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Familiar Foes

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The Griffin family fears for their lives when six robbers from their past escape from prison to get revenge on Lois for turning them in.

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A/N: Tis I! Narwhalpuppy! Back with a fanfiction. I have collaborated with my friend TimeLordMaster108 once more to write another fanfiction. The reason for my absence was because my older sister was dominating the family computer for a three year online course. Good thing she sleeps in every morning. That way I can sneak on the computer and post fanfictions and update my Deviantart! hee hee hee!

So without further ado, please enjoy this new Family Guy fanfiction me and TimeLordMaster108 put together!

Family Guy Presents

A Narwhal Puppy and TimeLordMaster108 Production.

Familiar Foes

It was a quiet day in Quahog. Inside the Griffin's house, Meg, Chris, Brian and Stewie were sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"We now return to Jerry Springer Vs Steve Wilkos." declared the male announcer.

"So Mr. Wilkos, if that is your last name, you really think your talk show is better than mine, I have fights on my show!" spat Springer, glowering at Steve Wilkos.

"Of course! I do too you wiseass," snarked Wilkos before grinning wickedly, "You're not so popular anymore, remember." "Oh." sighed Springer in defeat. "It's all about the Wilkos now! SO GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY STAGE!" Steve Wilkos proudly boasts.

Tom Tucker and Joyce Kinney came on the news.

"Good evening, I'm Tom Tucker".

" And in Joyce Kinney".

Tom Tucker begins, "Our top story today is this. A gang of six burglar criminals have escaped prison"!

" That's right Tom. ....". Joyce Kinney continues as Peter, Lois, Chris and Meg all stared in stone cold shock.

"Holy freaking crap! Those are the ones who robbed our house!" Peter declared.

" I'll never forget the way they killed Lily." Lois said.

Brian and Stewie walk in. "Joe should be on his way. I called him as soon as I heard about this.". Brian said.

" Lilly? There was another Griffin sibling? Why didn't anyone inform me about this?" Pondered Stewie.

The doorbell rings. Peter answers it. Joe was on the other side.

"Thanks for coming Joe." Peter said. " No problem. Anything I can do to help you guys. " Joe extended his gratitude.

" Those robbers who escaped probably will come back and get you guys again. That's why I'm here to protect you all." Joe tells the Griffins.

"Lilly. I barely remember her." Said Chris.

Lois explains to Chris, Joe Brian and Stewie who Lily. " Lily was Meg's twin sister. On the day of the break in. Those robbers took me hostage. They threatened to kill Meg and Lily. I begged them to stop. Meg and Lily were just little kids. I was helpless against the robbers."

"Oh that's who she was.". Said Brian. " What happened next?". Asked Joe.

Lois continues her story, "They gave me a choice. Either kill one of my daughters or me. I protested. Then they just honed in on Lily and killed her right before my eyes and....". Lois sobs. Peter consoles her.

" My gosh. Lily must've been killed in a horrible fashion.". Brian said. "She would've been a good friend for me.". Stewie adds.

"Wait, is she the sister Meg killed?" asked Chris in confusion.

"No Chris," sighed Lois," you burried the buried the memory of what happened to her, because you were so traumatised. Then you gained the false memory of her being killed by Meg."

"Don't worry Lois, we'll get these guys." assured Joe."

"I hope you do," snarled Lois, "Those animals need to pay."

Peter and Lois go back to bed.

Lois says, "Oh those robbers are going to come back for revenge on us. I just know it!"

"Never you fear, we have Joe on our side! Think of him as our crippled Robocop"! Laughed Peter.

Cutaway Scene:

Robocop stops a man who parked in a handicapped zone. "Freeze! You are in violation..." Robocop says, then the man steps out of the car and shoots up Robocop in the legs. "AAAAHHHH! YOU ASSHOLE YOU SHOT OFF MY LEGS!" Robocop protests. The man laughs at the now legless Robocop. "HAHAHAHA! You're a Cripple Now! Try to stop this this time!" Robocop looks down at his legs and says, "I'm Crippled Robocop Now."

End Cutaway

" Thanks for helping me feel better about this. I'll just never forget that fateful day.". Lois recalls.

A flashback ensues. That features a younger Lois with Meg and Lily who were both 5 at the time.

Six robbers broke in. Armed with various weapons. Lois sees it and is horrified.

One of the robbers grabs her and asks, "Where do you keep a safe?"

"None of your business!" Lois shouts! The robbers attack her at random. " There's a safe around here!". "Now tell us where!". The robbers demand!

" There is no safe I swear it!". Lois screams. "Okay then". Says the robbers who then go over to Meg and Lily. Now Meg and Lily were at the mercy of the robbers!

" Mommy help!" Screamed both Meg and Lily.

"What is this? The movie Panic Room?" Lois shouted as she tried to insult the robbers.

"Tell us where your valuables are or we kill your kids". The robbers shouted.

Terrified out of her mind Lois yelled, " take whatever you want! just leave my kids alone"!

The robbers end up ransacked the Griffin home. The first place the tried was the bedroom, then the living room and so on..

One of the robbers flirt with Lois, "Tell us you dirty whore. We'll make it worth your cakes"!

" Enough!!!". Lois shrieked. The robbers decided they had it with her defiance towards them.

One of the robbers growled as he was holding a knife to her throat, "Which one of your kids do you want to see die?"

"Neither of them! I will not choose! Now leave"! Lois screams at the robbers.

" Mommy please make these bad men go away." Yells Meg. "Go away bad guys!". Lily joins in.

Robber tells Lois, " We don't give a fucking shit! There's going to be a death tonight!"

Lois gets held down by the robbers as she was forced to watch Lily get stabbed and beaten right in front of her.

Lily screamed in pain. Meg watched her sister get killed then her mother get raped.

Now Lily was dead. The robbers after done raping Lois then gang up on Lois and Meg.

"Now what do we do with these two?" The Robbers honed in on Lois and Meg.

"Lets tie them up! Like in the old western!"

The robbers ended up tying up both them up. Then they leave. "Good riddance you bitch"! The screamed.

The next day at Adam West High, Meg was walking down the corridor when she suddenly bumped into Connie and her friends.

"Hey Meg, got you a present in your locker." said Connie, "Call it a make-up gift for getting your mom thrown in jail."

"Aww, thanks." said Meg.

Meg walked over to her locker and opened it. Suddenly, a skunk leapt out, landed on Meg's head and started scratching her face. Meg ran around, hysterically screaming, she shook the skunk off, but it quickly turned its tail on her.

"Uh oh." muttered Meg.

The skunk sprayed Meg, making her scream and cough. Everyone else began laughing loudly.

"Uggh, what is that awful smell!" groaned Principle Shepard in disgust before spotting Meg. "Oh it's you… what did you do? You know what, I don't want to know."

Meg ran off, sobbing in shame.

Principal Shephard implies, "Jesus she's almost as sad as DC was when Disney was trying to buy them.

Cutaway Scene:

The DC Comics heroes gather around and see a screen come down before them. "Oh look a message." Aquaman says. "Probably from Lex Luthor!" said The Green Lantern. Mickey Mouse appears on the screen. "Good evening, DC Comics Heroes! hee hee!" "Mickey Mouse? What could he want?" asked Batman. "Since I bought FOX, I'm going to buy out you guys now!" Mickey Mouse says to the DC heroes.

"Oh Shit!" Superman said hanging his head in shame.

End Cutaway


The six escaped prisoners were enjoying their freedom. All of them got arrested in 1989. They were glad to have escaped after being incarcerated for so long. Their names were Squiggy, Fonzie, Remington, Fraiser, Spock, and Greg. They used names of characters from tv shows to hide their real names.

"Smell that fresh air! That's the smell of freedom!". Squiggy boasted who was the leader.

" Over twenty years! We've been in there!". said Spock.

"Yeah we got beaten because we killed a kid. They hated us for being child killers". Said Greg.

" Love the smell of freedom in the morning! Smells like victory! ". Added Fonzie.

" Stop quoting Apocalypse Now! ". Demanded Remington.

"So, Squiggy. Where do we go from here?". Asked Fraiser.

Squiggy tells them, " Gather around men. I know exact what we will do".

"Are we going back to being robbers?". asks Spock.

" Oh yes we are!". Said Squiggy. "Who should we rob this time?". Asked Greg.

" For starters. I want revenge on that whore who called the cops on us that day. You know that redheaded one who lived in that yellow house. Didn't want to give us anything. ". says Squiggy.

" Oh yeah! Now I remember! We killed that little girl of hers"! Said Remington.

"Man what a wonderful memory that was. How we rape her.". Spock said.

" Yeah, lets go back to her! Hope we'll really have some fun and this time get away with it!". Said Greg.

Fonzie said, "Luckily I still know where she lives"!

" Come on! What're waiting for! Lets kick her ass! ". Said Fraiser!

Fonzie stands on a tree stump and says, " Fight and you may die! Run and you'll live..."

"Now you're quoting Braveheart?". Shouted Squiggy!

"Now, we shall teach that cunt a lesson she'll never forget!". Said Greg.

" Maybe we'll kill all her family and keep her for ourselves! Then give her the old Black Snake Moan treatment! ". Said Remington!

Squiggy, Fraiser, Remington, Fonzie, Spock and Greg all steal an abandoned car and drive to the Griffin home.

Meg came home from school. Lois is sitting on the couch and sniffs before scrunches her nose.

"Oh God Meg, what happened to you?" groaned Lois in disgust.

"Connie put a skunk in my locker and it sprayed me." answered Meg in dismay.

"What a brat!" cried Lois, "Don't worry Meg, she'll get her just deserts."

Meg runs into the shower to get the skunk stink off her. She washes herself 10 times over. To no avail.

When she is done, Meg walks by Brian and Stewie who could still smell some skunk on her. The stench made them want to vomit.

"Meg, did you come back from a date with Pepe La Peu?". Stewie stated. "Speaking of Pepe La Peu he was banned from being in that new Space Jam movie." Brian said.

Brian smells around Meg, " Yep! That's skunk all right. You're not the only one who was sprayed by a skunk. Then I had to live outside ". Recalls Brian.

"Connie D'Amico put a skunk in my locker." Meg explains.

"Will that bitch ever learn?". Stewie boasted.

" Tell you what, Meg. How about we get back at Connie. We'll get her back even worse?". Brian suggests.

Stewie says, "Lets do something bad to her so bad! She'll never bother you again!"

Brian said, "Exactly. Maybe we can do something from one of those John Wick movies!"

Cutaway Scene

Stewie was dressed as John Wick about to deliver one of his revenge lines, "You Want a War Or You Want To Just Give Me a Gun!" Brian walks up to Stewie with a gun. "A gun was mentioned so you're going to need this." "Brian! What the hell are you doing?" Stewie shouted. "Helping you out is all. And I thought I'd be John Wick trust canine sidekick!" Brian defended himself. "If you've watched the John Wick movies, you would know his dog got killed and is dead." Stewie spouted off. "Wait what? The dog is dead?" Brian said in shock.

"Yes!" Stewie answers. "Oh sorry then. No need for me to be in this cutaway!" Brian walks off.

End of Cutaway

"Okay. What do you have in mind?" Asks Meg.

"Leave that to me!" Stewie says.


That night Peter and Chris went out for a boys night out. As they left, they had no idea that they were being watched by the gang of robbers.

"You two have a fun time." said Lois as she watched Peter and Chris leave.

"We will." answered Peter.

The two got in the car and Peter drove off. As Peter was in the car, Chris asks where they're going.

"Will you take a look at us, Dad. Just us guys! Where are we going? Laser Tag? Bowling?" asked Chris.

"We're going to that one Night Club, pLace!" said Peter. "Wow! You're the best Dad ever! Taking me to a Night Club!" Chris said.

"Here's an amazing fact, Brian used to own it. When he and Frank Sinatra Jr tried to appeal to a younger crowd. Then it went downhill once Andy Dick showed up. Now it's back in business after our new Mayor Wild Wild West opened it back up again!" Peter informs his son.

"Oh boy! I can't wait! I can almost taste the excitement now!" Chris said.

"We are going to have a Holy Freaking Sweet time! Way more fun than when I tried to be Peter Rabbit!" Peter said.

Cutaway Scene:

In a forest, Peter was dressed as Peter Rabbit. Then he sings, "Leaping through the bunny trial....." The singing came to an end until Peter fell into a hole. Walking around the darkness Peter says, "Hello? Hello?" Then a Wolf hones in on Peter.

"Uhhh, heh heh...Aren't you supposed to be in Little Red Riding Hood? Or were you in that one cutaway where those wolves stood you up to say cock-a-doodle doo?" Peter asked the Wolf. "I'm neither! Besides, I just like to fuck around with rabbits!" The Wolf answered.

End Cutaway.

Lois soon got ready for bed, soon the whole family fell asleep.

The six robbers got out of their car and slowly approached the house. They snuck around the back, leapt over the fence and snuck through the back garden.

"Ready?" hissed Squiggy in anticipation.

"Ready." replied Spock.

Spock took out some wire cutters and cut off the landline, preventing the Police from being called.

Greg then took out a large stone and hurled it at the french windows, smashing the glass inwards.

The six men entered the conservatory and made their way into the kitchen and through to the living room.

Brian slowly woke up and sat up, his eyes widened in horror as he saw the six men who looked at him in surprise.

"It's a dog." muttered Fonzie in fear, "When did they get a dog?"

"Who cares, deal with it!" snapped Squiggy.

The five other men quickly surrounded Brian, they then bound and gagged him, before throwing Brian into the basement.

Squiggy, Spock, and Greg were full of hope and and anticipation that Lois was in her bedroom.

"We'll sneak in and surprise her"! Greg says.

Feeling stirred when her bedroom door opens, Lois assumes its Peter doing A childish joke.

" Peter, I don't know what you're up to but...."

Before Lois could finish, she wakes up and much to her shock, its Squiggy, Greg, and Spock.

Lois stirs in fear. "We're back you cocksucking whore!" Said Spock. Greg holds A gun to her face. " Don't you dare scream or you'll become Swiss cheese ". Orders Squiggy.

Tying Lois hands and forcing her to the living room Squiggy tells, " Get downstairs ".

Lois reached the downstairs and she sees that Meg and Stewie are hostages too.

" Mom! What's going on?". Meg moaned.

"I'm afraid history is repeating itself". Lois screeches.

Stewie protests, " Grrr, to be the Incredible Hulk right now."

"Don't worry. I'll be okay and so will all of you.". Lois tries to assure Meg and Stewie.

Squiggy barks at Lois, " Go to the basement! Or we'll kill your kids!" Greg joins in, " Yeah we'll turn them into that creature from Splice!"

"Okay I'll do it. But please don't hurt my kids"! Lois cries out.

Lois and Meg were frogmarched downstairs. They were then forced into a sitting position against the wall.

The Griffin housewife watches in horror as several of the men began ransacking the house. Squiggy stood over Lois, holding a crowbar. "Right lady, where's the safe!" he barked furiously.

"We don't have a safe." said Lois in a nervous whisper.

"Liar!" barked the robber before slapping Lois across the face.

"Please, don't hurt us. There's nothing to take, really." pleaded Lois.

"Then tell us where the valuables are," hissed Squiggy seductively before kneeling down and stroking Lois's hair, "I'd hate to hurt a pretty face like yours."

"Get away from me." whimpered the redhead.

"All right, cunt! Now you're really getting me mad". Greg growls at Lois. Who then has a knife hovering over Meg and Stewie.

" Mom! These guys are insane. These are the ones who killed Lily!" Shouted Meg.

Then Squiggy and Spock begin to flirt with Lois and Meg. Lois and Meg were horrified.

Squiggy says, "This is like A Night At the Roxbery"! " Yeah, and we're the Butabi brothers!". Agrees Spock.

Lois decides its time to fight. Then she tries to shove them off. Unfortunately it didn't work. The robbers came at her with excessive force. Then begin to take turns raping Lois.

Meg and Stewie watch helplessly as they see Lois gets dragged upstairs.

"If they get near my weapons room....". Begins Stewie.

Dragging Lois up to her bedroom, they force her to strip.

" Take it off.". Fonzie demands. "You already ravaged me what more do you want?". Lois shouts.

" Question is, what more to you want! If you don't strip! We kill your kids ". Remington warns her.

" Well all right!". Lois whimpered.

"Get away from me!" cried Lois in horror.

"No chance!" snapped Spock, "Once we're done with you, your daughter's next.

"No, no, please leave her alone," pleaded Lois, "Just leave us be!"

"You brought this on yourself lady!" barked Squiggy before trying to kiss Lois.

Lois attempted to fight, but it was no use, they threw her to the floor before leaving her alone with Spock.

"Just you and me whore." snarled Spock.

Spock begins to flirt with Lois, "What's happening hot stuff? Like my Long Duck Dung impression?"

Lois gets mad, "Get off me!"

Remington suggests, "Let's have a fling with that daughter of hers!"

"Yeah she's hot!" Agrees Fonzie.

Rushing downstairs to get Meg, Greg says, " she takes after her mother all Right!"

Meg begs, " Leave my mom alone you bastards!"

Remington tells Meg, "Think we're going to listen to you!". " No!!!we do what we want"! Squiggy implies.

Then Meg finds herself being dragged upstairs. "Somebody help me!". She pleaded!

Throwing her into her bedroom, Spock said, "We'll do to her what we did to her shit faced mother".

Meg asked, "What are you going to do to me?"

"You're going to strip too!". Greg shouted in her face. " But...but..." Meg sputters.

Remington tells them, "let's rape her too!"

Greg, Squiggy, Remington, Fonzie, Spock all to do Meg what they did to Lois. Meg was now getting raped and he pleads with them. Her cries were muffled.


Lois was lying on the floor, feeling utterly helpless as she heard her daughter's terrified pleas.

"Oh God Meg, I'm so sorry." Lois sobs.

Lois felt determined to take these men down. She slowly staggered to her feet, walked out of the bedroom and charged into Meg's bedroom. The redhead pulled Spock off of Meg and punched him in the face, sending him crashing to the floor.

"Get your filthy paws off of my daughter, you perverts!" snapped Lois in fury.

Lois began attacking the robbers, punching and kicking at them, but two of them grabbed her by the arms and pinned her to the floor.

"Mom!" cried Meg in shock.

"Shut up bitch!" snapped Greg.

A few of the robbers march through to the master bedroom and begin raiding it, eventually raiding Lois's jewelry box.

Pleading with Squiggy, Lois begs, "Leave me and my kids alone" . Squiggy responds in a refusing tone, "Never! You have to pay for what you did"!

Lois then defies Squiggy, "Just for that! You're not getting any valuables!"

Squiggy didn't give into Lois and instead just flirts with her. "Oh come on! Bet your house is full of expensive stuff! Like that things you find in the Da Vinci Code"!

"We have nothing! I swear it" ! Lois shouts at Squiggy.

Taking out a knife, Squiggy threatens in an angry manner, "I know you're hiding some family jewels bitch! If you don't show me where they are, I'll stab your kids and make you watch!"

"No! No!". At the spur of the moment, Lois runs downstairs and escapes taking Stewie with her. When she and her baby son were hiding in the basement. They are something that shocks them to their core.

Brian was bound and gagged.

Lois says, "All right. It's time we dealt with these robbers.". " What about me? " Brian mumbled. "Not right now, Brian." Stewie tells him.

Lois placed Stewie on the floor next to Brian and slowly crept up the basement stairs before opening the door.

The redhead spotted Greg making his way across the living room. Greg spotted Lois, but before he could yell out, Lois launched herself at him, pinned him to the floor and punched the robber in the face, knocking him out.

"You found her yet Greg!" yelled Squiggy's voice, "Greg? Oh for the love of God, get down there and see what's going on!"

Lois hid herself against the wall beside the stairs, the middle-aged woman held her breath as she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Remington and Fonzie crept down the stairs, both armed with baseball bats.

Lois ran at the robbers and began attacking them, throwing punches and kicks that the two easily dodged. Fonzie swung his bat at Lois, but the housewife quickly grabbed it, wrestled it from his hands and then whacked Fonzie across the face, sending him to the floor. Remington charged at Lois and pinned her against the wall, but Lois pushed him away.

"Get away from me and my family you monster!" yelled Lois in outrage. "You may have beaten us back in 1989, but not in 2021!"

The middle-aged woman then punched Remington in the face, sending him to the floor.

Lois then ran up the stairs, but upon reaching the upstairs landing, was grabbed around the middle by Spock, making her scream in fear.

"Nice try lady." hissed Spock into her ear.

Spock then grabbed a chunk of Lois's hair dragged the terrified redhead back into her and Peter's bedroom before being thrown on to the bed.

Feeling the venomous fury from within them. Squiggy, Frasier, and Spock begin to attack Lois. "Come on! We know you have something! So don't make us do a Tower Heist thing!" said Frasier. Lois speaks out, "I have nothing!"

Frasier drags Meg and walks up to Lois. "Because of your refusal to cooperate. We are going to kill your daughter!"

"HHHEEEELLLPPPP SOMEONE HELP!" Meg screams in agony as Frasier has his way with Meg.

"After that," begins Spock, "We'll kill your baby and then some fun with you, slut!"

"Come on! Please! You don't want to do this. You can go away to prison for a long time. You certainly don't want to go back there! Remember Sylvester Stallone in Lock Up?" begs Lois.

Frasier is about to rape Meg. Then Meg begins to beg, "Oh why won't anyone help us! These people need to stop! Don't hurt my mom!"

Lois then feels an empowerment coming on inside her, "All right you slimy sons of bitches! It's payback time!"

Spock, Frasier, and Squiggy all laugh, "What are you going to do about it?"

"You don't stand a chance against us!" Remington told Lois.

Lois grabs any type of weapon she can find. Then begins to attack Remington, Squiggy, Fraiser, Spock, Fonzie, and Greg all at random. As soon as the robbers were knocked out. Lois consoles Meg.

"Thank you, Mom." Meg sobs. "You'd do the same for me. Don't worry. They can't hurt us anymore." Lois assures.

Joe and some other Police Officers soon arrived and arrested the robbers, taking them away.

"Sorry we couldn't stop them breaking in." said Joe.

"It's ok Joe." replied Lois. When Chris and Peter were in pLace, their fun was going to wind down. Chris was dancing with some scantly dressed girls. "Come on, Dad! Jump on in! The water's fine!" Chris tried to get Peter to join. However, Peter wanted to stay faithful to Lois so he let Chris play around. Peter was at a table ordering shots.

"Can I get an order a round of whiskey shots for me and my son!' Peter asked the waiters. Then his cellphone rings. Peter goes to answer it. Joe was on the other end. "Hello?" answered Peter.

"It's Joe. I'm afraid I have some bad news." Joe said. "Oh no. What is it?" asked Peter. "As we feared. The worst has happened. Those six robbers that escaped. The ones who attacked Lois from before and killed Lilly....." Joe goes on.

"Oh no. What about it?" Peter asked with concern.

"Well, they came back. They attacked and raped your wife, daughter. Then went after Stewie and Brian." Joe said.

"Awwww, is everything okay?" Peter asked again. "Yes it is. Lois went all apeshit crazy on those robbers. She went from victim to hero in seconds flat! I arrived just in time to arrest them." Joe informs.

"Guess I'll have to come home then. Like a good husband would." Peter said. "OKay, see you soon. Bye." Joe hangs up the phone. Peter goes to tell Chris they have to come home because of a break in. Chris was dispaointed.

"Do we have to leave? We just got here." Chris moaned. "I know. But your mom and your family are the important ones right now." Peter tells his son. "Okay. I hate it when bad things happens to our family anyway." Chris agrees. "There's always other times we can come back." Peter promised.

Peter and Chris drove back their house. The father and son arrived home and hugged Lois after he found out what happened. "Mom! Mom!" Chris ran to Lois. Joe called an ambulance.

"Wow, you were so brave." remarked Peter in amazement, "Glad those assholes are getting what they deserve."

Peter, Stewie and Chris then went in the ambulances with Meg and Lois.

Stewie remembers Brian, "Holy Crap! Brian!" Rushing into the basement, Stewie sees Brian still bound and gagged. Stewie frees him.

"I'll untie you." Stewie told Brian. "Thanks so much. Is it over?" asked Brian. "Indeed it is. Brian. Indeed it is." Stewie said. Brian then recalls, "Oh wait! Weren't we supposed to help Meg get revenge on Connie." asked Brian.

"Yes you're right! We totally forgot. That'll happen in the next scene." reminds Stewie. Brian and Stewie go in the ambulance with Lois, Meg, Peter, and Chris to show some loving support.


2 Months Later......

Squiggy, Remington, Spock, Greg, Frasier, and Fonzie were all put on trial. The verdict was guilty. After hearing all the testimony from the Griffins about how much they suffered at their hands and how the robbers killed Lilly. Then Judge Blackman gives them the ultimate sentence. 100 Years. Soon Squiggy, Remington, Spock, Greg, Frasier, and Fonzie were going to be transfered to Tent City in Arizona. Never to terrorize the Griffins ever again.

After the trial. Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Brian, and Stewie all gathered around Lilly's grave.

"We miss you so much, Lilly." Lois said. "She was a good daughter." Peter said. "If only she had lived." Meg sobbed. "Really sorry Meg that I ever thought you were the one who killed her." Chris cried. "That's okay. Guess I should be used to that by now." Meg cries. "You're at peace now, little one." Lois cries. "The way she was killed was terrible. I hope those robbers rot in Tent City forever!" Peter cries. "She got the justice she needed." Chris cries. Brian and Stewie walk off. As neither of them ever knew Lilly existed considering it was before Stewie was born and Brian came to live with the Griffins.

"Too bad those robbers had to distract us from our plan to get Connie." said Brian. "I know." Stewie speaks. "What do you have in mind?" asked Brian.

"The ultimate revenge! Something that will make Connie regret she ever knew Meg!" Stewie boasted.

"So when do we attack that bitch!" Brian said eagerly. "Tonight! This will be the greatest, most evilliest thing I have ever done! More vicious than Lois when she was The Bride on Kill Bill." Stewie said.

Cutaway Scene:

Lois was dressed as The Bride as she was slaughtering and stabbing up the Crazy 88 while Nobody But Me by The Human Beingz plays.

End of Cutaway.

Connie and Lisa were on their way to the mall. Then a short homeless man who was really Stewie in disguise calls out to them. "Psst! Hey girls! Come here a minute!"

Walking over to who they think is a short homeless man, Connie said, "What do you want?" "You better not waste our time. We're on our way to a party." warned Lisa.

"Do you guys want to be even more popular?" Stewie asks. "Yeah, of course." Connie said. "What do we have to do?" asked Lisa. Stewie hands them a 12 pack of beer. "Bring this beer to your party. Then you'll all be legends. Unforgettable legends!"

"All right! Thank you!" Connie says. Going into her car, she and Lisa drive to the party. Stewie calls Brian on his cellphone, "OKay, they fell for it. They're coming to the house where the supposed 'party' is. You know what to do."

"Copy that!" Brian said. The 'party' was in an old parking lot building. Meg and Brian lie in wait.

"Wow! This is so cool how we are getting back at Connie!" Meg said with excitement.

"After the hell you went though with Lois and those robbers. I feel like I owe this to you." Brian said.

Brian and Meg hear a car pull up. "Think that's them." Meg says. "Great! Now we can move onward with our plan." Brian said.

Connie and Lisa park the car and go inside the parking lot building. Only to find it is empty.

"Where is everybody?" wonders Connie. "Maybe they haven't shown up yet?" answers Lisa.

Walking around trying to find their fellow popular kids. "This is the place, isn't it?" asked Connie. "They said it was." said Lisa.

Connie and Lisa wandered around and called out, "HELLO! HELLO! We're here for the party! We brought beer!"

Brian then sounded an alarm which startled Connie and Lisa.

"Where the hell did that come from?" shouted Connie.

"Sirens everywhere!' screamed Lisa.

Brian orders Meg, "Okay, now push that button." Meg presses the button. "Got it!"

A white robot with an evil smiley face flies over to Connie and Lisa. Then it's face changes to the word, "GUILTY!"

"What the fuck is going on?" asked Connie. "That's what I want to know!" Lisa said.

The white robot was Jailbot from Superjail. "You are both under arrest for shoplifting alcohol!" said Jailbot.

Connie and Lisa try to bail, but Jailbot grabbed them both and flew them into the air.

Stewie runs into the parking lot building and joins Brian and Meg. Stewie stowed away in Connie's car.

"We did it! Brian! We did it!" Stewie says high fiving Brian. "We put those bitches in their place for good!" "Wow! You guys are the best. Thanks to you, I'll never have to deal with Connie and her popular bunch ever again." Meg says.

"That was so creative what we did!" Brian said. "Good thing I have connections with Mark Davis." Stewie says. "Where did that robot come from? And who's Mark Davis?" asked Meg.

"Oh you don't know. That was Jailbot. Mark Davis is the warden from the Adult Swim series, Superjail!" Stewie informs Meg.

"Is that it. Hmmm. I normally don't watch shows like that." said Meg.

"That's okay. If adult cartoons aren't your thing." Brian said.

Stewie, Brian, and Meg all walk home into the horizon.

"Boy, Connie and Lisa are going to have a hell of a time in Superjail!" Brian laughs. "Once they get there they'll be fresh meat!" Stewie said.

"Not only do we have closure on those robbers. Now I have it with those bullies." said Meg.

"Yep, you could graduate in peace." Brian said.

"So, who's up for some Jolly Time Review?" asked Stewie.

"Thought that went off the air." Brian said.

"It's a reoccurring series." Stewie informs.

"Well okay. This was your idea." Brian says.

Meg sees Connie left her car. "Oh look. Connie just left her car."

"It's yours now. You can take it!" Brian said. "Really? Isn't that stealing?" asked Meg. "No because there's a law in Rhose Island that if a teenager who owns a car gets arrested, they automatically lose it." Brian said. "Besides, it's a cartoon. Nobody would care if you took Connie's car!" Stewie tells his older sister.

"Awesome! Not only do you guys help me get back at Connie, now I have a new car!" Meg said.

"Absolutely! After all what we been though....we need something good to happen to us." said Brian. Now, Brian, Stewie, and Meg are driving home in Connie's car.

Meanwhile in Superjail. Connie and Lisa were looking at their new surroundings.

"OMG! Is this prison?" Connie said all scared. "Guess it is." Lisa cries. "We don't belong here in prison! We're good!" Connie said. Lisa shouts, "Oh gosh! What did we do to earn this?"

The Warden greets both Connie and Lisa. "Looks like we got some new arrivals I see!" The Warden observes Connie and Lisa.

"What is going to happen to us?" asked Lisa.

"Don't know Lisa. But I have a strange feeling we're about to find out!" Connie said.

Connie and Lisa both gulp in fear. "Come this way, Girls! I'll show you to your suite!" The Warden says leading Connie and Lisa to their fates.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been A Narhwal Puppy and TimeLordMastr108 Production!
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