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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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There was a hole at the hot springs.


Kushina smirked, and Anko wavered. Going toe-to-toe with the bloody Uzumaki wasn't very wise; Anko knew that, as she was once on the receiving end of Kushina's wrath. Perverted tricks wouldn't work on her, and Kushina went for the win no matter the cost. It was a gutsy woman who would grab another woman by the groin and throw her.

And that fiery brutality… Anko wasn't ashamed to admit that it caused an attraction for her when they were younger. Kushina was beautiful, and both genders could admire that. She had drive on her own, working for her own ends rather than simply being a tool for a man. The girls of this new generation were pitiful, Anko thought as she observed the steadfast Kushina.

"Are you going to fight me like that?" Kushina teased, addressing the gash that only widened at Anko's bust. "Heh! Make sure you don't slip, or you'll embarrass yourself."

Any more embarrassing than losing to a mother wearing a dress? Anko enjoyed the tease, her racing heart fluttering. She adored Kushina again right away. If she could get close enough, she plotted as she observed Kushina's smirking lips…

Her sandals scraped the ground loudly as she discarded her stance. She pulled at her coat, absently trying to hide her flesh, but thinking naught else of it. "It must've been a misunderstanding," she offered with a mild shrug. "Your brat got in my way, and I thought he wanted a fight."

Kushina dropped her smile to a suspicious frown. Surely that wasn't what happened to put Naruto grunting on the ground, rolling over and smearing blood onto his hand. Yet he said nothing to the contrary. He preferred Anko's lie. None of Kushina's concern at the moment…

"We should try this again, brat." Anko was looking straight at Naruto now with that grin that had shivers going up his spine when he was at the Chunin Exams. "With less of a crowd." Her olive eyes then switched to Kushina, and her smirk became more daring. "Or more of a crowd." She was off then, returning to Kurenai's apartment to check on her friend. She would be out to pester further.

Silence, and then an exasperatingly grateful "Ah~!" Naruto didn't care; he fell right back into the heap of trash and thanked his lucky stars for escaping that mess. Anko was a whole other level of scary than Ino or Sakura.


He looked to the roof pensively. Where had she been, now that he thought about it? Things couldn't have gotten messier than how they had! But, he thought proudly while gazing skyward, he rescued Konohamaru. And he had his mom to thank.

He smiled at her, but she did not do the same; not that she was scowling, but she looked unusually uncertain, and then avoided eye contact completely. Still, he said, "Thanks, Mom."

Kushina shifted, her lips sealed as she looked for interest elsewhere. She just nodded with a meek grunt.

Grunting himself, Naruto picked himself out of the rubbish and brushed himself off, making a note to take a shower after this. "What were you doing out here, anyway? I haven't seen you for days!"

Kushina stiffened, casting a look his way that was unusually… girlish. He quirked an eyebrow. Sakura-chan had often looked at Sasuke like that when trying to seem composed. "Well, I was looking for you, alright? I mean, I was on my way home to talk to you, and I saw you here." Turning the tables, she ground her knuckles punishingly on his scalp. "And what were you doing getting involved in a fight with someone like Anko?! She's not someone to take lightly, Naruto!"

"Sorry, sorry," Naruto laughed, ducking out from under her fist. He was just so happy right now. "I was trying to pick up Konohamaru here, and things went…" He had looked down to Konohamaru, but the lump thought to be the boy was nothing more than another black bag of trash. "What?! Where's Konohamaru?!"

"Konohamaru? I didn't see him." Though she arrived later, she had seen Naruto since he fell from Kurenai's apartment. There hadn't been any sign of the boy since Naruto had fallen from the smokescreen.

Desperately, Naruto shifted underneath all the trash bags until he was certain that Konohamaru was missing. He looked up again and seethed. "Maybe Ino…" He left Kushina on the ground as he raced up the side of the building.

Ino was certainly there, but she was lying on the floor, sprawled out and half-asleep. She was no slacker. This was another Genjutsu. "Dammit!" He rushed over to her just as Kushina completed the jump to catch up with him. She watched as he lifted the blonde, tapping at her face and boosting some Chakra in her. No doubt it was a Genjutsu; and a powerful one to so easily best the sensory-type Ino. But with that Chakra of his, she came out of it.

"Ino! What happened?" he pressed, not giving her time to really wake up.

She was aware enough, her senses gathering the moments before her collapse. Her heavy eyes regarded Naruto as best as she could. "Mm… Uchiha… Mikoto…" Then the spell reclaimed her.

That was enough for Naruto. The red eyes in the mirror that awoke the Sharingan-hating Kurama from his rest… The illusion had been so minor that Naruto didn't realize it; Konohamaru replaced with a satchel of garbage while she made off with the real thing. Mikoto-san! Naruto ground his teeth together, fuming with frustration.

Though with other thoughts on her mind, Kushina could not overlook that her best friend continued to meddle in the affairs of her and her son. Whether or not he was responsible for making the hole, it was up to the mother to dole out punishment.

"Mikoto." Her nose crinkled with a sneer.

ccc Mikoto ccc

"I'm not sure if we should go through with this," Mebuki insecurely said, looking away as Yoshino undid the button and zipper of Konohamaru's trousers. "Is it really necessary to go this far?"

Yoshino, after tugging the snoozing Konohamaru's pants to his knees, turned on her and wielded the letter Shikamaru had inadvertently skimmed earlier. "We were given consent by the head of the Sarutobi clan! This will be for the best!"

Mebuki flushed, but Mikoto was unconcerned. She did her part; let Yoshino do hers. Yoshino's part involved taking out Konohamaru's underwear too, so that his small, limp cock could hang out for their judgment. Yoshino observed it with hard scorn as Mebuki turned away. "I can't be here," she admitted and left with Mikoto trailing her.

Mebuki hurried out of the house. "How could she…?" She looked back at Mikoto, wanting answers. "How could she think this is the right thing to do?"

Mikoto, coolly, answered, "It is the wish of the Sarutobi clan to restore honor. It varies what clan will do what to accomplish such things." An Uchiha mother, died a traitor, restored to live amongst those she had been plotting to usurp; she would do anything to keep her clan – and her boy – safe from persecution again.

"How did you know Naruto would go this time?" Mebuki sighed, thinking that it was Mikoto's uncanny foresight that led them to this extreme. And Mikoto made up an easy lie, for she needn't say yet that her Sharingan put color to chakra… and that she saw three chakra signatures upstairs in Kaori's room; one was definitely a Jinchuriki. She had been wrong about Kiba, but again, she needn't share that with Yoshino and the others.

ccc Yoshino ccc

Alone, wedged between Konohamaru's splayed, lifeless legs, Yoshino scowled at his small pecker. He deserved this, she thought while studying it. Her left hand came up, cupping his sex, maneuvering his stem before peeling back his foreskin. The head peeked out timidly.

The first one she had held since her husband… and that was much longer ago. "One more night before the war," he said, trying to be intimate with her in bed. She had refused him sharply. "There'll be plenty of time afterward! You must rest and prepare now!" And that was it. His hand on her breast was the last act of intimacy between them.

And now boys ran rampant at the hot springs, expecting any woman to forego her vows and self-respect to handle his own desires!

"Hmph! Little brat," she sneered at him, and then spat on his dick. The saliva oozed down slowly until her thumb and forefinger started rubbing it all over his short length. The stimulation provoked him even in sleep; the sprout became a vine – a short vine, but sturdier than what it was. He'd like more, no down, she considered while methodically pumping up and down.

In her right hand, however, there was a contraption. Small… small enough just to house the thing in her grasp. Yet it did not come up yet. For just a while longer, Yoshino considered the fate of Konohamaru's boyhood and whether or not it should be locked up… unable to poke through the hole at the hot springs.

ccc Sakura ccc

Sakura, under escort by Shizune and Ton-Ton, stood before the grouchy Fifth Hokage, roused from her sleep to deal with this matter. She sat at her desk with not a mug of tea, but a bottle of saké; Shizune had tried to advise her against it, but it was the only way Tsunade would leave the bed she had reclaimed after a week.

And for her own protégé. She almost dismissed the matter entirely, but for Sakura to cause such resounding damage to the hot springs, Tsunade was unable to turn a blind eye. "The damage is beyond a slap on the wrist, Sakura," Tsunade said sternly, and Sakura, now seeming collected, nodded in agreement. Her cooperation, at the moment, was frustrating. Who in their right mind would do such vandalism? "What should I do? Perhaps have you pay for the repairs, or would you be able to fix the wall yourself?" Tsunade knew that their boundless strength was better for deconstruction that construction.

"I am willing to face whatever consequences I must," Sakura began, speaking very respectfully to her mentor, "but I felt that the removal of that wall was necessary."

Tsunade's eyes narrowed with intrigue. "Why?"

Looking at her dead-on, Sakura said, "There was a hole at the hot springs."

And copier laments the past tense.

ccc Naruto & Kushina ccc

Home again, Ino dropped off at home… The Uzumaki pair entered their home as if in defeat. "I can't believe Mikoto-san did that," Naruto groaned, slumping over the table after dropping in the chair. He turned his head to the side, resting his cheek against his arm. "If she hadn't been there…"

"Naruto!" Kushina's tone was quick as well as urgent, and Naruto looked at her. She stared back hard at him, the most eye contact they'd had in the lull of their relationship. Her cheeks matched her hair again, but she stormed forward and smacked her hands down on the table. He needed to look at her, and he needed to take her seriously. She let him collect himself. "I know why the Mothers Force is after you," she said solemnly, and Naruto slipped for just a second.

"Wha-what are you talking about?" he jeered, trying to fit a laugh in to make himself seem more at ease and confused. "I always get in trouble…"

"I know about the hole."

His eyes widened, and his cheeks began to match the colors of hers.

Slowly, her hand nervously crept out until she skimmed his finger. The touch was electric. "Naruto." She was softer now, her head ducking and her posture lacking confidence. Girlish again… "I have to tell you something…"

ccc End of Part 1 ccc
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