made a grab to keep it together, it inevitably slid off her body, sliding off to one side, though she scrambled to try to reclaim it. "No, no!" she half-sobbed, but could not pick it back up; hard enough to take the stranger's pounding. So she stayed there, arms outstretched to the sides to hold the boulders, butt descended to meet the height of the hole, small breasts with shy pink nipples wobbling with each inward drive. Completely exposed; she hoped no one walked in until they were done.

They were close to done, halfway at least. It had stung to take him in at first, and that initial jab had definitely hurt when he took all of her tightness in one fell swoop. But as he worked her body to shape him, whatever pain was to be had ebbed. More nectar squelched and slickened his glide. And then she came. She squealed a high-pitched cry and covered Naruto's cock with her cream. Amongst her wailings and sticky sounds, she could be heard whispering a name.

Naruto, pumping as best as he could, the muscles in his thighs ticking and tightening, his butt clenching, kept the pace. But the girl – whoever she was, as he couldn't recognize the voice (someone he'd met before, but not known long enough for a lasting impression) – buckled gangly and missed his input. Well, he didn't stall regardless. He wrecked her pussy. He was feeling good, feeling unstoppable; the worth of a prankster victorious.

Not that he should become careless again… The Mothers Force had quieted down this last week, and Naruto's exploits remained a mystery, but that was only because they had caught their perpetrator; red-handed, more or less. At least Yoshino was satisfied, but Buta had cautioned him over a recent dinner between them. Yoshino is still convinced of you, Naruto-chan, and Konohamaru-chan doesn't know. Naruto knew he should've asked for more information, but his mind wandered – or blanked out, more accurately – when Buta reinserted his cock into her talented mouth. She had let him cum on her face that night…

Naruto shook his head of the memory and focused on the here and now. His cock was clamped inside of a nice, tight pussy on the other side of this wall; the first girl he had since making his comeback. He had been cautious as Buta warned him, taking only certain chances, but that led him to only one girl before this current one; three days ago, which ended a painful lying-low four-day period of celibacy. A Jinchuriki needed relief, and it was hard to find time to masturbate now that his mom was home.

He flinched and stalled.

His mom…

Again, he growled and fought away troubling thoughts. Finish, he screamed to himself and gave the girl harder thrusts that she just had to pull away from. The pads of his fingertips clawed at the cement separator

Kushina had been acting weird lately… Distant, unlike the woman who had been so quick to wallop his head when she saw how messy he kept his apartment for the first time. Now, he was lucky enough to get to say good morning to her before she went off with no explanation of where she was going, and she'd be turned over in bed whenever he got him.

Add to that Konohamaru's plight, and – more recently – Kiba's.

"Grr…" Naruto tried to focus. His thrusts had stalled, and the girl had noticed, mutedly asking if all was well. His answer was a sharp shove that he knew hit against her cervix with staggering effect. Her shout echoed from her side over to the men's. Her muscles clamped, and it felt it, but the reality was pitiful.

He thumped the bottom of his fist against the wall and heaved a sigh. He knew, and in the rare admittance of defeat, he started to withdraw. To his credit, his cock was soaked in the woman's satisfaction, but his own release had been thwarted by his own misgivings. The penis that had stood proudly in the face of strangers, friends and overweight mothers wilted pitifully. His fist tried to resuscitate it and make one last try, but it stubbornly went limp, and he had to face facts that his building guilt was affecting him.

Shiho on the other side panted, the fall of her body muffled underneath the labor of her breath. She shuffled around, her hands moving as if apart from her, grabbing up her towel and putting it to her breast. Fixing her now-askew glasses, she acknowledged the hole and saw that there was vacancy beyond. Curiously, she peered closer and dared to examine the men's side of the hot springs more thoroughly, but saw nothing but empty steam.

Her pussy quivered in wanton lust, hoping that the anonymous party would return with a raring vitality. But the silence promised nothing but disappointment. Weakly, she put her mouth to the hole and called out, "Are you still there?"


Naruto, dressed and cleaned and now far away from the hot springs, traversed the streets of Konoha, his head hanging and his hands in his shorts' pockets. A group of happy children rushed by, and one or two recognized the village's hero, but he didn't bother to boast. Heck, he didn't even bother going to Ichiraku, though it was highly likely that his mom would be there. It seemed she recently reacquired her fondness for ramen every time her stomach growled. He smirked to that; he couldn't blame her!

He'd made the effort, as Mikoto had suggested; that he take more time to share with his mom, but that was no easy task when she was unwilling to share her time with him. It almost felt like abandonment, but Naruto had a sneaky suspicion that she was hiding something from him.

Could it be… a boyfriend?

Naruto shuddered at the thought. He may have wanted only happiness for her, but barely getting one parent back, the idea of getting a whole other new parent was just too much, too quick. He hoped he was wrong, but Kushina's flighty attitude lately wasn't totally unlike how Hinata had behaved around him.

Maybe if his worries stopped there, he might have been able to complete the copulation with whomever it was on the other side of the wall. But he had to face facts that Konohamaru was his responsibility; not just as a mentor/idol, but as the one who had shared the tricky Gloryhole Jutsu.

And that meant Kiba was even more of Naruto's duty to protect; even more so, in fact! Unlike Konohamaru, Kiba was caught outright by the Mothers Force, thanks in no small part to Naruto. He could even say that he handed the Inuzuka over to them himself. The solace he took – as little as he could find – was that, by some miraculous kismet, Tsume had arrived at the moment of his capture and stole his punishment from the hardnosed Nara heading the mob of mothers. Strictly, Tsume had said that it was a matter of her clan's now, and the Mothers Force had no say in her son's discipline.

Kiba had his faults, but Naruto believed that the loudmouth was made of sturdy stuff. He'd withstand the force of Tsume… for a time. But what information did he have to trade for his freedom? Ayame herself had heard him outright, conspiring to make use of the infamous hole.

Part of his fate was his own doing; Naruto would take responsibility for the rest. Just because Kiba was caught in his stead didn't mean that Naruto was safe. He was only as safe as the ones who kept his secret allowed him to be.

Huffing, he looked up, and the dimming rays of sunlight caught in his eyes and brought sparkle to his resolution. He had to make an affirmative play against the motherhood. Swiping at the tip of his nose with his thumb, he rushed down the street, ready to face them head on, assume responsibility, and get the information needed to save Konohamaru and Kiba!


Next two chapters will jump back to cover the missed events mentioned in this chapter.

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