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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

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Okay, what bothers me is the whole romantic ending to WB's animated film 'The King and I'. Is it really appropriate, for a kids' movie, to show a Christian woman undoubtedly falling for a Siamese king who already has multiple wives? They could have ended as pals, but WB went the extra mile to set them up, and it just bothers me. Are we expected to believe that she abandons her devote Christian beliefs to join his harem, and sit idle as he falls – or gets horny – for the next woman who challenges him in his castle?


Kushina & the Hole Truth Pt. 1


ccc One Week Earlier ccc

Kushina sulked, laying her head and arms down on the bar. An empty ramen bowl sat in front of her; Teuchi was hesitant to move it, fearing that disruption of her space might invoke the fearful Habanero. So Kushina just continued to splay across his counter and mope.


Kushina looked at her hand, and her forefinger twitched just slightly. It was earlier that Mikoto had basically shot her down, ended their friendship (or put it on hold), and put her in a foul mood. She had raged earlier, storming around and blowing off her duties. Most people would drown their miseries in alcohol; she sat down at the Ichiraku and ordered a hardy bowl of salt ramen. "And keep them coming," she had told Teuchi when scarfing down the first bowl. So bowl after bowl was consumed until she couldn't contain both food and emotion.


She dragged her finger along the wood as she contemplated her beautiful friend. That kiss (or kisses)… It was sensational, but led to this tragic turn. She touched Mikoto's body, her swollen breasts and the taut flesh at her abdomen. Mikoto had wanted her in that moment; Kushina knew it. But then Akimichi Buta had to make an appearance, and scared Mikoto's bravado back beyond the face of propriety.

Groaning, Kushina rolled her face to look the other way, watching dear Teuchi clean up after the only other customer to have come in since her appearance. In her downing presence, the meal hadn't been enjoyed, and Teuchi was forced to throw out an unfinished bowl. But he never complained, always had a smile on his face, but resolutely honest. Perhaps, she thought with a growing fondness, Teuchi may have been one of her first friends when she moved to this village, and may now hold the title of being her only friend.

Teachi scrubbed his bar to shiny perfection with a rag, but before his hand could come back, another's closed over his. "Hm?" His head turned to find Kushina looking pitifully up at him. "Kushina-chan?"

"Teuchi," she murmured. She looked down shyly. "Do you… think I'm pretty?"

He erected himself, seemingly perplexed by the odd and straightforward question. It wasn't a difficult question, though. He took his hand back from her and folded his great working arms over his chest. "That is a strange question," he admitted, now rubbing his chin. Then a smile creased the ages of his face. "You are easily a prize of beauty in any nation. But that is not what sets you apart." He flexed his right arm and gripped the bicep. "But that's not where your truth strength lies! You are the Red-Hot Habanero of Konoha! And the spiciest of women brings out the spiciest in everyone! Everyone wants a flavor that gives the zest of life. This ramen shack did not become popular because I stayed to traditional recipes!" He threw up his arms, and his daughter who was carrying a pot of soup behind him swore at his theatrics. "You must be bold and daring, even dangerous, to be beautiful in this world." He held up a finger pointedly, leaning in close to Kushina and inadvertently bumping his bottom into Ayame's in these close quarters. "Though a foreigner, you inherited the Will of Fire as much as any other shinobi in this village! And you're son is the hero of the world! Kushina-chan, you have the guts and the strength to overcome any challenge in your way! The right flavor, the zest of life, the Red-Hot Habanero! That is what makes you beautiful!"

Kushina gawked at the wizened face. A simple ramen server, but so much more… He was a man of passion and commitment. And he fueled her, and once more, her great big grin made its appearance across her face. Taking her empty bowl in both hands, she said to Teuchi, "You're right, old man!"

Teuchi straightened with an offended frown. "Old man?" he muttered.

CLANG! "Old man!" Ayame reaffirmed, angry at the spill over her apron from when he bumped her.

Bringing her bowl down hard on the table like a mug of beer, Kushina beamed at the old man, and without the woe from before, she demanded "Another!"

She might've consumed bowlfuls of saké with how clumsily she left the ramen shack, boring onto the street and knocking into a passerby with no more than a slurred "Sorry" to make amends. Holding beneath her filled stomach like a woman expecting, she waved encouragingly back at her servers and thanked them for the meal.

Teuchi's cooking cap shifted as he scratched the side of his head. "She considered all that one meal?"

"And she forgot to pay," Ayame flatly pointed out, picking up the receipt that he'd all but forgotten about while trying to keep pace with Kushina's appetite. Sure, he was initially shocked, but then he laughed and assured Ayame that they would be seeing her again soon enough.

Belly full… overpacked, rather, Kushina just about waddled down the road. It was getting late, and her beloved son was surely getting hungry at home. She held him to the rule that he could only visit Ichiraku once a week; to save money and eat healthy were her basis. Along she trudged, often using the sides of houses to stabilize herself. Groaning, she clapped a hand over her mouth and worried that she really might've eaten more than her fill. Luckily, it all stayed down. She went on.

"Oof. Maybe I should limit myself to one time a week too," she said to herself with an awkward smile. Then she noticed something, up ahead, a streak of orange… racing along the street perpendicular to hers. And no one else in Konoha wore so much orange! As if curiosity remedied the sensation of being full, Kushina gave pursuit, leaping from the ground and heading for the superior vantage point of the rooftops. In no time, she spotted her son, streaking through the backways of Konoha as fast as his legs could carry him… all the way home.


Kushina quirked an eyebrow. Was he rushing to meet her at home? It was very unlike him to follow the rules so devotedly; in the few weeks she'd had with him, even she knew that. Perhaps he just needed the guidance of a parent, the structure of a well-maintained household to turn him around.

To this thought, Kushina had to laugh. Naruto was Naruto, and she loved him for it. With all haste, she went across the rooftops to meet with her boy. Like a Red Chili Pill, her excitement burned through the calories and gave her the boost to reach her home just in time to catch Naruto suspiciously entering through the bedroom window; she had since grounded her jaunt and was now looking up at the silhouette of her son sneaking in. "Hmm." Strange, but with enough on her mind, she decided to hold off on questioning.

She was late to make dinner. The plan was to come back with Mikoto and see where things led, which hopefully ended with a dinner shared with the two most important people in her life.

Kushina ascended the outside stairs and made for the front door and found it still locked; Naruto hadn't even bothered to unlock it. She harrumphed softly, and then knocked briskly rather than fish out her own set of keys. Rapid footsteps, hasty unlocking, and the door was tugged open quickly. Naruto's smile was big, but hardly what could be called sincere or even carry a sense of happy. He was panicked, but was trying to hide it. "Mom!" he blurted out while evening his breath. His left hand reached across and tightened the bandages around his right. "You're home!"

"Of course," Kushina said, walking by as Naruto made way, discretely kicking his still-worn sandals off at the door. He wasn't too clever about sneaking around his mom. She smirked slyly at him as he tried his best to seem nonchalant, but came off stiff and out of place. "What have you been up to today, Naruto?"

"Eh, not much, really," he brushed off, eyes darting sideways. His eyes came back, a bit more genuineness to his face. "I saw Mikoto, though. Shikamaru's mom needed help…"

"Mikoto?" Kushina stuck quickly, her eyebrows coming together in a deep vee. She put fists on her hips and pushed her scowl at her son; he drew back warily, his heart giving a sudden lunge. "Mikoto!" Her voice sharpened, confusing Naruto with the severity of her tone. Weren't they friends? He then thought of Sakura-chan and Ino; once best friends turned bitter rivals, and then best friends again. Girls were… confusing.

"Naruto!" She shoved her pointer in his face, stern and a bit reminiscent of Nara Yoshino. "You don't need to associate with her! Mikoto is…!" She stopped abruptly, seeing the wideness of Naruto's eyes and the fearful cower of his stance. She was unloading a truckload of emotion that he hadn't a clue about. It was Mikoto she was upset at, and Naruto shouldn't suffer for that.

With a sigh, Kushina calmed herself down, and then reassured Naruto with a pleasant smile that her uproar was done. "Never mind," she said sweetly, and then scooped his hand into her own. "Come and help me make dinner."

If Mikoto wouldn't be here for her, Naruto was a fine substitute.

And they cooked. Well, Kushina cooked, and Naruto tried not to get in the way, though his head poked over his mom's shoulder every now and then to see how her culinary technique differed from his own 'pour hot water and let sit for five minutes' method of meals. She scolded him – playfully – once, but gave nothing but a grin when she felt him against her back again. He felt heavy against her, sturdy and strong; almost like how Minato had felt. Unconsciously, she pressed up against him to feel more of him on her. At one point, while tossing chopped onions into the bubbling water, she turned and her cheek mashed up against his. Their eyes met, and then both smiled and gave a foolish laugh. They were enjoying themselves, despite the troubles they were going through outside their home.

Naruto was shooed away to sit at the table as his meal was prepared, and with grand presentation, Kushina slid a bowl of fresh, homemade salt ramen in front of him. It made the mouth water, and he wished his lungs could retain more air so that he could inhale more of the wonderful aroma. But even so, he gave Kushina a puzzled look. "I thought you wanted me to eat less ramen." He already was grabbing his chopsticks, ready to seize the opportunity in case his mom changed her mind.

"I think you can have this kind whenever you want." She blushed a little while flashed her almost-sneery smile. "It's made with a mother's love, after all. You'll never get that at Ichiraku, after all." She pulled out a chair and sat across from him.

In that case… Naruto laughed excitedly and clapped his hands ceremoniously over his dinner. "Thanks for the food!" He went at it with a vengeance, eating with even more vigor than Kushina had at the ramen shack. After sucking up the first rope with a smile of delight, and when he already was halfway through the next suction, he ceased and peeked over at his server. She was still just sitting there, watching him with naught but a content smile. "Aren't you gonna eat some?" he asked nearly unintelligibly.

Kushina brushed the suggestion off. "I've already had my fill," she answered honestly. She then leaned toward him, elbows on the table and forearms tucked underneath her breasts. "You just enjoy and eat all you want, Naruto."

Naruto chortled with manners detestably charming, and then ravaged his food, giving Choji a run for his money in terms of speed-eating while also savoring each morsel. Kushina normally tried to correct his behavior, but tonight, just let boys be boys.

He was getting down to just the broth when Kushina stood up. She was satisfied that he thoroughly enjoyed her food, but she wanted rest. So she drifted over to him, took his face between both hands, and turned him to a kiss on the mouth. Not steamy and sexy as she had given Mikoto; but perhaps she was missing the physical intimacy it had promised back then.

A simple kiss, but Naruto was pretty shocked by it, his eyes wide and his posture stiff even though his mom's lips lingered against him for no more than the time it took to blink. She was already away, hands drifting away from him so that one may brush innocently against her bottom lip. Once again, he had to grapple with the strange feelings stirred by how beautiful his mom was. Luckily, he had pulled in close to his food; the tightening at his groin was hidden underneath the table.

"Hm!" Kushina cocked her head cutely and said, "It tastes good," referring to the flavor lingering on Naruto's lips. She then bid him goodnight, and he – albeit hesitantly – said it back. She then sauntered to the bedroom, reminding him over her shoulder to brush his teeth before bed and not to stay up late.

"Yeah…" he answered back, his face hovering over the ramen.

Just a kiss from mother to son, he told himself, now stirring his soup with his chopsticks. He told and convinced himself of that single innocence, though his body's reaction certainly refused it. His hands bunched up until his chopsticks almost cracked. The truth was difficult to accept.

My mom is hot, he lamented and finished up the ramen.


Kushina went to bed in her pajamas. Though she lay there on the mattress, face to the wall and eyes out the window, she had trouble getting to sleep. Troubles of the heart could do that to a person. She thought mostly of Mikoto; those dreamy eyes of her and milky skin, and that smile… Kushina tucked the blanket close to her face, burying a whine into it. How could those beautiful features go to waste with that contemptuous look she had given Kushina that morning? In the hot springs, when she had given a kiss – their first – she had looked so radiant; so radiant that even bold Kushina shied away for a moment when all instinct told her to pounce. Instead, she held back until the changing room, and that was when she made too bold a move. She had kissed Mikoto, hard and deep and lingering; probably more intense than Fugaku had ever attempted. She wanted Mikoto, and by the heat against her thigh, she knew it was a mutual attraction.

This morning, Kushina had still wanted her best friend; Mikoto did not. And though Mikoto had been cold and close to hateful, Kushina went to bed, still wanting her best friend.

Kushina fell asleep.

She was out of bed and traversing the apartment, finding small things to do here and there. It was almost dinnertime already, and she barely kept track of what she had gotten done. Chores and chores; Naruto was nowhere to be seen to help. No matter. He was a teenager, and she remembered what that was like: an adventure everyday and anywhere!

So she got the pot boiling and the dry noodles ready. All vegetables and meat laid out, she happily prepared to make Naruto's favorite. Maybe it was gluttonous to make him two ramen meals two nights in a row, but she was feeling good.

The bedroom; a thump. Naruto must be home. Kushina turned and smiled. Somehow, she'd already gotten used to the idea of her son sneaking in through the back way. Well, she should tell him the good news about her choice of dinner. She wiped her hands in her apron and made for the bedroom. "Naruto," she sang, swinging the door open. "I'm making ramen again!"

Mikoto was there, on the bed, laid out, and naked. And tucked between her lifted legs was Naruto's driving hips. Both bodies sweating, gliding and moving in tandem, Mikoto's fingernails catching at Naruto's shoulder blades while his face buried into her neck. Mikoto didn't want to acknowledge her friend entering the room, holding onto her son instead when his mouth pushed into hers. Whimpering, moaning, she stuck her tongue against his, their compressed lips not hiding the internal activity.

Then Naruto's head turned, facing Kushina with a leer that was remarkably akin to a glare from the Kyubi. And still, his tongue connected to Mikoto's, boasting their obscenity.

Kushina fisted her hips, and then tilted her head. "Mikoto, are you going to stay for dinner?"

Mikoto looked beautiful when she climaxed, arching underneath the boy's body as his embedded cock crammed his white load up her channel. Her cry – melodious even at its high volume – muffled as Naruto once again stole a deep kiss. Mikoto's eye peered to the side, and her hand branched out invitingly to her friend while Naruto's fingertips glided along her sweat-slick skin. The hand stretched, and Kushina reached to take it.

All at once, Kushina's eyes sprung open. She woke up with a great gasp, hot underneath a cold sweat. She panted several times while reality sunk into the vacuum left in the dream's absence. Her hands had both latched to the edges of the mattress, and her legs had kicked down her covers before separating. The heat between them was either culprit or victim of such a vivid and lewd dream.

A noise at her side roused her, and suddenly she became very alarmed. What a dream…! She carefully glanced over her bed, wondering in the fantasy had materialized on the floor where her son should be sleeping. Could he have actually snuck a girl – or a woman! – into the room during his secretive entrance?

Naruto was there, soundly asleep and snoring just a little with the smallest hint of restful slobber rolling down his cheek. She breathed a sigh of relief. Her innocent little boy; it was unlikely he'd not even seen a naked woman before, and the though comforted her. She lied back down.

An arm draped over her brow, and she turned to look at the window. Not the crack of dawn; more like midnight. She groaned and tried to get comfortable, but her clothes clung, particularly at her crotch. The heat had matted her to the bed. She sweated, patches of moisture visible at her underarms, beneath her breasts, and… She reached and found herself most saturated at her groin. It had all soaked through; she felt it at her bottoms, and reaching underneath the elastic band, the humidity was at its worst. She'd showered earlier, but this nighttime fantasy had revoked her sense of cleanliness, but she doubted another shower would alleviate her.

A finger experimentally brushed at the top of her labia, and she tingled from head to toe with excitement. Her quim drooled for more, but she stopped. What was the etiquette on masturbation with one's children in the same room? How often did parents have to kick their kids out of the room when passions ignited?

But what was to ignite? Kushina was alone.

She sat up, feet tossed over the side of the bed, and sighed. She doubted trying to go back to sleep in a clammy and horny mess was going to work. Carefully, she got up, moved around her sleeping boy, bare feet treading soundlessly, though the noise of his own breathing would mute any stumble.

The door was left only cracked as she went to the kitchen. Not hungry, not thirst, but she still set a glass of water in front of her. She drank once – a deep sip – and it at least took away the bitter aftertaste of sleep. The she sat there and pondered at the table. The dream had been very detailed. The detail of Mikoto's body, and – she recalled with a twist to her stomach – Naruto's… manliness. Just thinking it, she had to clear her throat and avert her eyes bashfully.

Mikoto's presence in the dream, she had understood. She'd been lusting for the Uchiha for the better part of two days now. Little wonder she'd appear in her nighttime visions once more. But Naruto? Her own son? The pressure of him against her back had been real, but she hadn't felt anything 'specific' against her rear end… Not that she was expecting it! Her boy was an innocent, an undisclosed bystander at best in her love affairs. He'd make his own love connections, and that girl would be happy.

Especially with what he was packing, Kushina gave a lazy smile while thinking about it. But then she reprimanded the humor with a helpless growl and a shake of her head. No, she shouldn't make light or even think of his endowment. Yet she couldn't help but recall seeing it as it swung up and vanished underneath Naruto's waistband. The first she had seen since her revival; the fist since Minato…

Groaning, Kushina crossed her arms into a cradle and laid down her head. She should change into a new set of pajamas; at least a fresh pair of panties. She shouldn't feel like this, so needy for intimacy and pleasure.

Yearningly, her hips gyrated once on the chair.

ccc Morning ccc

Kushina, having dozed off to collected fantasies of Mikoto and awkward thoughts of Naruto, awoke to the smell of food. Her eyes peered open and she was shocked to see Naruto press his sausage her way. She gave a start, sitting up and staring wide-eyed at the breakfast meat.

Naruto, halfway into a slice of toast, stared at her with a raised eyebrow. "It's late," he said with one cheek bulging with bread. "I got you some breakfast." He had obviously tried to cook actual food beforehand; Kushina could look over and already see the pan caked with charred egg. He must've conjured some wind technique to remove the smell before it could wake her. But looking at the table, Kushina was stunned to see a whole array of food laid out across the table. Just how was this possible?

The look in her eye asked the question, and Naruto laughed a little. "I, uh, got some help, okay?"


Kushina was startled once again this morning when the husky Akimichi Buta made her appearance, stepping out from the hallway with her great arms open. "B-Buta-san?" stuttered the redhead before the giant clasped her in between her arms. Without meaning to, Kushina's face shoved into the older woman's bosom, drowning her in cleavage.

"Good morning," Buta said, stepping back while keeping her hands latched on the petite woman. "It's always so good to see you, though I haven't had much opportunity to stop by."

Awkwardly, Kushina smiled in return, though watched Buta carefully in anticipation of another boob smothering. "Yes, it's… nice to have you over." She darted her eyes over to her son, and though he was enjoying the food, his appetite sapped when he saw the doom written in Kushina's secretive glance.

A little warning would have been nice.

"Naruto-chan asked for a favor, and I could think of nothing I'd like to do more than make breakfast for the two of you."

"Um, thank you, but… how were you able to…?"

Expecting such a question, Buta produced a scroll proudly. "Packed meals for my little Choji are a specialty of mine. Choza agreed to make his meals today so that I may serve you."

A nifty trick, Kushina had to admit, though this was too much food even for her and her son. Did that mean Buta planned to take a seat and indulge too? Kushina wouldn't mind; much better than letting this food go to waste.

However, the matter of breakfast mattered little to Buta, who set aside the bounty scroll and pulled up a seat next to Kushina. "I was wondering," she started, folding her hands atop the table and quickly glinting at the food not yet being consumed. Kushina could swear that she heard the obese woman's stomach growl. With a light tone of red in her jolly cheeks, Buta went on, "Choji will be busy with Shikamaru-chan; tonight, probably. If you don't mind having the night off…" She looked to Naruto, and Naruto looked down. That subtlety of a hungry stomach now happened to her son's heartbeat. What was going on? "I'll take your Naruto for dinner. We haven't had him over in a while, and he's such a delight."

Strange not to ask the parent over as well; Kushina pondered this too. She looked at Buta, and couldn't conceive the way she was looking at her son. Well, to be honest… "That'd be fine," Kushina decided with a chirpy smile, though her reasons for agreeing were in her own self interest. Naruto gone away for at least an hour or two? That'd put the apartment in her possession, and she planned to lock herself in tight.

The heat of her loins had hardly dissipated, but now she had some relief to look forward to! Eagerly chomping off the tip of the sausage in a way that would make men flinch, she excused herself to the room to change.

She discretely tugged on Naruto's hair when she walked behind him.

Behind a door and distracted, Kushina would surely not see or hear the two others. Buta helped herself as the manners in her own household dictated, but Naruto stared at her while chewing. "Is it really… okay for me to come over?" he asked with a ducking head, his stomach winding into an angry knot. The issue was obvious. He was heading into unknown territory; enemy territory, even. Choji would be gone, but not Choza. It was enough to make him want to decline. Not that he was expecting anything, but Buta's blowjob wasn't worth the splatter underneath an enraged and enlarged Choza's palm.

Buta tutted him, smiling. "You'll be safe, Naruto-chan," she promised, but he wondered how well she could keep that promise. It was her husband against him, and while – in dire straits – he had Kurama to fall back on, it felt wrong to fight a man defending his honor. All Naruto could go on was his trust in the fat woman making herself fatter with the food in front of them.

Suddenly, he felt her red fingernails scrape against the inside of his thighs, which caused his scrotum to lift and tighten. He looked to her and gulped, and her smirk was very seductive, even for a woman of her caliber. "You'll be fine," she said again, and he shuddered when she gave an appreciated grab to the enticed appendage.

The rest of breakfast was consumed in peaceful and pleasant company. Kushina seemed less jittery, more comfortable in the casualness of her orange shirt and black spandex… Those spandex gripped her, Naruto noticed, turning his head to the food. Hair up and out of the way in her usual ponytail, Kushina feasted with the grace of any Akimichi male, which made Buta smile. "You both have a very healthy appetite," she said as if congratulating them. But when the meal was done, Buta insisted on packing away the dishes in her food-carrying scroll again.

"It's no problem," Kushina tried to protest, but Buta shushed her politely.

"The Akimichi sink is better equipped to handle these larger loads," she boasted, and then gave Naruto a secretive wink.

Heh… Yeah, large loads indeed.

Kushina was not about to fight over a matter of soiled dishes. If it was what Buta wanted, she'd allow it. Today, she affirmed resolutely, stepping outside in a very affirmative manner, body turned just slightly, her face meeting the blaze of the sun so its light could twinkle in her eyes.


She was going to get sexual relief!

It took all of one hour for her to slump back over Ichiraku's countertop like a moping drunk again. A bowl of her preferred soup was set in front of her. "On the house," said Teuchi to liven her spirits.


Ayame's eye ticked from her dad's forgetfulness and stupidity.

Kushina eyed the bowl like a beaten pup. "I don't know," she murmured, having thought that the sight of Ichiraku ramen, after last night's bender, would have brought back severe memories of stomach pain.

ccc Seconds later ccc

"Thanks, old man!" she cheered, breaking apart the chopsticks and putting her face to the meal. Buta made a hardy breakfast, but for the Uzumakis, there was always a little extra room for Ichiraku. Teuchi threw his head back and laughed that nothing lifted a smile like his ramen; behind him, Ayame shook with anger and held her ladle like a mallet.

One bowl, she promised herself while greedily eating the free food. She wasn't sure how to get on with her other problem, but today certainly sated her hunger fast.

A footstep came from outside, and a passerby lifted the flag as he passed in.

"Welcome," boomed Teuchi before realization took him. His welcoming smile fell, giving a suggestion of awe, though Kushina couldn't yet look over her shoulder to see who would be joining her. "Well, look who it is!" The cook leaned forward, flashing his smile while his daughter wavered a little with her ramen preparations. Immediately, before her dad even commanded it, she went right to work on making another free bowl; this one, she didn't mind.

A gentle greeting exchanged, the unseen visitor swiftly addressed Kushina. "I expected to find Naruto here instead of you."

A vaguely familiar voice, but one of importance… With noodles hanging and her bowl carried atop one hand, she turned in her seat to meet the eye of the one and only… Uchiha Sasuke. She sputtered on her food, and he gave a smile that was strangely warm. Seeing the scowl on his face throughout the pictures Naruto had kept over the years, she thought it was a permanent feature! He hadn't even smiled when his mom was revived, though Kushina might still have been too dizzy from her own revival to take notice.

"Sasuke?" she said around a mouthful. She swallowed deep – very unladlylike, but very Kushina-like – and smiled brightly at her son's best friend. She'd only barely met him once before his pilgrimage. No one, not even his mom, expected him to return in mere months! A huge surprise for the entire village! Excitedly, Kushina set her food down and swung out of her seat to meet him, grabbing his one hand in both of her own in merry greeting. "It's been so long!"

Sasuke, despite not being one to celebrate, maintained his quaint smile. Maybe it was hard to match another's zeal, but he could perform courtesy for his best friend's mom.

He looked over her shoulder to Teuchi and his frantically-cooking daughter. "I was actually just looking in, old man," he said with polite decorum. "I've already eaten."

But the damage was already done. Ayame's jaw dropped just as she put out the soup for him. Next to her, Teuchi laughed and waved Sasuke off. "Of course! No doubt you want to see your mother!"

Sasuke nodded, in both appreciation and affirmation. Knowing her history with his mom, he asked if Kushina would like to accompany him. Oddly, almost spontaneously, she said yes. He held the flap up for her, and while enjoying his politeness, she waved goodbye to Teuchi. "Thanks, old man!" And off they went with a sound sendoff from Teuchi, who felt good about himself until the ladle came down.

"You forgot to make her pay for last night again!"

ccc On the road ccc

Sasuke was like his mother; not particularly chatty, reserved in the solitary noise of their footsteps. Much unlike her own son, who loved to jaw about everything. Surely Sasuke had something of interest to say of his travels, but he didn't make any mention or even a hint. His clothes were in fine form, and his hair unruffled. Kushina observed this and wondered if he actually did have any excitement out there?

Suddenly, Kushina came to a stop. Sasuke stopped and looked back. "Kushina-san?"

Kushina's mind had started to reel. Excitement out of the village; drama within… Never mind that Mikoto was part of a mother-appointed taskforce; it was her newfound indifference to her friend that rattled her. And now she was expecting to show up at Mikoto's home with her son in tow? She wondered how that would work for her. As a friend, maybe Mikoto would lift their band and reconcile with joy.

Mikoto wasn't a 'joyful' type…

As a potential lover? It seemed clingy and desperate. It even might come off as threatening, as if she was demonstrating her ability to get at Sasuke, or that she might use him to latch onto Mikoto indefinitely.

Kushina hated all of those ideas. Best to just detach now… "Uh, Sasuke," she said in the most level voice she could muster. "Maybe it's best that I go. You should be with your mom alone, and I…"

Sasuke's hand slipped over hers and squeezed. She looked up to his face. Still smiling… Kushina felt heat rise in her cheeks. He was handsome like Minato, but smiled much less. No doubt the girls of Konoha would be in an uproar to see him giving such a look to a newcomer.

She snorted mentally at the idea.

I was here first!

"It's fine," Sasuke told her, and then turned halfway, beckoning her to accompany him, but offering the leeway to keep her own decision.

Chin tucking, she allowed him to lead her.

They walked side-by-side after that brief interlude, but the silence insisted. Sometimes, Kushina would look to her son's friend. Such attractive features… She remembered how she mistook him for a girl bundled in Mikoto's arms. A snicker made it out, and she covered it with the excuse of a sneeze. Sasuke didn't think much of it, too engrossed in whatever was going on in his head.

But the stairway leading up to the sole Uchiha residence gave them both pause. That placid demeanor shirked and let slide a single sweat drop along the side of his face. He swallowed in anticipation.

Seeing this shift, Kushina might've felt it kind to hold his hand herself to lend some sense of security, yet she herself would've liked the same comfort.


"Well," she jeered, stepping ahead with an overly happy face to compensate for the nervous wreck underneath, flapping her fists in and out at her midsection like some kind of puppet, "let's go! I'm sure Mikoto's not out yet!"

She hoped that she was…

Sasuke gave a nod, and then resumed the trek, heading up the stairs behind Kushina, each step louder than the last until they both stood at the doorway. 'Uchiha' etched in the mail box; Mikoto was making herself at home, Sasuke gave solace to himself.

He knocked instead of intruding while Kushina slumped away. All sorts of feelings fought inside her; all sorts of scenarios in her head. It almost felt like it was right to slug Mikoto in the cheek. You think you're better than me?! Kushina resisted that urge most of all. Temper-tantrums were for the Red-Hot Habanero, but she needed to be mother and friend; and as those…

She drew back further, mirroring Hinata's place in the background, hoping to be unseen and unheard.

The door unlatched and cracked inward. Sasuke straightened, and Mikoto's eyes went wide. "Sasuke" came out in a gasp, and he went in with a pull, buried in his mom's loving embrace. Last two of the clan; Sasuke would not deny her this tender hug. His face buried to the crook of her neck, taking in the scent he memorized as a child, and missed every day it had gone.

Kushina, more than before, wanted to slink away and give them a moment alone. But seeing her, seeing Mikoto, her feet stayed, though her knees wobbled. Nervously, she looked away. There was still a chance to leave before Mikoto saw her and dismissed her again.


She looked up quicker than she meant to, like being nudged when falling asleep. She snapped straight and saw both Uchiha staring at her. She remembered the other Uchiha when they stared at her in their section of the village, condemning her silently while feigning politeness. There was no feigning in Sasuke's visible eye, but there was something in Mikoto's.

The black-haired woman's eyes strayed to the bottom corner before she stepped aside and welcomed her friend in with a wave of her hand. "Would you like to join us?" she asked, eyes closed in fine arches above her beautifully small smile. "I put on some tea."

ccc Yoshino ccc

"So, Shikamaru! When will that lovely Temari girl be back?" Yoshino gushed to her son, smiling pleasantly as she tipped tea into her son's cup. She had told him earlier to thank the Yamanaka girls for this delightful tea.

Shikamaru looked away from her while a grimace twisted a side of his face, contorting his fake smile. His mom in a good mood; it felt wrong, like a bad omen. She truly liked Temari, but that was only after she saw how Temari reined her son in, forcing him to work with sternness and strength. Temari and his mom together? That was a terrible thought indeed.

"She had to go back to Sunagakure," he told her. "It'll be at least another week before she comes back." A week he was looking forward to; doing nothing but what he wanted, no need to impress.

"Oh? That's such a shame," Yoshino fretted, still unnervingly pleasant as she sat across from Shikamaru, ignoring her own steamy drink. She holstered her chin in both hands. "I think it is a very nice thing that you bring her around often. It's not as lively without her."

It's never lively here, Shikamaru almost made the mistake of saying before drinking. He planned to excuse himself quickly enough, under the pretense of work that he had no intention of doing. Maybe his dad and Asuma-sensei entrusted much to him, but Kurenai-sensei's daughter was well-taken care of currently, and what job at the Hokage Tower couldn't be done by Kotetsu, Izumo, or a half dozen other ninja that filed in throughout the day?

"I have to go," Shikamaru said after tipping the last trail of tea to his tongue. He nearly forgot to sink the chair back into the table, but caught himself at the last second. Maybe it wasn't much, but whatever help he could provide his mom, he would. Now more than ever, she would need it.

Yoshino watched him go, and then in the loneliness of the Nara household, she sat. The pleasantness in her face left with a wanton sigh. Perhaps she had been spending too much time here herself.

Gathering up the dishes, she wondered if… just maybe… she was due to visit the hot springs.

She would have liked to think that today was a fine day to visit – as long as she kept her guard up at the infamous hole – if it weren't for the sight out the window; the sight of Naruto casually strolling alongside Akimichi Buta. Wherever they were off to didn't matter.

Yoshino clenched her fists and deepened her scowl.

ccc Kushina ccc

Tea… from Yamanaka Kaori… If Kushina were being honest, she'd say she didn't care too much for tea. Not at the moment, anyway. Not when she was sitting across from the woman she had developed a schoolgirl's crush on. A friend, at that, she added venomously, switching between shy gazes to outright glares.

Yet Mikoto sat so casually, speaking with her son with such poise and manners. She'd been doing this longer… She had the chance to be a parent before; to two sons, no less. When Kushina reunited with her own, it was handled with brutality, awkwardness, and overly-affectionate displays of love.

"Would you like to wash up, Sasuke?" Mikoto suggested when she and Sasuke finished their drinks; Kushina's still sat full. Mikoto touched her grown boy's face, finding just the merest smudge of dust against his pale cheek. "I'd say it's been too long since you've had a shower and soap."

"Mom," Sasuke said, not losing the manner in which he addressed her since childhood. He touched the hand that had brushed his cheek, and they held a gaze for a moment.

Kushina felt like an intruder.

Sasuke rose suddenly, looming above both mothers. Kushina almost felt stifled. The cheerlessness of his gaze; somehow, Naruto had found friendship in there.

The cloak came off in a controlled flourish, and suddenly, the chair he had sat on was wearing it instead. "It has been," he agreed with Mikoto, smiling and turning, knowing his way around his own home without her guidance.

And without knowing the significance, he left his mom alone with Kushina.

Mikoto, of course, did not act like she was in danger, but it was very obvious that she was straining to keep her eyes occupied anywhere but directly in front of her. Kushina was likewise, finding the plain floorboards to her right an interesting-enough piece to study for hours on end.

However, the silence was too unbearable, and no one should feel uncomfortable in their own home. Putting on her regal airs, Mikoto linked her fingers upon the table, flattened them out, and smiled at Kushina. "How was your night, Kushina?" she asked, wounding their unstable friendship with this sad attempt of small talk.

Kushina looked at her, a nervous girl, but Mikoto's perceptive eyes unmasked the friend underneath; a friend who harbored lust amongst other feelings for her. A girl like Kushina had no right to wear such a mask of uncertainty.

Mikoto found it best to return her glance to her hands. Chills, all over her body… The day was warm, but she was thankful for the sturdiness of her bra at such a time. Her legs tightened together beneath the table, a sense of discomfort settling in.

Sensing her friend's apprehension, Kushina's wry smirk made its appearance. "It was great," she huffed, putting an elbow on the table and leaning. "I had dinner with a great guy" (Teuchi) "and spent time with Naruto." She wasn't flaunting that her son was home while Sasuke was not, but it did give her pride to point out how she had people who enjoyed her company. If Mikoto hadn't denied her, she could've been there too.

The flash of her dream was quick: Mikoto, bucking and writhing, matching Naruto's torturous tempo. The leer in her son's eye as he slithered his tongue against hers…

Kushina's bluster stopped, and she drew back. Her quim was hot again, moisture collecting from her sexual anticipation. Act on it, every primal urge insisted of her! Toss Mikoto across this table and let her son watch as you taste her!

Kushina exhaled hotly, now wishing she had chosen her normal dress instead of her comfortable spandex. And no bra meant that the excitement in her bosom could protrude as twin bumps. Foolish, but she had been on a mission of desire before reality set in.

She had no one…

"It sounds like you are more comfortable than before," Mikoto mused in her diplomatic way, and she seemed all too pompous as she sipped from the last remnants of her tea. She set the emptied mug down and gave Kushina a sidelong stare. "Would you care to look around?" She stood up without an answer, and Kushina mimicked her.

At least this would distract her…

The home was bigger than Naruto's; Sasuke had a greater fortune than the orphan baby, and had not been treated like a monster in his youth. But Mikoto had spruced it up to a home; where Sasuke once had nothing to look at, she put plants or pictures or schedules. Not overdoing it, but it certainly looked like a family lived there now.

Family… It brought up the topic of both their clans' future, and Mikoto seemed dismissive to it. "He may be the last after all," she observed tactfully when asked if that Sakura girl had gotten with him. To be honest, when meeting the pink-haired girl of their sons' cell, Kushina was enamored with her tough nature and almost-flirtatious contempt of Naruto; she reminded her of herself and Minato. But Naruto had said that maybe they weren't compatible, and that left Sasuke to Sakura… However, even for as short a time as their revival, both Kushina and Mikoto saw the disinterest in Sasuke's gaze.

Now the bedroom…

Kushina beheld the large bed and thought that it was wasted on one woman. "Sasuke insisted on my comfort," Mikoto said cheerily.

Kushina's eye ticked, thinking on how Naruto had enough to by mountains of ramen, but couldn't fork out the dough for a bigger bed! The former Hokage's wife was a bit more used to at least some luxuries!

Her eyes stayed trained to the bed. The flash of dream again, altered… Kushina atop Mikoto, licking at her cheek before they kissed; hands on naked breasts, seizing and twisting until Mikoto whimpered for mercy; fingers wedging inside… Mikoto's hands bound to the headboard… She couldn't leave, couldn't resist, and wouldn't. She opened her legs for Kushina, and Kushina ate…


She blinked away the visions, and realized that she had begun panting. She smiled despite this and pulled at her collar, acting like she was venting heat, but was discretely making sure her sweat didn't make the cloth cling to her swollen nipples. "All the closed windows," she half-laughed, glad that both windows in the room were closed to seem honest.

Her eyes shifted, and she gave a yell before turning away, giving Sasuke some privacy as he emerged from the bathroom shower – she had been so distracted that she hadn't even noticed which bathroom he had been in – with nothing but a towel held in front of his groin; a disadvantage to his one-armed state. But what she had seen was… flawless. His skin was without blemish or scars, a rare trait in a ninja so active. His only battle wound shown was his missing arm, courtesy of her own child, who elected to have the experimental procedure to retain his right-handedness.

"Sorry, Kushina," he said, looking away from her back. He instead turned to his mom, and she stared back with no hassle to his nudity. She had Itachi, and he had walked from the shower many times in just a towel. Blood was blood to the Uchiha; she was numbed to his exposure as Kushina was not.

"We'll be out, Sasuke." She nodded, and he nodded back.

Kushina was led out, but certainly left her mind wandering in that zone with Sasuke. Two times now… Two times, in two days! It seemed fate was struck by her unsatisfied sexual appetite. Though Sasuke had not revealed himself fully to her, it took her back to seeing Naruto's penis swing up and swat his stomach before the boxers hid it all. And that, of course, led her to comparisons with Minato. Gifted, no doubt, she thought with some kind of awkward, masculine pride, though maybe a contribution from her own heritage might've also shown in his thick slab.

Did Mikoto ever see? And if so, did she compare her Sasuke to Fugaku? These musings, Kushina hoped, would go away after she found an orgasm… somewhere.


And it's not just the romance; it's the pet sidekicks: Moochi, Rama and… ugh… Tsuker. They bother me… a lot. Like when Rama gives that 'the guy who fucks me at night is still alive!' smile when the King turns out to not be dead. And then, of course, there's the fact that the Kralahome and Master Little attempting regicide to just be demoted as elephant stool handlers… That movie…
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