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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

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Okay, so I know I've already said enough of it, but I need to go on: what the hell was with that scene where that poor, lives-in-a-shack-in-the-middle-of-a-rice-field girl hands Princess Ling a doll during the song 'Getting to Know You'? These field workers are already serving the Siam palace, yet now, with next to nothing owned, they still give a toy to the princess. That's like saying 'You took all our money. Here, have a toy too!' Like Princess Ling isn't a princess! At least Rama loves my stories…

This chapter takes place immediately after Shiho's chapter. Ch. 6: The bed being made; truth be told, I was hoping for a little more speculation from that chapter.


Flower Bedding Pt. 1: Cold Comfort


Yamanaka Kaori had been missing in action for a week now. When called on to catch the perpetrator Inuzuka Kiba several days ago, she had declined. She had not told Yoshino why, but she had mostly immersed herself in her work or rather the flower shop itself; if it was work she had devolved to, she would leave after hours, but she stayed in there all day. The only time she left was to go home, shower, redress, and that was all. Mebuki had shown some concern for her and brought her some soup the day before. "You still have family," she had said to perk Kaori up, but her intuition was wrong. It was not missing Inoichi that had her isolating herself.

It was her daughter, and the uncomely act she had been caught in at the hot springs.

Kaori exhaled, hardly able to tend to the bundle of flowers she had picked to arrange a bouquet. If either her late husband or her daughter were there, they'd immediately fix the selection. Too many clashing colors, too many mixed feelings; she'd known better. But what was she to do? What was Kaori meant to do with this information? Not of flowers, but of the matter pertaining to the Mothers Force?

They had caught Kiba, and Mebuki had told her why. But Kaori knew. She knew he wasn't the mastermind, or at least, he was not the only one to abuse the bathhouse aside from Konohamaru. There was one other, one who had rushed out in a hurry only to collide with her and reveal his identity, his first real foul-up.

Kaori knew that it was Uzumaki Naruto they had to go after now. He had defiled her Ino. If Inoichi was here, she could tell him. He'd make good on the threat of a well-deserved Mind Destruction Jutsu! But Kaori was alone in this trial. She could hand him over to the Mothers Force, but though Yoshino was out for punishment, the pacifistic Kaori – who never wanted to make waves – would prefer rehabilitation. Turn him over to Kushina-san? As a mother herself, she knew the twisting agony of a child's public misdeeds. And Kushina-san had not had time with Naruto for long. It felt wrong to already warp the resurrected woman's view of her boy.

With no other option, Kaori was left to bear the information alone.

Why couldn't it have been a woman with more conviction to have made this discovery? Mebuki wouldn't waste time turning him in! Buta would easily keep the secret to preserve the young hero's honor and security. Kurenai would be just, and Mikoto would know how to handle it elegantly. Yoshino would attack with full force.

But it was sad, insecure Kaori who wore the weight.

She breathed out again, heavier this time, and put the flowers down on the cutting board. What was she doing, she asked herself. One glance at the bouquet, and she knew she wasn't in her right mind. And it wasn't just Naruto; it was her daughter. Though an obvious early bloomer, Kaori had been so proud that Ino had focused more on her training than boys these past few years. Yet the first opportunity she got…

Kaoru shut her eyes and grimaced like she was forcibly trying to omit the very vivid memory; the moaning, the dance of her long hair over her shoulders while her breasts floundered to the rhythm of her hips… the petrified, strangely-young look on Naruto's face when they made eye contact, before he retreated to the nearest trees to flee.

With that mere instance, Kaori knew a great deal of the hero's intimate life. She hadn't wanted to know, but life wasn't about to hand out what was wanted and take back what wasn't.

The day was late, so Kaori was surprised to here the jingle of a customer walking in. She started to scramble, but then stopped herself. What was so bad about closing early today? She was distressed, after all. Shacking up in the shop wasn't the same as taking a break. She perhaps needed some time to…


She was stopped mid-thought when she came out from the back room to address the interloper. Far from anyone she wanted to see right now, Naruto stood past the threshold, uneasily holding the doorknob with his hands behind his back. She just about cowered from his presence, though he was anything but intimidating right now. His bright glance was averted, and there was a color in his cheeks that told her he wasn't here to cause some sort of trouble.

His gaze finally found hers after he looked to her flowers for courage. "Um… Kaori-san?"

Kaori stumbled as if the mousey voice had taken a swing at her. She caught the register counter and held herself. She herself had to give pause to her surroundings for strength. They both saw each other outside the hot springs. Neither could deny that or act like it didn't matter. Her meek eyes bluffed a glare. "You shouldn't be here, Nauto-san," she said, and then caught her breath in a hitch. It was pressuring speaking to him. Not only the meekest, she was also the oldest of the Mothers Force, and acted even more maturely than that! The lines of her age had already started at her face.

Naruto paused, clearing his throat and reexamining the floor.

Such a dejected look triumphed her forceful bluster. Her thin lips squeezed, and then she told him, "The shop has to close now."

Even one who didn't bother often with flowers, Naruto knew it was too early to close up so completely. He didn't reject her though; he only gave a quick series of nods. "I came here to talk to you, actually." He glanced back up at her. The scowl gone, but she had slipped behind the barrier of the register.

Talk to her? Kaori could say with no sense of pride or shame that she was rarely a conversationalist or a source of information, least of all to a boy like Naruto. He didn't see how her hands gripped nervously at the counter's edge. "What is it?"

"The Mothers Force," Naruto said, a hint of embarrassment in his posture. And why shouldn't there be? A shinobi who took on godlike Kaguya, wresting with a band of middle-aged ladies? If she had been the type, Kaori would have laughed. But in her own objective way, she could see why she, Yoshino, and their group put troubles on his mind.

She squeezed tighter on the ledge. "Naruto-san, I haven't…"

"I know," Naruto rushed to save her the trouble. He gave a forlorn smile to her, the smallest gesture of appreciation for her discretion. His hand rubbed at his neck as he debated how much to tell her. "Buta-chan told me… that you haven't…"

Buta-san? Kaori was actually not all that surprised. If she had found out, the kindhearted giantess wouldn't hand Naruto over; not after she had fought even for Konohamaru's liberties.

"But, Buta-chan… doesn't know as much as you. Shikamaru's mom doesn't trust her. That's why I have to ask you."

"Naruto-san," the older woman sighed with a slight shake of her head. "I can't help you…"

"It's Konohamaru. I know that the Mothers Force is keeping him since his parents are away (or dead?). Buta-chan knows that they rotate him, but she doesn't know who has him now. I tried to ask Moegi to find out, but no one's seen him."

Kaori didn't have to think hard to the answer. Mebuki had him help out with chores for a few days, but the cycle had ended yesterday, and that returned him to where – as society would say – he belonged: Kurenai-san's house.

Kaori had almost let this information slide freely, but she willfully caught herself. It didn't take great imagination to put Naruto naked in front of her, plowing her daughter from behind like rutting animals; no concern for company or decency. Ino, elated by the disgraceful act. And Naruto, reveling in besmirching the heiress and legacy that Inoichi left behind! The anxiety was real, but Kaori could not say the anger was fully founded. She had been young herself, and so had Inoichi. Not always did they subscribe to tradition and decorum.

She never hated Naruto. As her husband had observed in the boy's earlier years, the Fourth did not place the Kyubi among them to be a threat. Whatever they could do for him – while distracted with their own spoiled daughter – they did, whether it be clothes or food. Iruka passed it along to the young Jinchuriki, though Naruto was too detached to observe the kindness.

Now that same boy who had saved the world needed some help from her again. It wasn't easy… but Kaori refused him. "Naruto-san, I won't help you with this." She looked down at her delicate fingertips moving absently with the grain of the countertop.

There was a short silence in observance for her answer, and then Naruto reacted in a way she did not expect: he smiled. "Darn!" he half-snickered. "I hoped that you would, but… I guess you're loyal to the Mothers Force." He nodded briskly, crossing his arms sagely. "And that is what matters. You shouldn't betray your friends just 'cause I'm asking you to." He turned halfway to the door, and Kaori was given a smile that dazzled like the afternoon sun. "But I will get Konohamaru back! That's a promise, Kaori-san!"

He was gone then, but the flower woman didn't step from her spot. That look he had given her was… moving. It had been told throughout the village – and maybe further – Naruto's legendary determination. Seeing it firsthand, she realized that there was reason for the bluster; his tone, his face, his posture, his aura all came together and cemented the spoken oath.

If she was any sort of antagonist, she would have fled straight to Yoshino with this news: Naruto was the absolute culprit, working with Buta's guidance, and planned to steal Konohamaru back. Well, what good would that even do? It wasn't like Naruto was going to smuggle him out of the nation to live on the run. He would take Konohamaru, and Yoshino would outright demand him back. If the matter grew out of control, higher-ups would be involved, and Naruto would have to explain why he was keeping Konohamaru from his pseudo-aunt Kurenai.

Just what was Naruto's plan for the young boy? Kaori figured she could try to give some reasonable justification, but somehow, Naruto thought outside the norm. Maybe it wasn't too unlikely that Naruto would sent his protégé packing as a hermit, maybe to live alongside Sasuke until this whole hot springs wall business was over and done with.

Kaori felt too rattled to stay at the shop. For the first time in days, she locked up and said goodnight to it. She walked like a widow in mourning; head inclined slightly, hands solemnly clasped before her. It wasn't an unusual stance for her, but she retained a pensive expression that wasn't easy to overlook.

In steps practiced for decades, she walked her usual way home. No stops, no chitchat, nothing. She came to her home, unlocked the front door, and came inside. Inoichi would rarely be home at this time, yet it felt lonelier than before now. She dispatched her shoes and eased her feet on the floorboards with the softest thud. "Ino?" she called out, her voice wavering just slightly. "Are you home?"

She and Ino had hardly seen each other since the incident; talked less than that. What would be talked about, after all? They kept their dialogue to quick, immediate questions – "Would you like jam for your toast?" – and shorter, dismissive answers – "Yes, thank you." It was why Kaori holed up so completely in the shop since then. If she stayed the night, and if Ino was even here, it would be the longest they'd been together in almost a week.

The golden-haired daughter walked out of the kitchen, silently facing toward the door. Mirrored eyes shone against another, baby blue across baby blue, but Ino was the first to break the eye contact. Kaori's perky and preppy shouldn't find interest in the ground. Her eyebrows curved sympathetically, and then she took notice of Ino standing there. A wooden spoon in her hand; her mother's cooking apron… It explained the warm, flavorful ambience in the house, which replaced the scent of wildflower and meadow.

"I thought you were staying at the shop again," Ino explained. She held the spoon with both hands and faced her mother again. "I wanted to bring you some food."

All sense of doubt and disappointment faltered in this moment, bringing Kaori to smile lovingly at her beautiful child. She went forward, held Ino's face, and pressed her lips to her forehead.

"I would prefer it here and together."

ccc Naruto ccc

Bluster was all he had. That, and optimism. But really, Naruto felt alone, an outcast again. The Akimichi family had gone to an eating festival some distance away. Buta only had a chance in passing to tell him that she would be leaving. But she placed a hand on his shoulder, a kiss near his mouth, and told him he'd have the resolve to see his troubles through. "Konohamaru-chan and Kiba-chan are in good hands." She believed in him, but if Naruto spoke his truth then and there… he could have really gone for one of her trouble-dispelling, mind-calming blowjobs. Heck, he could go for one right now!

That last night with her – the night of the dinner, the night before that amazing experience at the hot springs – was all the cold comfort he had of Buta's now. She had escorted him to the room, not even waiting for Choza and Choji to leave the house first before she invited him to unload his burden. He'd been sporting all night, she said in that motherly tone that blurred the boundaries of their relationship. Naruto obeyed, undoing his zipper first before opening his button wide; he couldn't help the foxy smirk when he surprised her with his 'commando' choice that evening. He was truly intent, single-minded even with her family present. Such bravado deserved praise.

She nudged him with sumo-force, plummeting him to the bed so that his cock jangled at his lap. Her bulk opened his legs wide, and she service him. He had cum quickly, unable to sustain himself even with the distraction of conversation; Buta's mouth was just too talented. Apparently, she had even eaten a mint-like leaf beforehand, and the experience doubled. Of course the Akimichi clan would discover foods for vitality and foreplay. He fucked her mouth to ignite his release, and she swallowed a good amount of it; what she did not swallow, she displayed for him, opening wide to let him see his labor slosh about her tongue. Two fingertips went in, scooped some out, and strung it out in a sloppy display. Naruto had never had it so lewd before! She had earned that second round from him, but not before she continued to bait him. His tired cock found its second wind as the frothing load spilled over her puckered lips and drizzled her fat breasts, which cozied up to his crotch. Whatever was not over her face or tits was then spat over his cock, making him gleam white before she suckled in the frosted treat. She sucked and sucked – with plenty of noise to her talent – until he came back to rigid life.

Then she swallowed, licking up every trace and swallowing down to join the first batch. She lifted her hanging tits, licked the mess of semen off of them, and of course made a show of flicking her own nipples; she bit one. "They like it a little rough," she informed him slyly.

"Let me fuck you," Naruto hyperventilated.

She let him, but only in the sense that he was going inside of her. The motion in this ocean was given by the whale. She straddled him, allowing him the full experience of Akimichi loving. The mattress whined as her knees dug it around his waist. The heat of her body, Naruto turned to catch a fresh breath. It almost seemed like he would be crushed, but none of that mattered when she slid him into her crevice. He split her, and instinctively, he jammed his hips up to solidify their taboo. He held her waist steady and jabbed up again and again, his tightened scrotum swaying from the tempo. But he had no sway on her. It'd take Sage Mode to steady her and refuse her pressure.

He had built up a good speed, but it was all for nothing when Buta went in to action. One downward pump, and Naruto was bashed into a stupor. The lovely mass rippled, her tits jiggling into one another, her face leering with a predatory excitement. "Are you ready, Naruto-chan?" she had sung, catching his downed arms and latching them above his head by the wrist. He'd no recourse. She was in control, and she rode him like a madwoman. She huffed and groaned and told him he was amazing. He breathed in short, depleted gasps. When her fullness came down on him, he genuinely began to suffocate…

When did an orgasm feel so mind-blowing?! Against his will, compliant with Buta's, his cock gave its erratic spasms and generously donated more than its fair share into her. Sweaty and sated, having already cum twice, Buta held her young lover to her sperm-smelling chest and kissed the top of his head. He gasped for a good while, like a man recovered from minutes underwater. All the while, she kept him inside of her, going as far as to reach back and reaffirm his place between her nether lips when his lack of stature caused him to slide out.

Buta-chan was truly sensational.

The memory stayed with Naruto. She was really a wonderful, kind woman. If he showed up on her doorstep now, she'd treat him like he was ill, hurrying him to bed, and fucking his brains out because she couldn't with her husband. But she was gone, and the only doorstep Naruto came to was his own.

Locked… and dark inside. He heaved a sigh. His mom was still gone. Unlike Kaori and Ino, there wasn't even a passing between them; no curt good mornings or anything. He wasn't sure what he did, but he felt he was somehow to blame for it.

He stared solemnly at her bed, empty of her.

"More comfortable than the floor," he grumbled to himself to try to find a silver lining. He kicked off his pants, threw off his shirt, and fell facedown on the bed. He breathed in.

Kushina's scent…

He closed his eyes and groaned. He'd had a hard-on since recalling his time with Buta.

Well, he was alone. That was enough to make a decision as he flipped over and made himself comfortable on the pillow that also smelled of his mother. He breathed her in and shuffled down his boxers to his knees. His cock ached and throbbed.

The woman today… He regretted he couldn't finish, but at least she did. He'd feel guilty – and inefficient – if she was unsatisfied.

"I'll take a shower after this," he decided, grabbing towards the base of his dick. He began to stroke, closing his eyes and recalling the memories.

Cold comfort indeed…

ccc Kaori ccc

Ino's food was good. Taking her first bite, Kaori absorbed the flavor before her cheeks went aglow. The flavor was pleasant; potent flavor and a firm texture. She remembered how her daughter had cooked when younger – a gambit to impress Sasuke – and it made both parents irrefutably gag. Ino had since become discouraged until a day, not long ago – but also seeming an eternity – Kurenai reached out to her, asking if she'd like to surprise Asuma with a birthday feast. Of course Kurenai would be a patient teacher. Training the jabber-jaw Kiba, the insecure bumbler Hinata, and the anti-social Shino to work as a unit was no underachievement. Ino was taught thoroughly, and put the process of cooking to her precise method of bouquet-arranging. Basically, what was the theme, and what would compliment it.

Ino had a lot of potential. Kaori knew this as much as anyone. And she was kindhearted. It was not forgotten that Sakura was once a pariah as a child until Ino summoned her inner security. (And the loss of that potential is best saved for forums… before this becomes a rant.)

"Ino," gasped Kaori, cheeks still glowing as she touched them, "it's delicious."

"I know." Ino wasn't shy to brag, though her complexion now matched her mom's. "Kurenai-sensei helped me a lot, but I don't have a lot of time to practice." She gave a shrug and a small, aloof grin. "Choji eats anything without complaint, and Shikamaru always thinks it's too much of a risk to criticize a girl's food, so they aren't any help either."

Kaori laughed politely, a hand tenderly lifted to hide most of her smile. Yes, the Ino-Shika-Cho were difficult to get along, but it made their pact stronger. But Inoichi never had complaint to his wife's food, even if it was too 'rich' for him.

Nothing went to waste, even when slender yet toned Ino observed that she shouldn't eat too much herself. Kaori dismissed any misgivings Ino had to her weight. "I've seen many boys acknowledge you," she said aloud without running it through filters.

They both went silent over their cleared plates. Kaori put her fingers to her mouth as if she could take the words back. But the topic was out there.



Though Ino perhaps didn't know it, but the Uzumaki maverick had taken a try at Ino's quim; interrupted, but he knew how well Ino clenched a cock. The idea of it made her dizzy to the point of fainting.

Ino slapped both hands down on the table, jarring the plates and waking Kaori. Ino did not look concerned or angry. It was that determined kind of smile she had on whenever she faced a challenge; not one for her sake, but for another's, like when she made Sakura popular.

"Mom! Have you and Dad ever done anything wild?"

Kaori pulled back a bit, not expecting such an inquiry to break their tension. "What do you…?"

It was apparent by the way Ino's cheeks struggled to hold back her telling embarrassment, but she plowed ahead relentlessly like a Meatball Tank. "What was the wildest thing you and Dad ever did? You know…" She hinted heavily on what kind of 'wildness' she was looking for.

"Ino!" Kaori gasped, most offended by this veer of subject. But Ino's stare persisted. She wanted intimacy, and a method of loosening the concrete that had started to build between them. After all, Kaori perhaps now knew her wildest adventure. But that was far beyond… what she and Inoichi had ever deemed appropriate. She had nothing to give to stand up to Ino's buoyancy.

Very Hinata-like, she shuffled in her seat with a bowing head. "Your father and I…" She looked off to the side. Was it appropriate to speak to her daughter like this? Well, it wasn't like they could bond over much. Ino was Inoichi's daughter, Konoha's kunoichi, Sakura's friend. Little could be spoken of their relationship outside managing the flower shop.

"We were… very traditional," she admitted with some trepidation. "Your father trained vigorously with his family. Our relationship was more something that made sense." Not a bad thing, but it snuffed the idea of passion and whatnot. She almost added that she had never experienced maritals outside the bedroom; least of all a public bathhouse. She cleared her throat and looked off to the left.

She was hiding something.

Though not on Neji's scope of perception, psychology was mandatory for the mind-perceiving Yamanaka clan, and reading tells like eye movement was second nature to the promising Yamanaka Ino. She pursed her lips and observed her mom for a time. It seemed like the secret could pop forth with a bit more provocation, yet Kaori stilled her tongue and turned more away from her daughter.

She would not say.

"Well, I'll clean up." Ino got up abruptly, leaving no room for contest. And when her mother tried to take on the task, Ino just giggled in her throat and said that she looked too tired. "Go to bed," she insisted, and Kaori obliged.

Wash up first; don nightwear and perform pre-bed rituals; then under the covers. Kaori felt strange. She thought of her love life with Inoichi, and really, there were no complaints. They had been civil, and him, courteous and chivalrous. She had fawned and modestly boasted his worth as a man and husband to friends who had put their own husbands down. But the intimacy… There was lacking, and Kaori was somewhat fine with that. She was no wicked sex fiend.

Her eyes softened on the wall she stared at while trying to fall asleep.

It might've been more assuring… if he had touched her last before heading to a war he did not return from.

The door creaked open, and she sat up instantly. She didn't know why, but she almost let loose a name. "Nar…?!"

No, Ino was peeking in, dressed in her pajamas and staring with a bowed head.

Why had she thought Naruto was in her house, coming into her bedroom? Kaori sighed, the blanket going from her bust to her lap. Overcoming the anxiety, she looked back to her daughter, gently questioning her presence.

"I was thinking…" The teen stepped in and closed the door behind her. Her smile was fair and slight. "I should spend the night with you."

How many years had it been since a nightmare scared Ino into her parents' bed? Kaori didn't know why, but the suggestion felt endearing. Smiling herself, she gestured to where Inoichi's head once lay and moved the covers back. Without a word exchanged, Ino accepted the invitation and scooted in. She moved on her side, pillowing her head with her two hands as she faced her mom silently.

It was impossible to just close her eyes or turn away, so Kaori stared back. They faced one another in silence; Ino didn't seem to want to go to sleep. Her eyes remained solidly open, as if pressing.

"I once…" Kaori started, stopped, and tensed under her blanket. Ino watched her unflinchingly. Kaori's confession commenced. "One time, I tried to… surprise…" She adjusted her phrasing awkwardly. Was it perhaps too much to tell her daughter? "I waited for your father under his desk when we were younger, when he was training for jonin rank." It was embarrassing enough to admit that to Ino. The proper woman, elegant in every way, tucking herself under a desk to wait and act inappropriately; Ino wasn't fazed. "When he found me…" She didn't say that he only discovered her when her hands went onto his zipper. The pang of shame and embarrassment returned as she recalled the end of the incident. "… before anyone could notice me, he told me to leave… and wait for him at home." Her once chance at spontaneity ended in rejection. Needless to say, it rattled her and discouraged any further attempts to act risky and passionate.

Ino did not respond; not even expressively. She just waited and let her mom linger on her divulgence of disgrace and death of passion. What was she thinking? Kaori didn't have the Yamanaka intuitiveness. She started to sulk, like a turtle's head under the blanket.

Smoothly, Ino picked up her head, braced on her elbow, and pressed forward to kiss her mom on the mouth. Not the kind of kiss Kushina had given Naruto; this kiss was prominent and full in its intention. She broke the kiss soon afterward and gazed down at Kaori's face. Kaori was aghast, caught off guard, and outright stunned. "Ino," she wheezed. Unable to form another word, she waited for explanation.

Ino's response was a following kiss, deeper this time; Kaori could not mistake the flicker of a tongue against her lips. A soft whimper crept out of her throat as her daughter bore down on her, setting her flat on her back to assert the kiss further. It might have been unintentional, but a breast was caught when Ino's hand moved for balance.

There was a moan to meet that whimper, and then Ino pulled away. Her lips were wet; Kaori's were too, but they split with breathlessness. Ino was remarkably cool, grinning teasingly while her tongue dashed across her bottom lip. "Goodnight, Mom." Without explanation, leaving her mom baffled, she turned over. Whether she was going to sleep, Kaori could not tell.

She faced the ceiling for the remainder of her time awake, thinking about how her abrupt kiss from Ino. What was that? What did it mean? What was its purpose? And why was her pulse still racing, her skin hot and sweating, her loins…

She thought she would not, but she did sleep. Somewhere amongst all the confusion, she did fall asleep, and she dreamt. She would have thought she'd dream about Ino…

She dreamt of Naruto instead…


Thought I'd get 'Flower Bedding' in one chapter. But if I put it all in one chapter, it'd be too long. So this makes three more chapters of Part 1 still. I know I said I'd take a break from this story, but… dammit… I just love writing this story too much
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