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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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The Yamanaka Household


ccc About a week ago ccc

It wasn't easy. Far from easy! Naruto was the type to take action with kunai a-blazing! He wasn't the stealthy sort; trickery was better, a more comfortable pace for him. But Yamanaka Kaori had seen him, and there was one lesson Ero-Sennin had made sure to instill in him: don't get caught. To really put his disciple in perspective, Jiraiya shed his top attire and shared with Naruto the stories of why his ribs had been so often broken. "A woman is the furthest thing from forgiving," he warned ominously.

So Naruto had to take that break from the hot springs, showing up only to have unsuccessful coitus with Shiho. Kaori was no doubt on the side of the Mothers Force, perhaps being one of the most loyal members – as Buta had cautioned him on his opposition – but, and Buta-chan had phrased it much nicer, Kaori was a pushover, afraid of confrontation and risk. Naruto thought to use that to his advantage and ask her straight out where Konohamaru was. No luck. She had that loyalty, and like any citizen of Konoha, it backed her resolve.

Therefore, Naruto was forced to come up with a different approach. And to do that, he needed to clear his head…

"Gah!" His back arched off the bed as he fell back. His balls erupted with sensational relief. His left hand squeezed his throbbing dick, trying to stall the mess that threatened to get everywhere. Fond of creampie-ing his women, he also knew the cataclysmic force his pent-up ejaculation contained, and it would spray over the bed and probably walls too if not contained. If his mom did come home tonight – hopefully not, as a sex-starved mind made reason of madness, and his mom somehow neared the top of his list of beautiful women – it shouldn't be to a son lazing over her bed while his release stained sheets and slimed walls.

He grabbed the nearest piece of cloth he could from the bedside hamper and cloaked his cock a second before he gushed. Nearly howling with every exhale, he watched as Kushina's far-too-sexy panties became pregnant with his fertility. He clenched his teeth, his mind reeling in an image of his mom slipping in – and slipping out – of such a thing. "Ah!" With that thought in his head, he slightly pumped his cock in the vice of his own creation, churning the hot spillage as it ran down to his balls.

Not proud… Not proud at all was he about this scene… But his mom's underwear made a comfortable sheathe.

Still, now with some clarity returning as his muscles relaxed and his testicles descended again – he did not yet release the panties from around his flagging cock, unwilling to unleash the sticky flood yet – he could think. Not of his mom, but of Ino's; the mousey woman who probably hadn't had sex in…

Naruto's heavy lids shot away from the dazed blue, as if a light bulb flashed right in front of him, waking him up entirely. At once, he sat up, throwing his feet over the edge of the bed and clapping the bottom of his fist in his other palm. "I got it!" he said jubilantly, but then grimaced when he realized he just smacked his hand into semen-filled panties and the rest of the uncovered deluge spilled over the bed.

ccc Yamanaka Household, an hour later ccc

Spying wasn't new. One would think that it was because he was a ninja; spying was part of the job description. But Naruto was an odd breed who got information from up-close encounters. His spying, as guessed, was normally through a hole where he could see naked women on the other side. But now the hole was replaced with a window, and on the other side were two very-clothed women, eating a wholesome meal.

Naruto's mouth tightened in a firm line, not feeling especially eager to do such a low manner of peeping. But You must not be caught kept running through his head. So he narrowed his eyes on Ino; his key. Nearing the end of the meal, he made his move… well, not until after he noticed how big Ino's chest was, when she leaned toward her mom – pressing on a subject or something with a sly grin – and her tits seemed to rest on the surface. Not as large as Hinata's. but perky went up well against large.

And I fucked her!

Naruto wished he could have played with them first. But no time for sexy reminiscing now. He shouldn't get worked up, or he'd be too distracted to get done what needed to be done.

Genjutsu was hard enough without lust getting in the way.

He swung along the outside of the house, away from the window… And inside, Ino discreetly leered at the spot he had just been peeking in through. Her mom's hesitance was intriguing, and now another's presence caught her attention. Naruto must have not remembered her skill to sense other people.

"Well," she said suddenly, standing up and pushing her chair back, startling her quiet mother, "I'll clean up."

Kaori looked at her, wide-eyed. "Bu-but, Ino…! You made the meal…"

"It's no trouble," Ino sang, waving her mom off upstairs. "You go to bed. I'll take care of everything."

The dishes were just tossed in the sink, left muddled with leftover food; Ino could wash them later. Right now, there was someone lurking in her room, and she was very interested to know why. A girl's room meant privacy, but for her and Naruto, that sort of boundary was excused. Little was ever said between them, though she had found a bit more appeal to him after getting over the fallen-from-grace Sasuke.

Her heart thumped as she headed up the stairs. In a match with him, he was her better. No contest. The Mind Transference didn't even work on him, as with the obliged Kurama dwelling within, she'd come off worse from such a bout. But him coming here to fight, no; this was about the hole at the hot springs.

She cautiously opened the door to her room, expecting to have to seek Naruto out. But he wasn't in hiding. He was rather casual, sitting on her bed, leaning on his knees, looking up and smirking at her. He knew that she knew. It took the satisfaction out of her approach, so she frowned instead of smirking. "What do you want?" she asked, grumbling.

Naruto just snickered a little. "Some help."

Inspecting him fully – particularly his lap – she asked, "Help you with what?" She folded her arms, and Naruto knew that it was intentional. She wanted something too, and she knew how to distract a man. At once, his eyes went there, his bravado slipping as he gulped. "And why should I? When you ask someone for a favor, it's impolite to break into their room first." She pointed like a daimyo to the floor. "You put your head on the floor."

"What?!" Naruto stood up, scowling. "I'm not doing that!"

"Then why are you asking if you're not going to ask properly?!" She risked her wrath since her mom was already in the shower.

Naruto tucked his chin, glaring at her, though he saw her reasoning. If he could bow his head for Sasuke's sake, he figured he could bow for Konohamaru too. Konohamaru was in deeper shit, anyway!

Sneering off to the side, he slowly descended, one knee at a time. He looked up at Ino, and she leered down at him. His lips quirked before his face turned down and his forehead met the floorboards of her room. He paused, and then said, "I need a favor."

The troublemaking rapscallion turned hero, prostrated in her floor. Ino chortled, nibbling the tip of her fingertip as she observed him. She considered him for a moment, considered him behind the wall at the hot springs, considered how it was him who caused the rift between her and her mother. Her eyes narrowed, twinkling with mischief.

She considered the abrupt end to their encounter.

Naruto had waited for a response while composing himself. Traditional things like this made him uncomfortable. But before he could peek up, the dainty feet of a beautiful blonde entered his downed field of vision. He turned up to find Ino looming very intentionally over him; no way was it a mistake that she had stepped close enough to him for a simple glance to see straight up her skirt. White in the skirt's shadow; riding high, slipping into her crease. He did not overlook this, not even to address her gaze on him.

"Well, I don't know if I'm willing to do any favor for you just yet."

In the span of seconds, a brief exchange of words, unusually obliging to Ino's conditions, Naruto had her lying across her bed with her skirt up, panties aside, and legs hiked over his shoulders. He kissed and nibbled her labia, already slick and ready with flavor, and his nose nuzzled the short-cut landing strip of blonde.

It was effective for the Genjutsu, though Naruto with his foxy grin did not find this a chore as he sloppily flicked his tongue across her slick clitoris. When two fistfuls of his hair were nearly torn by the roots from his scalp, after she was done crying out his name – "Dammit, Naruto!" – the single Genjutsu that Ero-Sennin taught him was employed; the Genjutsu that let him melt into her shadow and control her actions and influence her behavior.

ccc Now ccc

Kaori's pussy now longer drooled; she slobbered. Her essence rolled around the plugged girth that Naruto refused to take out of her, even under the sight of her daughter. With nothing else to hold, Kaori buried half of her face into Naruto's shoulder during the face-off.

Ino's mouth curled, an amazing show of calm despite the pinkness in her cheeks. She'd been caught off guard. Now she eyed Naruto up and down, his cocky smirk getting to her. And her mom cowering into him; she was shocked how erotic it looked. She sighed loudly, touching her head in exasperation. "This was what you wanted all along?"

Kaori held her tongue. She wasn't sure what she meant, and was less sure how Naruto intended to respond. Suddenly, the cock jolted into her, packing her fully so that there was no room in her to hold back an outcry of pleasure. Naruto's arms embraced her at the waist, cupping her ass cheeks to draw her close, possessing her. She shivered passionately against him, and then gave a look of guilty treachery to Ino; not the look of a philandering mom, but the look of an unfaithful lover.

Ino pondered a moment. Her withdrawn mother, alone and without a man's touch since her husband died; Naruto, despite his flaws – which seemed fewer and fewer with each passing day – was not a bad specimen to give her what she needed. Ino herself could testify to that. But it was his arrogance that butted heads with hers. She was the witty one, and Naruto was the knucklehead who was easily deceived.

"I didn't have it planned long," Naruto confessed. He was calm, lighthearted, even. Ino had to check again to see that he was actually shoved into Kaori, just to see that he actually could keep his cool in the middle of sex. Had it become so second-nature to him? Ino's lips pursed as she considered the possibility that she was among a very long list of conquests. Did that mean he got Sakura too? The forehead girl had acted so righteous during their lunch that Ino couldn't actually believe it. If Sakura had been a conquest, then her outbursts were derived from jealousy, not morality.

"I-Ino…! Please…! Ah!"

Naruto quieted – or panicked – Kaori with a barrage of quick thrusts; a prelude as much as a warning to her interruption. She held onto him, panting when he stalled and gave her room to breathe. She fisted his sweater. She wouldn't let him go.

"I wanted some help from her," Naruto went on without a hitch, "and I thought I could get it with a favor."

"And what about me?" Ino asked, her tone quick, but not jealous or angry. Her eyebrows still furrowed, but it was clear that she was not exactly upset with him. Well, she'd been trying to get to her mom herself with only the suggestion from Naruto's Toad Subjugation releasing her bonds of inhibition. Now that he had Kaori… "You think I'll just watch as you two do this?"

She could act, but Naruto the trickster was unimpressed. Yes, she had great tits and an ass that rivaled Sakura-chan's, and maybe Naruto had wanted to finish inside of her instead of leaving himself unfinished twice before, but he had experience. He knew when to pull back to lure a woman in.

He snickered. "You could keep a lookout for us," he suggested, and then turned back to Kaori. She was his focus now, though she asked quietly if they should have privacy; it hadn't occurred to her for a moment that this should not happen. He whispered back to her with his grin still in place "Not yet." And then he started. He started to fuck Ino's mom right in front of her, right on top of their work station without a care in the world. The older woman gasped like a moan had been yanked out of her before she could vocalize it, and Naruto did not stop there. He ravaged her, taking her quim hard and fast, making the table buckle noisily. A few potted plants dropped from their setting to make a commotion on the floor, but nothing was quite as loud as Kaori symphony of loud cries.

"Please!" she got out when Naruto's hips did not flourish so drastically, keeping to fast and shallow thrusts. Her brown eyes cast over to Ino, whose furrowed brow had lifted, unable to hide the shock of watching her mother succumb to a fool like Naruto. "Not in front of Ino!"

"She's our lookout," Naruto said to her. The first pants of an active heart filtered through his voice. Again, he told her not to worry, and then scooped her lips up with his.

"Hmph! Your lookout? Don't count on it," she said like a brat. "I doubt there's been any customers at all today, but even if someone showed up, I wouldn't…"

Dingle-ling! The door to the shop opened as if fate wanted to throw Ino's words back in her face. "Ino-chan? Kaori-san? Are you here?"

Ino's eyes darted to the doorway; Naruto didn't allow Kaori to show concern as he rutted her just as much as before, though he thankfully held the table sturdy and timed his thrusts more gently. Crap! Ino thought, and knowing that Naruto would not bother with the intrusion, she leapt into action despite herself and her former declaration. Hurry and deal with her, and then she could be back to watch her mom's gratification.

"Auntie!" Ino welcomed the customer with opened arms. She raised her voice to mask the muffled noises of Kaori being fucked in the room just behind her. "It's good to see you! How have you been?!"

She made a note to make sure Naruto thanked her properly for this, for how long could she spin small talk with an elevated voice? It was one thing to be a bystander and report what was going on, and a whole other thing to be a casual observer and lookout.

But Haruno Mebuki was not fooled, for it would take nothing short of a barrage of shouts to cover up the periodic thuds of a jarring table. She leaned to one side to look past Ino and perhaps glimpse into the backroom, but the daughter intercepted before she could see anything. Awkwardly, Ino laughed and said that her mom was very busy. "She's in the middle of a… difficult arrangement."

Very busy, maybe, but in all their years knowing each other, Mebuki could not recall a time Kaori would make such a racket, least of all when making flower arrangements. Even so, as she straightened, she faced her daughter's friend/friend's daughter. "I was hoping to speak with her," she said, and then sighed. "It's about the Mothers Force."

In the back, Kaori was given reprieve, the cock stilling inside of her, giving her depths and senses a rest. Naruto showed signs of effort, but he was far from over with her. This respite was for her and her alone to catch her breath. His left hand slid up from the table, ghosting over her creamy thighs until the palm sat above her pubic mound so that his thumb may pet her hair.

"It's… huff-huff… it's been… a long time," she confessed, her eyes stuck on his abdomen as she composed herself. Her vagina continued to clamp around Naruto's girth, unused to this level of intrusion. And feeling her flex, Naruto slowly dug in until he felt her cervix stop him. He held himself there, filling her out, keeping the entirety of her passage stretched to suit him.

"I can tell," he teased. Chuckling, the thumb that gingerly stroked her brunette pubic hair crawled down until he pressed her button. As expected, she reacted instantly to this probing. She quaked, her legs shuddering around him. She drew in her lips to seal the whimpering noises responding to his taunts. Her eyes were pleading as she gazed at him. "You want more?"

"Naruto-san…" She caved in on him. He felt her nectar sliding over him in abundance. She didn't want more. She craved more. Buta-chan was similarly voracious, though her methods of response were more hands-on. Kaori relied on her meekness for mercy.

It was an opportunity that Naruto could not waste as he pressed his mouth to her ear. "Will you help me, then?"

He could almost feel her stretch, torn between loyalty and lust, so Naruto upped the ante, delivering a small succession of pitiful thrusts that provoked, but would not satisfy. Kaori's mouth gaped with an airy moan. Her hips writhed for the first time, gyrating side to side and trying to push Naruto back in. He refused, backing half a step. When she chased, he threatened to dislodge completely. When she looked at him for explanation, he gave her a wry look.

He wanted her answer.

Her pussy burned with need. The storm he had woken couldn't be sated by anything but him and his cock. But she was a woman who understood consequence. She could not act on these needs, lest she risk losing him. He'd planned this out, wanting her help this whole time. Without thinking of the other consequences – those of the Mothers Force – she nodded, swearing her help.

Naruto's gratitude buckled the table again, and she came within seconds of his delivery.

Beyond their agreement, Ino had just managed to coax Mebuki into entrusting her with news of the Mothers Force. Something about Konohamaru, but Ino couldn't be bothered to care. What mattered first was diverting Mebuki's attention from the sudden clamor and the muffled but distinctive howl that Ino hastily dismissed as a thorn-pricked thumb. A sad excuse, but Mebuki still left with naught but an arched eyebrow and a strange look over her shoulder.

With her gone, Ino could exhale and let her heart settle, yet she could hardly stop herself from wheeling around a second later and giddily prance back to watch the satisfaction. They had been so noisy, they must have been going at it pretty hard. Yet when Ino got to them, they were at a standstill. Ino blinked. Had they finished? No… Naruto might've had some sort of superhuman stamina, but no man stood upright after climax. He looked flushed with excitement and a bit sweaty, but hardly seemed done with Kaori.

Kaori, on the other hand, was squirming. All bunched up against Naruto's sternum, she wept and curled her hips, saturating the table and his groin shamelessly as she rode her orgasm. Naruto's thumb helped roll against her clit and stimulate the process, but this did not seem as helpful; Kaori, months devoid of pleasure of the flesh, was over-stimulated, which explained the gushing mess by the time her strength gave out.

Snickering with pride, Naruto pulled halfway out, but was careful not to dislodge his swollen head; she felt so cozy inside. This gave Ino a chance to view the creamy ring left near the base of his dick, and she was amazed by it. Her mom creamed Naruto! It had only been three minutes at best since she went out to try to get rid of Mebuki. Poor Kaori was more starved than she had guessed.

Casually, Ino's hand slid between the two and patted lightly on her mom's mound. Each shock to the clit made Kaori gasp and jerk. In a daze, she slurred out her daughter's name. Ino grinned at Naruto. "Maybe I should close the shop and…"

Dingle-ling! "Hello? I want some flowers!" called out some random customer who was more of a nuisance than he could know.

Ino groaned, realizing she had to deal again. "We should just go home," she suggested before heading out with a friendly face.

ccc Kushina ccc

"I told you. This isn't your bed!"


"Ow!" Kushina sat up at once, holding her head, rubbing away the pain as the old woman stood over her, arms under bust, eyes glaring. "You don't have to hit me, you know!"

"It seems I must to get it through to your thick skull!"

Kushina puffed out her cheeks childishly and turned away, though her head kept throbbing. The old hag should check her strength a bit more, she thought, but daren't say. Brazen as she was, she wasn't about to tango with the legendary strength of the Slug Princess; not after such a rude awakening.

Tsunade kept on glaring at the redhead, expecting her to crawl out of the Hokage bed and leave the chamber entirely. "Naruto must be missing you. You've been here for the last couple of night."

"Naruto would want to be alone," Kushina scoffed, and then leered sidelong at the buxom blonde. "Besides, before the night the Kyubi got free, I remember that this was my bedroom too!" Yes, she and Minato had their own house, but on busy schedules, they would hunker down here.

"Time has passed, whether you were alive or not," Tsunade advised harshly, still waiting for the bed to be vacated. Kushina was a woman after her own heart: tough, strong, determined, and wasn't afraid to speak out of turn. Therefore, she was a pain in the ass.

Kushina snorted at Tsunade's statement, and foolishly said, "You sound like an old lady."


In the past, however rare the occurrence was that they would meet, their united front against Jiraiya's perversions had always laid some ground for kinship, so they never had a chance to realize how much they had in common and therefore get along like rivals. They didn't necessarily hate each other – or else Kushina would've never sought refuge in Tsunade's bed – but Kushina's disregard for rules and Tsunade's slack tendencies when it came to complying with them made it difficult for Tsunade to sneak in her usual catnaps whenever Shizune was not around. Kushina's presence disrupted her schedule.

"You think you can hit me all day?!" raged the tear-eyed Uzumaki.

"You think you can sleep here whenever you want?!" Tsunade barked back.

The two women were in each other's faces, growling and tightening their fists. It was surely a bout that would level the room – and many men would eagerly pay to watch them wrestle – but the Red-Hot Habanero was overmatched by Tsunade's cool and prodigious strength. She reached for the back of Kushina's shirt, her movements deft to Kushina's gaze, and plucked her out of bed like a kitten. And like a kitten, Kushina just hung there, dumbfounded as she was manually escorted from the room by the scruff of her dress.

Then she was plopped out the door. "Go home!" Tsunade ordered her, and then slammed and locked the door.

"Hey!" Kushina pivoted and ran the bottom of her fists into the door over and over. "Open up!"

"Go home," Tsunade answered back from inside, already half-buried in pillows that smelled of salt ramen drool.

ccc Naruto, Kaori & Ino ccc

Kaori had never felt more exposed walking down the roads to her house, though it would take quite an updraft – and a sustained one, at that – to carry up her dress and show off her lack of panties. Naruto had them, stuffed in his pocket as insurance or a trophy; she didn't mind which.

The three of them, walking side by side, seemed relatively normal, though Kaori had Ino to thank for that. Even after protesting that he was fine in the shop, Naruto was the most eager when they left. Kaori's trembling hands shuffle nervously for the key to her shop. When she had finally turned the latch, Naruto boisterously cheered "Let's go!", pointing off to the distance in a manner befitting Lee. It was enough that he acted so excitable, but Ino couldn't get out a word before Naruto slung Kaori over his shoulder like a caveman claiming his woman. Embarrassed, Kaori resisted, drawing her legs up and looking like she was trying to imitate a ball. Her face flushed red as she tried to dismount, though Naruto's arm around her midsection was more than her strength could match. "Naruto-san! Please, I can walk!"

"Huh? But it'd be faster if we just…"

"Put her down!" Ino barked with a downward thrust of her fist on his head.

And thus, they walked together. Despite the embarrassing way Naruto handled her at times, Kaori seemed quite happy walking next to him. Her eyes darted to him frequently, and though her hands were politely clasped in front of her waist as she walked, she wouldn't have minded if he held one or took her arm in the crook of his elbow.

She missed those little niceties.

But perhaps, as she and the two teens arrived at the Yamanaka porch, she missed physical contact more. She felt Naruto close in from behind – What would the neighbors think?! – and his anticipation jabbed indecently at her rear. She acted like he had ambushed her with a kunai! With it jabbing behind her, she hurried to meet his demands and open the door. Normally, she would step aside and let them enter first, but she was a mess of nerves, stumbling in and letting Ino close – and firmly lock – the door. Now in this privacy, she was unsure what was to come. On instinct, she became mother and hostess, turning to the kitchen after asking "Would you like some tea first, Naruto-san?"

She didn't make it to the kitchen, much less her first step. Naruto's arm – bandaged and counterfeit, but still strong – caught her while his hand hurried with the zipper of her dress. "You've been wearing it too much already," he jibed. It was true that her standard of dressing was pretty, but it was hardly sexy. No curves shown, no wobble or sway demonstrated; if anything, the sexuality of it came solely from its mystery.

"Na-Naruto-san!" Willing as she was, when her dress became slack across her bust, she hugged the cloth to her modestly. Her shoulders raised and her head ducked between them. It wasn't very often that she was seen naked by someone else; never intimately except by Inoichi.

But Naruto had made her the promise already. She had given him the info needed to act – "He'll be at Kurenai-san's until tonight." – and he had promised her that she would not regret imparting the information. She had no one to blame but herself, really, when Naruto plucked her clothes from her sternum and let it all fall unceremoniously on the floor. She just about knelt to retrieve it, but could not; Naruto was already making a grab for her chest.

His fingers slid between her clenched arms and continued to wedge their way onward until they disheveled her frilly bra – perhaps the most flashy thing about her, and she kept it all hidden away. She protested in humble observance of herself and decorum, but Naruto would not be swayed until he got a fistful of what she was hiding. He clutched the mound, testing its size, and found naught but softness. Not big breasts – bigger than Karui's and maybe Fu's thanks to childbearing – and there was no tone either due to lack of fitness, but her diet and moderation kept shape and some height. Though fat, even Buta-chan's bosoms had some sturdiness to them; muscle under them.

Then Naruto sought the nipple directly; a hardened bud that timidly poked against his inquisitive hand. When he caught it between a gentle thumb and forefinger, Kaori reacted as if he yanked on it. The tightness of her arms across her chest lessened, but she was far from being ready enough to drop them and let Naruto play.

She'd all but forgotten Ino's presence until she slipped around like some kind of serpent, dodging underneath an arm to pry the other breast free. Ino had more comfort and familiarity with her mom; the resistance seemed more of a game to her even when Kaori verbally resisted.

The cup went up, and the breast came out with a bounce and wobble. It was like tearing off a band-aid; the anticipation was worse than the pull, but now it was over, and no harm was done. Yet Kaori still shirked when Naruto ogled Ino's find. Maybe he was just a charming flatterer to give her past-prime tit such a lingering and hungry gaze; maybe he really was just impressed by any breast, even after seeing so many – as Kaori could guess. Or maybe she just sold herself short, and though Inoichi was always too tired or too busy, her body still retained desirability.

Naruto's left hand grabbed it, and with both breasts in his possession, he awed as he shoved them together and lifted, making them appear bigger. Kaori refused to speak for a moment, gushing over Naruto's adoration as he flicked the other cup of her bra up over her other breast and faced both scrumptious dusky-pink nipples. Her heart hammered, and he had all the control. She felt that she could only resume some herself if she could get a word in. "Do… you like them?" she asked, her voice hitching at the end like someone was about to shove her head underwater.

Naruto's eyes flashed up to hers, regarding her question. At once, he began to laugh. "Get on the couch" was his answer, letting her tits drop so that he could address his trousers.

But his impatience was blocked. "Not the couch!" scolded Ino, who had started to unbutton her top in her own show of anticipation. She jabbed a finger to the stairs. "We have a bed, you know!"

"Right!" Once again, Naruto favored haste over sensibility and plucked Kaori up to hoist her atop his shoulder. For the first time, Kaori let loose a shriek and balled up instantly, her feet the only means to defend against this position that shamelessly showed off her crotch as well as her ass. Naruto ran off with her, ascending the stairs with excited chatter; Kaori bobbing over his shoulder the entire time.

Ino stared after them, and then sighed. "Jeez. He's so impatient." The last button was undone, and she shed her top. Neatly folding it over her arm before setting it over the elegant sofa, she looked up when she heard a thud and a creak of a bed; Naruto tossing Kaori to readiness before clamoring on top with her. Again, Ino sighed, and reached for the back clasp of her highlight-yellow bra.


Upstairs, Naruto truly was impatient. He unloaded the mom onto her bed – after giving him directions to her bedroom (as he'd never been there before) – and instantly began to kick his way out of his pants. He didn't bother with his jacket beyond getting it halfway unzipped. His pants were too uncomfortable to bother removing his top half, and he was too excited to finally get inside Kaori and fuck her for real.

Kaori nearly cowered as he crawled on the bed after her. She had scooted back, the neatly-arranged pillows bunching around her backside. "Uh, Naruto-san…"

"Relax, Kaori-san," Naruto smiled, holding her waist and pulling her to him. He lined her up underneath his dangling but erect shaft. "You're too nervous." He kneed her thighs apart; she gave way to him, opening her legs and letting him nestle between. Once more, he peeked at her breasts, separating across her chest without the support of a bra. A smirk manifesting between his whiskers, he acknowledged the gap between her legs, waiting for his approach.

He supported her as he drove in, refilling the spot he'd left in the flower store, and Kaori wailed in appreciation for his service. Her tunnel was wet and inviting with its warmth and squeeze. Burrowing in to his hilt as Kaori's hands clasped between his shoulder blades, he exhaled and leaned onto her. She grunted a little under his weight, but gave no sort of complaint to it. Her hips raised to meet his; brown hair meshing with the short blond curls of his crotch.

They stared into each other's eyes as their uneven breathing became heavier. They fed off the other's desire, and Naruto made the first move, pulling back – a nice, slick draw – and then punched back in. Kaori's legs lifted, clutching on him, and she tried not to make too much of an uproar as her stud began plowing. She grunted each time. He bottomed out with such speed and force, she had to ask him to slow down. With a nervous chuckle, retracting his hips a little, he apologized.

"You're just as impatient as Sakura keeps saying you are," Ino was heard from the doorway, and Naruto had to look, and he was glad he did. Ino was amazing at presentation. Having congressed with her twice before – though one time being blind to her – Naruto's jaw still dropped when he saw her leaning against the doorway post, grinning nonchalantly at him, as though the entirety of her body was not uncovered for his viewing pleasure. That face was serene and beautiful with eyes – or eye, as her single bang covered the other – and her lips just barely shimmered with perfectly-applied lip gloss; or were they naturally like that? Neck to breasts, smooth… And he finally got to see those tits; those heavy but high, soft but perky, pale skin but pink nipples sweet mounds of cream with cherry on top.

Kaori herself felt the extent of Naruto's excitement when his already-swollen member gave a rigid leap while ogling her daughter. Small wonder though; no jealousy in her eye as she also admired Ino, who had been born with an extraordinary gift of beauty. The little girl she had raised – and her husband, spoiled – had blossomed magnificently; a splendid orchid amongst a patch of leaves. Her training had cut away traces of fat, though she had a regiment that paid dues to her femininity. Diet was key, of course; she kicked her starving habit and was rewarded with those bountiful breasts that now made Naruto drool.

And she'd always been a groomer, though Kaori felt a bit embarrassed to notice. Nearly bald, Ino's smooth pubic mound still kept a narrow crown above her currently-blossomed slit. Thick, strong thighs were clearly apparent… … able to kick a man or grip him; Naruto expected the latter. He was entranced when she finally went into motion. Was it a lure, or did her hips have that naturally-seductive sway? This way and that; he had to assume that she wanted him to watch her, for she rarely had that 'come hither' look; 'never' was more accurate when Naruto was concerned. But he'd proven his worth to her. He'd earned those bedroom eyes.

Yet it was not him she went for when she joined them on the bed. She slid immediately along her mom's left side and kissed her on the lips. Though becoming a habit between them, Kaori was nevertheless apprehensive about the outward display of maternal lust in front of someone else. Ino's were closed, but Kaori stared straight past her to witness Naruto's reaction: a slack-jawed smile, another, stronger thump in her pussy, and she could swear she felt a haphazard spurt of stickiness mess across her cervical wall.

Ino's glossy lips lingered, but when they detached from Kaori's panting mouth, they hovered. They locked eyes, but Ino's business was elsewhere. Her fingers resumed their interrupted path from last night. This time, Kaori had no intention of intercepting. Her bosom swelled with a sudden gasp when Ino reached the place Naruto occupied. "Is this better?" asked the daughter. Her index finger stroked at that one spot above the penetration, and the muscles of Kaori's legs flexed sporadically. "Is this what you wanted?"

The composure of Kaori's expression faltered. Her neck strained while her brow perspired. Eagerly, she nodded twice. "Yes," she admitted. Her brown eyes, halfway closed, met Naruto's blue ones. She beseeched with one word: "Please."

And he consented. He held her hips as he began to fuck her; really fuck her. It was not his intention to replace Inoichi, but he was on that track. The last – and perhaps only – time Inoichi took her this hard and fast, he'd been drunk, and the bout of passion lasted a pitiful two minutes before he slumped and snoozed; neither had even reached climax.

That was not the case with Naruto. Half a minute was all he needed to trigger her next, unreserved orgasm. She'd been on bated breath and elevated with anticipation. It was likely that Kaori would have cum just from having Naruto sit inside her for a little while longer, but she was glad he put forth the effort.

And of course, Ino was an encouraging presence, linking hands with her mom, still rubbing at her pussy for extra stimulation, and sucking one wobbling tit into her mouth like she was an infant again. Her tongue rolled along the stiff center, flicking the bud back and forth, all the while keeping watch of her pleasure-loaded mom's face. When Kaori came, it was shown very expressively; Ino could pinpoint the exact moment the surmounted sensation overcame her. Lines appeared over her face as she tried and failed to keep from screaming. Her hips buckled against Naruto's fervor, throwing him off time until he decided to sit back and watch her quim undulate and wet herself.

He was lax, but Ino was not. She showed no mercy for her mother and rubbed all the more passionately at her clit until Kaori's fingernails bit into the flesh of Ino's arm. "Ino! Ino, stop…!"

But Ino would not stop, and it was by her hand – literally – that Kaori sped right on through the comedown into another climax. Her untrained body was fascinating to the youthful ninjas, who had been taught to suppress just about every bit of emotion. Naruto actually found it comical, sniggering as he jabbed her exhausted clitoris with his thumb. "You're really sensitive, Kaori-san!"

Though it was practically what she begged for, the older woman felt relieved when the dick slid out of her; its noise was the only thing that embarrassed her, even as she felt her tight gash gawp in his absence. If he was going to dress and take his leave, she'd be fine with that. After such a set of orgasms – two back-to-back, when she hadn't had one in over a year! – she was grateful to him.

"I think she's too tired." Naruto beamed at Ino as she sat up and frowned at his declaration.

She prodded his chest with her pointer finger. "Is that it? Naruto, you have no insight when it comes to women."

Naruto disapproved and almost let it slip that she had no idea the scores of women – friend and enemy alike – he'd lain with.

"You should ease her into new experiences," she hinted with a wink.

Catching on, Naruto brightened to a degree that actually concerned Ino. "Got it!" he answered, and immediately flipped the winded Kaori onto her stomach. The older woman exclaimed in embarrassment.

"Not that, stupid!" Ino yelled, blocking her mother's virgin asshole with her hand and tugging a lock of his hair with the other.

"Ow! I thought that was what you meant," Naruto griped, retreating from the barred passage that was probably three sizes too small for him.

The vulgar thought had crossed Ino's mind; seeing her abstinent, traditional parent stretch obscenely over a cock. But she had to consider preparation. Naruto could damage her if he just forced his way in; an average cock would do damage! And taking Kaori's low threshold of pain into account…

It was just best to avoid the extremes of flighty sex for another time.

Ino softened on the frowning Jinchuriki as he continued glowering while soothing his scalp. He was dense. "I'm sure you've done this before," she said, and then bowed down. She pushed back the hair blocking her eye and moved her mouth over the tip of his cock.

Seething, Naruto consented with a joyous nod. "Yeah! A lot!" And he forced Ino's head deeper on his shaft. A guttural noise responded to his insistence, but no complaint was given. She had practice, he supposed, but when she crossed the fifth inch, he knew the limits of her experience.

She tasted Kaori all over him, though the moistness at the tip was not her. Naruto had been storing up a lot of delight, mounting the inevitable eruption like a rapidly-growing basin behind an insufficient small dam. So Ino wasn't sure if she should break the dam, or simply chip away at it for her mom to reap the benefits.

She cupped his undercarriage, lifting the already-raised scrotum. Smooth skin… He didn't seem like the type to groom, yet here was a well-shaven pair of balls. She unsheathed his dick from her mouth to go to them, kissing and flicking her tongue across the sensitive sac.

She was good, Naruto thought as he watched her. She was no Buta, though; the older, heavier woman had a talent for scooping up and slopping down his genitals, pillar and boulders! Ino was much too inexperience and probably even too small – despite being a loudmouth – to attempt Buta-chan's skill. One testicle: slurp-slurp-pop! The other: slurp-pop-slurp-slurp! Ino at least was not negligent.

Kaori had tried to roll over and relax on her back, but her daughter's need to work her mouth over Naruto's cock had inadvertently pinned her to the bed. She'd no choice but to turn and look back, embarrassed that it was her naked ass Ino sucked over.

It wasn't until Kaori felt safe enough to lie back down to catch her breath that she was stirred again at her snatch. Strumming fingers moved along her engorged lips before dipping in, two fingers hardly substituting the space that Naruto's girth had claimed. Yet in and out, Ino lazily began to move her fingers; multitasking by using only her mouth to clean Naruto's penis. One hand did the thrusting; the other scooted Kaori's thighs open for better access. Kaori's cheek fell onto the mattress as she gave a prolonged moan. Ino – after a sloppy POP! from a testicle leaving her mouth – told Naruto something, and not long after that, he was filling Kaori with his cock again, replacing Ino's fingers.

Kaori made a deep-throated grunt when Naruto made a sharp stab inside of her, filling up her space. He wasted no time! She braced herself for his energetic pace, fisting the blanket and ready to smother her screams into a pillow if need be, yet he remained motionless after pressing in. Her ecstatic walls convulsed around him, and he gave an appreciative noise to her body's effort to milk him, but all the same, he kept stationary.

What was he waiting for?

Though being plugged was enough to have her shuddering and approach another orgasm – she'd no control – Kaori wondered if there was something wrong. She hadn't the chance to ask when she felt something drizzle over her ass; specifically, the crack and the off-limits hole. The muscular ring clenched reflexively as she gasp. What was that?! She felt Ino's weight at her bottom half, her bust squished down on her mom's rump as her hands pried open her indecency. That was spit lubing up her asshole! Kaori yelped and whimpered, particularly when her brazen daughter began to slap very specifically on that saliva-soaked hole.

Just a tease, it turned out, but Kaori was still rattled by it. No other person had even seen that part of her until now; daylight sex had usually been forbidden after Ino was born. Whatever plans Ino had for her, it involved a cluster of movement and squirming. In an awkward tangle, she went underneath her mom, repositioning legs and arms, elevation and posture. When they had finished, Kaori realized with great embarrassment that looking down faced her with her daughter's trim little cunt. The shaven pubic hair brought a coldness to Kaori's chest, for why did her sweet daughter need such a presentable mound? Who preferred it this way?

But if Ino, underneath, was backwards to Kaori, that meant that she herself had a close-up view of Naruto corking her pussy; an intimate audience. But Kaori couldn't object; Naruto had started. His strokes were fast at first, jarring Kaori's arms until she had to fight to stay aloft, lest she get a face full of her daughter's muff. She closed her eyes tight, not wanting to view her Ino's sex.

Naruto's pace slowed, yet his moans continued to mount. "That feels good," he slurred, for even if Kaori did not know it, Ino was diligently at work, chasing Naruto's thrusts with her tongue, lining his underside and suckling on his balls whenever they came within reach. She saw little else but the erection stretching through her mom's hairy pussy or the swing of Naruto's balls. She hugged Kaori's waist, anchoring her to the two. When Naruto burrowed in as deep as he could and held, she responded by nuzzling his balls, pressing her nose up to his scrotum while attempting to gulp both contents into her too-small mouth. When she released them, she did so with a loud, open-mouthed gasp with strings of spit still holding to him. He resumed when her sucking had ended, and her attention turned to the other side.

Kaori had not felt a tongue on her vagina for a good number of years, and Ino's was intent. It shocked the older woman to a wail when Ino licked the nub of nerves. Her chin brushed the mound of hair as she nipped and chomped at Kaori's stuffed pussy. All the while, Naruto pounded away, resisting as Kaori's hand tried to stall him. "I can't…!" she cried, trying to resist the wet response to the heightened pleasure. But knowing her mom's limits, Ino strove to surpass them, unconcerned with her own composure as she smooshed her face completely to the pussy, letting Naruto's slick cock streak her cheek with Kaori's juices. It was all to get that scream from Kaori. "Yah~!" And there it was. The older woman bucked against her will, causing her breasts to flop erratically to her movements. Resisting with all her strength, she was unable to hold on to her dignity, and she gave Ino's tongue an explosion of flavor. And despite the wave, Ino kept licking like it fueled her to make her mom lose control.

Of course, this caused an impressive squeeze around Naruto's twitching length that finally caused him to stagger. A choked gasp left his throat as he tipped forward. He caught the woman for balance, feeling her stability falter. Cumming compromised her delicate frame, which his weight did not help. "I'm going to…" he trailed off in her ear.

Kaori's head turned partially to him, acknowledging his warning and not knowing how to respond. Maybe it was the brain-numbing aftereffect of orgasm, but she gave a single, small nod in consent. He wasted no time in fulfilling his promise, his sternum flush with Kaori's back as he continued fucking her in a manner that Ino thought would be more appropriate for someone like Kiba.

Naruto truly did not last long. He'd been edging for the better part of an hour, after all; the shop, the torturous walk here, and then holding back as Ino kept tempting him. He couldn't be faulted as he humped himself to climax. With a shout, he hurled himself in to her cervix, pressing it inward until a stream of white seeped into the inner chamber. Hot white, bubbling up and churning into her.

"Oh my," gasped Kaori, eyes widening. The heat filled her belly.

Naruto was not done cumming when he receded, nor did he keep thrusting. He pulled back – though made a grunt as if in pain while doing so – and held. The gap ahead began to fill with the following volley of semen. When she was filled, he plunged onward, churning the deposit, either forcing it into her or forcing it out…

Ino tasted it before the flood arrived. She had seen the twitching of his balls, knowing that he was at least close to cumming. But then the sperm surfaced, oozing out from around the barricade of his dick to trickle along Kaori's folds until meeting Ino's taste buds. Enthusiastically, she drank him up, but was ill-prepared for his sudden evacuation. Uncorked, the half-way insemination spilled out from Kaori's gape and gushed over Ino's face.

"Gah! Naruto!" Blinded, Ino turned away, forced to let his discharge overflow across the left side of her face and into her hair. Just how much did he cum to cause such an outpour? And if that wasn't enough, Naruto decided that her open mouth was the perfect cleaning area. The unprepared girl's mouth was pried open as she fit onto him. Head leaning back, it was actually very easy for him to shove past the back of her mouth and charge into her throat. Her slender neck bulged where his dick invaded; surprisingly, she did not complain, even as he jerked subtly, getting a few satisfying thrusts and the last globules out and down Ino's esophagus. As if a delicacy, Kaori's cum-spilling cunt continued to glaze his dick so that Ino would not lose the taste, even as her throat and tongue scrubbed him clean.

"Ah~!" Naruto smiled and looked down at Ino. Slowly and carefully, he withdrew, and she made a throaty noise as the cock pulled out of her gullet. She peeked up with the one eye not covered in cum; she flinched when a final drop left from her mom's quim to seep into the mess already at her cheek.

Quietly, the two stared at each other. Then Ino's tongue dragged out, cleaning up the white splotch at the corner of her lips. "Are you done?" she asked, still squinting through the mask of semen.

Naruto chuckled and presented his cock. It kept its firmness, twitching and begging for another go. "Not even close," he promised.

Kaori couldn't believe her ears!

ccc Mothers Force ccc

"She closed the shop. That's unusual," Yoshino mused on the information that she'd been given.

"No, not really," Mebuki confessed, walking on Yoshino's right, opposite to Mikoto. She looked sympathetically to the other two women; widows, along with Kurenai. "Kaori-san has started an erratic schedule ever since the war. With Ino-chan split between missions and the shop, she doesn't have much help otherwise." The three had no clue that Naruto had lent his assistance for the past couple of days.

"Hmm…" Yoshino cupped her chin and thought. Yes, Kaori was taxed; Ino was more flighty than Shikamaru, less dependable. But that did not mean that she shouldn't be included in this night's activities. Buta was gone, waiving her sway in the group, and Yoshino sought to capitalize on that. The other women – with the exception of Kurenai – were in agreement that something more lasting should be done with the perverted youth than just moving between homes to do chores until the lust was out of him. The Nara method was effective, Yoshino said often. It would do the boy well to keep urges under control.

"You seem troubled, Mebuki-san," Mikoto observed as Yoshino continued thinking. The blond and the raven-haired women lagged to face each other. "Is there something wrong?"

Mebuki glanced off to the side. She shouldn't have been surprised that the perception of an Uchiha caught on to her distress. "Sakura and I had an argument not long before I went to see Kaori-san. I know we caught Kiba…" Or rather, Tsume did… "But she insisted on going to the hot springs today. I told her I didn't want her to. What if another goes to that hole? What if they see my daughter…?" She pursed her lips, dreading the idea.

"We'll make a request to the Fifth," Mikoto assured her with a nod and a reassuring smile. "It'll be fixed."

"And at Kiba and Konohamaru's expense!" barked Yoshino, turning on them with her usual scowl. "The ones responsible for the damage should be the ones to fix it! With added punishment as well!" She stormed onward down the road. "The Mothers Force will weed out all the perverts lurking amongst our children!"

Mebuki made a face. Sometimes, she thought that Yoshino-san took this quest too seriously. She looked to Mikoto for her thoughts; Mikoto, with a knack for sealing feelings, just smiled politely and carried on to the Yamanaka household in search of their missing member. If not at home, where else could she be?

That was exactly their thought when they came knocking to no answer. Yoshino knocked vigorously, harder than what would be considered polite. But no answer; in the middle of the day, and with the shop closed. "Is there somewhere else she would visit?" Mikoto asked, for the other mothers knew the timid one's behaviors better than her.

Mebuki looked back and forth between her and Yoshino. Really, unless Kaori had taken up going to the fields herself to pick wildflowers, the only place she could be was Inoichi's gravesite.

"She's not here, so we'll check!" Yoshino observed, pivoting from the doorway. "If we don't find her there, then we'll have to move forward without her!" She stormed ahead on their new path with both mothers in tow.

Mikoto paused for a moment before leaving the doorstep. She waited, and her head tilted just slightly. Then she went with the others.

If she had turned, if any of them had, they would see the one they were looking for, pressed up against the upstairs window, breasts flattened on the pane, a horrified expression on her face from her exposure, and a cock splitting the pink crease between.


Obviously, next chapter picks up the fornication of Naruto, Kaori and Ino, so don't worry if you felt this wasn't enough of mother/daughter love. I just needed to split the scene to assess it. And sorry if it feels a bit off. I don't watch the anime/fillers, so I don't really have much to go on in regards to Kaori. It painfully feels like writing an OC.
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