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One Final Fling

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This will be a Cleveland Show and American Dad crossover story.

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What made me want to write this was seeing that picture of Agent Jackson and Cleveland together in the latest American Dad episode Cry Baby. Got me thinking. What if those two really did meet? Of course the characters were shown in that picture together because they have the same voice actor.

Hold on tight! It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Story: One Final Fling
by: Zoey Webber

It was the last and final day in Stoolbend for Cleveland Brown. FOX cancelled his show so it's back to Quahog for him. Cleveland and Donna have until tomorrow to leave their home. However, Cleveland thought it would be a big day for him. Having all his friends he's gotten to know in Stoolbend would have a going away party for him. But instead, it was just another day for Holt, Lester, Tim and Arianna. They were all at work. Roberta, Cleveland Jr, and Rollo were at their last day of school.

Cleveland was all alone. Nobody around expect for Donna. Cleveland just wanted to have fun on his last day in Stoolbend.

DONNA: Hey, Cleveland. You doing okay?

CLEVELAND: Yeah, I'm fine.

DONNA: Excited about going back to Quahog?

CLEVELAND: Yes and nervous too.

DONNA: If it makes you feel any better I am as well.

CLEVELAND: I just hoped all my friends would take the day off and throw a party for me.

DONNA: They knew today was your last day. Why don't you wait until they come back from work?

CLEVELAND: That's the thing. I have nobody to enjoy my last day in Quahog with.

DONNA: You have me! Maybe you and I can have some alone time...

CLEVELAND: No, really not in the mood.

DONNA: I understand.

CLEVELAND: Wanted to have a Guys Day Out. Leave Stoolbend with a bang!

DONNA: Okay then. We'll get our alone time when we get back to Quahog. Can't wait to meet your friends.

CLEVELAND: It's going to be great to see Peter, Joe, and Quagmire again.

DONNA: Yeah! Maybe I can blend in with that Lois and that Bonnie.

CLEVELAND: I don't know what to do....

DONNA: I know. Why don't you go someplace by yourself? There's that Antiques Festival. You can spend your time there.

CLEVELAND: OKay sure. Not really into antiques though. Maybe I'll just go drive around and say goodbye to all my favorite hangout places. Like the Broken Stool or Waterman Cable Company.

DONNA: Need some time to yourself. Go ahead. Blow the stink off.

CLEVELAND: That's exactly what I will do.

Donna sees Cleveland head aout the door. Cleveland goes into his car and drives around Stoolbend. Sighing at all the places that he will never visit again. His final stop was the Broken Stool. Parked his car to go in, Cleveland takes one last look at the place. All he sees is a vert few people inside. The Broken Stool didn't get much service in the morning.

CLEVELAND: Nobody around. I should've known.

Then a voice is heard behind him.

VOICE: Excuse me? Are you okay?

CLEVELAND: Fine I guess.

Turning over to see who was behind him. It was none other than Agent Jackson.

CLEVELAND: Who are you?

AGT. JACKSON: I'm Agent Jackson. I work for the CIA.

CLEVELAND: I'm Cleveland Brown. This is my last day in Stoolbend before I move back to Quahog.

AGT. JACKSON: Great to meet you. What brings you here?

CLEVELAND: Just wanted to take a last look around. What are you doing here. Don't you live in Langley Falls or something?

AGT. JACKSON: I do. I like to come here to Stoolbend to unwind.

CLEVELAND: The problem is it's just another day for all my friends. Tim, Lester, and Holt. But they're all at work. So I don't have anyone to enjoy my final day in Stoolbend with.

AGT. JACKSON: Why don't you come with me? I can show you a good time.

CLEVELAND: Really? You'd do that!

AGT. JACKSON: Of course! I know a place where we can hang out!

CLEVELAND: Awesome! Guess I made a friend.

AGT. JACKSON: Well, this will probably be the only time we'll meet. So let's make the most of it!

Cleveland happily agrees to go with Agent Jackson. All was not lost for Cleveland before he returns to Quahog. Agent Jackson gets inside Cleveland's car.

AGT. JACKSON: You ready?

CLEVELAND: Let's do this!

Agt. Jackson and Cleveland drive off.

CLEVELAND: So, where would you like to go? It could be anywhere.

AGT. JACKSON: How about the Antique Festival?

CLEVELAND: Fine with me.

AGT. JACKSON: You know. Today I have the same problem as you do.

CLEVELAND: No kidding.

AGT. JACKSON: All the other CIA Agents I work for are all on separate missions.

CLEVELAND: Is that why you came here to Stoolbend?

AGT. JACKSON: Affirmative. I'm alone just like you are. For some reason Deputy Director Bullock didn't send me on a mission. However, Stan Smith and all the other agents got to go.

CLEVELAND: Boy, that's nasty.

AGT. JACKSON: My wife and kids are out of town visiting her in-laws. It's a good thing I found you to hang out with Cleveland.

CLEVELAND: I feel the same. Oh look! The Antiques Festival is straight ahead.

Driving to the Antique's Festival. Then finding a parking spot. Cleveland and Agent Jackson get out of their car.

CLEVELAND: You like to look at the antiques?

AGT. JACKSON: Yep. Actually my wife and my kids like to come here. Since it's just me.

Looking around the Antiques Festival. Cleveland didn't want to Agent Jackson to know he was bored.

CLEVELAND: This is like that show on PBS. Antiques Roadshow.

AGT. JACKSON: I miss that show. It was one of my favorites.

CLEVELAND: This place is nothing like that rock concert in the movie The Festival. That's my step daughter's favorite movie.

AGT. JACKSON: I can tell you're bored.

CLEVELAND: Tell me about it. Antiques are just not my thing.

AGT. JACKSON: Hold on! Things are about to get better. I'll show you some fun and action here.

Cleveland was being lead by Agent Jackson to where all the carnival rides were.

AGT. JACKSON: I like to take my kids on these rides. Hope you like the merry go around.

CLEVELAND: Is there beer here, too?

Agent Jackson goes to a booth to get beer for the both of them.

CLEVELAND: Wow! This will be the greatest day of my life!

AGT. JACKSON: Mine too! Can't wait to rub it in Stan Smith's and Bullock's faces that while they were on dangerous missions. I went out and had fun with a black guy!

Drinking beer and going on all the rides. White Stripes The Hardest Button To Button plays. Cleveland and Agent Jackson go on the merry go round. Ferris wheel, Tilt A Twirl, Roller Coaster, and laugh at couples going in the "Tunnel Of Love" ride. The more beer they drink, the more rides they go on. Getting drunker by the minute. Agent Jackson and Cleveland even took a selfie of themselves. Then went on more rides. The Antiques meant nothing to Cleveland and Agent Jackson.

CLEVELAND drunk: Going to have a hangover on my first day back in Quahog.

AGT. JAACKSON drunk: Let's not think about that now. You wanna have more fun? hick

CLEVELAND drunk So....hick which ride do you want to go on next?

AGT JACKSON drunk How about the boat ride? hick hick*!

CLEVELAND drunk: Awesome! Haven't been on that one yet.

Before either of them can get to the boat ride. They were both knocked out by someone from behind. Two hours later, Cleveland and Agent Jackson begin to slowly wake up. Soon they found themselves locked away in a basement like place.

CLEVELAND: Holy shit! What is this place! The Amityville Horror?

AGT. JACKSON: Fuck! Someone must've abducted us.

CLEVELAND: But who? I need to get to Quahog by tomorrow.



Emerging from the shadows it was Slim Biggins.

CLEVELAND: It's Slim Biggins!

AGT. JACKSON: You know this guy?

CLEVELAND: Know him? He cheated me out of Roberta's college fund.

SLIM BIGGINS: Now I'm back!

CLEVELAND: Why did you capture us you son of a bitch!

SLIM BIGGINS: Because I want revenge on you for earning back all that money that I stole from you. When you did that my Waterboat Casino went out of business.

AGT. JACKSON: Instead of taking it out on Cleveland. Why didn't you find another line of work.

SLIM BIGGINS: Casino Waterboats are my life! I got rich of those! Because of you Cleveland Brown and that bitch wife of yours and her friends have made me go underwater literality!

CLEVELAND: Well, you'll never have to worry about me ever again. I'm going back to Quahog. Please let me go.

SLIM BIGGINS: NO CHANCE! You're staying right here!

AGT JACKSON: Are you aware that I am a CIA Agent? You committed a federal offense!

SLIM BIGGINS: I don't care. You Cleveland are not going back to Quahog. And you, whoever the fuck you are. Will die with him.

AGT JACKSON: How are you going to kill us?

SLIM BIGGINS: In exactly twenty minutes, this basement will fill up with a deadly gas. Once this gas is emmited into the basement. You both will be so dazed and dizzy that you'll never escape. Then you both shall die! In the meantime. I got a bomb. I may be poor now. I can still afford the ingredients for explosives.

AGT. JACKSON: Why are you killing me too?

SLIM BIGGINS: Any friend of Cleveland's is also an enemy of mine. Now if you'll excuse me. I got a Festival to Blow Up!

Agent Jackson and Cleveland are at a loss as to what to do. Slim Biggins goes off to devise his evil plan. To bomb The Antique Festival.

AGT. JACKSON: Did you hear that! That son of a bitch is going to blow up The Antique Festival! We gotta stop him!

CLEVELAND: OH SHIT! OH FUCK! BUT WE CAN'T! We're stuck here! Now I'll never go back to Quahog. Donna will be a widow. And you'll never go back to the CIA.

AGT. JACKSON: Don't worry. I've been in tight spots like this before with Dick Reynolds and Stan Smith. looks up at ceiling! Ha! Great!

Up in the ceiling there was a glass window.

CLEVELAND: Wait a minute? How did we get sober so fast? We got really drunk at that Festival.

AGT. JACKSON: Can't argue with cartoon logic! Now give me a boost.

Cleveland holds out his hands as Agent Jackson steps into Cleveland's hands. Cleveland lifts Agent Jackson onto the window.

AGT. JACKSON: Okay let's go.

Cleveland sees Agent Jackson hanging on the window. Taking out his gun and smashes the window with it.

AGT. JACKSON: Okay! Now! I'm going to climb out that window. Look for a rope or something similar. Then I'll get you out!

CLEVELAND: Better hurry before that deadly gas gets in here!

AGT. JACKSON: Don't forget! I'm a highly trained agent!

Now on the roof of the basement. Agent Jackson finds a wire. He lowers the wire into the basement and Cleveland holds on.

CLEVELAND: Okay! Hey, how did you get a wire?

AGT. JACKSON: Again, we're in a cartoon! How many times do I have to tell you?

Using every ounce of strength he had, Agent Jackson was pulling up Cleveland onto the roof of the basement.

CLEVELAND: Wow! You are awesome, Agent Jackson! We beat the gas!

AGT. JACKSON: Why thank you. As a CIA Agent it's our duty to save lives. Now let's go back to that Antique Festival and track down that asshole Slim Biggins!

CLEVELAND: Wow! This is so exciting! Getting better by the minute! I'm going to leave Stoolbend with a bang!

Agent Jackson and Cleveland jump off the roof of the basement. They find themselves only a mile away from the Antique Festival.

CLEVELAND: Oh my gosh! My car is still at the parking lot!

AGT. JACKSON: Slim Biggins took us not so very far. Lucky for us. We'll have to run there!

CLEVELAND: You mean like Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway at the end of that Get Smart movie?

AGT. JACKSON: Now that you put it that way, yes! Now rush!

Cleveland and Agent Jackson ran back to the Antique Festival hoping they're not too late. Back at Cleveland's house. All his friends were home from work. Donna was planning a party. Even Roberta, Rollo, and Cleveland Jr were back from school.

CLEVELAND JR.: What's taking Daddy so long?

DONNA: He wanted to have a fling before going back to Quahog. Now come on, the party doesn't start until tonight.

When Roberta, Cleveland Jr and Rollo were helping with the decorations. Cleveland and Agent Jackson were now back in the Festival.

CLEVELAND: Hmm, if I know Slim Biggins, he's probably pretending to be one of those carnie folks.

AGT. JACKSON: You could be right, Cleveland. Let's go check out the games.

Going through all the games Agent Jackson and Cleveland were searching for someone who looked anything like Slim Biggins.

CLEVELAND: We make a great team! Maybe I can be a CIA Agent.

AGT. JACKSON: How about just be my temporary partner instead?

CLEVELAND: sees someone at a hot dog stand: Oh my gosh look!

AGT. JACKSON: What do you see?

CLEVELAND: It's Slim Biggins at the Hot Dog Stand.

AGT. JACKSON: Great Scott you're right. It's just him in regular clothes.

CLEVELAND: He usually wears a white suit and cowboy hat. Let's nail that mother fucker's ass!

Running to the hot dog stand, the person they see running to it was indeed Slim Biggins. He looked like he was pouring some G4 into the grease where the hot dogs get cooked.

SLIM BIGGINS evil laugh: Now I can begin the first phase of my plan....

AGT. JACKSON puts gun to Slim's head: I don't think so, pal!

SLIM BIGGINS screams: AAAAAHHHH! Fucking hell! How did you get out! You two were supposed to be dead from poison gas!

AGT JACKSON: You'd be surprised at how much 4 years of CIA training an pay off you son of a bitch!

CLEVELAND: You were going to blow up this Antique Festival with a hot dog stand!

SLIM BIGGINS: Yes I did. I planned to blow up all of Stoolbend with it! Starting with this God Forsaken Festival!

AGT. JACKSON: I'm afraid your plan is not going to come true. I'm taking you in!

CLEVELAND: So much for your revenge on me!

Agent Jackson calls Avery Bullock on the phone saying he has arrested a suspect. Slim Biggins found himself being lead away in cuffs.

SLIM BIGGINS: Damn you Cleveland Brown! Damn you to hell! You ruined my life for the last time!

AGT. JACKSON: Wait until I tell them when I bring you in that you tried to kill a black guy! The coolest black guy I've ever known!

CLEVELAND: Had you killed me you would've been accused of a hate crime!

AGT. JACKSON: That's exactly right! shakes Cleveland's hand. Thank you Cleveland. For having a good time with me and taking down a possible terrorist attack.

CLEVELAND: I was happy to help you. Need anything else?

AGT. JACKSON: Nope. I think I'm good. Bullock should be here at any minute. Had a lot of fun with you!

CLEVELAND: Really glad I found you. Or else it just would've been another boring day for me. Well I have to get home before it gets dark. Donna will worry about me.

AGT. JACKSON: Yep, that's how married life is. Good bye Cleveland Brown. I'll never forget you! I have that selfie of us that I am going to hang in my office. That way I'll never forget the fun we had!

CLEVELAND: That's awesome! Good bye Agent Jackson. Hope I will run into you again someday!


SLIM BIGGINS: Maybe you'll run into me first before you meet him again, Cleveland!


Cleveland departs from the Antique Festival to go back home. Agent Jackson waited for Bullock to show up to escort Slim Biggins for interrogation at the CIA Building then eventually to prison. Cleveland now finally fells fulfilled. As he drives up to his house one last time, Donna was waiting for him.

DONNA: Cleveland! You're back! Did you have your last hurrah in Stoolbend.

CLEVELAND excitedly: Did I ever! I went to the Antique Festival with a CIA Agent!

DONNA: Tell me about it when we drive back to Quahog. In the meantime, I want you show you something in the house.


Donna leads Cleveland into his house. It was dark inside. Donna turns on the light. Cleveland could not believe what he had seen. A surprise party for him and the Brown family. All his friends were there. Lester, Tim the Bear, Holt, Kenny West, Cleveland Jr, Roberta and her boyfriend Federline, and Rollo.


CLEVELAND: All right! A party!

DONNA: Everyone got off from work and school early to plan this party for us!

CLEVELAND: Wow! I have an adventure helping a CIA Agent in a Festival! Now A Party!

LESTER: That's right Cleveland!

TIM THE BEAR: I miss you already!

HOLT: The Broken Stool won't be the same without you.

CLEVELAND: YEAH! Now I can really leave Stoolbend on a bang! YYYEEAAAHHH!

CLEVELAND JR: laughs: That's my dad! It'll be cool to go back to Quahog again.

ROBERTA: GOSH! Even on his last day in this town he's got to embarrass us!

The going away party went on until the night. The next day a movers truck came and took all the stuff from what used to be Cleveland's house.

DONNA: So, now that we're going back home. Want to tell me about this adventure you had with a CIA Agent.

CLEVELAND: Yes I will!

As soon as all of the Brown-Tubbs' family belongings were all packed inside the moving van. Cleveland and his family drive back to Quahog. On the way there, Cleveland tells him about his unforgettable good time with Agent Jackson. At the CIA Building, after Slim Biggins got locked away in prison. Agent Jackson stares at his selfie with Cleveland.

AGT. JACKSON sighs: Hope one day you can make an appearence on American Dad one day, Cleveland.

STAN: Hey, who is that black guy you have a selfie with?

AGT. JACKSON: Let's just say he was the coolest black guy ever!

STAN: I know him. That's Cleveland Brown. Didn't his show get cancelled and he's going back on Family Guy?

AGT. JACKSON: Yep that's the one. Maybe you will meet him someday too!

STAN scoffs: I doubt it.

The End
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