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Kool-Aid Battle

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Rocko's Modern Life along with the Lets Go Luna characters star in a classic Kool Aid Commercial

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My friend PickleGarden did a fanfiction about an old commercial. So it inspired me to do one too!

This fanfiction is based on a 1960's Kool-Aid Commercial that involves Indians and 1800s era soldiers. The Rocko characters are the soldiers and the Let's Go Luna characters will be the Indians!

Rocko's Modern Life In Association with Let's Go Luna Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

Kool Aid Battle

Outside a teepee. Filbert Shelback was dressed as an Indian. "Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!" ululated Filbert then goes onto say, "Here's a tale of the world's greatest Indian Fighter!"

Trumpet music is heard. As it shows Rocko riding on a Jezebel waving a sword in the air. Rocko was wearing an 1800's era army suit. Filbert narrates, "Young Colonel Rocko lead a calvary charge." Rocko was riding Jezebel in a fast paced motion. Behind him, Rocko had an army. Who included Heffer, Spunky, Ed Bighead, Slippy the Slug, George Wolfe, Really Really Big Man, and Mr Smitty. Rocko's army also were riding on fast horses had armed with swords.

Filbert continues to tell the story, "Against an Indian Band who proved too large!" Atop a mountain there was Luna the Moon, Carmen Mariposa, Leo Chockers, Andy Hopper, Mr. Hockbar, Senor Moncarlo Fabuloso, Kimmy, Billy, and Mathilda Chockers. Luna the Moon and her army were dressed in Indian clothes and they too were riding on horses.

Rocko and his troops looked at Luna's Indian army and ran away on their horses. Filbert says, "Rocko's troops ran off in full retreat.' Rocko gets off Jezebel. When Leo Chockers was about to charge at Rocko by trying to scalp him with his hammer. Rocko uses his hand to stop Leo Chockers.

"You know how?" asked Filbert. "He made Kool Aid!"

Rocko now has a platter with a pitcher full of Kool Aid. Leo Chockers jumps in the air for joy. Leo Chockers takes a glass of Kool Aid. Then begins to do an Indian style rain dance. "Kool Aid! Kool Aid! Can't Wait!" sings Leo Chockers.

Heffer, Luna, Carmen, Andy Hopper, and Mr. Hockbar soon found themselves dancing too, "Only Kool Aid Tastes So Great!" They all sang together.

An envelope of Kool Aid is shown along with a bunch of glasses full of the beverage.

Filbert says, "Kool-Aid! The little envelope that holds the great big drink. The flies from the episode Canned appear drinking the Kool Aid then say ,"Makes you a pitcher full! Great as a wink!" "Pick your flavor from nine different sorts, only 5 cents! Kool-Aid makes two quarts!" Filbert said.

"Well kids, soon Colonel Rocko's only Indian war was to see who's be first in line for more!" A table of Kool Aid was in the middle of the battle field. Rocko wanted a drink first, then was thrown off my Luna The Moon, then Luna the Moon was thrown aside by Heffer, then Heffer was thrown aside by Andy Hopper, then Andy was thrown aside by Ed Bighead, soon Ed Bighead was thrown aside by Leo Chockers.

Leo Chockers sings and dances, "Kool Aid! Kool Aid! Tastes great!" Leo Chockers was then thrown aside by Kimmy and Billy who sing, "You'll love Kool-Aid! Don't wait!" Rocko who was serving the Kool-Aid was sitting at the table enjoying what he had started. Heffer walks up to Rocko.

"What better way to make peace than with Kool-Aid, hey Heffer!" Rocko implied.

"Kool-Aid is a great idea to turn enemies into friends!" Heffer agrees.

The commercial concludes with Filbert still dressed in Indian clothes saying, "America's favorite envelope drink! Kool-Aid!"

The End

The Proceeding Has Been a Narwhal Puppy Production!

Coming up next: Generators and Polar Bears. An American Dad fanfiction that's set to premiere in September. Stay tuned!
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