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Rainy Day Circus Part 12 and 35

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During a never ending rainstorm. Stan gets protective of the backup generator. He uses CIA technology to keep people away from it. Meanwhile, Hayley ropes in Steve, Jeff, and Roger to help her save...

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A special thanks goes to InTheFlesh1997 who helped me with this a little bit. Every part counts. Hats off to you, InTheFlesh1997!

American Dad Presents

A Narwhal Puppy and InTheFlesh1997 Production

Rainy Day Circus Part 12 and 35

Langley Falls Virginia was in its third day of a seemingly never ending rainstorm. It began on Saturday and it was now Monday with no end in sight. Luckily there was no thunder. However floods were a threat. At the Smiths residents, the family sat in the living room. Steve staring out the window, board, spinning a coin around. Hayley, Stan and Francine on the couch, watching TV. Until something unexpected happened. "Kaboom!" Thunder rumbled. It caused everything to go pitch black.

Stan gets up, "Don't worry! My trusty backup generator will fix everything!" "Yes it will! We'll be watching Appalosa on Netflix in no time!" Said Roger.

"Just be sure it stays outside." Hayley said. "In a dry place." Stan grabbed an umbrella and opened the door. "Yes, I know." He walked out into the pouring rain. "Now where did I put the generator?" He began to search around.

Roger points to the generator, "Where it always is!". Stan says, " Thanks! ". As Stan goes to activate the generator, behind him Al Tuttle and his fat Asian girlfriend Coco were watching him. Coco is the 'Plump Asian Skank' who used to be Bullock's trophy girl. Now she is dating Al Tuttle.

"Hey Smith! Did you lose power too?" Al said. Stan made a pfft sound.

"Not a chance!" Said Stan! Coco asks, "Where did you get the backup generator?".

Roger tells them, "We got it from this really cool electronics store called Nunya Business"

Al Tuttle writes and and says out loud, "Nunya Business! Thanks!". He and Coco got in the car driving off.

Stan glared at Roger. "Wow, now they're gonna know about that electronic typewriter that I was saving up for!" Roger shook his head. "Roger, it's not a real store. You're talking about Jake's Electronics." Stan shook his head as he pulled the cord, plugging it into the outlet. "That should do it." The whole house lit up. Hayley peeked from over the fence.

"Is it a safe spot? Near no open windows." Hayley asked. Stan chuckled. "Yes. See." He showed the generator that was being covered by a beach umbrella.

"Well hurry up. The news is coming on. Maybe they'll tell us when this storms gonna pass by." Hayley said.

Just then Hayley sees a news report. Greg Corbin reports, "Due to the excessive rains. The polar bears in the zoo could be the ones who suffer the most. Because their habitat is on the verge of flooding. It just so happens that the zoo where the polar bears are is in a flood zone"!

This makes Hayley concerned. "Oh no! Those poor polar bears! We need to help them!".

Jeff enters the room, "I just heard. Don't worry. Hayley babe! We'll save those bears somehow.". Steve and Roger. " Can we come to? Just to get away from Dad? ". Asked Steve. "Yeah, Stan's becoming like Samuel L. Jackson from Lakeview Terrace.". Roger said.

" Okay you guys can come! ". Jeff said. "Someone needs to make a stand for those polar bears"! Hayley says.

Everyone walked out to Jeff's van before they go inside, they hook up a Sub Hub truck. The four of them left. The roads were very slick, it was pretty hard to see with how heavy the rain was falling.

"I can barely see with this rain". Jeff complained. "Try the windshield.". Suggested Steve. Using the windshield wipers, Jeff was able to drive easier.

" Awesome! Much better! ". Said Jeff. "Those polar bears need our help!". Hayley says. "If we don't help them soon they'll end up with poachers like those ones in that movie Alaska!". Roger said. "Don't talk about that terrible movie"! Hayley shouted. "Yeah, even I found it disturbing!" Steve joined in.

"What up with the Sub Hub truck?" asked Roger. "That is where the polar bears will go." Jeff said. "Plus they'll have plenty to eat." Hayley said. "You think of everything, Hayley babe!" Jeff said. "Thank you, Jeff. No animals we rescue should go hungry!" Hayley said.

Back at the Smith house...

Stan and Francine were watching TV. As Francine was watching, Stan sneaks out. Much to his suspicion. Stan sees Al Tuttle and Coco oggle at his backup generator.

"All right! That's it! This calls for action!". Stan made a vow.

He walks out to talk to them. Stan tells them, "A-ha! Still staring at my generator I see" !

Al Tuttle says, "Here's the thing. Can we come over and stay with you?"

Stan asks, "Why? So you could steal it?". "No the power is out in our house. " confesses Coco. "We sure could use the electricity!" said Al Tuttle. "So will you be a kind neighbor and...." Coco was about to finish.

No!" Stan said. He marched back inside. Even Francine was beginning to be freaked out by their constant apperances.

Francine scares away Al Tuttle and Coco. "Beat it! Only family members can come in."

Al Tuttle and Coco run back to their powerless house. "Catch us in the spring! We'll be out on the road again". Francine shouts out.

"Come with me, Francine. We're going to the bank.". Stan tells Francine .

" Why there? ". Asks Francine. "So I can take out a loan to get a certain CIA technology. I have a plan"

Stan and Francine go to the bank. Their bank teller was a effeminate man named Brettner.

Brettner greets the CIA agent and Francine, "Welcome to Langley Falls First National! How many I help you?"

" Yes I need to take out a loan. ". Stan tells Brettner.

"Absolutely you see, we need it for something...." Francine tells Brettner then Stan hushes her. "Let me do the talking here." Stan told his wife. "Right." Francine says.

"Uhh,. Here's the thing. I'm behind on my payments with bills". Lies Stan to Brettner.

" So I see. ". Brettner says as he takes a look at Stan's and Francine's leather raincoats. Then Stan's flag pin.

"Nice leather raincoats and pin you both have. Great fashion sense! Are you guys part of a motorcycle gang?". Brettner curiously observes.

" Look, never mind our appearance! Are you going to approve me for this loan or what? ". Stuffed Stan.

" Right right. ". Brettner says.

Brettner says, "Congratulations! You've been approved".

" Thanks". said Stan.

"What's your plan now, Stan?". Asks Francine .

"You'll see. ". Says Stan.

" I am getting freaked about Al Tuttle myself. ". Admitted Francine.

Stan and Francine went to the CIA building. "Wait right here. I'm going to get something that we needed the loan for." said Stan to Francine.

Running inside the CIA building, while Francine stayed in the car. "Hope he isn't too long." Francine says to herself. Five minutes later, Stan comes out with a hug box and puts it in their car then drives home.

Once they arrived home, Stan opens the box. Inside there was a huge statue of the Bazooka Sharks Mascot.

"What's the deal with the Bazooka Sharks statue?" asked Francine.

"There's a camera inside it," Explains Stan. "So that way I can keep my eye on whomsoever comes across my backup generator."

"How will the Bazooka Shark statue warn you?" asks Francine. "An alarm will go off and then the shark will shoot a bazooka at whoever (cough) Al Tuttle (cough) tries to come near by backup generator." Stan tells his wife.

"I'm on your side about this, Stan. I am sick of Al Tuttle and his girlfriend wanting to come by our house all the time." Francine says.

"With my Bazooka Shark statue security system, we'll have our power all to ourselves." Stan said. "The bazookas are fake, right?" asked Francine who was unsure.

"Trust me, they are." said Stan.


Driving to the zoo. Hayley leads the way. Roger, Jeff, and Steve are following her. "OKay, here's the plan. The zoo is closed due to the rain. So we are going to get those polar bears and save them from captivity." Hayley advises.

"Woah, Hayley babe! This take charge attitude of yours is a turn-on!" Jeff cooed. "Maybe girls will be turned on by me when they find out I helped some polar bears!" Steve says.

"Or maybe some boys too! You know if girls aren't interested." Roger jokes. "Shut up Roger." Steve shouted. "Come on, let's go! Those polar bears aren't going to save themselves." Hayley says.

Going all around the zoo. Trying to find the polar bear exhibit. "Think it's this way...." Jeff said. "No it's this way...." Roger said. "Guys guys! Relax! It's up ahead!" Steve said. "Good work, Steve. How did you know?" asked Hayley.

"I have a map to the zoo. I like to collect maps." Steve said. "Typical geek. You even know how trains work." Roger says. "You know what, Steve. I'll let you lead the way." Hayley tells her younger brother.

"I'll be happy to." said Steve. Now with Steve leading to where the polar bear exhibit was. Jeff, Hayley, Roger, and Steve were running in the rain. Determined as ever to save the polar bears. The rain didn't bother them.

Steve points, "Here it is! I was right! Polar Exhibit!" "We're going Every Which Way But Lose!! Get it!" laughs Roger who then says, "And don't forget to watch Clint Eastwood's newest movie, Cry Macho!"

The four of them run inside the polar bear exhibit. "Don't worry, polar bears! We're here to help you get out of the flood zone!" Hayley says, "Then you're all going to return to your natural home!" Jeff said.

What they see before them, was that all the polar bears were gone. Jeff shrieks, "Oh no! The polar bears! Where the fuck are they!"

"They're gone! They're all gone! Maybe they're all dead." Hayley says fearing the worst. "We came all this way for nothing?" screams Steve.

Roger implies, "Now wait a second you guys. It could be the polar bears were kidnapped." "You're right." Jeff said. "Who is this sick person that would do much a thing to those poor polar bears?" Hayley said.

"We even brought the Sub Hub truck so we can drive them to the arctic." Steve said. "Guess this looks like a job for.." Roger begins. "Wheels and The Legman?" asked Steve hopefully. "Nope," Roger says going into his personas.

"Johnny Whitaker!" Roger said who was now wearing a leather jacket and a suit.

"I don't follow." Hayley said. "All right, it's a combination of Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker from City of Lies." Roger said. "Never seen that movie." Steve said. "We need to find out what happened to these polar bears. And fast! What do you suggest we ought to do first, oh great Mr. Johnny Whitaker?" Jeff asked Roger.

"Look around for clues." Roger demands. Hayley looks all over the polar bear exhibit, "Ooooh. If I get my hands on that asshole who kidnapped those poor polar bears....."

"Found something!" Steve announced. "What did you find?" asked Jeff. "It's a clown hat!" Steve said. "Great find, Steve-a-rino! Try to find some other things too!" Roger said.

"Holy shit! I found something!" Jeff said. "What did you find stoner slacker?" asked Roger. "It's a unicycle!" Jeff adds on.

"Hmm, interesting. I'll come to a conclusion when you guys find more clues!" Roger said. "A hula hoop and a jugglers club." Hayley said.

"That can only mean one thing," Roger said. "Yeah, what?" asked Steve. "The polar bears got kidnapped to be in a circus!" Roger said.

"This is the time of year the circus comes to Langley Falls." said Steve. "Due to this rain, it's probably being held at the Langley Falls stadium instead of a circus tent! Let's go!" Roger said.

Jeff, Hayley, Roger, and Steve run out of the zoo. Get into Jeff's van that had the Sub Hub truck hooked onto the back. Their next destination was the Langley Falls Stadium. Where the yearly circus was being held.


At the Smith House. Stan and Francine think they're finally in the clear. "Thanks to my Bazooka Shark statue, it'll inform us if anyone comes near by generator." Stan said.

"No one dare comes close! You ought to have one of those Viper Car alarms from the 1990's." laughs Francine.

A doorbell rang. Stan got up fast. The Bazooka Shark statue was making a beeping noise. "OKay this is it. Time to scare away Al Tuttle." Stan said.

When Stan went to answer the door. It was a British Butler taking a picture on his cellphone of Stan's backup generator.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!" Stan shouts at the Butler.

"My master wants a backup generator just like this one. So I thought I'd take a picture." answers the Butler who's name was Goshgeek.

"You're trespassing on private property. Didn't you see my Bazooka Shark statue?" Stan asks Goshgeek.

"Oh, lovely!" Goshgeek says who then takes a picture of the Bazooka Sharks statue.


Francine comes out, "What's going on?"

"This stupid butler is taking a picture of my backup generator. And my Shark Statue." Stan shouted.

Francine marches up to Goshgeek, "I'll have you know that my husband is CIA! So you better leave if you don't want to get arrested."

"Oh lovely!' Goshgeek says again. "My name is Goshgeek. My master pays me to take pictures of whatever he wants. In fact. Perhaps I'll take that generator and give it to my master."

"The hell you will!" Stan said. As Stan and Francine try to tackle Goshgeek, he throws a banana peel in Stan's path causing he and Francine to trip. Goshgeek then takes the backup generator. The entire power in the Smith's house was gone. Goshgeek loads the backup generator in his car.

"Son of a bitch! Come on Francine!" Stan says.

Goshgeek drives off with the backup generator. Stan now has a plan. "Pick up that statue and put it in the car." Stan tells Francine. "It's showtime!" Stan said. Francine had no problem carrying the Bazooka Sharks statue into the car. Stan and Francine then drove off after Goshgeek.

Al Tuttle and Coco run inside the Smith's house. "Yes! Now we have power!" Al Tuttle says. "Good thing Bullock told us the activation code in Stan's house that gives access to electricity!' Coco laughs.

In the Langley Falls stadium. Jeff, Hayley, Roger, and Steve park the car and walk in the rain and enter the stadium. Sure enough the Circus was going on.

"It's a circus all right." Steve said. Roger, still in his Johnny Whitaker persona. "Hmm, still no sign of the Polar Bears." "We'll sneak inside and look." Jeff said. "Polar Bears have to be around here somewhere." Hayley said.

Going into the back of the stadium. Not wanting to get caught. Jeff, Hayley, Steve, and Roger all search around for the Polar Bears.

Meanwhile, Stan and Francine were in hot prusuit of Goshgeek.

"I feared this would happen!" Stan said. "You had every right to be suspicious." Francine said. Goshgeek was headed towards a cabin in the woods. Francine points, "He's headed straight for the cabin!"

Goshgeek parks his car in the cabin. Stan and Francine run after him. Goshgeek was now in the cabin. Stan had his Bazooka Sharks Statue aimed at him.

"You're not going to kill him are you?" Francine speaks with concern. "No just get him to talk." Stan said.

At the back side of the Langley Falls Stadium. Jeff, Hayley, Roger, and Steve try to search for the polar bears with no luck.

"Guess this was a false lead." Roger said. "Let's face it. Those polar bears are probably long gone." Hayley said. "We wanted to fight for a cause and look where it got us!" Jeff said.

A Clown sounding voice inside the Stadium says, "Next up! Klaus Heissler the Amazing Talking Goldfish and his The Polar Bear Act."

Steve gasps, "So that's who stole those polar bears."

Jeff, Hayley, Steve and Roger all say together, "KLAUS!"


Stan and Francine run inside the cabin with the Bazooka Sharks statue. Goshgeek was stunned at their appearance. "What is the meaning of this!" Goshgeek demanded. "You know why we're here!" said Stan. "You stole my husbands backup generator. It meant everything to him!" Francine joins in.

"I'm giving this backup generator to Master!" Goshgeek says. "Wait a minute. If your so called 'master' is rich. Then why does he live in a cabin?" asked Stan. "Oh that. Master owns this cabin. He owns half of Langley Falls. His real home is in Rockville Maryland." Goshgeek explains.

"If this 'master' of yours is so loaded. Why couldn't he get his own generator?" asked Francine. "Well, it's because he ordered one on Amazon. Then it got put in back order than cancelled after a while. Even the rich get screwed." said Goshgeek.

"That doesn't give you the right to take another man's generator! So as Travis Bickle on Taxi Driver once said, 'Eat This'!" Stan says shooting a bazooka at Goshgeek with the Bazooka Sharks statue. The bazooka soared into Goshgeek's stomach ended up impaling him. "Oh Lovely!" Goshgeek howled in pain. Francine reads the imprint on the bazooka, "Make In Japan?"

"All right! Let's get our backup generator back!" Stan said. Francine shrieked, "You killed him! You told me you weren't going to kill with the Shark Statue! We should've distracted him or something!" "Oh come on, Francine. So what if I killed him. You killed that Scarlet bitch who kidnapped me that one time." Stan reminded Francine.

"Yeah, that's true. But still. Goshgeek did not deserve to die!" Francine hollered. Goshgeek was still alive, then he made a confession. "Actually, I'm not really a butler. And this master of mine never even existed."

"As Pete Townsend once said, who the fuck are you!" Stan shouted. "My real name is Clay Pierce. I'm a method actor." confessed Clay Pierce formally known as Goshgeek.

"We once knew another method actor. Ted Fielder." Francine said. "That's all in the past Francine. Okay, back to you! Why did you steal my backup generator!" Stan shouted at Clay.

"Okay, you deserve to know the truth. You see, Al Tuttle hired me." Clay explains. "What was Al Tuttle's plan?" asked Francine. "He wanted me to pretend I was a butler to steal your backup generator. So he and his Asian girlfriend Coco can take over your house." Clay explains.

"What else. Anything...." Stan asks. "Oh yes, Al Tuttle planned to have you and your wife trapped here in this rainstorm to teach you a lesson." Clay tells Stan.

"What lesson did you hope to bring to Stan?" asked Francine. "Not to be to possessive of your backup generator and to invite people inside who don't have power. Seriously, Stan. You need to learn not to be so greedy. Other people have needs too. What if a hurricane came and you were the only one with power and everyone else....." Clay says as he was cut off.

"You know what? Fine. I'm sorry. Think I was overplaying this whole thing. We shouldn't be the only ones with power while everyone else doesn't have any during any type of storm." Stan said.

"I'm really glad you admitted you were wrong. So let's get our backup generator back and invite everyone who doesn't have power to use ours." said Francine.

"You know what? You're right. We should. It's just that I thought it was going to go against everything I believe in as a conservative." Stan said.

"HEY! Isn't anyone going to call an ambulance! I'm in serious trouble here!" Clay yelled in pain.

"It doesn't hurt to help people every now and then." said Francine. "Yeah, you're right. I thought that if I let Al Tuttle in to use my generator. I'd be no better than those lousy Democrats. Hell I was afraid I was going to become like Jeff and Hayley." Stan confessed.

"Well let's get our generator back. Oh! And what of the Bazooka Sharks statue?" asked Francine.

"We'll keep that for a real emergency." Stan said. "That's good. Let's go home." said Francine.

Stan and Francine loaded both the Bazooka Sharks statue and the Backup Generator and headed back home. Soon after, Stan goes on the front yard porch with a megaphone and says, "ATTENTION CITIZENS OF CHERRY STREET! IF ANYONE IS OUT OF POWER. COME INTO MY HOUSE!" As the rainstorm raged on.

Before Stan and Francine knew it. Everyone in Cherry Street who was without power soon entered the Smith house to use their electricity for basic needs. "Who wants appetizers!" Francine asked everybody.

The Smith house was crowded. Stan was fine with it. "Maybe helping out your fellow man isn't so bad after all." Stan said. "I'm really sorry I got so protective of my generator that I didn't let you in, Al Tuttle." Stan apologized to Al Tuttle. "Think nothing of it Stan." Al Tuttle. "We're all here now. It's the thought that counts." Coco said.

As everyone who was invited inside the Smith House was using the electricity and WIFI for their needs. Stan and Francine were proud to lend their neighbors a hand.

"I thought this was going to end up like that movie, Madhouse." Stan said. "Which version. Vincent Price or John Larroquette?" asked Francine. "Glad my method actor I hired got through to you," Al Tuttle said. "Yes he did. Anyone up for a game?" Stan said. "Let's play Pictionary!" Francine tells the neighbors.


Back at the Langley Falls Stadium. Klaus was putting on his circus act. "GOOD AFTERNOON LANGLEY FALLS! ARE YOU READY TO HAVE FUN TODAY!" Klaus screams at the audience.


The audience cheers. Jeff, Hayley, Steve, and Roger were spying on him. "We need to stop this." Hayley said. "No, wait. We should see what Klaus is going to do first." Roger implies.

"Now the moment you've all been dying to see. The Polar Bear Act!" Klaus said as the audience cheered, "Brought to you in part by me! Klaus Heissler! The Amazing Talking Goldfish!" Klaus added on.

A calliope plays The Daring Young Man On A Flying Trapeze. When the Polar Bears take the stage. One of the polar bears was juggling while standing on a ball. The other polar bear was walking the tightrope and the other was jumping through hoops of fire. The audience loved it. Klaus was pleased.

"Oh my gosh. This is terrible. Just as bad as what the Ringling Brothers did to the elephants! " Hayley said. "It's worse than we thought." Jeff says. "Klaus looks pretty happy doing that." Steve says. "Klaus the Amazing Talking Goldfish my ass! This reminds me of that movie Circus Of Fear! Funny how there's an actor in that film named Klaus. Come on time to take action!" Roger said.

With Roger in the lead, Jeff, Hayley, and Steve run onto the stage. Steve unplugs the calliope playing the music. The audience murmurs in confusion.

"People in the audience listen up!" Hayley tells the crowd. "Oh no! Please don't ruin my circus act!" Klaus begged. "What this goldfish is doing is cruelty!" Jeff tells the crowd. "Don't you remember what those circuses in the old days used to do the elephants?" asked Steve to the crowd.

"This show is over! None of this happened! Wait for the human cannonball act!" Roger tells the crowd. Jeff, Hayley, Steve, and Roger all have Klaus surrounded.

"You owe these people an explanation to what you did with these poor helpless polar bears!" Hayley said.

"Okay I guess I will," began Klaus. "I was just so bored out of my ass in this rainstorm that doesn't want to let up. Felt so cooped up inside with nowhere to go. So I hired some circus folk to help me get some polar bears so I can have my own circus act!" Klaus said.

The audience could not believe what they had heard. "You sure disappointed your adoring fans!" said Steve. "I knew elephants were banned from circus acts so I thought I'd make up for it with polar bears! Besides, you won't believe what quick learners they are!" Klaus said.

"That doesn't matter. The fact is you kidnapped these polar bears and exploited them for your own gain!" scolds Jeff.

Klaus then finally sees the light, "Oh my I guess you're right. I just wanted a circus act and I just didn't know where to begin."

"That's okay. You can still redeem yourself." said Steve.

"If you wanted a circus act so bad, why didn't you try to become a trapeze artist or a clown?" asked Roger. "It's just...I don't know." Klaus tries to give an answer then tells the audience, "Sorry to make you all upset but Klaus Heissler the Amazing Talking Goldfish will leave the circus for a while until further notice."

"Next time you want a circus act, just remember there's more fun things to do than use animals for an act!" said Hayley to Klaus.

The audience cheered because they were glad to see the last of Klaus. Jeff, Hayley, Steve, Roger, and Klaus flee the scene as all the circus members began throwing stuff at them. The polar bears followed them.

Jeff opens the back end of the Sub Hub truck and the polar bears went inside. Jeff asked the goldfish, "How would you like to help us bring this polar bears back to their real true home, Klaus?"

"Well, okay. That way I can make up for what I did to them." Klaus said. "We forgive you. At least we know the polar bears are still alive and are not hurt in any way." said Hayley.

Steve says, "Exactly. We sure could use one more to help us take them to the arctic."

Klaus agrees to help Jeff, Hayley, Steve, and Roger take the polar bears to the arctic. "It's better these bears go home instead of being used for a circus act." Klaus said.

Roger was now driving as Klaus, Hayley, Steve, and Jeff went inside Jeff's van and drove off.

"Hey, wait a minute. Where in the arctic are we taking these polar bears?" asked Roger.

"Hope not the North or South Pole." said Steve.

"Relax dudes, we're just going to Canada." said Jeff. "Where in Canada?" asked Hayley.

"To Tuktoyaktuk!" said Jeff.

"It might be a long way to get there. But at least we're making a difference!" said Hayley. "Yeah, and we're going to have a fun Road Trip out of it! Only with no Tom Green or D.J. Qualls!" Roger said.

"Canada here we come!" Klaus said. "You probably didn't know this Klaus but those polar bears were actually in a flood zone." said Jeff. "That's why we wanted to help them." said Hayley.

"Now they'll never have to worry about being in a zoo again." said Steve. "Or a circus!" said Roger. "Trust me. I've learned my lesson." said Klaus.

Roger says, "Here's another thing about Tuktoyaktuk! In Labor Day of 1995, the bands Moist, Metallica, Hole, and Veruca Salt once held a concert there!"

Driving to Tuktoyaktuk. Although there was a really long ahead from Langley Falls. The polar bears were now going to have a better place to live.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been A Narwhal Puppy and InTheFlesh1997 Production.

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