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Squid Burgers

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Rick and Morty force the Belchers to compete in Squid Game.

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At the Belcher residence one fateful afternoon. Tina, Louise, and Gene were watching television. They all see a commercial for a new Monster Themed cereal called Mint Slimeballs. The monster on the cover looked like Sydney Greenstreet dressed as a warlock wearing a green suit with chains for suspenders. The commercial came on as the song started to play, "Hey kids! If you loved Franken Berry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry. Wait until you see the newest member of the Monster cereals! Introducing Mint Slimeballs!"

Tina, Gene, and Louise watch the commercial. Tina wasn't impressed, but Gene and Louise were. The Warlock came onto the stage and says to the screen, "Hey kids! You Like Mint?" And then began to do a dance, "MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT! MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT MINT!"

"Wow! That's looks awesome!" Gene said. "Mom and Dad need to get us this cereal ASAP!" Louise says. "Only dumbass kids like you would get excited for a cereal like this." Tina rolled her eyes.

"So kids! get your parents permission to get Mint Slimeballs! It turns your milk green! You can almost swear it looks like a swamp land!" the tv voice said.

"Won't you look at that! The marshmallows looks like Slimeballs! Yes, and the pellets are shaped like magic wands!" Louise said.

Bob and Linda enter the living room. "Come on kids. We gotta go get groceries!" Bob tells his kids. "Wow! What luck we have!" said Louise.

"What are you kids implying here? You usually hate coming with us to get groceries." said Linda. "Oh don't mind them they're just excited about some stupid new kiddie cereal that just came out." Tina tells her parents.

"You'd be excited for this cereal if one of your boy bands sponsored it!" Gene says. "OKay kids. We'll get you guys this cereal." Bob promised.

"YEAH!" Gene and Louise high five each other. Headed out into their car and off to the grocery store. "On the way back can we make a stop at the Restaurant Depo? There's some things I need for my kitchen." asked Bob.

"Oh sure honey." Linda said. Gene and Louise were jumping up and down like a bunch of hyper little kids. "MINT!" "MINT!" "MINT!" "MINT!" "MINT!"

"Gosh look at those two." Bob responded. "I know Dad. They're acting like those kids from the movie Folks." said Tina.

Around the corner, Rick and Morty were getting groceries at the same store the Belcher's go to shop. "Aww, Grandpa Rick why do we have get our groceries here in Ocean City New Jersey?" moaned Morty. "Because the stores are on strike where we live. Besides, we might even get to see the Belcher family again." spoke Rick.

Reaching to the cereal aisle, Gene and Louise scramble around trying to find Mint Slimeballs. "Oh there they go!" Linda says. Gene and Louise go down to the cereal aisle where the monster cereals were. "Guess they'll have a Monster For Breakfast today!" Bob says. "Yeah, and many more days after." said Tina.

Not looking where they were going, Rick and Morty have now entered the cereal aisle. "Oh look, Grandpa Rick! It's the Belchers!" Morty pointed. "It's not polite to point." Rick says.

Gene and Louise get a box of the Mint Slimeballs cereal. "WE FOUND IT! WE FOUND IT! MINT MINT MINT!" both Louise and Gene jump in excitement until they inadvertantly bumped into Rick's shopping thus tipping it over on the side.

"YOU LITTLE ASSHOLES! WHAT DID YOU DO!" Rick screams in Gene's and Louise's face. Bob, Tina, and Linda run down to investigate.

"RICK SANCHEZ! Is everything okay?" Bob rushed down the aisle. Gene and Louise got their Mint Slimeballs cereal, however they regretted tipping over Rick's and Morty's shopping cart. Morty tries to defend Gene and Louise, "It was just a mistake, Grandpa! I thought you liked the Belchers."

"WELL NOT FUCKING ANYMORE!" Rick shouted. "Please forgive us, Mr. Sanchez sir." Gene begs. "We were just so excited for a new monster cereal." Louise pleaded.

"SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!" Rick yelled thoughout the store.

"Hey, they just apologized. All they wanted was..." Linda says to Rick. "I DON'T FUCKING CARE!" said Rick. "That's my grandpa for you. If you cross paths with him, there's no telling what he'll do." Morty tells the Belchers.

"Please try to understand..." Bob tries to tell Rick. "All right. What's this stupid ass cereal you wanted so badly?" asked Rick. "Oh it was a new Monster Cereal called Mint Slimeballs, sir." Louise squirms stressfully.

Morty picks up the shopping cart, "Morty get about 10 boxes of Mint Slimeballs." Rick commands his grandson. "Whatever you say, Grandpa."

"What are you trying to do here, Rick?" asked Linda. "Since you assfuckers ruined my trip to the grocery store. I'm going to teach you all a lesson." Rick announces.

"Oh no. Does this apply to me too?" Tina says with worry.

"You're a part of this family so yes! Here's the plan. We all go over to your house, and we'll all have Mint Slimeballs together." Rick said.

"Do we really need to do this. Can you try to reason with him, Bob?" asks Linda. "According to my Grandpa, yes you do!" Morty tells the Belchers. "There's nothing to reason. You're all going to get Mint Slimeballs until you puke!" said Rick.

Going through the checkout counter, the cashier was confused as to why The Belchers along with an old man and his Grandson were buying 10 Boxes of Mint Slimeballs.

Rick and Morty use their flying saucer to follow the Belcher family to their house. When they arrived home, Rick told them to go into the dining room. "I have to open shop soon." said Bob. "When you could be at work, Rick wants to plot revenge on us." said Linda. "Yeah, if Gene and Louise weren't so spastic about Mint Slime-whatever. None of this would have happened." said Tina.

"You always try to scapegoat us, don't you Tina!" Gene protested. "Yeah, if there's anyone you should be mad at it's Rick and Morty!" Louise talks. "Louise is right. They're the bad ones here. Bullying us over a tiny incident." Linda says. "Still don't know why I have to...ahhh forget it!" Tina said.

In the kitchen, Rick has ten bowls of Mint Slimeballs ready to be served to the Belchers as Morty pours in the milk. "You're going to need a cow pretty soon, Grandpa". Morty joked. Rick has all ten bowl on two serving trays. Morty takes a serving tray as does Rick and they walk into the dining room where the Belchers ate.

"You know, Rick Sanchez is a mad scientist." Bob says with fright. "I know! Who knows what he's going to put in that cereal he's going to force feed us." Linda gulps.

"Yeah, maybe he'll put in a chemical that will alter our DNA and turns us into monsters like In District 9!" Gene speculated. "You and your horror movie, Gene!" Tina scoffs at her brother. "Hey, I'm 11! I'm at an age where I am interested in movies like that!" Gene sneered back at Tina.

"I wouldn't mind being a monster!" Louise says. Rick and Morty enter the dining room with the serving trays with bowls of Mint Slimeballs.

"Great, here they come." Tina says. "HERE'S YOUR MINT YOU BASTARDS!" Rick yelled at the Belcher family. "Bon apetite asshats!" Morty joins in.

Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise all dip their spoons into the Mint Slimeballs cereal. "This wasn't how I pictured this experience of eating this new cereal." said Gene. Rick and Morty go into the Belcher family living room to observe them. "They're going for it Grandpa." said Morty. "Good Good. They wanted Mint, they got it!" Rick said in an evil sense.

All the Belchers taste the cereal. They did not like it at all. "Yaaak! This Mint is gross!" Bob shouted. "This doesn't taste like mint! My Grandma's mint candies tasted better than this shit!" Linda says.

"I knew this was going to be a shit cereal! Blap!" Tina shouted as she spat out the cereal. "You guys are right. This is awful! What were we thinking!" Gene shouted.

"Gross-a-rooney! Disgusting!" Louise says. "Well we are not eating any more of it. Let's throw it outside." Bob said. "Right." said Linda.

"Grandpa, they don't like the cereal, what should we do?" Morty asked. "Exactly what I expected. Now I can do what I really want?" said Rick. "What would that be." Morty asks. "Oh, you'll see." said Rick.

One by one, Bob, Louise, Tina, Gene, and Linda all pour the bowls of Mint Slimbeballs out of the window and into the sidewalk.

A bird flies down the eats the particles of the Mint Slimeballs cereal and suddenly falls over and died. Then a cat got after the dead bird's carcass and began to eat the bird. Then the cat died shortly after it ate the bird. Morty was watching through the window.

"Woah that Mint Slimeballs cereal is deadly as fuck!" said Morty. "Not as deadly as what will be ahead for them!" said Rick.

"The Belchers threw out the cereal. So what do you think we ought to do now?" asked Morty. Rick hands him a gun. "Shoot this tranquilizer gun at them." advises Rick. "Okay then what?" asked Morty again. "Oh you'll see! You'll see! I'm going to plan the ultimate punishment for the Belcher family for destroying my grocery trip!" Rick says.

The Belchers were all talking over each other about Rick and Morty. Then sneaking back inside the Belcher home, Morty shoots the Belchers with the tranquilizer gun one by one.

"I hated doing that. But I know Grandpa Rick means well." said Morty. Rick ran inside and him and Morty picked up Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise and packed them all inside their spaceship.


Rick's spaceship landed in an empty sports arena somewhere in Louisiana. Rick was changing the clothes of the Belcher family who were still under the influence of the tranquilizer gun and putting them in some green sweat suits.

"Why are you changing their clothes?" Morty asks. "It's the outfit you need to wear for this sort of thing." Rick answered. "Impressive how you were able to rent out this sports arena." Morty implied. "I didn't rent it out, it went out of business years ago after Katrina." said Rick.

"Oh I see." said Morty.

Morty helped Rick pick up Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise one by one again. Rick and Morty both run up to the top of the stadium in the booth where announcers used to reside. The whole sports arena was dark. Then Rick switched on a light that lit up the whole stadium that made Bob, Linda, Gene Tina, and Louise all wake up.

"Where the hell are we?" asked Bob. "Guess we all would like to know that." Linda answered. "What happened to our clothes!" Tina freaked. "Why are we in these sweat suits with stripes on the sides of the pants." Gene exclaimed.

"Maybe it's a slumber party!" Louise shouted. "Louise, keep your voice down." Linda said. Looking around the sports arena, Bob sees nothing but empty space. The only thing he did see what a doll and a traffic light.

"Welcome Belcher Family!" Rick says over the loudspeaker.

"Okay, Rick Sanchez. I know you want to play some kind of sick prank on us." said Tina. "It's not a sick prank! It's payback!" Morty joins in.

"Why is there a doll and a traffic light?" asked Gene. "That doll looks like Chucky's girlfriend!" Louise said.

"Fine. I might as well tell you. Since you want to know. Welcome to Squid Game!" said Rick.

"Squid Game? What's that?" asked Linda. "Think it could be a Hunger Games thing." Tina speculated.

"First we are going to play a game called Red Light Green Light!" said Morty. "Isn't that a kids game?" asked Bob.

"So what! It sounds like fun to me!" said Louise.

"Let's begin shall we!" Morty says pressing a button. The doll was spinning in a circle. The Traffic Light was red. The doll speaks, "RED LIGHT!"

"Guess this means we don't move!" said Gene. The doll had a computer tracker inside it and the doll detected the Belcher family.

Then the doll says, "GREEN LIGHT!" "Green means go!" Louise screams. Bob, Linda, Louise, Gene, and Tina were running around the stadium. Rick presses a button. "Let the fun begin!"

Guns were popping out of the walls of the stadium and begins to shoot at the Belchers. Linda gets hit.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" Linda screams. "Oh no! Linda!" Bob said. "You need to forget about her if you want to get the fuck out of here!" Rick advises the Belchers.

"Are those real guns, Grandpa?" asked Morty. "Nah, they're just paintball guns. But they don't need to know that!" Rick laughs.

The guns were shooting all over the sports arena. Linda could not believe that she wasn't seriously injured from the bullet. Linda tries to catch up with Bob, Gene, Louise, and Tina. "Hey look! Mom's okay!" Gene said. "Maybe we have bullet proof vests underneath." Tina implied.

"We need to find an escape!" Bob said. Linda tried the doors to the stadium. "They're sealed shut!"

"Mother fucker!" Gene snaps. "Gene, what did I say about swearing!" Linda says. "We're trapped inside with bullets and some mad scientist asshole who wants to kill us! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REACT!!" Gene roared with fear.

"You guys are wimps! It's fun to run away from bullets! HA! HAHAHAHAHAH! NAH NAH! YOU CAN'T GET ME!" Louise says with enthusiasm.

"But there's no escape! Rick! You're the one who put us in this shit hole! Tell us how to get out!" Tina shouted. The bullets caused the Belchers to have stains in their sweat suits.

"Well, I don't know. You guys are the players. You figure it out!" Rick said over the loudspeaker. Rick and Morty then laugh at the Belcher family's attempts to try to get out of the sports stadium.

"HA HA HA! Look at them! They think it's real!" Rick laughs. "That'll teach them to ruin our grocery trip!" Morty said.

The shooting from the guns soon came to an end. Bob says, "Good, we're still alive." "But we're all bloody!" Gene said. The Belchers were now observing the stains on their clothes. "How is it we're not injured?" Linda asks.

"Who cares! I'm having fun!" Louise says. A last bullet shoots off Louise's bunny hat. "SHIT! MY BUNNY HAT!" Louise shrieked.

Rick presses a button that opens one of the doors to the stadium. "Look, a way out!" Bob said. "Let's run for it!" Linda says.

Louise picks up her Bunny Hat and Tina drags, "Never mind your stupid ass bunny hat!"

Bob leads the way to the open door to the stadium with Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise far behind them.


Running out the door to what they think leads outside. Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise find themselves in yet another room.

"We're out of the stadium with guns shooting at us. Now what?" asked Tina.

Rick and Morty enter through a door to meet the Belchers. "Congrats. You made it this far. Now get ready for Round 2!" Rick announced.

"What? More death jumping? Or whatever you call this shit!" Linda shouted.

"Exactly! Grandpa. What is the next phase of Squid Game?" asks Morty.

"Just follow me! I'll show you!" Rick said. Bob says, "Think we're not going to get out of this anytime soon."

"Whatever happens, I just want you all to know that I love you all." Linda says. "The feeling mutual Mom." Tina says. Rick and Morty lead the Belchers into an elevator that goes to the top floor,

They all were lead into a room that had triangles, circles, and squares. Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise soon found themselves on the opposite ends on a platform.

"Why are me and Gene on one side and Tina and the rest on the other!" Gene asks.

"You guys are going to play Tug Of War! Morty, give them a long rope!" Rick orders. Morty walks
onto the platform and gives Bob a huge rope. "Why are we playing Tug of War against each other?" asked Bob. "This could be our chance to prove that we're better than the girls, Dad!" Gene said.

"Oh no, not a Battle Of The Sexes thing." said Tina. "No nothing like that." said Rick. "Whoever falls over has a loooong fall into a pit!" said Morty.

"And....go!" Rick orders the Belchers. Tina, Louise, and Linda were tugging on one side and Bob and Gene were tugging on another.

Rick presses a button on a remote. A pair of scissors comes out and cuts the rope in half. Causing the entire Belcher family to fall a long way into a pit full of red liquid.

"Is this ketchup?" asked Bob. "Nope, it's human blood!" Rick calls out to them. "Oh gosh you guys are so fucking insane!" Linda screams. "Get us out now!" shouted Tina. "Are we going to get AIDS?" asked Gene. "Wow! Swimming in blood almost as fun as swimming in water!" Louise says.

Morty presses a button and a cage comes down and shuts Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise, and Tina inside. The cage then leads the Belchers into a maze room.

The cage releases the Belchers and into the maze room. "Great. Now What?" asked Gene. "Bet you're really scared now. As you will be soon!" said Rick over the loudspeaker.

"Is this going to be like Rollerball?" Tina asked. "Even worse than that!" Morty said evilly. "You guys are going to try to outrun a very good friend of ours!" Rick says. "Round three!" Morty announced.

"Who is it? Meeseeks?" asked Gene. "Nope someone even better!" said Rick. "Here is comes now!" Morty says pressing a button on a remote. Out of a door it was none other than Scary Terry.

"You can run but you can't hide, Bitch!" Scary Terry cackled as the chased the Belchers all over the maze. Bob sees a car in one of the walls of the maze. "We'll hide in here." Bob said. "Maybe we'll stop terrorizing us!" says Linda. The Belchers all run inside the car. "Hmm, that guy seems awfully familiar. Have we seen him somewhere?" asked Louise. "He looks a lot like Freddie Kruger to me." said Bob.

Scary Terry opens the front door and waves his knife hands at the Belchers, "Buckle Up, Bitch!" Bob, Linda, Louise, Tina, and Gene all run out of the car screaming their heads off. Running around the maze. Linda thinks they lost Scary Terry.

"Good, we outran him." said Linda. "All this trouble Rick and Morty are putting us though over a grocery store trip." said Bob. "This is all your fault Gene and Louise!" Tina shouted. "Why are you blaming us?" asked Louise.

"If you two weren't so gung ho about this Mint Slimeballs cereal none of this would've happened!" said Tina. "No no no. Let's not play The Blame Game. We should be mad at Rick and Morty for putting us though this shit!" Bob said.

Scary Terry spotted the Belcher family. Jumping right in front of them, Scary Terry shouts, "WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE BITCH!"

"Even I'm scared about this!" Louise cries out. Scary Terry then chases the Belchers around the maze with no way out. Rick and Morty both laugh at them.

"Oh my gosh! Just watch those lasers try to get away from Scary Terry!" Morty laughs. "I know right! There's some advantages to being sadistic!" Rick says.

Bob, Linda, Louise, Tina, and Gene are stopped by a straight lined pipe. The Belchers soon run the other way when Scary Terry's head pops up from the pipes! "PEEKABOO I SEE YOU BITCH!"

Running in all directions. Bob sees a door, however it morphed into Scary Terry! "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! IT'S THE DOORS BITCH!"

Now Scary Terry was following them and chasing them on the ceiling. "DANCING ON THE CEILING BITCH!" Scary Terry taunted the Belchers.

"Oh gosh I'm all out of breasts!" Gene said. "Gene!" Linda shouted. "I meant to say breath!" Gene stated.

"Think we lost him again. We'll all take a breather for now." said Bob. Sitting down catching their breaths. "I've never been so scared in my life! I don't think I'll ever be hyper again!" Louise cries. "Oh don't worry sweetie. Mommy and Daddy will find a way out." said Linda. "First time in my life I've ever seen Louise cry." said Tina.

"I'll go look," said Bob. Getting up from sitting down, Bob tries to look around for Scary Terry. "Okay he's gone. Now we all need to focus and try to find a way out of his stadium." said Bob.

"Oh Bob! Your take charge attitude is way I fell for you in the first place!" said Linda. "Just follow me." said Bob. Tina, Gene, Louise, Linda all follow Bob as they slowly look around for a way out. This lasts for about 10 minutes until.....

"OKay, the coast is clear so...." Bob says. Before they knew it, Scary Terry pops out right in front of the Belchers. "IT'S NOTHING BUT FEAR FROM HERE ON OUT, BITCH!"

The Belchers find themselves once more running away from Scary Terry.


Running around the maze, trying like hell to get away from Scary Terry. No Matter how much the Belcher family try, Scary Terry kept bumping into him any way he can.

"We need to see the real here. We're stuck forever!" said Bob. "Maybe we all died and didn't know it. And this is our personal hell!" Linda said.

"I'll never get excited about a cereal again!" said Gene. "You took the words right out of my mouth!" Louise added on. Rick decides to one last prank on the Belchers. "It's like Scary Terry knows our every move!" Tina implies.

Rick gets out a chainsaw and goes to the outside of the sports stadium. "What are you doing, Grandpa?" asked Morty. "Thinking they're going to find a way out!" said Rick. "I hope you know what you're doing!" Morty said.

Bob sees a hole in the wall large enough to be a doorway. "Yes! There's an exit right ahead!" Bob said. "It's our only chance!" said Tina.

The Belchers all go out the exit. Only to fall into a body of water. "What the hell!" Gene yelled out. "Well, what's next?" asked Linda. "We're a long way fro New Jersey!" said Tina. "This must be the Mississippi River!" Louise cries out. "That's right! We're still in Louisiana!" Linda says. Putting in one more phase of his plan to humiliate the Belchers, Rick gives an order to Scary Terry.

"OKay, now turn into a bomb!" Rick tells Scary Terry. Morty watches with his Grandpa Scary Terry now morphed into a bomb, flying into the air and crashing into the Belchers.


The bomb exploded and Scary Terry reformed himself back into his original shape. Rick and Morty run out of the sports stadium to see the Belcher's fly back to New Jersey.

"WWWWWEEEEE! FUN! We're flying the friendly skies". Screams Louise.

"How did I do, bitch?" asked Scary Terry. "You were awesome!" Rick said. "Hey Grandpa that last game wasn't like any of the other ones on the real Squid Game. Why was that?" asked Morty.

"I didn't Netflix to sue my ass! So I added an original idea!" said Rick. Scary Terry flies away into the sky. "Thank you for having me bitch!"

The next day. The Belchers were back home. "Man I hope I never run into Rick and Morty again." said Bob. "Remember last year they stuck us into that Super Mario 2 game?" asked Linda. "Yeah that was fun! Too bad we didn't have POW Blocks there!" said Louise who then said, "Guess what? I got my spirit back!" "Yay." Tina said in a dramatic sense.

"Remind me to never watch Squid Game!" said Gene. "Yeah, we lived it." said Linda. "Let's watch some TV." said Bob. Rick and Morty were on.

"Listen to us, Belcher family! You will never repeat NEVER fucking cross paths with us again! Do you hear me!" said Rick. "We don't care if it was an accident! Next time it'll be worse!" Morty yelled at he TV. "You got off easy this time around!" Rick rants.

"We promise you. If you do something stupid to us like that again. We will have even more fun tormenting you!" Morty concludes.

Bob turned off the tv and Linda, Gene, Tina, and Louise all stared at each other in shock and the worse for wear.

"They sure hate us, hey?". Stated Gene. "I got it! Lets make them go on a Netflix show! Cobra Kai!". says Louise. " Ha Ha! That's our Louise". laughs Linda. "Nah, revenge always ends in disaster." Said Tina.

" Obviously, look what happened to us"! says Linda.

"So, uh....who's up for Chinese!" Bob said. "Even better. How about we put up a picture of Rick and Morty in our restaurant that reads, DO NOT GIVE SERVICE TO THESE PEOPLE." suggested Linda.

"Good idea.". Said Bob. The Belchers decide to open Bobs Burgers restaurant tomorrow. For now they just want to work though what Rick and Morty did to them in Squid Game.
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