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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

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Sakura stewed. She stewed in the hot springs, stewing over the wall. She found that mischievous, little – actually big – hole that Naruto made… or used… The details weren't altogether clear, but Ino had said she 'used' the hole with Naruto, and confirming that there was a hole at all led her to believe Ino. Sure, it might have been a tease to say that she was with Naruto – Sakura's safety if things with Sasuke-kun didn't work out – but such pranks were beneath Ino. And peeping through a hole at the hot springs was not beneath Naruto.

She glanced around. It was an unusually busy day for the women's bath; a paradise for a peeper. Tenten sat half-submerged, her towel dipping beneath her bust as she scooped handfuls of hot spring water over her arms to mend weary bones. Moegi, who acted womanly and mature outside, ran around the pool stark naked, arms out like wings as younger girls chased her jubilantly and older women yelled "Moegi-chan! Put your towel on!" Even Shizune was there, enjoying a break from the Hokage manor as her master napped. She was wrapped conservatively in her towel, though holding Ton-Ton up on her lap pushed up her bosoms to make a cleavage. Shiho sat by herself nearest to the hole, and though Sakura did not notice in her hateful pondering, her glasses darted often to the general direction of the hole that Sakura had started to despise so much.

Sakura sunk deeper into the water until she was up to her nostrils. She stewed and stewed and stewed some more, exhaling bubbles to make it look like the water was boiling from the flames of her frustration. Slowly, her green eyes cast over to the wall, pinpointing the hole that defiled the sanctity of it all. These frolicking women were all in danger of being victims.

The bubbles came up hotter.

ccc The Yamanaka Household ccc

"Wow," Naruto dragged, looking over Kaori's shoulder to watch the trio of his nemeses depart, hardly noticing the brief pause of Mikoto's leaving step. Kaori pushed against the window, whimpering and pleading that he take her back to the security of the bed, out of sight of the world beyond. But Naruto did not; not right away, at least. With a cocky grin, he shoved her to the windowpane, flattening her breasts more so that her nipples looked like pink discs from the other side. His cock crammed up in her soaked pussy, and she was mortified when her wet walls squelched and jettisoned a jot of his semen to the carpet. She shuddered, closing her eyes and turning away from the outside even as her cheek pressed against the glass. All it would take was one passerby; one straying eye to see her humiliation. Naruto read her better than her own conscious admittances. Her body reacted the most prominently when she was in danger of being caught. Perhaps that was true for everyone, the jolt of adrenalin from the risk of exposure, but Naruto doubted that every woman would also roll her hips back and dig into his pelvis for more; not unless she was getting off from the thrill. Naruto knew that while she kept up the guise of under-spoken, polite decorum, she wanted to be noticed, seen for the woman she wanted to be.

A wicked notion came to Naruto's mind when he thought of what he could do to exploit her hidden fetish. Perhaps when the time came, he'd show Kaori off to her Mothers Force.

For now, though, he'd show her to the bed, complying with her modesty and tossing her over the mattress on her back. He hardly gave a moment for her to get her bearings and brace herself; he caught her waist and pulled her against his standing lap as quickly as his hips jutted to hers. Her arms fanned out, hands grasping for support. One hand found the edge of the mattress, and the other found Ino's hand. Her daughter, the one who smeared Naruto's cum off her face and onto the bed sheet's corner, supported her while watching Naruto's rapid thrusts. She couldn't honestly say she'd ever taken a pace quite like what her mom was being given.

"Has Dad ever done you like this?" she asked on impulse, truly curious of what Kaori's marriage life was like in bed.

Kaori's alarmed eyes found hers in an instant. "Ino," she wheezed. "What a thing to ask your mother!" Her reproach given, she returned to watching Naruto take her like he meant to breed her. Her legs lifted and interlocked about his hips.

Her refusal made Ino that much more curious. She shoved a hand over Kaori's flopping breast and squeezed. "Did he?" she returned, her chest starting to heave excitedly. One hand held Kaori's tit, but she had another to start stroking her wet pussy lips. She loved her father, but her mother was being given the fuck of her life! She needed to stimulate to the fullest! She never thought of Inoichi like that, and never wished for them to cheat, but in the heat of the moment…

"I've never had it like this before!" Kaori's confession rushed out of her as her bosom filled with a swarm of moans and gasps. Her hands reached out and caught Naruto's abdomen; if she was trying to stall him, she failed miserably. Naruto, wheezing himself as he mixed the sperm already planted inside her, shifted his left hand so that his thumb could reach out to her clit. He pressed hard on it, lubricating with her flowing essence as well as whatever semen he had not put inside of her.

Her orgasms were such a showing. The stiff woman went into a series of convulsions, her pussy dragging itself over his cock with need, her hands curling and clawing, leaving marks over the Kyubi's seal. The pain shocked Naruto deliciously, his dick thumping readily to expel another healthy load to her still-fertile womb. And of course, she was a squirter. She dowsed Naruto's pelvis herself just as much as he drowned her insides. Even with this extra lubricant, Naruto found with delight just how much resistance her contracting quim put up. A hand held his weight on the bed when he plowed forward; deliberately slow, the head of his cock wrenching apart her condensed walls until he was up against her uterus again, crowding it so she could feel her guts give a shove.

She felt him twitching again at her inside and anticipated the tide of warmth soon to follow. In that moment before the flood, she briefly considered the possibility of conceiving a child with Naruto; his or her sister an avid participant in his or her conception.

Yet the anticipation of filling turned backwards; she felt herself being evacuated, the long shaft of Naruto retreating from her wet snatch until he pulled out completely. Her head lifted to see what was the matter. She'd no complaints towards him spreading his seed further within her. Why pull out?

Ino was the reason, holding Naruto by the base in a strong, strangling fist. Naruto's cock bobbed and swelled, darkening even from its ceased circulation. He wanted to cum, but Ino was preventing it. And tortuously, she fondled his aching balls while his load was held back. She chuckled looking up at him. "Not yet," she said, and then turned to Kaori. "I want to see you put it in Mom's mouth."

Naruto, of course, wouldn't say no; he would certainly like to see his temporary employer's reaction when he spurted all across her face and chest and wherever else he could boast the potency of his testicles. Kaori, on the other hand, moved back with eyes wide. "My mouth?" she repeated as if she heard incorrectly.

Ino just continued to leer and gave one nod.

Kaori thought of it. A blowjob; Inoichi hadn't been particularly fond of them, or maybe she just didn't have a knack for it. Yet the idea was tantalizing, even if the cock was slathered with her own flavor.

Ino released Naruto's dick slowly, and he prowled like a beast uncaged. She matched his advance until she was reclining onto her pillows against the headboard. She didn't try to escape, though; she just needed to get ready.

Naruto continued to crawl, even when on top of her. She hadn't let his wagging erection out of her sight. A deep inhale expanded her chest when he suddenly reared up at her midriff, straddling just above her belly. The cock came up and dropped between her spread breasts. She could breathe him in, even though her own glaze coated him. Looking down at it, from tip to root, he seemed more massive. How had he fit inside her?! "It's been a very long time… since I've…" She trailed off, tucking a twirl of hair behind her ear.

"It's fine, okay?" Naruto assured her, acting more patiently than his penis as it spilled over with pre-cum onto her chest. He held her head right beneath her bun, and then guided her forward. Her mouth compliantly opened, though not wide enough; obviously too undignified to open the mouth wide. He caught on her thin lips just once, but then helped himself to her open orifice. He could tell right away that the pungency of sex was too strong for her refined taste as she made a sour face right when his soaked cock slid against her tongue. He pressed regardless, and pulled her head along to savor the full flavor. Her nose crinkled, but she willingly obliged until he met the back of her throat – with little more than two inches left over. Insistently, Naruto made for the curve of her esophagus, though that caused an unladylike retch followed by a bit of slobber soaring from her bottom lip onto her chest. Her hands resisted him finally, pushing pleadingly at his thighs. It was just one more inch, though! A bit of reluctance quashed under lust, he had faith that she could manage, and in went the seventh inch. Kaori's thin neck bulged distinctly with the thick intrusion while her nose shoved into the shortened span of his yellow pubic hair. She gagged and croaked, trying to make some noise as Naruto jammed her windpipe.

The flutter of panicked muscles, the rapid change in pressure around him; Naruto wished he could enjoy it longer, but Kaori tapped his thighs urgently, still pulling against the hand that sealed her to his dick. He let up, and she dropped back with a much-needed intake of air. She fell against her pillow, which made her tits wobble slightly. "Naruto-san," she wheezed, looking imploringly up at him. "I'm… not as young as I used to be." A polite way of saying 'don't force me.' Naruto got the hint, but laughed nonetheless as he agreed.

She nodded, hoping that he understood, and then moved back to take his dick in her mouth again. Tenacious; Naruto was honestly impressed, though her skill showed serious lack of Buta-level prowess. Her licks were too timid, hardly even ghosting along his tip – though the look on her face when she inadvertently gathered some of his swelling pre-cum made him twitch. He directed one of her hands – both of which never released his legs – to his balls, and she showed some intrigue in them. She lightly pinched the loose skin and pulled just as tenderly, examining the texture of his testicles. All in all, it felt good, but Naruto wasn't going to get off with just this.

"Here," he said, taking his dick from Kaori's possession and readjusting his stance to dip his shaft in the space between her breasts. After guiding her hands away from his genitals, he had her smoosh her breasts together, embracing his dick. Not a hug like Hinata's chest at all, Naruto reflected, but it'd do. "Just hold them," he instructed before thrusting.

This was something her girlfriends – back when she had time to be in those boy-chasing cliques – sometimes mentioned, though she daren't repeat the crude phrase herself. She just kept her tits mashed up around his piston, watching as the head approached and backed off in even thrusts. She had to tuck in her chin to see it, yet she knew she was directly in the line of fire. She looked up. "Naruto-san…"

Ino crossed her line of vision, her head popping in so that her tongue could flick teasingly at Naruto's tip. She tagged his slit, picking up the trace of his excitement. Normally, she'd be more outgoing; she'd been all hands and mouth since joining, after all. But Naruto would not let her. Since she and Kaori were taking care of things down there, he decided to do some exploring himself; namely in the region of Ino's well-displayed backside. She huffed – he felt the hot air across his dick – and muffled a moan against her mom's presented breast when Naruto's fingers danced along her crevice; she outright jerked and snapped at him when he sought her limits of exploration. Maybe that was too much, he mentally snickered, and then went to her wetter hole. Two fingers went in easily, though her body coiled around them tightly. Naruto could guess that she had more action than her mom, yet her quim stayed so firm.

His fingers spread, starting in scissor motions to work her walls wider. The more he tested her, the more frantic her mouth became, the more excited he moved, the more Kaori anticipated. The cycle went on and on, and he could feel how Ino had been edged just as much as himself. She took away from his dick to kiss her mom, hard, on the mouth. Swapping spit and taking whatever flavor she could out of Kaori's stunned lips, Ino kissed sloppily and passionately, all the while shoving to Naruto's digging fingers.

"I'm cumming already," Naruto wheezed out, the visual of Ino so voraciously corrupting Kaori tipping him.

Ino disengaged. Breathless, she moved out of the way and set the side of her mom's face against her chest. She was in control; Naruto's target was to be Kaori's face. A bull's-eye, right off the bat! His ejected wad got Kaori in the right eye; she just barely managed to blink in time. She gasped from the gooey warmth cascading down to her cheek, but an open mouth caught cum, and a lot of it. Sucking his dick had been somewhat bitter, but his actual essence in a large dose gave a stronger taste. If she had not been a lady, she would have let it spill out; as a lady, though, even as more rained down on her face chest and tits, she swallowed and felt the bleach-like flavor scorch all the way down to her belly.

Naruto, tugging out the last drops intentionally over her left nipple, relaxed, sliding off of Kaori's body as she recovered from her very first facial. He certainly made a mess; Ino was sure to tell him so as she touched the globs at Kaori's neck. "Heh, I'll stop if you want," he crowed, eyeing the platinum blonde.

She stared back at him, and then let her gaze go to his groin. The hand that was slick with her own juices curled meaningfully around his erection… Still an erection; Naruto was boasting a stamina that any man would wish for. Needless to say, Ino wasn't going to back away from the challenge. She leered at Naruto and slithered away from her mom.

She approached Naruto, the bed creaking subtly under her hands and knees. When she was directly in front of him, she went onto her back and showed Naruto just how flexible she was –he had to wipe spittle from the corner of his mouth – when she held her knees and separated her legs, offering an uninhibited view of her platinum muff. She licked her fingertips and touched herself, as if she needed more moisture there. The pink line opened, the hole just barely visible between her luscious lips. Naruto extended his vision by reaching to her slit and pulling it open to stare inside. Untarnished pink; he'd say 'Itadakimasu!' if he wasn't so anxious to be inside.

He pushed in quick to fill the void between Ino's legs. Tight, she was, but he suffered no resistance. The pearly dollop she had seen on his tip – the last bit of semen that didn't make in on her mom – gleamed intently before it was pushed inside of her; she could actually feel it as Naruto smeared it up against her cervix, the first risk of pregnancy so far. But she couldn't cope with that; not while Naruto's thick length opened her tight channel. Maybe her mom was less sexual, but Ino's youthful loins bounced back after each congress, allowing Naruto a good effort of her embrace.

Naruto retracted and hammered back in, jarring Ino's curled body underneath him with a harsh grunt. Her firm breasts – which he immediately grabbed after wondering for so long – wobbled with the impact. It took several of these rhythm-defining thrusts for her to accept him fully, though she gasped sharply when he tested the resilience of her cervical wall. He didn't go too deep after that; he wanted her to enjoy it, but he also wanted a demonstration of how big he was. A proud smirk made an appearance when she unconsciously gasped it aloud.

"You've done this before," she wheezed, cerulean eyes glancing up from where he impaled her.

A threesome? Naruto almost answered, as angry Karui and repentant Samui came to mind. But Ino was referring to something else. "Yes," he answered back softly as some sweat rolled down his whiskered cheek.

Ino's eyes twinkled. "Who?"

He waited, gave a few more hard thrusts as if that would dissuade this interrogation. No doubt she observed his notice of the Mothers Force, the significance of his attention to them. He couldn't keep the focus out of his eyes. At the same time, he wanted to confess, wanted to let someone else know. "Buta-chan," he said. He almost included Yoshino – to now say he made the Ino-Shika-Cho wife triad – but he figured out (or could at least assume by Yoshino's reaction afterward) that his clone hadn't gotten Yoshino, and had only heard her voice when fucking at the hot spring. If he could recall correctly, Yoshino had shouted a name to the girl on the other side of his dick, but he was too distracted to have given it any real consideration.

"Choji's mom?!" Ino sounded shocked, her eyes wide, but not judging. A part of her believed that maybe Naruto had no standards and would shove his dick inside anyone willing. Maybe that was the case, she jibed as she glanced back to their joining and rejoining pelvises.

But where were Naruto's standards? Her heart thumped eagerly as she decided to probe, to know the extent of his depravity. Her hands slid up his chest, hooking to his shoulders. She asked in a breath sultry and suggestive, "Have you ever thought of doing it with your mom?"

Naruto, for the first time, lost his cool and faltered. He grabbed her raised knee for balance, and his hips seized inside her. His mind went back to those red panties that he filled with his abundance, the elation and satisfaction at thinking of the one they belonged to. Did she find them? Even after all his deeds that fateful night, he was still aware that the evidence needed taking-care of, even if after a few runs under a hot faucet and soap, it still smelled of his sin.

"No," he answered finally, his hips bucking quicker.

He was about as easy to read as her mom, Ino secretly laughed. And as Naruto's lust rose and carried her with him, she wondered very briefly… how much Shikamaru would'veenjoyed watching this…

ccc Shikamaru ccc

Shikamaru wasn't enthused to be taking a shower so early in the day – early evening – because there was still enough time for something unexpected and messy to happen. He fulfilled a day of training with Kotetsu and Izumo, as Choji was unavailable, attending a food fare out of village. Perhaps he was taking this shower now because he was bored, had nothing else expected of him today, and just planned to go to sleep in an hour or so. An early sleep…

He could take advantage. His mom wasn't there, having headed out earlier to join the other mothers on another crusade that involved Konohamaru. Whatever trouble the kid had gotten into, he certainly provoked a wrath from his mom like no other had before.

But too troublesome to think very long about it; Shikamaru looked away from the showerhead. Down, his eyes fell, and there was the loathsome cage. His cock barred behind deer antlers, unable to make any use of it except when of need of the toilet. Bad enough when his father explained its reasons years ago before this imprisonment began, his mom had been the one to equip it. At the time, young Shikamaru thought it a bother, but felt it worse to complain. Wear it for a few years; a week or so, and you should be used to it. His dad had promised this, saying that he himself had worn it for the better part of his teenage years with no problem.

But customs were different then, Shikamaru would now argue. There were plenty more things to distract a ninja from the discomfort in his groin. Yoshino would never buckle; maybe Shikaku would have, but not Yoshino. So Shikamaru was stuck with this embarrassment that only Ino and Temari knew about. He'd been smart enough to hide it whenever he went to the bathhouse with friends.

With the usual sigh, Shikamaru cupped his hands at his forehead and shoved back his long hair, ridding it of shampoo.

In minutes, he was out, drying himself with a small cloth while his lower half was wrapped in a towel. Peaceful silence, an unusual quality in this house when the mother found something wrong with anything and everything he did. His gaze roamed the home until he saw the two notes delivered to the Nara home: one for Yoshino, one for him.

Oh yeah. That was why he was taking a shower and calling it an early day. He remembered that he got a message from Temari; an advance acknowledgement of her journey back to Konoha, which meant there'd be a lot to do; not a lot he'd want to do, but she would keep him busy and clean like a respectable jonin should be. She insisted that he shower once in morning, and once before bed. A nagger just like his mom…

He had no interest in his mom's note as he approached the table where both messages lay, though Yoshino had no problem sifting through his mail. No doubt she saw Temari's message about visiting and would go out of her way to double Shikamaru's etiquette and reel the fine prize of a wife in. Troublesome… He had no problem with Yoshino looking in his mail, either; after catching the drawings Naruto and Kiba would leave at his door depicting her as a fire-breathing monster years ago, what else could really shock her or torment Shikamaru?

Then Shikamaru thought of the note itself. Temari telling him that she was arriving was a new thing; she usually surprised him – in a mean way – and acted like she was all business, that he was interfering in her work. Perhaps she wanted him to inform Naruto. He rolled his eyes, thinking that Naruto was the last person who needed information beforehand to act. Once, Temari called on him while he was on a binge at Ichiraku. Hearing her proposal whispered in his ear, Naruto gulped down the meal, threw down more money than necessary, and almost grabbed Temari by the hand to lead them to a designated spot. If Shikamaru's memory served correctly, that spot wound up being his own bed; the first time he laid down next to his girlfriend and her stud and felt the rhythm of the mattress nearly rock him to sleep.

He quieted a slight sneer that crinkled his nose and did away with reminiscing. That was for old men well past their prime, and for people who bothered with jealousy and pride. Nothing he could do about it with the cage strangling his cock to submission; Naruto was simply his answer to Temari's needs.

His gray eyes then gave little regard to Yoshino's note. He didn't need to know the information. Extra knowledge that had nothing to do with him was just more of a hassle, but he couldn't help noticing that the note was from Konohamaru's… parents? Legal guardians? Some Sarutobi jacking off somewhere? It was sealed with the Third's clan signature, and on it, even as Shikamaru turned away to get dressed for bed, he noticed it said something along the lines of giving permission to do whatever it takes to keep the Sarutobi pride intact.

ccc The Yamanaka household ccc

Ino gave out. She was done. She called it quits. She needn't anymore proof of Naruto's proficiency, yet he still gave her two more rounds. And he had cum everywhere! He came inside her this last time, finally unplugging her to let the flowing white current drizzle across her asshole. The other two times, he had gotten on her, fisting her hair first as he pummeled her with a well-earned and –deserved cumshot, and the second was over her body, where he paid homage to her perky breasts. He nudged at her nipple with his dripping cockhead before he returned between her legs. She had held onto him this last time, trying to keep him from wrecking her. He came inside – as promised – and dragged out.

"Five times?" she said, eyes wide and hands on her temples as if to contain the mind-blowingness of it all. "Five?!" Her mom, to her credit, lasted two rounds with Naruto before Ino finished her off with her tongue – a lustful tangle which involved Ino on her back while Naruto fucked her and Kaori crouched on her face. Kaori was done, and Ino was just reeling it in.

And Naruto was smirking, sliding off the bed and looking around for his clothes. "Yeah. I learned that being a Jinchuriki gives a lot of stamina." And he looked very proud and happy about that. No need for him to go into it, as there were all sorts of people who were testament to Naruto's supernatural endurance, Ino now included among them.

She pushed a blob of cum away from beneath her eye and sat up, a satisfied ache between her legs; she didn't bother to close them just yet. Surely it was more than simple Jinchuriki stamina, she considered as she watched him saunter around, picking up his estranged clothing. Was Sakura privy to his talent? She had said many demeaning things about him, Ino found it hard to believe that Sakura had ever bedded the whiskered hero.

"What are you doing?" she asked finally. Normally, after a romp as intense as this one, the boy wanted to lie down at least for a little while.

"I gotta go," Naruto answered, tugging on his boxers. "Kaori-chan said that Kurenai-sensei has Konohamaru."

Ino's eyebrow quirked. "Kurenai-sensei?"

He nodded in return, buttoning up his trousers now. "They're switching Konohamaru tonight, but I want to get him out before then."

This was a very vague story, but Ino was somewhat intrigued. She scooted up until she was sitting on the bed's edge. Her slick breasts shook as they hung forward. "Is this about Mebuki-san?"

Naruto looked at her dead on, his own curiosity now showing. "Yeah."

"Stupid! Why didn't you say so sooner?!"

Naruto showed a flat face. Why would he bring up his troubles with the Mothers Force and Konohamaru when he was in the middle of banging the mother/daughter combo?

"Mebuki-san showed up at the shop earlier and told me to give Mom a message!" Ino was up now, bounding around and catching a towel from her mother's stock. "Something about Mikoto-san picking up Konohamaru!" Without another word, she went into the bathroom.

Just what was she doing in the middle of an explanation? Naruto thought of what Shikamaru would say to her flighty attitude: troublesome. "Wait! What else?!" He walked into the bathroom after her – they just had sex, after all – and saw her already in the shower.

"You'll probably need help." The shower began to run. "I'll come with you. Just give me five minutes."

ccc One hour later ccc

If it had ever come to a raid to rescue Konohamaru, Naruto would have thought it would've been alongside Buta-chan. She was a stronger companion for this particular setup. She was more diplomatic, and knew the right way to discuss with the other mothers. Her and Kurenai could probably have reached an understanding that would guarantee Konohamaru's safe transfer.

Buta was the ideal partner.

Naruto turned mechanically to the partner he had instead; he did not think she was an ideal partner. It might've been better to go alone than have a girl whose temper was perhaps more frightening than Sakura-chan's.

Noticing his head turned to her, she looked and saw him with his deadpan expression. "W-what?!" she blushed, knowing why he would make such a face at her. "It takes a lot of time to get ready after a shower!"

Naruto didn't believe that. You shower, you towel off, you pull your clothes or PJs, that's it. Girls went through a whole ritual that impatient Naruto was not prepared for. Well, the toweling off step was nice… She was gorgeous when she stepped out from the shower, her mind set to the task of brushing the moisture off her skin with her white towel. Every step made her tits bounce, but not crazily; it was so subtle that Naruto couldn't take his eyes away! Yet as he ogled her with a drooling mouth, she just kept doing what she was doing like he wasn't there. Arms, chest, stomach, back, legs; like it was all a show for him. Why had he gone after Sakura-chan when Ino existed in this world?


"Stop staring like that, idiot!" Ino barked with a heavy knock to Naruto's skull, jarring him rudely from his reminiscence. He nearly lost his footing as he jumped off another rooftop on the way to Kurenai-sensei's. Rubbing at the impact, he glared at her. That's right; she was temperamental, and a pain – according to Shikamaru. She always took the lead and acted bossy, but never really planned things through. And there was also… "I don't need this hair!" There was the time she butchered her revered platinum locks to spite Sakura. Perhaps a trick, but Naruto shivered as he recalled the beastly look on her face.

They stopped a house short of Kurenai's apartment building. It was dark; no lights on, even though it was relatively still early in the evening. Naruto pet his chin and thought. "Did they already take Konohamaru?"

Ino immediately focused her chakra. Naruto couldn't rely on his Sage or Kyubi forms, lest his fluctuating chakra bring attention to them. As a sensory type, it was no problem for Ino to distinguished four chakra signatures in the home: one baby, one child… and two adults?

"Who's the second?" Ino asked, but Naruto was just as puzzled. She could sense people, but it took some time to match them up to people she knew.

"Maybe one other of the Mothers Force." Naruto bounced up and cracked his knuckles. "Well, we shouldn't worry! I can handle it."

"What about me?" Ino puffed, folding her arms and expecting him to make accommodations for her involvement.

His eye ticked. He never asked her or wanted her to come or be involved in anything but the bed with her mom. Now that she was here, he had to sort her to his plan. His finger pointed to the roof. "Wait up there," he told her. "There's two people in there, so it might get messy."

"You're breaking and entering, and it might get messy." Ino shook her head, ponytail waving side to side behind her. Naruto pursed him lips. What else was he supposed to come up with, he wanted to tell her. Planning came second to action! Yet, for her seeming disapproval of his simplistic plan, she told him he could count on her, and then went in place.

Sometimes she was very agreeable, he considered with a smile.

He was up. Finally, it was time to spring Konohamaru and then move on to the next step… whatever that was. Konohamaru would be safe at the Uzumaki residence, he decided as he rounded the building to Kurenai's side. He'd been with Shikamaru and Kiba enough times to know where she lived. Kushina would love to have Konohamaru instead of Kurenai, and Kiba too. (These 'K's are killing me.)

Two adults, Ino had warned him. Another mother from the Force was no problem. They beat Kiba – his next planned rescue – but that was due to swarming an unprepared victim; Buta had told him all about it.

Kurenai wouldn't be coming at him with cutlery from the kitchen. Mom or not, she was jonin level, just like Kakashi-sensei. And Naruto knew very well what her specialty was. Therefore, he left his trump card on the bed with Kaori-chan.

For the mother of an infant, Kurenai's security was lax. The first window he tested opened easily. Look underneath the underneath. A fine lesson from Kakashi-sensei, but Naruto was willing to take the bait as he slid inside. Ino was his insurance from above; he hoped he could count on her if things did get messy.

Kurenai's home was very nice. Even in the dark, he'd say that it looked even better than when his mom cleaned on a sunny day! Carefully, he slid through the room – an empty guest room – and opened the door to the living room.

And there was Konohamaru, passed out and snoring across one of the comfort chairs. So noisy in this dark, Naruto thought with a grimace. But he could catch him by the midsection and… No. He would clamp his hand over Konohamaru's mouth first, wake him up and tell him what was happening. Was there time for that?

"It's genjutsu."

Naruto wheeled about and saw Kurenai. She was ready for him, discarding the guise of a mother and donning the outfit of white straps that he had once known her in. And dangerously, her hands had already completed the seal. She had practiced since her round with Itachi, practiced until even his illusion-dispelling eyes could be fooled for that one, single, defining instant.

With Kurama still dozing within – "Don't wake me for your games," he'd always warn after the war – Naruto didn't stand a chance. He was caught immediately. No frightful images of Sasuke tearing at his throat or Itachi shoving strange things down his throat; just encompassing dark that stilled him completely, cutting off all concentration to anything about him.

He went motionless on his feet, head dropping lifelessly. Kurenai sighed. She had worried that Naruto would've been more reckless. Perhaps when he was younger, he might not have been careful enough to pause, giving her less time to weave the spell. But it all worked out for her.

"Transferring a prisoner is when there is most likely to be an attack," she advised the comatose boy. "Each time Konohamaru was taken from this house, I prepared for you, Naruto. I am not happy about this, but the justice of Konoha must prevail."

She reached for him to bind him for capture, but his hand came up and caught her. "What?!" she gasped, and then saw the orange of a Toad Sage's eyes.

Naruto smirked. Of course he prepared for this, having left a Shadow Clone on Kaori's bed to meditate and gather Sage chakra. If he should be caught in a genjutsu, all his clones would dispel, therefore bringing back the amounted power and effectively shut off the illusion in the process by changing his Chakra flow.

"Sorry, Kurenai-sensei."

Knowing what was to follow that apology, Kurenai made quickly to reverse the hold, but an unpracticed kunoichi had no sway over a mode that bested Six Pains. He stepped in and planted his foot. She was airborne with the merest pull, her world toppling. In the dark, she couldn't hope to get her bearings before she was thrown into the couch across from Konohamaru. The force toppled the furniture, and she banged her head on the floor; not painful, but it did leave her dizzy enough to be unable to pursue the theft of her nephew.

Not the best case scenario, but Naruto still felt he should be awarded a pat on the back for how quickly and easily he got Konohamaru out of there. He rushed back the way he had come with Konohamaru slumped over his shoulder. The window should be open; it wasn't. Who had…?

Naruto steeled himself, knew he had the money to pay for a broken window, and cast himself forward, shoulder first. The pane burst into shards around him, and he tasted freedom before the smoke bomb. It ignited around him, and a weight knocked Konohamaru free from his grip. He swore.

The second adult in the apartment!

Who was it?

He cleared the dark mist and saw Konohamaru plummeting to the street. Dammit! Who was it?! Kurenai-sensei? He felt confident that she would still be picking herself off the floor right now, but for the hand mirror that whizzed in front of him, showing him a reflection of red eyes and black hair.

Something stirred inside. "Hm?"

She must've been dizzy to be so off the mark; he couldn't bother taunting her. Ignoring the brief rush to his head, he looked back to Konohamaru and saw that he had already landed in a pile of trash; safe and sound, but the danger was still near.


"Ha! Aren't you glad I lent my assistance, Kurenai?!"

That voice! No mother from the troupe chasing him! This was a dangerous foe! He turned just in time to block Anko's leg heading for his head. Blocked, but she wasn't defeated in the slightest. Her grin was wide with elation. How dull it was for her just to hear about prudish mothers badgering little kids. But taking on the hero of the world was quite a sport.

Even Kurama knew that. Naruto heard his voice boom from within: "So something interesting is happening!" He flared to life with the Jinchuriki cloak, glowing orange and yellow like a sun materializing in the dusky village's heart.

It was daunting, but Anko tried for another kick – also unsuccessful – before they landed and took away from one another. Naruto, with his game-face on, stared her down. Quietly, he thanked his internal companion for lending a hand. Few ninja in existence, let alone a single jonin, could match a fully-charged Naruto.

Even so, Anko held her ground. Legs separated, arms tense and locked to either defend or attack; she'd have to have considerable reflexes of Fourth Raikage status to match the Orange Flash. Her answer to this challenge was a single, simple kunai; no tricks or smoke bombs attached. Seeing the deadly but small weapon, Naruto felt underestimated. "I trained with Octo-Pops," he told her seriously, "but in a fight like this, I don't know if I can check my strength, alright?"

"You're talking to a jonin of Konoha and a Special Ops operative." She twisted her kunai back and forth, wielding it tauntingly. "You shouldn't take me lightly." Despite the kunai in her hand, she started with another kick; simple and straightforward, and easily blocked. Naruto felt back about how light her impact was, though she had clearly put some force behind it. Her shifting to her free leg for an attack wouldn't do much difference, though Naruto leaned back to avoid it entirely.

Her skirt rode up high, and his trained vision caught immediately. When she landed, he broke free of the spell. She swung around and hammered at him with both fists; two punches hit him – bounced off, more like – and he backed off. She was a nuisance, he figured. He needed to locate Konohamaru while doing his best not to hurt this frightful woman. Konoha women are scary, he noted after seeing the bloodlust in her eyes.

She must've been going for the kill, for the kunai went up and came down at his head. And of course, Naruto was quick enough to block it, catching her at the wrist so that her aim could not include him. Besides, a flick-of-the-wrist trick shot would never work on this Jinchuriki. Why did she look so sure of herself then?

"I haven't fought a Jinchuriki before," she started, and the kunai's handle was turned to wedge between her index and middle fingers, "but I've defeated countless perverts!" With those two fingers, she flicked the blade down, expertly cleaving the line of her constricted bosoms and slicing her mesh. Let Naruto get a good look.

He faltered at once, for though they didn't burst free, he saw enough of her fleshy cleavage to prompt a squirt of blood from his nostrils. His focus failed, and Kurama's strength buckled. Damn Ero-Sennin! He taught his disciple to appreciate all breasts, from tiny tits to huge hooters! Not once did he explain how to defend against them in a fight!

"Let me borrow this hand." Anko was an expert at stealing an opportunity. One hand was caught, but if she used Naruto's hand with her own… He wasn't yet recovered; like Kurenai, he was dizzy, and Anko siphoned his weakness to make a succession of hand symbols. Not Orochimaru's potency, but it'd do for now; she struck Naruto's core with a purple fire lit on each fingertip, and the effect was immediate.

"You damn brat…!" Kurama's voice receded, and then was seal, along with his chakra. Anko had disrupted their bond; not permanently, but it behooved her in this bout.

Naruto staggered away, looking at his hands and trying to bring the comforting blaze of strength back to them. What he got instead was a straight jab to the face that threw him to the ground. "Dammit!" He scrambled back up, and both arms – with great haste – blocked her roundhouse kick. Little good it did him when Anko leapt circularly and gave him an inappropriate view upside her skirt where dark cloth wedged up in her backside's crease. He was distracted again by it, and it made his jaw a very susceptible target for her following heel.

"Kurenai was an ill-suited match for you," Anko dictated, still pressing her advantage while her cleavage bobbed and swayed, willing to unleash the full mass of her impressive tits if she turned too abruptly. "She's too modest. She thinks of you as a ninja first, and that puts her at a disadvantage against the hero of Konoha."

Naruto grunted, clutching at his mouth and hoping that the latest kick didn't rupture his teeth. He understood her. Damn, he understood! She also was at a disadvantage against the hero of Konoha. What she did instead was flip the circumstances. If she couldn't fight the hero, she'd fight – and beat – the pervert. Her specialty was hunting down and observing the enemy. Little secret that he was trained by the greatest of all perverts, and no doubt Kurenai-sensei fed her all sorts of information to be prepped for this night.

He saw the panties flash once again, and then it was just about lights out. He thudded on his back on the dirt road, dazed and unwilling to fight. Kurama, he called, but the Fox didn't answer. That chakra rupturing technique from Orochimaru was a real pain.

Anko stood over her prize, and from her coat she pulled three red balls. No doubt something to render him completely immobile, and he could already do little to stop it. Maybe if he grabbed a kunai, or if Ino…

"You'll need more practice with women if this is all you can handle," Anko advised arrogantly. Her arrogance showed right up to the moment when her spheres were kicked skyward, out of her hands, and exploded uselessly in the air. She blinked at this interference. Just who would dare interfere…?!

She hadn't time to guess, as a hand went straight for her crotch, grabbing her indecently to where a blush was actually called to her face along with a "Hrgh!" She was catapulted from Naruto, cartwheeling through the air until she gained some sense of balance and landed like a cat at a safe distance. She had won the fight with Naruto, dammit! She effortlessly beat the foe of the Mothers Force as they scrambled around like fools! She was ready to take on a new victim, but paused when she realized that her foe was none other than the fearsome Red-Hot Habanero.

Kushina, standing defensively over her son, glowered at Anko. She held out a hand beckoningly and smirked. "It's been a while… since I've beaten you, Anko-chan."

ccc Sakura ccc

Sakura stewed. She stewed in the hot springs, stewing over the wall. The day had went, and many women had gone, but she remained. In fact, she had stayed so long that one particular woman made a second trip back just to check on her. Shizune, still hugging Ton-Ton to her where her breasts rested pleasantly atop the pig's head, hovered over her. There was concern on her face for her understudy.

"Sakura-san… I think you've spent enough time in the hot spring." Shizune looked for a change in expression of the nearly-submerged Sakura, but the glare just continued. "Would you… Would you prefer to talk to Tsunade-sama…?" She yelped when Sakura suddenly went into motion, standing up so quick that the water sounded like it popped around her.

She squared her shoulders, her arms tense and her fists tight. The towel around her had absorbed too much water, too heavy now to hold onto her. It plopped from her body and let her travel naked to the wall.

Hmph! Was Naruto watching now, as Shizune and the few other women were? She didn't care. Let him get an eyeful while he could. Whatever was on the other side of that hole in the wall…

"Dammit!" She slugged the wall head-on, and Naruto's gloryhole was gone with the rest of the divider. The unsuspecting men turned to the noise, and then went into a wild panic as debris attacked them from the destruction site. None had the chance to see the dust clear and leave a hunched-over, panting Sakura glare out across her anger.

No Naruto. "That pervert," she fumed as, behind her, the bug-eyed Shizune went "Aiyee~!"


For the last time, I swear! One more chapter to Part 1; a small chapter, but it closes the gloryhole arc well!
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