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Angry Man Conquers YouTube (MHA x Dream YouTube Crossover)

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Bakugou or however you spell it is wanting a change in life. He turns to YouTube. This does not end well. Disclaimer: I literally don't know shit about MHA. I was just given the idea and rolled ...

Category: My Hero Academia - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2021-07-07 - 500 words - Complete

Bakugou, the angry man, has reflected on his actions. What could he do that was not so angry? He had heard of a site called YouTube and thought that well maybe that will help with his anger issues. Perfect. He uploaded his first video about why sometimes bullying is beneficial. Problem was he fucking sucked at editing. "Bro the fuck is with this stupid ass shit?" he grumbled. "Just upload or whatever." He impatiently waited for it to upload but decided maybe he should browse this mystical website which is full of educational content and not anything else haha what? "The fuck is a Dream SMP?" Bakugou asked out loud. He kept seeing this dude with a mask everywhere. You know what he kinda cute maybe. (He did not understand that Dream's profile picture was a drawing.) "My therapist told me not to go on Twitter but like I gotta see what is Dream SMP." Suddenly Bakugou's mind malfunctioned. What was a Minecraft? What was a Gogy? What the fuck is DREAMNOTFOUND? He passes out and wakes up the next morning, downing a Monster drink. He finds himself back on Dream's Twitter page. It is full of delusional I mean dedicated fans that ship him with his friend, GeorgeNotFound. Oh. So they're YouTubers. Does Dream is gay? bakugou hoped so and messaged dream in his DMs
"Hey when are you free I wanna collab? What is Minecraft? Respond."
Bakugou thinks he handled that well. That loser Deku would have judged him or something. But he felt that in his heart that this will get him somewhere. Dream seemed to be good with communities. As he waited for Dream to reply, he decided to look all over Dream's multiple Twitter accounts. There was a new message on his private Twitter. Bakugou felt special that Dream let him follow.
"Hey guys, Dream here. Remember we are a community and I love you guys always"
Bakugou believed that he loved him. He glossed over the people asking him to address racism or whatever. He DMed him again. "U up?" "Want to learn about Minecraft know youre not a cheater" But there was no reply. How could Dream say that he loved him yet he didnt reply? He became enraged and vowed to overtake him in views. Yes, he didn't get over his anger issues. He used his anger to study YT and created his own Angry SMP to rival Dream's. He collabed with.. uh.. Hawks. Yeah. Hawks knew everything about Dream and stuff.
"Bro our stuff is gonna be better than Dream's" he promised. 3 weeks had passed and Bakugou's latest video got 300k views.
Dream commented on it: Hey bakugou, check DMs friendo !
This royally pissed Bakugou off. He only wanted him for fame. Bakugou had deep dove into anti Dream twitter and found out shady stuff he did. Bakugou got 2 mil subs without Dream. Dream was slowly becoming irrelevant compared to Angry SMP. And that is how Bakugou became the best YouTuber.
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