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Chapter 3

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The alarm had sounded. It was time for school. She had wanted to finish her paper that night but sleep had called for her and she had given in. She had shut off her alarm and went into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and fixed her hair. She had put on a black shirt with a white heart in a very intriket design on it along with a pair of light blue jeans and her forest green leather jacket. She grabbed her bag and then walked out the door of her room. As she was walking out into the hallway of the trailer she lived in she could hear her mother and her conquest from the night before arguing.

The nature of the conversation was of him being afraid he had gotten her pregnant since he hadn't wore a condom or pulled out last night. Ember laughed to herself little did he know, if she was pregnant she would take a bottle aspirin to have a forced miscarriage.

As she left out of the front door she began to walk to school.

Timeskip to school

As she walked into the the school she had kept her head down and ear buds in. (The song is call your name by daughtry) at her locker she followed the usual routine... Or so she thought. As she was putting up her books someone had tapped her on her shoulder. She turned around and it was the person she say as a perfect masterpiece.

" Uh hey!" He said with a bright smile. His hazel eyes shined brightly.

"Uhhhh uh h..hi" ember said with a akward smile.

"So, there's gonna be a bonfire tonight on the beach... Wanna be my date?"

"Yes!... Uh I uh mean sure. I'd love too" she said trying very hard to keep her composure.

"Well... I see you tonight." He said with a smile and a wink.

She ran into the girls bathroom and slid down the stall. She couldn't believe that the guy she had spent so long dreaming about had asked her out.

She had left out of the bathroom and went into the hallway to her classroom. She had plopped down in her seat and told Danny about everything that had happened the entire time he pretend to be happy for her but really he had wanted it to be him. They had a sub so no one had done any work and mostly talked and goofed off.

After school

She rushed into her room and started to go through her closet to find and outfit. She had finally settled on and outfit. A black knee high skirt with a red shirt and light blue jean jacket and ankle black combat boots. She finished off her look with a little bit of lip gloss she had taken from her mother. As she stepped out her room her mom was standing in the hall cigarette in hand.

"Where the hell you goin?" She said in a bitter tone. She took a puff of her cigarette and looked her daughter up and down with jealousy.

"I... Uh was going to the school bonfire... On the beach."

"Mhm. And since when you put so much effort into looking good. You tryna impress some little boy? You really don't see how ugly you look. All he's gonna do is get in your pants and then leave you." Her mother had spoke with alot of venom in her voice.

"He's not like that momma."

"Sweetheart, all boys are like that." And then her mom had began to walk to her room. Her happy mood had dimmished but she wanted it to be a good night so she had put in her earbuds to try and cheer herself up before she arrived at the bonfire. (The song is boy division by my chemical romance).
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