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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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Kushina and the Hole Truth Pt. 2: Kushina in Trouble


"So Konohamaru is with Kurenai-sensei?"


"But they move him around to help with chores?"


Naruto pondered the weird machinations of Yoshino's Mothers Force. Prisoners were normally kept in one place, after all. But maybe mothers could put a little perverted scamp like Konohamaru to better use.

Little good it did to think of it now, Naruto thought with a wince. His concentration was divided, and Buta's mouth beckoned recognition. He grunted, eye ticking and lips pursing. Her mouth was a generous thing, slobbering all over his cock as he sat on the edge of the bed she shared with her husband, his pants and boxers pushed only to mid-thigh; Buta promised she needn't more space than that, and she was right. His balls popped into her lips like dumplings to have a heavy glaze put over them; his cock went straight to the back of her throat, inhaling him deeper than he could imagine. Her nose pushed into his restricted patch of yellow hair, and still, she didn't so much as cough.

Temari could learn a thing or two from her, he thought slyly before holding her big round head.

He moved his hips of his own accord now, acting out of urgency as his hostess allowed him. He'd been dangling, and she'd purposely drawn it out, but it was too much. He fucked her mouth, his butt raising up from the mattress to bow over her as he raced. He stammered and shouted, heedless of who might be in earshot. And then he fed her, giving her a healthy sample of his own flavor as she had for dinner.

ccc Morning ccc

Kushina was awake before sunrise, staring at the ceiling, clenching the Uchiha's blanket to her bosom, recounting how she wound up in this bed…

She should have gone home, she knew. She shouldn't have pressed and let things unfold this way, but her desires were strong; painfully so. Willpower held out against the pain, but only for so long. Her body needed the contact, and her skin flared when a pale hand touched her naked arm.

Gulping, she turned and looked at the one sharing the bed with her; the pale Uchiha of boundless attraction, raven-haired, one of the last… How could Kushina have would up in the bed of Uchiha Mikoto, and not have acted on her basest desires?

Mikoto, heedless of her friend's anxiety, slept soundly, even though the night had been emotionally sour.

Sasuke was gone from Konoha at dusk. "Don't tell Naruto I was here" were his last words to Kushina, and to Mikoto, private words between mother and son. Seeing him go, of course Mikoto was upset and emotionally vulnerable, even if she did not outwardly express it. Kushina would be torn up if her son left so hastily. She had honestly tried to leave, but felt she could have fought harder when Mikoto asked her to stay.

It was the touch on her hand that melted her.

Yet she did not act. They ate, talked briefly, and then went to bed. No kissing, no confessions, no "We can make this work" promises; just two friends, awkwardly gestating and trying to define their relationship.

But Kushina still wanted more than Mikoto was willing to give, and waking up next to the Uchiha beauty reminded her that a bed was wasted when two people just slept on it. Damp dreams in the night; she had to leave. The practiced moves and step of a kunoichi; she left the Uchiha residence like she was never there, but lingered with stone feet at the doorway.

Early morning… Much too early, she lamented. She sighed.

And then…!

"Oh! Naruto!"

She dwelt so long on Mikoto's son that she'd almost forgotten her own! Buta-san said that she would take care of his dinner, but what was the lonely boy to do, getting home to find his mother gone? Asleep in the bed of another woman, no less; it felt like some kind of victory, but she consented to its shallowness.

Nothing had happened…

The Uzumaki were not known for their courtesy. Even if some of the villagers stopped to say high, Kushina, racing in yesterday's orange t-shirt and black spandex, only gave a wave before hurrying on. At least she wasn't running in her normal dress; the skirt weighed her down.

She got home just as Naruto was walking out the door, and though he had no doubt spent the night alone, he was looking remarkably chipper, meeting his mom with a grin just as big as ever. He hugged her just as she started giving an excuse to last night's absence. Lost track of time, didn't realize it was so late; the usual mill of vague excuses, and Naruto had heard the best (and worst) from his sensei already. For Naruto, he was just glad to have a mother who could come back.

Feeling sentimental and proudly maternal, Kushina latched onto his wrist with a restrained smile and refused to let him walk out without eating a good, healthy breakfast. "Full of mother's love," she tagged on, dragging Naruto back inside.

She cooked fervently – happy that Buta had been so kind to even clean the Uzumaki's own cookery – but she had Sasuke on her mind. Not in any way that mattered, but it gave a sense of guilt that she had to keep his arrival secret from Naruto. Probably because Naruto would chase after him and become a distraction from a journey of self-enlightenment.

She glanced over her shoulder to her teenage boy, who flipped through a catalogue of ninja novelties. A habit from his more-inexperienced years, he admitted when his mother first discovered the stack. Any true ninja creates his own path, she had sagely advised him, reminding him of the resounding wisdoms Jiraiya had imparted when he was not giving his perverted lectures.

Well, those perverted lectures were coming in handy, he considered with a secretive smile.

He looked to his mom without really meaning to. He just turned and admired. With a short laugh, he reflected on how lucky he was. A mom… For nearly seventeen years, he couldn't say that, and now… here she was, cooking him meals and looking beautiful.

He checked himself. Maybe it was a habit he had to kick; he doubted Kiba or Shikamaru would admit to their mom's hotness – Kiba least of all, with his ferocious mother scowling everywhere. Naruto just felt he had to dial back how he could admire his mom, though it was hard not to take in her attractive features. He had been a lonely child who started noticing women very young, and was mentored by a sage pervert! Little he could help glancing when Kushina bent forward and put his eggs in front of him.

"Let's have a good day," she promised him, giggling sweetly as she also sat down.

"Right!" he agreed, and shoveled the food right in.

ccc Afternoon ccc

Kushina loved Naruto; loved him dearly! But he was his own man – like Sasuke – and she let him live and leave as any mother should allow her teenage son. Where he was off to, he didn't specify, but that was alright by Kushina.

The cold shoulder of Mikoto had put a hitch on yesterday's devious plan, and now more than ever, she needed relief. So she sat on the bed, legs sprawled out and naked, knees lifted and separated as far as they could go as her right hand dove to her red muff. Her teeth clamped on her bunched-up shirt, removed from the way of her unoccupied left hand. She grabbed and squeezed her breasts, one after the other, passing between constantly to find that right medium of pleasure and pain to aid in this much needed orgasm.

But fingers could not substitute the length and girth of a cock; the spasm of the man's patience and excitement, unguided hands over her tits. Minato was her only, but he was satisfactory enough that she never needed an eye to wander… Not that she didn't play with a scenario or two… If she baited him with stories of Mikoto, it was only natural that she'd conjure up a reversed proposal. But what man? None that she'd ever give a second thought to when Minato was handling her. Sadly, he was not handling her anymore, and now her mind was forced to wander to the bachelors still in Konoha…

"Ah!" She closed her eyes and concentrated, the harsh tickle of her fingertips padding at her clitoris. She sank them in, letting her inner muscles grab hold as she tried to simulate Minato's talent. She tried to imagine him there, behind her, forcing his hand to her crotch like before. She had squirmed then, bashfully resisting but altogether failing. He made her cum in the Hokage's office, on the very desk Tsunade-sama sat at. Embarrassing to walk in there now with that secret, but also sexually thrilling!

Would Tsunade-sama be a suitable partner, a stand-in for her feelings for Mikoto? It'd be strange… She had seen once how Naruto looked at Tsunade. He masked the lust under bravado and childish modesty, but it was there. That hungry eye…

"Yah!" Kushina's hips jumped, and her back slid down the wall. Senses triggered by the eye of Naruto; the lusty eye, that stare he gave in her dream as he fucked her best friend.

At once, Kushina stole her hands away, robbing herself from the clutches of relief. And while she sat, now on her haunches, fuming through her nostrils, red in the face, she came to a conclusion.

She had to have sex to rid herself of those taboo feelings and daydreams, and there was a hole at the hot springs!

copier gestates and wonders if that counts.

ccc Yoshino ccc

Maybe the Mothers Force didn't find it funny. Yoshino definitely did not find it funny. Kurenai didn't find it funny either. But Anko, given the description of the situation, found it very funny! Funny enough to accompany Kurenai to this awkward transaction.

Yoshino frowned at the wide-grinning woman; first the grin that caught the green dango from her stick, and then the bust that stuck out prominently in her tight mesh. Double-D's, shown off, influencing young minds so that perverts like this one – she tugged at Konohamaru's ear to get a yelp – and wearing that high skirt, letting men's eyes wander and minds wonder…

Perhaps the only one who felt similarly was Mebuki, the receiver of this tradeoff. Mebuki, on more than one occasion, caught her husband looking and even found a photograph of Anko's full profile amongst his things; he tried to assure her that it was merely for study.

But Anko was there all the same, eating and grinning at the spectacle. Konohamaru didn't mind her presence; she wasn't against him, though he had heard her say to Kurenai once that she would have more fun with perverts and their punishments. Kurenai had elected to ignore her and said that his punishment was complicated, but fair.

Normally these transactions were done with the whole of the Mothers Force. Anko looked side to side, but there was no sign of Akimichi Buta. Or Yamanaka Kaori. "Why aren't they here?" she grumbled to Kurenai out of sheer curiosity instead of interest.

Kurenai gave a look of discontent or woe; her gentle and soft features always displayed a sort of elegance. "Buta-san was omitted from Konohamaru's placement. Yoshino-san felt she was too lenient. And we haven't heard from Kaori-san for a few days now." She did seem surprised herself at that. Kaori was a wallflower, but still a prominent member of the Force.

"You shouldn't be here, either," Yoshino interrupted, now that Konohamaru had been excused with Mebuki. The resilient and stuffy mom put her hands on her hips and glared at Anko; this was a matter that would surely be discussed – at length and volume – with Kurenai for bringing her. "These are the matters of the Mothers Force. We are acting outside the rule of the shinobi."

Despite her bluster, Anko just grinned and chomped off the last dango from her toothpick. She flagrantly chewed at her leisure, gulped loudly, and tossed the end of the sharp stick into a fly a few meters away; a trick shot that Tenten would fawn over. "Protection of Konoha and its citizens is my duty, Yoshino," she declared after the spectacle. "If I were you, I'd put more faith in me." She chortled arrogantly, wanting to test the will of a mother against the will of an erratic kunoichi.

Yoshino was about to meet the challenge, but movement caught her eye; a whip of red. Her eye was caught for just a moment, but that was all that was needed. She had spotted Uzumaki Kushina, scourge of the streets in their youth, and now a troublemaker of a mom! Letting her boy roam wild still.

And from the looks of it, the bucket of toiletries and towel, her destination was the hot springs.

Batting back and forth with this busty bimbo would have to wait. Kushina – as warned by Mikoto – was a more pressing matter.

ccc Konohamaru ccc

An unpaid worker; a slave… Konohamaru could think of worse things than doing house chores for busy mothers. Near anything was better than being tied to that chair and anticipating the next backside throttling. Yessir, doing some household tasks for Mebuki was far more preferable.

He headed off with the blonde, and she immediately designated the first task: shopping. "Kizashi twisted his ankle last week," she confided in him as she sifted through discount, secondhand items. She bent over low, and Konohamaru willed himself not to compare her backside with her daughter's. Little known secret it was that where Sakura seemed to lack development in the chest, her training and choice of spandex and breezy skirts gave a good demonstration of her other, womanly attribute.

A little peek would do no harm…


The pink pants of choice tugged across the mature woman's ass, and Konohamaru gushed a little from his nose. Before he could rouse suspicion, he turned away and rubbed the blood from his right nostril. The moms were scary, but they certainly were lookers! Buta, maybe not; she had a great personality.

But the strain was difficult. Small as he was, his trousers still felt cramped at the groin. There was no discipline to his recently-awakened hormones, after all. Naruto had coached him to distract himself in times such as these, but what else could Konohamaru think of as Mebuki's cheeks waved at him?

His bottom lip pulled up hard, his eyes stinging with tears as he tried to control himself. Nii-chan! Help me be strong! His erection continued to rage, but, with some perseverance and cleverness – and a bit of convenient luck – throughout the whole of a man's torture (shopping with a woman), Mebuki not once picked up on the way Konohamaru pointed at her even whilst his fingers gripped bags of junk and other items bought at the market.

Mebuki's style wasn't necessarily eye-grabbing. She bent over to him twice, but he only once made a glance to her chest. Not big, not unimportant; without the sweetness of flesh and cleavage, it lost the boy's interest.

They were done shopping in the same market after about two hours. Mebuki seemed entirely enthralled, but Konohamaru had been aware that he was standing after the first twenty minutes; the following hundred minutes, he was very conscious of. Knowing they were leaving the dread of the marketplace, he felt somewhat revitalized.

"What do you want me to do at your house?" he felt compelled to ask, wanting to talk about something other than whether or not a stain was noticeable on a rug or if a torn shirt could be mended.

Mebuki didn't turn to answer. Though she filled Konohamaru's load to full, she also carried a considerable bundle. She may have been older, the skin of her body drooping – slightly – but her arms were strong. It was not hard for Konohamaru to believe that she was once Kushina's rival in childhood. "Sakura has been very busy at the Hokage's tower lately," she explained to the youth. "I thought it'd be good for you to help keep her room organized and help around the house for her."

Konohamaru couldn't say he was entirely surprised by the task. Though he pursed his lips and gave a sour pout, it was well known that the Harunos were bargainers, and what was a better bargain than a free housekeeper?

Better than the wrath of Yoshino's palm, Konohamaru told himself over and over, though he felt safest with Kurenai. She didn't yell or scold, and she fed him plenty; more of a houseguest than a house worker.

Mebuki led him in the Haruno home and told him where to set his baggage. "Kizashi will want to look through it all." Maybe retired from ninja work, but Kizashi had a knack for making all sorts of use from junk.

Konohamaru did as he was bidden, and then was instructed upstairs to sort out Sakura's laundry and set it aside neatly. Sakura liked organization as much as any mother. So up the stairs Konohamaru trekked, his bare feet padding gently along the floorboards so that Kizashi's shower was louder than his ascent. Which room was Sakura's? Straight down to the left.

Door ajar, but Konohamaru saw nothing wrong with that; he left his room open all the time. So he walked in without hesitation and looked around. A girl's room… He let that sink in for a moment, and then put his attention to the clothes on the bed. His eyebrow lifted.

He walked over and looked down at his chore. This was what he was meant to put away? A simple uniform? He blushed and reached down, delicately lifting Sakura's pink panties for closer inspection. Lacy things; something a girl would want to show off! His mouth gaped as he imagined Nii-chan's former crush wearing something so delightful. He thought of her backside, of course; how the back of her panties wedged up tight in that crevice.

Fantasies were set aside when the door was heard creaking open fully, as he had merely slipped through the crack as if to leave everything untouched. And in the doorway stood Sakura with only a towel surrounding her midsection, her bust squeezed at its top, her hair stringy from the wet. She stared placidly at him first, as though the shock had not registered. Then her green eyes haunted the pink panties before Konohamaru could dash them behind his back.

"S-Sakura! I didn't mean…! Oof!"

Sakura had lunged and put the boy out with a blow to the breadbasket.

ccc Naruto ccc

Naruto had places he wanted to go, but he took his time. Being the village pariah for so long, it had become natural for him to relish the welcoming glances and words of every person he happened across, whether or not he knew them by name. Moms who would tuck away their children as if he was harboring a disease now ushered their kids to him to see what a true hero was like. He signed autographs every so often and shot the breeze with chunin twice his age…

But there was one who stopped him who he did not expect. One who crossed his path and gave him not a look of admiration, but of unusual longing. This was Uchiha Mikoto, haphazardly intercepting Naruto on his stroll from a perpendicular pathway. They greeted each other appropriately; Naruto said "Hi!" and she nodded to him and addressed him by name.

"What're you doing out?" Naruto held his hands together behind his head. "You going to get some Ichiraku?"

Mikoto knew all about Kushina's – and now her son's – famous ramen addiction, and laughed politely behind her hand. "I've already eaten."


"I just wanted to walk for a while." She looked to the buildings that rose around them. Naruto also looked like it was his first time observing Konoha's accomplishment. Mikoto reflected on it differently. It still seemed like such an unfamiliar place, but it more than just design. All the buildings were new after Akatsuki's fatal attack, and new districts and shops were made. However, it was the newfound freedom she felt most. Maybe not as blatantly as Naruto had experienced, the Uchiha felt adversity too in their quarantined section near the outskirts of the village. She had let Fugaku's and the other Uchihas' resentment seep into her until her love for her children was compromised. Itachi's blade had reminded her what priorities should be.

She relinquished the red of the final instance of her first life and presented Naruto – the one who changed not just Konoha but the world's sense of intolerance – her warmest smile. She had thought she wouldn't be able to smile when she woke up and neither Sasuke nor Kushina was there in that lonely home. But Naruto had warmth that enveloped those around him; unlike the cold that her clan had cultivated in hate.

She held out her hand to him and asked, "Would you like to walk with me for a while… Naruto?"

It didn't take Naruto more than a moment to identify the feeling he experienced looking at her. He accepted the invite, unable to resist a beautiful woman, but the entire while, he'd struggle and hope that she wouldn't notice the erection he'd been hoping to do away with since glimpsing his mom's ass.

ccc Kushina ccc

"Uuwhaa!" Kushina leaped from under the hot springs water and inhaled sharply. She'd submerged herself for a while, breathing out steadily through her puckered lips and nostrils until she could bear it no more. She treated the hot springs like a pool, unable to find the state of mind to just sit there and relax like the old women who had already soaked and took their leave. Alone, it was up to her to amuse herself… since the delightful hole had not promised her any fun yet. She had peeped through when she first had the chance, and just saw a squad of older men; the husbands, she guessed, for they departed not long after the old ladies. She was… glad for that. She'd prefer to sate her need with someone a bit more worthy, a bit younger… Sexy would have been a plus.

Of course, these lusty feelings did not go without second-guessing. There was still the tribulation of unfaithfulness to Minato. If he were here, this wouldn't even be an issue, a last resort! But fate had only given one parent back to Naruto, and while she would always do her best for him, she felt she couldn't be her best unless she… well…

"Oof!" She smacked her fists down and made a splash, turning her face up like a pouting little girl. She should be able to take care of herself. Many widows would probably advise her of that, but many of those widows had not been an Uzumaki, let alone a Jinchuriki to the lively Kyubi. She retained certain desired, and try as she might, she couldn't simply banish them from thought. Naruto was gone too often to distract her with motherly love.

She sulked and looked back over to the hole. Still empty…

She looked to the entrance of the women's side, and no one walked in. It was easier to see what was going on with the men if no others were there to speculate and judge her! Naked, with tits bouncing with each quick, tiptoe step, she scampered to the hole to see. Something told her that there was a calling here. She peeked excitedly, but also cautiously, for if she got what she wanted all at once, she'd be poked in the eye.

But nothing and no one…

The gut feeling was wrong. She fell onto her ass and pressed her back to the wall and gave a great big sigh of sadness. It was the first time, really, that she imagined never having sex again. She might've only have tried for a few days and experienced a very intense dream of her son nailing her best friend. She shivered at the thought; Mikoto's hand reaching out, Naruto leering expectantly at her…


Kushina jerked suddenly. The sound of footsteps. Immediately, she moved to preserve her modesty. Not the traditional lady, she still felt it inappropriate to be seen, naked, with her legs opened out in front of her.


No, the footsteps – which had now stopped – were on the men's side! Kushina's heart leapt and waited, and not a moment later, something came through the hole; two somethings, actually. The man dipped two fingers into the women's side of the hot springs and crooked them in a motion that Kushina thought deviously of where she would like those fingers to curl.

There was obvious anxiety, her fingers giving off spasms as a whole input of ideas and scenarios raced through her mind on an obscured train. There was the notion to forfeit this commitment and find some other remedy, but then she reminded herself of the rarities of men chancing upon her with favor. Most were married; eligible bachelors now, she'd remembered as children, and that gave her stomach a stir. But the anonymity offered her this chance to slake her wants, be rid of them – for the time being – and have no mar upon her reputation. There was no one here to see her, and with the wall, the man had no way of identifying her.

Maybe it was a little slutty; she could ashamedly admit to that, but there were few other options. This was a habit she could keep solely to herself.

Grinning with her strengthened resolved, she reached up and caressed the fingers in a welcoming gesture, as if to say "Hello there" with a wink. Their fingers hooked, and Kushina felt thrilled. Soft hands; young, she guessed, someone who held kunai enough to form some callous, but ultimately soft…

She couldn't very well make out the skin tone, for the steam culminated heavily at this area. Whoever had made this hole, he (or possibly 'she' for equality's sake) had charted it well. The fingers unlatched from her and withdrew. Kushina held her breath expectantly, knowing what would soon come.

And it did. Slowly, held level with the hole, the beast emerged, presenting Kushina with a distinguished eyeful of her new plaything. Safely through, the hand behind the wall released it, and the cock arched proudly in presentation. Almost dreamy in effect, Kushina gave her full attention to it. It struck a cord with her, reminding her of her late husband's. Well, why wouldn't it? His was the only she'd seen, but she knew the only differences between others were size and color. And this one was… well… big! It was a gamble resorting on this perverse hole, but it paid out. She didn't mean to demean her husband – who was not a man whose size was easy to scoff at – but this one just may have won him out.

A part of her wanted to get into position right away. Her quim already was drooling for the stature that exceeded her dainty fingers. She wanted it in her bad… but how long until her next opportunity? She wanted to re-familiarize herself with the male anatomy. His balls hung helplessly beyond the barrier, but she had talent enough to make due with what she got.

She smirked cockily as the mast throbbed, already spilling over with liquid anticipation. Perhaps he needed this as much as her!

She didn't tease, didn't wait. She snagged the prick near its base and yanked on it. The body behind was heard thudding against the wall. She gave a giggle; a little jest before getting serious.

Just as it look, it also felt big in her hand. Strong and sturdy, the way a cock should feel. She eyed its detail from stem to head. Carefully, she eased back his mostly-receded foreskin to properly meet the swollen head with her mouth. She'd watched enough; she needed the taste. She kissed, an innocent move, puckering her lips and flicking them against his head so that she may taste the mild fluid accumulating there. Her tongue flashed and caught the pre-cum, a familiar flavor. She likened it to salt ramen.

She released her hold of the dick and let it return to its base look. The Namikaze men were circumcised at birth for whatever reason; Kushina had always felt that she missed out on that particular novelty whenever she doted on her husband's cock. It was a chance to explore.

She handled the arched member with care, leveling it out with her mouth so her tongue – stretching to a point – could fondle the excess skin folded over the border of his tip. She inspected the inside, running along in the full circumference, letting out an airy chortle when she heard another thud against the wall. Perhaps he was tantalized, or was impatient… At once, she inhaled him, a noisy slurp coming from her mouth as she descended over the tip. It was as if that single motion had reminded her how to take a cock properly. She drew back, and then greedily stuffed more of him into her mouth. The anon replied with a straight thrust, slamming his hips to her mouth and making her wince. But it would take much more than that to make her gag. After all, it took serious skill to turn the cool Yellow Flash/Fourth Hokage into a mewling mess when her head was bobbing in his lap.

Eyes shut in focus, Kushina braced her hands against the wall and started to bob with a bit more ferocity, though she attempted no more than the first three inches of the seven inch course. It might've been many years since she last put Minato's dick in her mouth, but in her suspended reality, her revival made it feel like a handful of months. But the man was not making it easy for her to get back up to speed. She heard his muffled noises; accelerated breath, heavy moans and the THMP-THMP-THMP! of his pelvis trying to bring her to his frantic pace. But if Namikaze Minato had to wait and endure at her leisure, so would this stranger!

"Puwah!" She spat him out, a sloppy mess of her saliva shimmering on him. She needed to take a moment and catch her breath. No way was she done! She rubbed him with her fist to ebb his restless excitement and chuckled. "You're certainly eager," she jibed, though her voice came off as nothing but muffled noise through the wall. "Let's see how you handle this." She dropped her jaw and surged over him again. With difficulty and resilience, she clogged her throat with her determination. The hole in the wall came closer to her face, and onward she pressed. Through the mist and the squinting of her watery eyes as she provoked her gag reflex, she saw the man's pelvis; just a gleam through the rim of the hole. Her nose almost touched the cement – her throat thoroughly blocked now – when she spotted something that made everything come to a crashing halt.

The thicket of blond hair; yellow like Minato's!


She sputtered like she had just choked on an overdose of ramen! Her cheeks bulged and her lips puckered, her eyes went white with horror! This was Naruto's dick in her mouth! No one else, in all the lands she had seen, had such fair hair as her husband and son!

She retched and took her mouth off of him as fast as possible. She grabbed at her neck, as if she could still feel her boy suffocating her! She stared wide-eyed at it, like it had worn a disguise but the disguise disintegrated! Her son! Her well-hung son! It was no wonder why she bothered to think and compare it to Minato's! Aside from the foreskin and extra size, it really did remind her of him! And she had seen it just the day before!


She almost came out and screamed his name, but thought twice before the first noise could rupture from her lips. She had to consider this and consider it well. His masculine taste was already in her mouth. There was no going back from that; far different than a goodnight kiss on the lips…

Unconsciously, she thumbed the bit of saliva that accumulated toward the corner of her mouth. The dilemma had arisen, and she wasn't entirely prepared for it; two confounding yet simple words that stumped her: what now?

There was the ethical thing to do, which was turn away and never look back, let the encounter fade into a memory that she would one day excuse as a strange dream. Kushina, however, had lived her life daring on the cusp of morality. She stole (because she wanted) and fought (because they annoyed her) when she was younger, and there was little change in her adult life. Minato just balanced her out. Now, she was faced with the adult decision to leave… or commit to it, see it through to her long-awaited satisfaction, and then keep it to herself for the rest of her life! Naruto needn't know of the incestuous encounter. Besides, taking her son into account, how exactly would he even react to know his mother pleasured him like this? It'd damage him, that was for sure! Orphaned and practically abandoned; now taken advantage of by his mom?! She couldn't put him through that.

Just like she couldn't leave him with that; a strong, aching erection that missed the sleeve of her lips.

It almost seemed endearing how eagerly he wanted her back. She fussed with the idea as her cheeks continued to flare. She began to pant unevenly, like all the heat of the bathhouse had congregated on her, pressuring her to make a decision. Was hers the wrong decision?


That was not Naruto. That was a woman! Kushina whipped around, rising up to her feet in an instant and hiding her hands behind her back. Almost instinctively, to save her son from indecent exposure, she pressed back to the hole, squashing Naruto's turgid meat between her buns like a hot dog.

Her eyes frisked the mist until she saw the interloper, the one who now made her choice for her. Out from the fog, Nara Yoshino, fully-clothed and looking uniquely upset, stormed over to her. The slide of her sandals scraped wetly along the stone floor. She came down on the naked and younger woman as she would any of her son's friends. "What are you doing here?" Yoshino asked, glaring undauntedly at the redhead.

Kushina tried not to be distracted by the wriggling between her butt cheeks. Just bear with it, Naruto… She feigned an innocent albeit obviously-nervous laugh. "What do you mean, Yoshino-san?" The cock retreated… torturously. At the angle, reeling back through the hole no doubt caused a bit of discomfort. But she almost gave a sigh of relief when he unclogged the hole; at least her son had the wisdom to know when to retreat. Hopefully he would see this as a lost cause and go. That he hadn't made some kind of outburst already meant that he probably hadn't distinguished Yoshino's voice from the other side of the wall, too distracted with his lusting. "The hot springs are available all day," Kushina went on to answer Yoshino more thoroughly. "I thought I'd visit… guh?!" Her eyes suddenly widened.

It seemed her son hadn't the wisdom. He just needed to better align himself. With painfully blind accuracy, he made a series of unaware jabs towards his mother's crotch. He pressed urgently, and caused a small squeak to leave her throat. No way was he going to…

But her body had already betrayed her, back when that shaft was stabbing into her mouth. Her lower lips had already drooled and now salivated over the head of Naruto's prick. He shifted side to side, guided however he could by his hand behind the barrier. And with her body willing and the map of her entrance in mind – forged mostly with the help of her bristly mound – he discovered the glistening split.

Whimpering and praying that Yoshino wouldn't notice the twitches in her face, Kushina felt Naruto's swollen erection split her labia. And in he went, a motion that was slow and savoring, even more painful than when he retreated. The worst part was that he planned to bottom out, and he did so with a very deliberate thud against the wall.

At least Yoshino didn't hear it.

Yoshino was unimpressed by Kushina's simple and oddly-ended explanation. She tightened her hands on her hips and sneered in a way that Kushina – though distracted – did not particularly like. Up came the finger that wagged in her face audaciously; another thing she did not like. "The Konoha Mothers Force is investigating a very serious matter, and it pertains to that hole right behind you." The finger pointed, and Kushina felt her insides jump like the exposure was there for her to see. Thank the heavens for childbearing hips, despite her smaller frame.

Kushina, with a mouth a wavy line of uncertainty, gave a small, affirming noise. "Oh? Is that right?" She forced herself still, combating the frustrating way Naruto's length bumped inside of her. She knew all about the ridiculous Mothers Force and their crusade to find the creator of this hole – her son, no less – from Mikoto, but it was such a silly thing that she hardly bothered to think about it afterward.

"Hmph! You could show more concern," Yoshino persisted to scold, now standing with a straight back and her eyes closed indifferently. "For all we know, it could very well be that mischievous son of yours that made that peephole."

Tucked nice and tight, Naruto's cock bulged against Kushina's appreciatively-moist walls, stubbornly squatting there as her involuntary muscles gripped and massaged him. Every dollop of pre-cum that surged from his tip moistened her parched cervix, yet it was not yet enough to quench the thirst. He made a move against her, steady and slow and shallow, but when he came back it, it took phenomenal willpower of the sex-craving mother not to cry out her pleasure right in Yoshino's face.

Kushina felt like she would vomit. She couldn't handle anxiety well, usually expressing it in violent ways. The first time Minato tried to kiss her, she decked him with seemingly-boundless strength before falling into a fit of bashful giggles as her boyfriend struggled not to succumb to a concussion.

And with Yoshino berating her and now bringing up (although-justified) scrutiny against her child…! Kushina had pummeled many for much less, and her fists were ready to serve up a squashed tomato to the Nara doorstep. But too many risks… As hard as it was, as demeaning as it felt, Kushina had to endure the verbal thrashing with only her mouth available to mount defense.

She relied on a weak lie, "Naruto wouldn't…"

"Mikoto thinks so too," Yoshino agreed, not giving Kushina's rebuttal a chance. Her eyes peered open to suspicious slits. They fell to Kushina's pert, youthful breasts; not like her own, which had started the sad descent from perkiness to a slope of age and stress. She harrumphed in her mind. A woman with any decency wouldn't walk around so brazenly, even in the hot springs.

"I wouldn't take that as advice," Yoshino went on, "if she didn't go on to say that I should keep my eye on you."

The distraction so evident on Kushina's face turned wide-eyed and focused. Her eyes flickered back to the wall; too fast for Yoshino to take any real notice. "Mikoto said that?"

As if victorious over some squabble, Yoshino pompously crossed her arms and turned halfway from Kushina. "Mikoto told me to be careful of you going to the hot springs. Apparently, she must believe

Kushina bit her bottom lip hard to stifle the moans swelling in her throat now that Naruto was done being idle, invading her inner chamber to enjoy its hot comforts; now he was on the move, grinding his way back and forth so that she could almost hear his sticky pathway. All of it was being taken in at once: Yoshino's presence, Mikoto's betrayal, and – most of all – Naruto's cock.

"Wait," she stammered out loud, indirectly speaking to Naruto as his pace brutally increase. She exhaled loud and drooped, resisting the urge to grab onto the stones next to her. Dammit, Yoshino had terrible timing!

She didn't stop to think that Naruto was the misgiving here.

"I agree with Mikoto," Yoshino said. "You were always a bother, acting more like a boy than a proper kunoichi. Minato did well reeling you in, but it seems like you're back to mischief."

"Yoshino…" Kushina strained to speak. She pressed harder against the wall, her ass flattening against it. She tried but couldn't. She couldn't fight back. The cock charged in deeper, heedless of her dilemma.

"Mikoto suggested that the Inuzuka boy is to blame for the hole. I would have thought that she was trying to protect you." Yoshino's satisfaction showed in her grin. Kushina was stressed – though not entirely by what Yoshino was saying – and finally didn't say a word. "But she distrusts you."

Kushina, slowly starting to pant as Naruto fucked her closer and closer to orgasm, gave Yoshino a sidelong glare. If it wasn't for her need for this, she would've put Yoshino down that very instant and show just how ladylike she could be. She had to tolerate it all; she was almost there, and if she was not careful, she might scream her ecstasy right at Yoshino.

She wanted hands on her breasts, pinching and delighting her nipples. Or to touch her clit, above where Naruto speared her over and over. Could Yoshino, snob of Konohagakure, be coerced to oblige her? Hardly. Catching her in this shameful act – which was fortunately veiled by the congregating steam – Yoshino would probably move for the Uzumakis to be banned from the village.

Kushina made a concerned squeak when voices began to rise from the entrance of the bath. A girl with her grandmother, and a few women, all filing in to share in Kushina's torment. One voice sounded vaguely familiar; Kushina didn't bother to place it.

"You may have this time here, but afterward, please respect the wishes of the Mothers Force and stay away." Yoshino's closing line was muffled under the wet plopping that – though inaudible – echoed throughout Kushina's being. She let out a high-pitched whine that she quickly quieted with her fist.

I'm cumming!

She wanted to scream that.

Thank you, Naruto!

She wanted to scream that too. His seed fed into her after a deep thrust, and he stayed wedged up there so that her womb overflowed with him. The hot warmth made her cum as well, putting stress on her body as she repressed every natural response to climax. She even cowed out to Yoshino, smiling weakly and promising that she wouldn't return here soon. Each blast of Naruto's sperm thudded through her cervical wall and cast into her womb like a cascading fog of white. She felt filled when he began to retract, and then his seed continued to pour, filling the gap left in his escape. Her separated walls were sprayed with his white deposit.

"I'm glad you understand," said Yoshino over her shoulder as she turned to leave. The heat had brought a sweat to her forehead and her dry hair to start frizzing.

Kushina was glad to see her go when she did, for she wasn't able to suppress the shudder when Naruto – flaccid finally – dropped out of her, and the spill of his cum splattered between her thighs. She bent over her knees and let out a moan as her overloaded snatch gushed out. With a grateful sigh, she gave a tired, "Thank you."



Kushina jerked upright, tits leaping with her. Yet she found herself looking down at a little girl, a little girl with two tall orange pigtails. Moegi cocked her head, flushing as she acknowledged Kushina's full nudity, from the size of her bust and pinkness of her cute nipples to the scarlet-haired mound that still dripped her son's semen. Her thighs instinctively closed, trapping the bulk of cum inside her.

"Moegi-chan?" She forced a laugh, and tactfully hid her bosom behind an arm. "What can I do for you?"

Moegi shuffled, and asked, "Have you seen Konohamaru lately?"

"Uhuu, no, I haven't," Kushina honestly said. She might've, but she'd been so distracted; with Mikoto's first kiss and all. She didn't really have a moment to consider the youth of the village, let alone her son's protégé. And at the moment, she distressed while looking behind her, she didn't have time for Moegi either. She squeezed her butt firmly against the wall.

Not to hide simply the hole, but also the white smear that backwashed from her used and satisfied snatch…

ccc The other side, seconds ago ccc

Naruto exhaled, exhausted and also elated. The woman on the other side was... amazing! Maybe every experience was outstanding in its own way, and Buta claimed top of oral performances... But this woman immediately felt special.

Retracting his cock stained with his own backwashed semen, he took particular notice of the creamy ring towards his base; courtesy of her own satisfaction. Naruto swooned, swept up in his own tired gratitude, and braced on the glorious wall. It was against the rules, but he certainly wouldn't mind finding out who the woman behind the wall was.

Something special indeed!

Spent and accomplished, Uzumaki Naruto's clone puffed out of existence to relay to the original the sensation of experience.

ccc Konoha roads, later ccc

Kushina's legs wobbled as she walked down the dirt road. Every step, she felt like her feet were trying to take purchase on clouds. She hadn't felt like this since… well… since after Minato got done with her, and usually she was in bed when that happened.


She made a sort of whine and glanced up to the sky. He certainly wasn't a slouch; suspiciously proficient, she considered with some awkwardness, pride, and – dare she say? – elation. If they had been traditional, face-to-face, she wondered how it would have played out.

Harder, faster, and with a lot more groping, she estimated, her stomach flipping as she imagined Naruto's face burying between her naked tits as his hands squeezed them; all the while, plugging her like he had through that hole.

Damn Yoshino, she spited. That miserable cow had truly ruined the whole experience. So long waiting for an orgasm, and it felt cheated and repressed.

But aside from her, Kushina also had to consider Mikoto, her best friend… The woman who kissed her, and then sold her out to the stupid Mothers Force. Was that why Buta showed up yesterday? A way to keep an eye on her? Well, those foolish moms had another thing coming if they thought they could trap the Red-Hot Habanero! She'd take them all down, but save Mikoto for last.

She huffed through her nose and put on a wickedly arrogant grin. She'd love to put Mikoto through the paces…

"Hi, Mom!"

It seemed to be Kushina's day for being caught off guard, though there was no preparing for how she'd feel when confronted by her own, ignorant-to-what-just-happened-between-them son. He was approaching from further down the road, smiling and glowing in a way not too dissimilar from his mom. Atop his cheeks were fringes of pink, which she shared; a body of relaxation and satisfaction. The visit to the hot springs did him wonders, Kushina thought ironically.

He stepped in front of Kushina, still unknowingly mocking her with that smile. Not much she could do or say unless she wanted to be figured out. "I was just about to head home," he snickered, bashfully rubbing underneath his nose. A bit suspiciously, he asked if she was heading home too.

Kushina backed away suddenly, stammering and holding her smile with difficulty. Her eyes stuck to him; stuck hard and pointedly to his, for if she let up, they could wander. "I don't know if that's a good idea, Naruto," she got out, retreating all the while as her glow turned into a prominent blush. Her heart was pounding loud.

No…! No!

"I'll head home later." She moved back further. "I have to go." She was airborne and off before Naruto could think to follow or even ponder her curious behavior. Where her feet would take her, she was not sure, but nowhere near the Ichiraku, nowhere near their apartment, nowhere near anywhere Naruto would think to go.

The constant thumping of her heart bouncing through her skull was too reminiscent. It felt too much like when she fell in love with his father…

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