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She jostled awake and from her sleep and nearly landed on her floor. her once comfortable lump of cotton and springs with thin fabric sewed around it had now become uncomfortable and unbearable to lay in. she got up from her spot on the once white now gray stained lump of cotton and grabbed her outfit that she would wear for the day.

she fit her slender figure into a pair of light blue jeans, a little bit over-sized orange t-shirt with a blue navy jacket. after putting on her clothes she had then left out of her bathroom and went back into her room and put on her black converse.

grabbing her bag she walked out of her room and down the long hallway that led down to the living room of the small two bedroom trailer her and her mom had always lived in. she had seen her mom passed out on the couch with a bottle of Jack in one had and a cigarette in the other.she had seen that the cigarette was still lit partially so she took it from her mothers hand and put it out in the ashtray that was on the small redwood coffee table.

she walked outside of the confinements of her home, or what was home to her, and she walked to school. had left an hour before she needed to so she followed the tracks about a block away from her house and relived the memories of Silva... her Silva.

'why'd you have to do it?' was all she could think. that summer had been the worst of many. they found Silva curled up in her bathroom knees hugged to her chest with tear stained cheeks and her wrist crying similar to her eyes but only a different color. the floor and a little of the tile of the shower had a deep red liquid, her wrist tears covering over it similar to the form of a lake to the eye of a fly and an ocean to the eye of an ant.

as the images flashed through her head of what Silva could have looked like on that day... she felt herself getting lost into her emotions so she looked at her watch and realized it was close to the time for her to be at school so she picked up the pace and got to school within five minutes.

still early she went to her locker. it was dark blue on the outside just like everyone else's but hers had a couple dents in it from the amount of times she had been shoved into it by the plastic girls of the school, the ones who sleep with all the jocks just to seem cool. she despised them with every bone in her body of course they had caused Silva's death.

she had then opened her locker and grabbed a extra notebook so she could have something to draw in for the time being in her classes. and then there he was. the guy who could make her drop her tomboy act. at one look she'd melt into a puddle of teenage hormones. he was tall with the perfect jawline and cheekbones. skin that looked as smooth as caramel. his eyes were as golden as honey. he was a walking piece of perfection and she wanted him.

she had then realized she was staring and went on her way to her first class, creative writing, before he or anyone else could notice. as she walked in the class she took a seat in her normal spot and next to her sat Danny. Danny and her had been friends for almost 10 years and he wanted her, a look and he would melt into a puddle of teenage hormones. she had the skin of light stained Darkwood and eyes as green as emeralds. she was a walking piece of perfection, but her eye was on another.

she had always know that Danny had a crush on her, but of course, she ignored all of his advances and attempts at showering with love. she had her eyes on another. then the teacher had entered the classroom.

╬ůso as you know, today is the start of 2 weeks in homeroom, so im giving you a big assignment and you'll be in this class all day for the next 2 weeks. so, you're assignment is to write me an essay explaining to me "what is love?" i want you to tell me what love means to you, the highs and lows, the ins and outs as well. show me what its like inside of your head and hearts.
now, begin."

everyone scurried to take out there notebooks to begin working, although ember never liked writing at school so she just drew in her notebook all day and passed notes along with Danny.

*time skip to the end of the day

ember sat in her room alone, notebook in her hand thinking of what to write for her essay or at least come up with a starter, but no ideas came to mind. she leaned her head back against the wall with her earbuds in (A/N: shes listening to fake plastic trees by Radiohead. its a really good song) she then turned her music up louder to drown out the sounds of her mother in the next room with her new conquest for the night. she started to feel her eyelids get heavy and then fell into a comforting sleep where the comfort of darkness held her close and wrapped her up in a blanket of sorrow.

A/N: hey guys so thanks for reading, i really hope you like this story. im not really confident in it but i'll try and keep it going. so see you in the next chapter. byeeee
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