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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

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Q: Why didn't Naruto use Sage Mode to look for Konohamaru if he's searching for him?

A: Remember when little Billy asks Troy McClure what DNA stands for, and he looks helplessly at the camera? … Yeah, that look is my answer.


Flower Bedding Pt. 2: Bloom


"Good morning, Kaori-san!"

Kaori almost threw her back against the door she just locked behind her. And in front of her was the grinning Naruto, hanging like a crouching bat from the awning above the Yamanaka's front door. He had taken perch up there since dawn – unable to sleep after an awkward situation of ending his 'solo' venture inside his mom's underwear (the closest thing he could grab to mop up the mess over his stomach) – and the Mothers Force member's reaction was worth the wait. She was jittery, an easy target for his pranking. He could have gone further, probably make her pass out if he wanted.


Naruto expertly flipped over, landing in front of her and standing in his usual, casual manner. He bounced the toe of his sandal against the dirt. "I was waiting for you!" he announced cheerily, his smile incredibly wide.

Kaori now did press back against the door, bottom lip stiffening as a hand swept up to her chest. Her eyes wavered nervously. Naruto was known for his tenacity, and that included his pranks. Could he have… camped outside her home last night? Or, given his recent quirks, peeped through the window?

Could he have seen that taboo kiss?

Never mind that she dreamt of him last night; nothing explicitly inappropriate, but that gleaming smile left stirrings in her stomach that lasted longer than the dream itself.

She straightened herself, smoothing out the stomach of her dark green dress. "Naruto-san, how long have you…?"

"I stopped by Ichiraku first," Naruto told her outright. He touched his own stomach, patting and snickering. "I didn't think you were the type to sleep in!"

Slight offense taken; Kaori didn't sleep in, and hadn't this morning either. It was hard to get up. Last night's kiss held her down to the pillow even when she woke. She had been aware of Ino getting up, moaning tiredly as she stretched her arms up and outward, acting like all was right with the world. Meanwhile, Kaori feigned sleep throughout Ino's morning preparations, up to when Ino called out that she was leaving.

Leave the kiss alone, there were also the vivid and uncomfortably sensual dreams about the boy currently in front of her. They were not too daring, and thankfully, they did not exploit her knowledge of Naruto's particular potency. But, ever after the dream obscurity after waking, the feelings lingered, and she remembered as much of Naruto leaning towards her in a way not too dissimilar to now. What she could recall, he was boisterous in the dream, but irrefutably charming. Inoichi had been the same; more awkward than boisterous, but he did go out of his way to get her attention.

Kaori, having forgotten herself, calmed herself by coughing into her fist, smoothing out her dress, and regarding the deviant with formality. "I don't have time to talk, Naruto-san. I am already late to open the shop."

"That's fine," Naruto answered, stepping aside easily for her as she stepped forward. Cautiously, she observed him and his cheeky smile. She supposed no good would come from it.

She saw Ino bowing forward in front of his hips, moaning in that lewd way as he made that same smile on his side of the wall.

She winced and forced out that image.

"I was thinking that I could go with you!"

She stopped suddenly; so quick in fact that Naruto, having turned to follow from behind, had nearly run into her. His whole body bobbed as he caught himself and resumed distance while she swung around to face him. The normal poise and cool of her face gone, she was staring at him with wide eyes and a taut mouth that defined the slight wrinkles at its sides. The expression made her looked older than her age; drawn out and weary.

"Na-Naruto-san? Wh-what? You can't…"

"Heh! You sound like Hinata," he jibed, poking at her with a finger. As he snickered, she reddened. "It's not a big deal. There's not much to do" – And Mom's never around, he purposely neglected to say – "and I wouldn't mind learning about flowers and stuff."

Flower arrangements, as well as keenness to herbology. Kaori doubted he would have interest or aptitude for the Yamanaka flora training. If he needed something to occupy himself, surely the Inuzuka could provide some interest to him.

If they weren't wound up with the scandal involving Kiba… Wrongly accused, Kaori put in with some guilt.

Kaori hid her surprise away. "Naruto-san, why would you want to work at the flower shop?"

"Hmph! You still haven't told me where to find Konohamaru. I'm going to find him, but it'd be easier if you told me who has him."

Kaori had honestly forgotten the reason that he had approached her in the first place. The boy; the cause of all this. Her tense shoulders dropped. A look of pity was given to him. She had already refused him, refused to give him help as much as she refused to turn him over. She began on his name again, but Naruto would refuse her declination. "C'mon, Kaori-san! The shop's this way!"

He knew going in that she wasn't going to be easy, but really… where was the fun if it were otherwise? Enemy ninja – and omnipotent demon women? – were fought and beaten, but his battle with boredom was never ending.

ccc Konohamaru ccc

If Naruto had tried, if he had used his Sage Mode, he wouldn't have found Konohamaru. Kurenai may have been retired, but her chakra trickery was still a formidable trait of hers. A simple seal, some masking chakra, and Konohamaru was more or less invisible – or everywhere at once. It was a precaution, knowing the strong bond between him and Naruto. If Naruto gave his utmost effort, this was little Kurenai could do to thwart him from finding his ward, but accessing that level of chakra would put her – and the volunteer Anko – on alert. Keeping Konohamaru isolated was paramount, even if Kiba the culprit had been captured.

Being back with Auntie Kurenai, Konohamaru at least felt like he could breathe without repercussions. Mebuki, while no Yoshino, was formidable when it came to the method of chores. But she let slide and even vouched for him when contending with Sakura, even if he could admit to having planned to take a single, perverted whiff of her panties had her brutal arrival hadn't interrupted. Naruto-nii-chan sure had good taste in women, he had thought even while doubling over Sakura's implanted fist.

Now, with the baby Mirai crying in his arms, Konohamaru had to look back favorably at Mebuki's nitpicking methods. Loud, in his ear, for what seemed like hours when it was only the span of Kurenai's shower; he suspected that she had known or at least wouldn't put it beyond him to try peeking on her. A boy who would flagrantly shove himself through a hole to unsuspecting women didn't have a strong moral code.

He tried hushing Mirai, patting her back, and brought a fresh bottle to her lips. She refused all acts to console her, and just made his time in that seat unbearable.

It seemed like torture until he thought about it. The baby's unhappiness was actually a strong disguise, so long as he continued to comfort her. Really, how could Konohamaru be anything but anxious and frustrated?

Cock cage… Yoshino had been the one to mention it during his capture. Konohamaru had overheard that phrase during the gathering; the flustered mob of mothers weren't particularly quiet in their outrage. "That sort of restriction would be perfect for him!" Yoshino had said, followed with a banging fist on the table. "Similar practices are used within the Nara clan, including my Shikamaru! And he has absolutely no issues with women or sex!"

Cock cage; it certainly sounded appropriate for how Konohamaru felt. Entering puberty only recently, his penis swelled mostly at random, but Nii-chan had showed him a most-effective way to relieve the stress. "Heh! I was around your age when I learned about it," Naruto had told him before sharing the secret of the Gloryhole no Jutsu.

Konohamaru schemed. He'd learned a lesson from being caught; just not the lesson his captors hoped to instill. With a sneaky smile, he crossed fingers of both hands beneath Mirai, and next to him popped the clone. At once, the original stood up and shoved the swaddled bundle to his duplicate. "Hold her," he instructed.

He didn't think he'd meet with opposition; the clone – being him – knew what he was up to, and refused. "You hold her," he said, using his freedom to advantage as he swept by his creator. He stopped at the hallway only to look back with a devilish, goofy smile. "You'll still get the memory." He tried no harder than that to wipe away the disapproving scowl on the baby-carrying Konohamaru's face.

"It should be me! I'm the boss!" His cheeks flared, but his disobedient clone headed onward. No break from the baby; he dropped back down in the seat and hated Shadow Clone individuality.

With nothing in his way, the clone traversed the hallway, following the beckoning call of the shower, the wet heat, the small portal. His cheeky grin creased his pink cheeks. Just like the Gloryhole Technique. This time, he'd be safe. He'd just use the open door to peek through. No bad could ha…


The clone was immediately fronted by two glorious, motherly breasts, naked as the rest of the woman, dripping with the remnants of the ended shower. One step caused them to bounce, the second threw unprepared clone Konohamaru for a loop. Brown nipples; almost the color of caramel… probably as sweet, too; they stuck out from the refreshing cold, tightened atop their respective mountain. Blood – if clones had it? – circulated in two opposite directions. It rushed to his head and groin. He couldn't even notice the subtle grooves of her abs nor the delicate, neatly trimmed patch of her pubis. It was like a punch of happiness, knocking him out of existence with naught but a memory to prove he was ever there.

Kurenai's eyes were closed – conveniently – as she rubbed her face with a towel, but the sixth sense honed for ninja, alerting them to another's usually-foul presence, brought her crimson orbs open. All she saw was the scattering mist and an undisturbed bathroom. She shrugged and continued to dry off.

In not much more time, she was dress in a robe fastened conservatively. She chased the noise of her daughter and found her where she had been left: Konohamaru's arms. Smiling at his diligence, even amongst non-stop crying, Kurenai relieved him of his duty. Mirai settled quickly against her mom's shoulder, cooing and tugging on her wet hair.

Kurenai patted her, and then put her eyes on Konohamaru while saying, "Thank you for watching Mirai." She quirked an eyebrow, then, noticing the drooling, unconscious smile on Konohamaru's face for the first time, his tongue lulling out and his eyes in the back of his head. "K-Konohamaru-kun?"

ccc Naruto & Kaori ccc

At the Yamanaka flower shop, Kaori did not expect Naruto to be particularly helpful or enthused. He made it clear that his interest in her was directly related to her knowledge of Konohamaru's whereabouts. Yet for all her misgivings, Naruto proved himself quite handy; or rather, the Narutos did. He used a Shadow Clone for two separate versions of himself, both to carry out the small tasks of opening the store.

When Kaori went to tidy up, the clone… or maybe Naruto himself – she lost track with all their zigzagging and constant chatter to each other – caught her by the biceps and ushered her to a seat with a big smile. "Now, now, Kaori-san! You leave all this to me!"

"And me!" waved the other as he knelt to clean the area Kaori had picked to sweep.

She was sat down, and could only watch as Naruto proved his effectiveness. The bumbling brat who pulled pranks daily had come around. She was impressed by it, really. In what would have taken her the better part of an hour, the duo of Narutos finished within a grand total of fifteen minutes, and only because he… they stopped every now and then to ask directions, and there was a squabble or two about who went where and when. But with the task completed, they lined up side-to-side and the Naruto on the left dispelled the clone. As if waiting for applause, he beamed at Kaori. "So! How was that?"

Kaori gave a smile despite her mistrust of him. "Very impressive, Naruto-san." Her praise even came with a polite round of clapping. Then she stood up, walked across the store, past Naruto, to the one thing he forgot: turning the sign over to 'Open'. She grinned back at him, and he sheepishly rubbed his head and admitted that he forgot. "Now, let's begin."

It was hard to believe that she could stand his presence. He'd always imagined a vengeful anger from parents who caught the one who violated their daughter; Naruto hadn't even known it was Ino on the other side of the wall until he ran into Kaori outside, where she gave a very motherly look of mortification. He had recognized it, and that was that. He didn't want to ever rely on her again for any reason…

But Buta was gone for a while, his mom was keeping strange distance from him, and Kiba and Konohamaru were both in trouble because of him. If there was one time to swallow one's pride, this was it; for the sake of others that he was responsible for.

And helping arrange flowers wasn't as bad as he thought it'd be. Kaori's tutorial was thorough, and her voice was kind. She herself was as therapeutic as the scent of flowers. Naruto wasn't shy about personal space, and she became rather comfortable herself, leaning over him to guide his hands through the plastic wrap of flower arrangements.

Her nose brushed his spiky hair at one point. He smelled like the forest; not earthy like Kiba, but like the warm breeze carrying through the lively green canopy. It soothed her. Without meaning to, but not amending herself, she touched cheeks with the boy as she guided him.

Throughout the day, more people came into the shop than Naruto could have ever guessed, always thinking that buying flowers was too expensive when Konoha was flush with meadows. But as Kaori taught him, a lot of thought and care had to go with the arrangements. "Emotions are not set to a single color," she had advised him. She then created a batch of flowers for instance. He observed it, quieting the usual impatience that would disregard the random flowers, and respected Kaori by giving thought.

The colors of orange were prominent, but there was blue too; yellow and red, all set up to tell the eyes a story. He blinked twice before it dawned on him. He laughed and blushed. It wasn't made to look like him, but the burst of colors, when taken in altogether, spoke of him; the Orange Spark. "Thanks," he said to her.

It wasn't long after that that Kaori closed up shop, having had the strength of mind to go a full day. She even felt at ease, locking up behind her with a smile, Naruto waiting at her heel to walk her home. "I'm able to walk myself, Naruto-san," she said with subtle cheeriness.

"It's no problem," he replied, and then suggested that they could get dinner. Gama-chan came out of his pocket, full of last week's earnings for small jobs. He readily and proudly said that he was willing to treat.

Was it genuine kindness or manipulation? Kaori couldn't be sure, though she appreciated the thoughtfulness, even if she turned it down. "Ino might be cooking again tonight."

Naruto at least knew better than to invite himself over on that note. In fact, he did Kaori – who had steadily started walking a bit closer to him – a service and excused himself on the notion that he might be able to catch his mom before bed.

His leave left the brunette mother with a sense of loneliness. Hopefully one that would be remedied by her daughter's home-cooked meal again!

ccc That night ccc


Ino's lips were warm and smooth. Kaori didn't go to bed expecting another kiss like this one, but she felt more prepared this time. Her jaw motioned as her daughter's mouth pressed down on hers, her own willingness apparent by her hands gripping and not shoving Ino's shoulder. It was all sorts of wrong, but all the stress and confusion of life, Kaori ultimately decided that this strange new quirk between her and her daughter – so long as it kept them bonded – should be something that she could just accept.

It was nearly frightening when the moistness of a tongue sought entrance. Maybe that was the line that Kaori was not ready to cross, but Ino shoved her past it just as surely as she shoved her tongue in her mouth. Kaori's brown eyes – which had been closed – burst open as Ino explored her mouth more thoroughly. The mother cowered underneath the daughter's persistence until, with a satisfied lap of her tongue, Ino retreated. Mouths disengaged, the tongue after, slipping wetly from between Kaori's puckered lips to return with the flavor of her mom.

Kaori was panting; breathless, sweating under her nightgown. Through the sliver of her curtains – she had been sure to draw them tonight – a cast of moonbeam fell across her face. She silently hoped that Ino would not notice the risen bumps on her breasts, more so the heat of her crotch. Her gown had tucked between her thighs, clingy from her own body heat, and even with the appropriate underwear, she wasn't sure that the definition of her wanton arousal would go unnoticed.

She was thinking of Naruto again. Inappropriate timing, inappropriate means… She had felt a sample of this arousal in the shop today. It might have escape his notice, it was almost unintentional on her part too, but there were more than a couple times that her wandering eyes glimpsed at the boy's pants, curious to see if the outline of his gender was visible. She had gleamed him before, but the instance was so brief that she hardly had time to register anything about it aside from one discernable trait: it was big. Bigger than Inoichi had been, that was for sure, though she was loath to make the comparison to her late husband. Naruto, with his firm trousers, would probably fill them out a bit more…

"Are you thinking about Dad?"

Kaori blinked, and then gasped. She looked down at her left breast, where Ino had casually placed a hand, cradling it while also lazily brushing her thumb deliberately across her risen nipple. The silk-covered bud flicked back and forth, and while the movement was quick and slight, it shocked Kaori over and over until her legs gave an inward twinge that she was very glad went unnoticed by Ino.

Ino's smile was solemn with condolences. The hand squeezed harder on her mom's breast; not painful, but Kaori did feel the need to stifle a grunt. "You always make that face when you're thinking about him."

Kaori did not object. She just looked down, away from cyan eyes. It was Inoichi in her mind, but it was shared with Naruto; the latter being the more enthralling thought, she lamented guiltily.

"Do you miss him?"

"Of course, Ino."

The hand on her breast let go, and just when Kaori thought she could breathe easily again, feathery fingertips dragged down, felt against her skin through the thinness of her gown. Kaori's gasp was sharp when Ino traced below her navel.

Her heat… Her shame…

She caught Ino's wrist before she could venture to the mortifying evidence that had started to soak through. Who knew what repercussions she would endure if Ino discovered the hidden urges? She'd so willingly kissed her mother on a whim; a blatant attack towards her inhibitions. If she discovered this weakness… Kaori's hand tightened. She would not! Maybe Ino's youthful and trained strength could outmatch her aged resistance, but she had to fight.

The blond head tilted, as if analyzing from another angle. Ino's eyes glistened like a cat's, drawing away from her coy smile. "Is there another guy?" she asked quietly, as if she had drawn back some layer from Kaori's mind and saw her father sharing space with another.

Kaori's hand released Ino's, and at once, she flung both arms around Ino's neck and hugged her in a breathtaking kiss, mashing their lips together, gracious with use of her tongue. Ino reciprocated eagerly, grabbing at her mom's tits again and moaning as she wriggled her tongue against Kaori's, exchanging saliva. Kaori felt the heat of her daughter when she straddled her thigh. That was alright.

Anything to keep her from probing her psyche further…

ccc Naruto ccc

Kurenai didn't give Naruto enough credit; not where the mind was concerned. Yes, he had the lowest scores in his class, and it took him longer to catch on to the most basic of shinobi training. But it was a common mistake, underestimating him; normally one that foes suffered for and friends praised him for.

No Kushina at home.

Naruto sat cross-legged on the bed, motionless, contemplative. His fingers crooked together in his lap. The insignia of Sage Mode marked the corners of his closed eyes. He twitched slightly. It took some care not to trip the net of Kurenai's design. He could feel the lives throughout the village, but locating them, pinpointing their exact location… That was another story. Delving that deep; Kurenai's – and other sensory ninjas' – network of chakra would fluctuate. The space between each life, that was where their chakra dwelt.

Konohamaru was in the village, but that was all Naruto could get. If he wanted to succeed in that, he'd have to prepare for the full response of the Mothers Force, which probably would mean Konohamaru would go under lockdown.

And don't forget, they took out Kiba. Maybe not too big of a threat for a Sage Mode-wielding, Kyubi-powered Jinchuriki, but it was still something to keep in mind.

He exhaled, the first movement for the past few hours. He confirmed that Kushina, Konohamaru and Kiba (KKK… oh shit.) were all at least still in the village, and save for the odd fluctuations of Kiba's lifeforce, they were well. Of course, it only took a moment to do that; skim the surface and find the three he was responsible for.

His Shadow Clone, out in the village incognito, was dispelled. Sage Mode granted the Shadow Clone prolonged endurance and lung strength, but it was impossible to go on forever without an inhale. He himself couldn't risk going; the clone vanished when he breathed in. And when it did, the experience was collected.

"Uh!" With the experience received, he doubled over and panted, staring wide-eyed at the risen cock beneath his boxers. It was almost like he was awakened with bliss. And after the shock of it, he grinned slyly.

He could manage tonight, though his cock wept from its desire.

ccc Kaori ccc

Kaori awoke with Ino's face nestled against her breasts. The teen settled in comfortably; a bit too comfortably, for though she maintained an elegant grace in the day, sleeping with Ino was a noisy and wet affair. Her mouth gaped with soft snores as a river of dream spit trickled down to soak through her mom's dressings. The nipple beneath was already stimulated from the moisture, but wet and puckered was better than being caught in Ino's mouth. They had kept kissing for a good while before Ino grew tired and settled on her mother's heaving bosom. Sexually frustrated, Kaori lay as if planted on the bed, staring up to the ceiling until she fell asleep too.

Just what had gotten into her daughter? She fingered her lips, still tingling from Ino's surprising skill. She brought it all back to Naruto, the sexual deviant of the hot springs. Had he awakened a girl of loose morals and unreserved desires? Kaori feared what would happen to herself if he had such potency, though she managed to bury her worry behind genuine joy when Naruto met her outside again today.

Her personal shop helper for a few days more… His charisma shone through in those times, and Kaori could – with some trepidation – say that he had certainly awakened something in her. The calm dignity she walked around with shuddered when he made her laugh, and he got her speaking more as he showed interest in what they were doing. At no point whatever since that first day did he make a mention of Konohamaru. It kept her at ease… and that ease made it more bearable to glance at his groin when the opportunity presented itself.

The large thing shoved in those pants…

She thought of it more often, especially when Ino came to her at night. No more preamble, no more psyche evaluations; she just came in, crawled under the covers, and began kissing. Kaori was not reserved or ashamed of it anymore. Feelings of passion and desire, lust even, didn't need to be suppressed; least now more than ever. She could retain her properness in public, as every person must; in solitude, she could act on those desires.

She only caught herself one time… this last night… when she had the quaking urge to finally shove Ino's hands between her thighs, finally admit to her what she felt whenever they kissed, whenever she spent time with Naruto, but that meant admitting to herself one very abhorrent thing: she was turned on when she saw her daughter being shamelessly fucked by the blond boy.

No, she wouldn't allow herself to admit that. The depravity had gone far enough, and she'd carry it with her every day, when daylight awareness brought those wretched feelings of regret of the night before. That sole, conscious thought was all that kept her from taking Ino's fingers inside of her and whispering, "I want Naruto-san to fuck me like he fucked you."

ccc Ino ccc

"Pfft!" Drip-drip went the spat-out juice from Sakura's lips. She gawked at Ino, and Ino just smirked outright, pompous and pretty. "Wh-what did you say?"

"Are you jealous?" Ino coaxed the girl who had been her love rival for far too long. With a show of audacity, she stole a piece of strawberry from Sakura's parfait. "You've known him for so long."

That afternoon, when she had felt Kaori's powerful pulse underneath her lips last night, Ino had gone out to lunch – more accurately, afternoon dessert – with Sakura. She was not a shy girl, least of all with the forehead girl, and found that she had harnessed some manner of leverage against her.

"I've slept with Naruto. Is it so hard to imagine?" Giggling femininely, she rested her cheek on her head and tossed out her golden ponytail, jubilant in the unfounded expression Sakura just couldn't seem to shake. Her cerulean eyes maintained their sidelong leer. "After all, how could he ever overlook me for you?"

The jibe aside, Sakura refused to get over the first proclamation! "Y-you and Naruto?" It erupted in her head, blowing Inner Sakura off course. Her hands grabbed the restaurant's table as if her stool had suddenly become uneasy. "You… you two…?"

Ino rolled her eyes and gave a sound like a quiet yell. Leave it to Sakura to romanticize it; she'd been too coddled, too sheltered in a world where guys and girls did things only because they were together. "No! It just happened." For her own pride, she left out that there was a wall of stone separating them. But that actually made her burst out laughing behind a fist. "He actually didn't even know it was me. But I found out that it was him." She smirked. "I'm the Number One mind-reader in the village, after all."

"What are you talking about?!" stammered out the flabbergasted pink-head trying to make sense of it all. "How could you have…?! Where…?! What did you do?!"

"Oh, don't you know, Forehead Girl?" Ino giggled, resting her cheek in her palm. "There's a hole in the hot springs."

And copier schedules in a self-indulgent masturbation session.

ccc Naruto & Kaori ccc

Not as busy today, and Naruto said so. Distracted, Kaori agreed. She busied herself with idle work; mostly making bouquets that were not even ordered, just to refine her honed skill. But so obvious was her distraction that Naruto, coming around from the empty front of the store, setting the broom against the doorway, joined her in the back. He puzzled over her demeanor. Making such headway with her, it was odd that she suddenly drew back into herself. "What's wrong?" he finally asked.

Kaori did not bother with lies by saying that nothing was wrong. She set the scissors and flower stems under her hands and gave a big sigh. Naruto saw her tremble. She fortified her voice, wanting to sound strong. Naruto was, as she knew, very insistent… and helpful. But this needed to be done and said and over with. "Naruto," she started, and already felt her voice waver. He was listening; she could feel it, but would not turn to confirm it. She needn't see those eyes on her. They were bright and hopeful. It was a wonder her daughter – and all the other girls of Konoha – preferred to get lost in Sasuke's abyss than his hope.

The mature woman inhaled, her chest expanding against her green dress. Naruto said something behind her, something probably expressing his concern. "I think that you shouldn't help here anymore."

"… What?"

Feeling it to be disrespectful not to face him, Kaori turned around, folded her hands at her waist, and gave him a chaste smile. "It was really very nice of you to come help me, and I feel better than before. You don't have to feel obligated to come here."

He was looking right at her. Her eyes flicked down for the briefest moment; a fantasy came to mind that she had to subdue before it manifested fully. She turned her vision harshly to the right, veering awkwardly, but necessarily.

"It's no problem," Naruto contested. "Not like I have a lot to do anyways. Heh-heh!"

Except find Konohamaru, Kaori mentally added for him. Nonetheless, she straightened her posture, and then made an appreciative bow. "Thank you for all you've done, Naruto-san." She turned and hoped he would accept it. She wanted him gone, she wouldn't help him, and they needn't see each other again.

There was quiet. No departing footsteps, nor approaching ones. She refrained from the urge to glance back at him. The cold shoulder would have to remain cold if she truly wanted him to leave. Her fingernails – so glossy and perfectly cut – bit the wood of her worktable, nailing her in place.

Then the sharp descent of a zipper, the shift of fabric…

Kaori's eyes widened at the recognition of the sound: a man undressing! But he couldn't be…! Bold as he was, Naruto-san just couldn't be…!

She whipped around before she could think better of it. And sure enough, Naruto made true the unlikely. He was clothed, but his trousers had been opened and his green boxers' slit pushed aside, and Kaori could gape at the large shaft that had risen. It hadn't been there during her brief glance just a moment ago! Did that mean…?!

She swallowed dryly, heavily.

… he'd been aroused this whole time, but hid it in his waistband where it would not be noticed?!

Far larger than Inoichi; thicker too. Naruto was definitely an impressive specimen. Just standing there, he had pinned Kaori to her station as if he was leaning into her. Her eyes did not drift, their interest unmistakable! Another impulse; her tongue ran out just faintly from her opened lips to wet them.

Grasping his schlong near its middle, Naruto hoisted his organ with a prideful smile. The foreskin was moved forward, and then stretched back to give Ino's mom a full look of his swollen, beating head. "I tried not to be so hasty," Naruto explained, eyeing her up and down, measuring her bust and hips and everywhere else Jiraiya had taught him. "But if you don't want me around, I guess this is the last resort."

"Na-Naruto-san…!" Kaori pulled back more to try to claim one more inch of distance, but what did that matter when it was right in front of her, and she refused to look anywhere else? "You… you shouldn't bring that in here."

Naruto almost scoffed or jeered. Little secret it was that she had stolen glances at his empty trousers; without a woman, his sexual urges were at an all-time high, so he had to use the waistband-tuck maneuver whenever he came to her. He could only get so much satisfaction elsewhere, but that was more to egg him on.

"I don't want you to be pressured, Kaori-san," he said, though he moved toward the tense woman as he spoke. "I will leave if you want me to." He came in closer, the small of Kaori's back now pressing into the table's edge as she tilted back from the bobbing beast. "But you have looked every day."

He was right in front of her now, grinning in an all-too-innocent way as his dick tried to stretch and close the gap between them with its mighty seven inches. Kaori began to pant, thinking of what it would be like if she suddenly hiked herself up on the table and let the boy bury himself between her legs.

She turned her head, flushed and sweaty. She touched her cheek. Hot too… burning. Her eyes turned back to Naruto. She should send him off, commit to her resolution and marriage. For Inoichi, she did not have to be wanton. She could remain prim and proper, the silent, forgettable member of the Mothers Force. Ino could keep the mom who allowed her to run wild.

"It's… been a while," she confessed softly to Naruto, and her hands eased off the counter.

ccc Ino ccc

It wasn't the weirdest thing she had done, fucking Naruto through a wall. Ino could tell Sakura about the times she let Shikamaru watch her fuck other guys before he got with Temari. A secret kink that Ino wasn't entirely aware of until she caught him watching; she confronted him after she'd been sated and the Sand boy left. It took some serious prying, but he eventually pulled out his dick – without her asking – and revealed the troublesome cage that refused him from acting of lustful impulse. Feeling sorry for him in a way, she let him watch for as long as he wanted, hinting him to areas where she planned to have sex.

In the venture of her sexual exploration, Ino had even started dreaming about kissing her mom! Well, not exactly dreaming; it had happened just about every night. Kissing and massaging tongues, touching her mom's remarkably soft breasts, not quite getting to third base. It had all been dreamy in a very literal sense. She committed those acts, though only recently had they become something she wanted to do. It was as if she was vaguely possessed by some perverse spirit that emboldened these taboo delights, like how in dreams, you commit an action you would never do awake, yet in the dream, it makes sense. That was how it felt when she first kissed Kaori; not meaning to do anything but share a bed and talk, she was compelled to kiss.

And she liked it.

Sakura exploded at this revelation. The parfait tipped over as her hands smacked down on the table. For a moment, Ino thought she was going to get some action from her rival, but not the fun kind. Honestly, she sulked and worried that Sakura's boundless rage would put her under a pile of rubble. Instead, with bangs shadowing her eyes, Sakura just stood there, hunched over like a ponderous wraith.

Ino's tension receded just slightly. "What are you acting up about?" she asked in a voice that struggled to even itself out. "It's not that big of a deal. It's just a kiss."

"What you did with Naruto…" Sakura's head zoomed up, and Ino saw the desperation and confusion. "What you did with your mom! Ino, aren't you ashamed?!"

Ino looked directly at her, and then made a snort of contempt. She swished her hand as if cutting the guilt-attack at the neck. "You sound like a mom yourself. Maybe it's time you stop waiting for Sasuke-kun to come around." She stood up, setting a set amount of money on the table to pay for her meal. She looked directly at Sakura, who seemed to cower under the sight of her provocative friend.

"I have," she added with a smirk that weakened Sakura's anger.

ccc Naruto & Kaori ccc

Naruto hadn't been this deep in muff since Karui sat on his face while Samui rode him. He enjoyed it. He had let Kaori fumbled with his cock long enough, her thin, weak hands examining him shyly. He looked even larger cradled between her two tiny hands as opposed to Buta's meaty fist. But he needn't encouragement. He was bold. He was willing. It was Kaori who seemed meek.

He cupped her mound through her dress, pushing it up between her legs to show his intent. She certainly was meek, but he felt her heat. It was the heat he'd blindly discover when prodding through the hole at the hot springs. He said something teasing – "You're hot" – and she wordlessly agreed with a shameful nod. Naruto hadn't wasted a moment dropping to his knees to show his enthusiasm.

She had trembled, looked often and frantically to the open doorway – no barrier between her and the open store – and asked if he'd turned the sign around at the door. His answer was his great, wide grin accompanied with a teasing chuckle. Her fear was that he wouldn't have even attempted this taboo if there was no risk.

Her own panicky thoughts broke with an outcry of modesty. Naruto had shoved the hem of her dress up to her navel and ducked underneath the slack fabric to discover her very-white, very lacy panties. Elegant, not 'sexy'; he expected such refinery from her. But with another snicker, he drew them down though Ino's mom gave a stammered word of resistance. "Someone may come," she blurted out, and then realized that she gave the only reason to her hesitance was their exposure.

But Naruto, driller of holes in the wall, wasn't worried. He exposed her mound, dropping the panties to her ankles, and sipped the view casually. A tame brush above her slit; brunette graying, her age sapping vibrancy. But Naruto gawked all the same, as if he had not seen a plentiful amount of women by this point. Well, each one was rightly special, and Kaori was perhaps the oldest he'd consorted with.

He pressed up her right leg from underneath the thigh. Thin, almost skinny; she should eat more, though Naruto did not unwisely say this as he jammed his mouth up to kiss her dewy nether lips. Two hands fisted in his blond locks. It hurt, but he managed, even saying "It's alright" when she compulsively apologized for the impulse. Wrapped underneath her right leg, Naruto kept in close, breathing and tasting her, flicking his tongue against her exposed labia before his thumbs helped him delve deeper. The stretch of her lips caused Kaori to jump. Oral was new enough – doing it very rarely throughout her marriage – but Naruto was upping the bar with these intrusive methods. She couldn't see his face as his mouth mashed up against her cunt, and she was glad for that. Seeing those eyes staring up at her while he feasted on her sensitive flesh might cause her to collapse. It was enough to drape her dress over him as he did his work.

Two fingers in… She didn't expect that and clamped a hand over her mouth to contain the wail. Just those two fingers, as she felt stuffed. Naruto's tongue took a pause from its flourishing to express his reaction. She could feel his eyes widen on her crotch, a look of astonishment taking him. "Wow," she heard him mutter. She dropped her head back, looking helplessly to the heavens as her body began a series of convulsions that only meant one thing. And all the while, still pressing the length of his digits into her until they reached the knuckle, Naruto said, "You're really tight, Kaori-san."

It was true. It was so true! She was tight! She almost gave out and confessed breathlessly that she hadn't been fucked in so long, that she hadn't even resorted to her fingers! Taking Naruto in… It'd be a chore as much as a pleasure!

Taking Naruto in… The thought struck her and made her shiver more. She did not want to make a ruckus, but it was painful to bite back the rise of a scream.

The machinations of a long-overdue orgasm went into action. Naruto felt the squishy walls close around his fingers as he began to pump them. With his experience, he knew quite well what was about to happen. And he couldn't be called a troublemaker if he didn't make things difficult for her. With mischief twinkling in his eye, he put his invading hand to work, rushing his fingers in and out at a pace that had him slapping wetly with her every insertion. If that was not enough – and it was more than what the sex-starved woman could take already! – he applied his mouth to her clit, his tongue focusing solely on that point, rolling the nub with his taste buds.

The prim voice of Kaori shattered in a scream that could damn near shatter glass. She came harder than she ever thought possible, drenching Naruto's hand and giving his tongue a wash of her fluids. Not once did he stop to sample or give her mercy. He kept plowing her gushing gash with his fingers until his arm tired; and that wouldn't be for a while. The hands that had threatened to twist out chunks of his hair were at her sides once again, needing the support of the table to keep from bowling over. Her weak muscles flexed in her arms while she tottered. The leg around his shoulder caught him, though at the same time, she wanted to kick him away; give her a chance to catch her breath and finish this orgasm before leading her to the next one! But he stay, licking and fingering persistently.

"Please! Naruto-san! I…! I can't keep up!" Even in her prime, she probably would say the same. Her body enjoyed the attention completely, but her metal status was less durable. Inoichi's steady, timed, and controlled pace took upwards of ten minutes to finally get her to a polite climax that ended with them both lying on their side of the bed, under the blankets, and falling asleep. Naruto's method seemed to be fuck as hard as he could, make the girl cum as hard as she could, and then repeat.

It was at Kaori's shy yet fascinated behest that Naruto leave his cock out the entire time. He hadn't touched it once, though it swelled and eventually wept with anticipation. But now the wait was over. Wiping her juices from his mouth in the manner of finishing a bowl of ramen, he stood up in front of her. His cock crawled up her dress with his ascent until she felt it line itself against her. Though rattled from his generous fingers and tongue, Kaori knew what was against her and what was to happen next. Naruto left her no time to assess herself, picking her up and putting her on the table where she, her husband and daughter had made so many arrangements. Now Naruto was about to make one of his own, drawing up her skirt to above her waist. He handed it over to her, and she absently secured the cloth as he took his place between her self-messed thighs.

That big thing… She almost turned away, as if taking it from sight would remove some of his substantial girth. But if such a spell existed, she ruined it right away when she looked back and locked her eyes on it. She wanted to witness this moment; the moment a new man made his way inside of her body.

Naruto hesitated. "Let me just…" The table's height had put him off the mark; he grabbed a footstool to compensate. Sure enough, his cock now stood at level with Ino's mom's entrance. He pressed to her, and her hands subtly grabbed his still-risen pants at either side. His engorged head shoved blatantly to her pouty lips, and then the split happened. He went slow because he wanted her to see it, wanted to see that her tight, underused pussy could fit around his cock if he was persistent enough. She watched enthralled and elated as the tip securely vanished inside of her.

"Mom!" Jingle-jingle! The front door of the shop turned inward at the worst time.

The fear seized Kaori's body, stealing her anticipation. Oh no! Not her! She pitched her body to Naruto's, stalling his insertion while clinging to him fearfully. "It's…! It's Ino!" she whispered urgently. Her body trembled; Naruto felt it so inviting around his dick, he just couldn't bring himself to be removed from her. in fact, snaking an arm around her curled midsection, he ushered her hips forward and sunk another prominent two inches inside of her; a sharp and quick move that snapped Kaori back to him.

"It's fine, okay?" he said to her, and then nodded down to their commitment. He was over halfway in, and he wasn't about to stop there.

"But if she comes back here," Kaori insisted before gasping as she took in the sixth inch. What was so big was now packed inside of her. Outside, she heard her daughter call out for her again, shuffling across the shop. It was a small store. If Kaori was not in the front – and not ducking behind the register counter for whatever reason – then it would only be a matter of seconds before the blonde bombshell wandered into the back and found the fornicators.

Yet knowing this, Naruto stayed wedged. He held Kaori's hips reassuringly, and with that smile, Kaori felt certain that he had a plan. Pressing her lips together, she nodded twice to him and waited for the inevitable.

And the inevitable walked in, first looking right, and then to the left where both Naruto and Kaori were. The look that followed; Kaori knew that no concealing blanket technique had been used. She and Naruto were in plain sight, literally joining at the hips (or pelvis). Ino's jaw hung, and Kaori stared back as if the dead walked in front of her.

And Naruto, being Naruto, just turned halfway; not disengaging Kaori's tight pussy, but giving the daughter just enough to see proof of what was going on. He leered expectantly at her. He knew she saw it; his thick dick shoved through her mom's drooling pussy. He greeted her as if she had walked in on a party.

Kaori could be left mortified, but Ino, gaining her composure, stared back hard at Naruto. "So this is what you were up to," she grumbled.


Sorry to cut it off there, because I know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment. I just couldn't have this go on any longer, or we'd all get weary. Two chapters of Part 1 remain!
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