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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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How had it happened? The day seemed so lucky! Yet here he was, defeated, bound and condemned by the Mothers Force?

Woozy from the blow to his head, he glanced up at the leader as the whole of the Alliance congregated on him. Just a few hours ago, it was his lucky day.

Kiba's lucky day… Well, it felt like that at least. Something to brag about, to tease his friends about for not joining him. The hole bore fruit, the risk well-worth it. It had taken some nerve, as he had gestated in the water for a bit, considering the hole at the wall. Finally, he staggered out, told his transformed pal (Akamaru doubling as him… (I can't believe I now have to be this specific now. Fuck you, Narubros.) to wait for him, and then hurried up and shoved his eye against it.

Perhaps he shouldn't brag, he thought with a devious smirk. How would his friends react to know that he now knew just what their mom looked like in the bath?

Nara Yoshino sat at the edge of the water, finally doing something about the stress that constantly mounted in her life. The hole – which she had checked just five minutes before and assured herself that there was no peeping toms about – was a major problem, and Kushina was added on top of that, and of course there was the matter of her son courting that wonderful girl from the Sand Village. Shikamaru was so lazy; it was not a sure thing he'd nab such a fine bride.

Sighing, and not taking any chances, she held her towel firmly to her chest even as she sunk into the water. Modesty suited her best. Only the improper and indecent walked around the bathhouse naked. Seeing the audacious Kushina earlier; she snorted at the memory, and muttered to herself that there was no reason any man should drool over her.

"At least I don't have to worry about her anymore," she grumbled, rubbing her nape firmly and letting her towel sink, certain that the waters would preserve her modesty in its place.

All the while, as she relaxed, Kiba worked his vigorous erection to climax.

ccc Konohamaru; 2 hours later ccc

At the Haruno house (nowhere else, because why the fuck would he transform into Naruto?) Konohamaru accepted an ice pack from Mebuki, but kept his gaze averted from Sakura, now dressed and sitting across from him with folded arms. Sakura looked angry, though she had been informed as to what Konohamaru was doing in her room.

"I had no idea you were going to be home, Sakura," Mebuki said, happiness masked with some small portion of concern for Konohamaru. She didn't bother to hide her smile, setting tea down for her daughter; Konohamaru was lucky to get the ice pack, though he fumbled with it. It wasn't like she punched him in the cheek instead of his stomach. He was conscious now, and aside from a bit of nausea, he was no worse for the wear.

Sakura continued to frown, her lips pursed somewhat, and looked at her mom. "You shouldn't have let him in my room. He's just like Naruto."

Mebuki's finger twitched on her own cup of tea, but she held back any telling reaction. "Maybe so, but I think it would be nice to have some help tidying up around the house. Fifth-sama asks so much of you, you hardly have any time to take care of the house. I swear…" She sighed. "That Uchiha Sasuke, he is admirable for what he's done, but, Sakura…" She reached out a hand to touch her daughter's, making Sakura flinch. Sasuke was still a touchy subject, and Sakura couldn't figure out which way she leaned with him. "I don't know if he is a match for you. His concerns are further from the village. It won't be easy to raise a family…"

"I can handle it!" Sakura interjected firmly, if not stubbornly.

The conversation of Sakura's relationship with boys went on like Konohamaru wasn't even there. It was more like he was a cleaning appliance than a person.

But before Sakura could give a speech to her credit as a homemaker – though she still let her mom and dad do her shopping and laundry – the door was knocked with fervor; fast, hard, urgent. Mebuki frowned at the interruption. "Who could be coming here?" She approached, saying, "Yes, yes, I'm coming." She opened, and found the majority of the Mothers Force on her doorstep, headed by a red-faced Yoshino.

"Bring Konohamaru!" Yoshino demanded. "We're going after Inuzuka Kiba!"

ccc Naruto, earlier ccc

It was a good time. Naruto didn't seem like a source of good or appropriate conversation, least of all for a former noble the likes of Uchiha Mikoto, but upon the common ground of Sasuke, they built good company amongst one another. Naruto was funny, Mikoto admitted; polite and awkward at times, but in a unique way that was charming. Uchiha protocol was too thoroughly engrained. She figured her interest in him was from the same intrigue that brought her to be best friends with the Uzumaki foreigner.

When she had met with Naruto on the street, she was off to nowhere in particular, and even in his company, she wanted to go nowhere. She just wanted company after her son walked off again and so easily. "Sasuke just likes being a loner sometimes," Naruto said, handling the back of his head and speaking with a tone of frustration. "He always likes to act like he needs to be alone to get better. Sakura-chan made him soup once when he coughed once." He puffed out his cheeks, griping at the memory of Sakura-chan's one-sided attraction to the uninterested Uchiha. "He turned it down and said that he'd get better if he just let himself rest."

It was a bit of information that actually made Mikoto laugh. "Sasuke actually hasn't changed much, then. He was always trying to impress his father, but Fugaku was a man of few words." She did not mean to speak ill of him, but when it came to paternal love and guidance, it seemed he couldn't bring his mind outside military command. Itachi was the stronger, better adept ninja; Sasuke was too overshadowed. "It was hard for Sasuke to stand out."

"Heh! In the academy, that's all he ever did. Of course…" Naruto pointed to himself with his thumb. "I made a name for myself too! No one ever graduated without perfecting the Clone Jutsu before!" He snickered at his own failings, for they were behind him now. Surely there were more that could be – and probably would be – made. And he'd come out laughing.

Very much like Kushina, Mikoto considered with a growing fondness for the boy.

The fondness – unlike the past with Sakura-chan – was a bit more than mutual. Naruto had done well to hide it, but the presence of Mikoto hadn't exactly rid him of his arousal. Mikoto was just too beautiful! She moved with such grace. When she moved ahead of them in their aimless walk, it didn't escape his notice – no matter how he tried to find more intrigue in the dirt – that the dress showed off the move of her rump. Not unlike his mother's; he wondered why all these moms wore sexless dresses.

A few minutes of silence was ended when she asked the damning question that set Naruto off, putting his mind back on track: "Was there anywhere you'd like to go, Naruto?"

The hot springs!

The words almost leapt out thoughtlessly, but he was smarter than that. Buta's words of warning blocked the suggestion, as well as the knowledge that Mikoto was an active and devoted member of the Mothers Force. He was on unstable ground, and he even felt it dangerous walking around with her. It might be best to become a shut-in until the whole thing blew over.

But his cock had started to drip in his underwear; he felt the pre-cum drizzling down the inside of his leg. "Dammit," he cursed under his breath.


"Uh…! I don't have anywhere to be," thought the sexually-frustrated youth, trying not to think of an unlikely scenario where he put Mikoto under his hips and fucked her. She was his best friend's mom. He wasn't sure it was the right thing to imagine… though Mikoto looked like she could use a proper lay.

At the very least, he could.

"Just, uh, give me a second!"

He ran off to an alley, out of sight of the befuddled Mikoto. He couldn't waste any time. He planned, and then made his signature seal. And at once, there were two Narutos in the alleyway! Naruto nodded to his clone, showing some anxiety. His fingers shook, his breath coming out uneven. It was the type of anxiety when a boy would take a stupid risk on a woman and ruin his relationship with her.

"Make it quick," he told his doppelganger.

The clone nodded, dutiful, but also giddy. He took off in the direction of the hot springs…

Hoping for a quick outcome, he rushed out and back to Mikoto's side before she could become curious. "Sorry," he said, beating her question with an answer, "I had to use the restroom." He immediately regretted saying that. Sakura had struck him for less, and Mikoto was quite refined. Peeing in an alleyway would be too crass, and it certainly showed on her face how shocked she was. As uncomfortable as it was, he took it back. "But I can hold it!" He laughed weakly and hoped that Mikoto wouldn't be reluctant to continue his company.

She gave smile, and his heart thrummed. It was that smile. It rekindled a long-ago memory. Sasuke wasn't met when he became a lonely orphan; there was a moment's passing when Sasuke was with his mom. They had been shopping, and Naruto had been a small, lonely boy eating cup ramen on a bench when they passed. He glanced enviously to the black-haired boy, but tried to hide his face in the meal when he saw the mom glance at him. He expected a sneer like always, or some comment to her boy about steering clear of him.

What he got was that same smile she now gave.

That smile got him through a good deal of bigotry he faced from that point on. But as pain and ostracization often did, the memory became lost in the crowd of loneliness and angry villagers. But the warm memory never lost its warm feeling.

Naruto blushed suddenly and turned away.

"You remind me of your mother," she told him. It was enough to bring him back, for whatever reason. He liked those kinds of compliments, for they were rare. In fact, the only one to liken him to his mom was his mom! But it felt good.

"Yeah, she tells me that a lot, y'know?"

The awkward interlude of his bid for the alleyway seemed forgotten, so they went back on their way. And before long, Naruto gave a sudden jerk, as though he'd run a marathon in a second. He dropped against the building next to him and wheezed. Mikoto ran to him, bracing him with both hands and asking what was wrong.

"I don't know," he lied, for the tingle in his loins confirmed the success of his Shadow Clone. And then came the rush of experience, and it felt like he'd cum again. Like his clone – or because of it – he wondered on the amazing connection made with the woman. It was against the rules, he knew, imposed by himself to keep his security. But the woman's warmth was outstanding, and he needed to find out who it was!

Maybe it could be like Buta-san! A mutual relationship! And hopefully one that didn't almost crush his hips when she rode him… Thanks goodness for the plushness of the Akimichi beds last night.

"Are you alright?" Mikoto stayed close in case he lost his balance again. He seemed very distracted now, but also aglow with a warm pink on his cheeks. She wondered what brought about this flushing behavior. Could it be heatstroke? It wasn't an especially hot day, though, and they'd just been walking.

"Mikoto-san," Naruto exhaled, and gave her a smile reflecting his sudden powerlessness. "I… I think I gotta go right now." He moved away from her to assure her of his stability. He took in the scene of her standing there; she was beautiful even in her curiosity.

As Kushina had left mysteriously that morning, before she'd even woken up, now the son left her.

Naruto had to know who was on the other side. It was the oddest thing, but it felt like a connection of sorts.

He didn't suspect to run into his mom on his way to the bathhouse, where he hoped his mystery luscious remained. It might be possible that the woman was just as interested in learning his identity.

And of course, what ensued was an exchange that was, from the outside, strange. Naruto said that he was heading home, and Kushina refused… quite vehemently, in fact. Naruto wanted to go on the move, but of course, it was odd for Kushina to abandon her son so quickly. When she took off by rooftop, he almost gave chase, but thought differently. He'd meet up with his mom later, but the hot springs lady might leave.

"Here again, Naruto-kun?" the bathhouse attendant said at the front with the welcoming smile of a businesswoman. And after Naruto gestated and passed through with an awkward excuse of not having anything else to do, the woman hummed curiously. Now that she thought about it… "When did he leave?" She'd wonder about that for the duration of the day, despite the commotion about to ensue.


Naruto took the chance and wasted no time glancing through the hole. Was there anyone on the other side? There sure was! Moegi and a couple of other women; he'd known as much by the closing memories of the clone, recalling voices. But there was one woman closer than all the others, and it shocked him.

Nara Yoshino?! The one heading the search for him?!

Naruto couldn't believe it, but the voice he recalled shouting briefly. He didn't hear what she was saying or anything, but it was certainly her voice when he thought on it. He practically laughed. So Shikamaru's mom was the one who enthusiastically sucked his cock and pressed it between her cheeks before he fucked her. He never thought her the type, but the gloryhole provided the security of unleashing the inner pervert without confession.

Well, he thought, standing up and readying for Round Two. His cock came up to mass almost immediately, and he pressed it through. Lucky Moegi was with the other women on the other end of the bath. Yoshino would be the only one who could hear when he tapped.

Yoshino, at first, thought she was hearing things, but she eventually decided to turn, and to her shock… it was there again. A penis jutting through the wall, provoking her. And a heated rage rushed through her. This was it, and she knew the culprit had finally revealed himself.

Not forgetting her towel, she lunged out of the water. "So you finally show yourself!"

Loud and clear, Naruto heard that, and it didn't sound like someone who was glad to be propositioned in such a way. He'd gotten cocky. At once, he retreated, staggering over his towel. He cussed under his breath. The exit was too far away to make a getaway; he could already hear the woman jumping; any kunoichi could clear the height of the divider in a single bound…

A last resort was his only option.

Yoshio, as expected, jumped over the divider, cloaked in a soaked towel and landing with great poise to confront the one who had revealed the disgusting hole and habit to the Third's grandson. And she met his eye, and he met hers. She looked right at Naruto; he looked right back. And he yawned before setting his head down on the floor.

"So," drawled Yoshino, folding her arms and narrowing her eyes, "that's how it is."

She stared for a while longer, and then turned away. He must've gotten away, she figured, and left his dog in his haste. She walked away, for she would get no information from Akamaru.

"Mikoto was right."

ccc Kiba, a little while later ccc

"Heheh! I saw Shikamaru's mom," Kiba bragged to no one in particular. Akamaru was lying in the shade. The forest was just as relaxing as the bathhouse. No, more relaxing; he didn't have to get wet here. And now, Kiba just wanted to gloat out loud. If Shino wasn't busy, he might've bragged to him, not thinking for a second that Shino would rebuke his decision to peep, just as annoying Choji had.

Of course, bragging about it couldn't go on all day. There were things to do, places to smell… and a hard-on that needed to be rubbed out again. But before he could call on Akamaru for suggestions, someone stepped out of the tree line. "Hm? Konohamaru?"

The youth stood stiffly, looking guiltily at Kiba as he stood across from him. "I'm… I'm really sorry about this, Kiba," he said sadly, making the sign for a Kage Bunshin. The clone appeared, and before Kiba could ready himself, a Rasengan was formed. He went at Kiba with halfhearted intent, almost deliberately going for the ground at his feet. Kiba leapt. "Hey!" He caught a branch and ducked on all fours. "What do you think you're doing, you little brat?!"

Konohamaru gulped, but continued the pursuit. But he had no edge, no drive to match Kiba's speed and ruthlessness. He'd been taught in Inuzuka fashion to attack hard if threatened. When Konohamaru leapt up to him, he dropped and landed a serious hook to the jaw that put Konohamaru on his back. As insurance, he grabbed Konohamaru's scarf and lifted him halfway. Maybe Konohamaru had heart and proved his mettle to an aspect of Pain, but he lacked the courage and will to attack a friend maliciously.

"Hey!" Kiba shook him, growling in his face. "What's the big idea attacking me?! Do you…?" He cut himself off, for there were more smells out there. Even Akamaru, alerted by it, gave a warning bark before he was effortlessly dispatched by a net with weighted balls on the end.

An ambush?!

Kiba knew he couldn't stay where he was! He took to the air as quickly as he could, and not a moment too soon. A kunai with a flash tag nearly caught him. He seemed safe, but for a trick of a second kunai hitting the tail of the first, redirecting its path to follow him. His eyes widened. That technique was unmistakably… an Uchiha's! In his vicinity, the tag activated, and he was caught in blinding light. And though he'd be able to use his nose, there was an interval between switching from relying on sight to scent. That interval was when the ladle came hurdling through the treetops and struck a hard blow to his cranium.

He fell, dazed and helpless. And stunned as he was, he was easy prey for the ensuing rope that wound around him; from foot to wrist to sternum. Another Uchiha technique…

Looking up, though his eyes stung and his head hurt, Kiba watched as the women circled him: Haruno Mebuki, the ladle thrower, Uchiha Mikoto, the trickster, Yuhi Kurenai, Akamaru's captor, and Nara Yoshino, the orchestrator. Yoshino had the look of a victor, though she wasn't happy about it. She had plans for him. "We've finally caught you," she declared. "Inuzuka Kiba, the pervert of the hot springs."

Kiba's eyes widened and his teeth clenched. Really?! One peepshow leads to this?!

Yoshino reached down to take her prize, but stopped short. There had been a scent that alerted Akamaru, and no mother would wake him from slumber unless it was…

"What do you think you're doing with my son?!"

All eyes turned up, and found Inuzuka Tsume, backed by Kuromaru, looking down from the treetops.


Okay, since I rushed with this chapter because fuck the last one, I'm taking an earlier break from this story than planned. Next chapter catches us back up to when after Naruto fiddles with Shiho and we find out just where he was going. Around three more chapter before Part 1 ends
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