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Chapter 1

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A series of unexpected yet pleasurable events happen between Harry and Hermione when Ron leaves them alone. Probably will have more than one chapter.

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Harry pulled up the tent flap, tired of hearing Hermione's sobs. He was the worst person to go to for comfort, but she'd been crying and crying for weeks. He'd thought about doing it a few times, but chickened out because, he really, didn't know what to do. But he felt as if he owed her comfort, considering how many times she'd comforted him. It only seemed to be fair.

It wasn't like Ron's departure didn't hurt him. That was his best mate. He really thought he could trust Ron. But, as always, from time to time again, life proves that you can't trust anyone but yourself. He'd learn that the hard way these past few years. He knew he could depend on Hermione, but he didn't do it completely. Yes, he'd be lost without her, but he wouldn't want even more pressure on her.

Harry removed the horcrux from his neck, placing it on a nearby table. Immediately, he felt lighter, and almost sure he could comfort Hermione. Stupid thing. Always ruining everything.

Harry walked over to Hermione, who's sobs have gone quiet, not looking to be discovered. But they were anyway. For a long time. Harry stood over her bed, and could see her pretending to be asleep. No matter. It would have been easier that way.

He slowly sat down on the bed, reaching an arm over to lay on hers. She didn't move, but she took a deep breath, not trying to hide that she was asleep anymore. Harry didn't know what else to do.

"Move over," he said, not really a command, since it came out in a surprisingly gentle manner.

There was a pause, and then Hermione moved, making room for him. Though never making eye contact, let alone turn around. Harry almost sighed at her stubbornness, and stopped himself from doing so because he'd been the same way, and still is. This must be how Hermione felt every time she comforted him?

Pushing away his nagging thoughts, Harry laid down next to her, pulling the sheets over both of them. They needed to huddle together for warmth, anyways. They'd done so a few times, but the thought of Ron seeing them cuddling made them feel guilty and turn away from each other. Hell, now Harry was getting kind of guilty now. He just went in his best mate's crush's bed. No, the girl his best mate was in love with.

Harry shook his head, reminding himself that that "best mate" left him and the girl he loved alone for weeks. He could have said sorry after pulling off the horcrux, realize that him and Hermione didn't deserve a loud scolding, and Harry didn't deserve to be told that he didn't have a family another time. He'd heard enough of that already. And the fact that it came from his best friend, it hurt, more than anything. Physical pain is bearable, but emotional pain, it's hard to deal with. Drains your energy a lot faster. And your spirit. Harry could somewhat understand why Hermione was crying so much.

Harry rubbed her arm with Hermione still turned to him, wondering if he was doing it right or just annoying her. Maybe she'd tell him to bugger off in a few seconds, and he'd embarrassingly get out of the tent to continue his watch. But that didn't happen.

Hermione sniffed and turned herself around, burying her head into his chest as she accepted his comfort. Harry wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. It was still quiet, other than the wind blowing outside, and the small whispers Harry heard from the horcrux from time to time. But he had a feeling he was the only one who could hear it.

As Hermione breathed into his chest, Harry thought if this was enough. Just give her a cuddle and then walk out?

A cuddle? What're you, 12? Harry thought to himself.

He tried to remember on how Ginny advised him to comfort a girl. She had a good laugh about it, and he turned about as red as a tomato at the time. She said to hold her in his arms, kiss her forehead, sweetheart shit like that. Harry practiced on her, but when he was going to kiss her head, she had turned hers just in time to meet his lips. Then, well, they went onto some activities Molly wouldn't approve of due to their age.

Thinking of that made Harry squirm in his spot, something growing in his pants that suddenly made him want to yank himself away from Harry. But she was already holding onto him tightly, her face somehow in his neck now. Her breaths created goosebumps on Harry's skin. Harry shivered and his hand suddenly went to her thigh, now making Hermione tense up.

Okay, relax. It's not that bad. It's not that bad. Just...I'll just pull my hand away-

Harry started to slide his hand up so it would be in a more appropriate spot, but apparently that wasn't the right move. Hermione let out a slight gasp and tensed up more, making Harry freeze. He internally grimaced at himself.

Now it looks like you were feeling her up. Good job, Harry.

Harry closed his eyes, trying to solve this problem. Hermione was still in his arms, yet to move. Or push him. Or slap him. Or punch him. Or hex him. Or all 5. Harry pulled her closer, laying his head on hers. Hermione took a while, and then relaxed. His hand was still on her thigh, and her eyes opened to watch it. Whether waiting for him to remove it, or do something further, Harry didn't know. Nor would she have been able to tell him if he asked her.

Harry felt blood rushing to the head without ears, but he ignored it, hoping to go away. And hoping to comfort Hermione. If Hermione didn't want anything, she would have shoved him away minutes ago. Why hadn't she done anything? It made Harry curious, and being the hormonal teenager he was, he wanted to see how far it would go. Mind you, they were both hormonal teenagers who were starving, and had nothing to do on this hopeless mission. Harry figured he should do the best he could to comfort her.

Anxiously, Harry slightly inched his hand closer to Hermione's inner thigh. No reaction. Once he reached her inner thigh, he rubbed it with his thumb gently, remembering how this was how he teased Ginny, and she loved it. This was Hermione, though, and it could be completely different. Hermione slightly moved her hips, but did nothing else. Harry's hands slid further. He lightly touched the area between Hermione's legs with his fingertips. Hermione's breath started to grow faster and heavier, but she still did nothing. Harry's thumb went forward and pressed into her. Hermione slightly bucked her hips, but didn't remove his hand. Harry didn't know if he should continue based off of her reaction. So, he spoke into her hair, nervous.

"Have you...never been touched before?" he asked quietly. There was a pause.

"Only by myself," Hermione said, just as quiet with a shake in her voice.

Harry thought for moment. This was ridiculous. He should not be the first man to touch Hermione like this. That should be Ron.

Harry sighed. Ron left, and Hermione in desperate need of comfort. And so was he. Letting go of a shaky breath, Harry's fingers moved up to play with Hermione's pant zipper, pulling it down slowly to see if Hermione refused. She didn't. He undid her button. She did nothing. He squeezed her closer to him.

"Try to relax," he whispered to her.

Hermione shivered, and then allowed his hand to play with the waistband of her panties. She slightly moved her hips at his teasing, anticipating the moment as she allowed her eyes to close. Harry's hands slid underneath her knickers, staying there for a bit. His hand was warm, and he was surprised to find Hermione already wet. Had he aroused her already? The thought made Harry twitch in his pants, and he finally begun to move towards her opening. He ran his fingers gently over her slit, hearing a quiet whimper coming from Hermione as a reaction. Then, his thumb found her clit, and he pressed down. Hermione gasped and arched her back, surprising Harry with her reaction to such a little act. Had she even attempted to touch herself these past few weeks? No wonder she had so much reaction.

Harry continued rubbing her clit, savoring her moans into his neck. His other fingers traveled down to her slit, slowly pushing one fingertip in. Hermione grabbed his shirt and clenched it in her hand, hissing. Then, Harry pushed another finger in. And then another. Soon, he had three fingers thrusting into her while his thumb rubbed her clit furiously. Hermione was moaning, whimpering, groaning, anything to show him how much he was pleasuring her.

"F-Fuck," she gasped into his neck, and she rarely cursed. Harry twitched again. "Harry, I'm gonna....I can't..."

"It's okay, whenever you're ready," Harry assured her, then fastened his movements while his other arm held her close to him.

Hermione moaned loudly, wildly bucking her hips into his hand, riding it. She suddenly started placing quick and sloppy kisses on Harry's neck, making Harry groan and unconsciously move his hand faster. Hermione gasped and rode his hand faster, until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck, Harry!" she screamed, and she was done for.

She came, hard. Her body shook with her orgasm, spurts of cum squirting on Harry's hand. Harry continued his movements, but slower, dragging her orgasm out. Hermione's orgasm lasted for more than 30 seconds, moaning the whole time.

Then it was quiet. Neither of them spoke.

Hermione sighed into his chest and buried her head in his neck, whimpering when he removed his fingers from inside of her. Silent, it was. And it stayed that way, until the energy from her orgasm made sleep take Hermione over, and she fell asleep on his chest. Harry laid his head on hers for a few moments.

Then, he carefully removed himself from her bed, grabbed the horcrux, and put it around his neck, walking back outside to continue his nightly watch.

Like nothing had happened.

Author's note: Maybe another chapter coming soon.
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