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As she walked down the road she hummed along to the music blaring in her headphones. the beach slowly began to come into view. as she walked onto the shore heads turned and looked at the small slender girl as if she was a ghost. she had never been to an school event so for them to see her there was a complete suprise to everyone. then, all at once time slowed as the stares and whispers grew louder and more evident. there he was, a caramel beauty that could not be compared to any other male in her eyes.
"hey, ember, you look amazing i'm so glad you could make it as my date tonight." he said as he slung his arm over her shoulder.
the stares rung up her anxiety to the point where she could barely breathe. suprsingly she hadn't loss conciuosness from just him being in the same space as her. and as time grew on and on they talked and danced and laughed and she felt whole, nothing could stop her.
"hey... lets step away for a minute... i wanna talk to you" he whispered in her ear which she nodded a reply.
with every step she took her heart would beat a little faster, a little louder. she was utterly suprised that she hadn't thrown up all over herself from the fear of what would come next. they approached the shore hand in hand and silent. he leaned up against the rocks along the beach line and looked up at her, her emerald eyes were shining brightly and glossed over. he stepped closer to her and reached up to touch her cheek. slowly they both leaned in as there lips collided. her heart was beating out of her chest at this point in time and she stopped breathing. what felt so blissful and as if it could last an eternity ceased to happen.
"ember... i wanted to tell you... you're beautiful." and then they collided once more.
this was the first time she had ever experienced the feelings of arousal and it was all overwhelming and consuming her. scared and confused she did what she say her mother do many times, she reached down to where his member was and touched him over his pants which got a reaction she was not expecting. he quickly pinned her against the other side of the large boulder and began to grope her as well. soon he slid her hand through his pants and she began to rub him slightly without a large amount of friction. he was larger than she expected and since she was a virgin it raised alarms in her head. then he slipped his hands under her skirt and pulled down her underwear. he lifted her off of her feet, back planted against the boulder. he revealed himself from his pants and started to kiss her on her neck while he angled himself and pushed in. she gasped loudly to which he covered her mouth.
"its okay baby, you can take it" he whispered in her ear.
she squinted her eyes closed hard and let everything happen, she embraced him, his scent, his sex, his everything. she believed she was his everything. and as soon as it started in the midst of the bliss it was over and they both started to come down from their high.
after she adjusted herself she leaned into kiss him only he pushed her away and walked away back towards the bonfire. in his hand was in his phone with a recording of the both of you and what you had just shared. then her heart broke into a million pieces and she fell to the ground on her knees and stared out on the water. she could see him passing the phone around from where she was and she cried while holding herself.she called her mom and asked her to pick her up which she complained about doing but obliged.
"you were right momma" she whispered after she hung up the phone.
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