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Chapter 2

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Harry is on watch again, and decides to go back into the tent after hearing Hermione's teeth chattering constantly from the cold. It instantly lead to a non-friendly action again.

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Harry sat outside of the tent, twisting the horcrux in his hands. Last time he did this, he was thrown into Voldemort's mind, but it did give him information. He played with it much more carefully now, straining his ears to hear the small whispers that came from it from time to time. Every time he tried concentrating on it, it'd quiet down, and only when Harry was unfocused on it, would it finally talk again. He'd wait to hear Hermione's sobs, which for some reason, had become a lot less frequent. Maybe after...that, she'd finally snapped out of it? They hadn't spoken of it since it happened. That spell seemed to be broken all the time. It was just like before. Harry didn't mind it, but he also didn't want her to ignore the fact that he'd stuck her fingers inside of her just a few days ago. Maybe it was the hormonal teenager in him talking. Besides, they had MUCH bigger things to deal with.

Harry heard the small chatters of teeth from the tent, and knew Hermione was probably freezing her arse off. He sighed. It wasn't like they hadn't cuddled together for warmth. But after what had happened, Harry felt like he wouldn't be able to control his attraction to his best friend if they did it again. Hermione didn't offer him anything other than tea to keep him warm. Maybe she regretted what they did. Maybe she didn't.

Or maybe she was too nervous to start anything again, like Harry was right now.

Nevertheless, the chattering teeth and breath hitches had gotten to Harry. He wondered why she didn't just cast a warming charm on herself. Maybe she was too cold and didn't want to move. Or maybe she wanted him to keep her warm. Merlin, this "maybe" shit was driving Harry crazy.

Harry pulled the tent flap up, and as usual, Hermione didn't look at him. Her not acknowledging him was something he was already used to, so it didn't bother him. Harry reached up and pulled the horcrux off of his neck, like how he did last time, and placed it down. As he savored the stress leaving his body, he thought he heard Hermione breath in slowly and seemed to be holding her breath. Or maybe that was him. He stared at her figure underneath the blankets of her cot. She was turned away from him, just like last time. He clenched and unclenched his fist, and walked towards her, until he was right next to her bedside. This position was giving him severe deja vu of that night.

"Cold?" he said in a weak voice.

"Bit," Hermione whispered after a small pause.

"Have you done any charms?" Harry asked.

"Of course," Hermione responded, though still not looking at him. "They wear off quick and I always end up cold again anyways."

"Anything I can do?" Harry hesitantly questioned. Every second of Hermione's silence made him want to fling himself out of the tent and pretend nothing had changed between them.

"Hold me for a bit?" Hermione shyly offered.

Harry gulped and lifted her sheets, watching her move to make room for him. She had yet to look at him. He slid himself underneath the blankets, quickly covering both of them. She was turned away from him, something he was suddenly grateful for. Harry slowly moved closer and wrapped a loose arm around her. He was taken by surprise when Hermione grabbed that hand, pulling it closer until he was spooning her tightly. She had laced her fingers with his. He shyly did the same with his own, so they were holding hands. Harry would be lying if he said this wasn't the warmest he'd felt in weeks.

It would have just been...SO much better if his lower body wasn't pressed so tightly against hers.

He inched away from her, but Hermione squeezed his hand, as if this small movement made all the difference in her warmth. He froze for a moment, then went back to the regular position, where he was pressed against her. Hermione let out a comfortable sigh. They laid there for a few moments, savoring the warmth that they'd been missing. Harry clenched his jaw when she moved and accidentally pushed her hips back against his. Hermione seemed to just realize his erection, as she froze.

Harry had a "sorry" ready on his lips, but he paused when Hermione slightly pushed herself back against him again. He knew they were slowly falling back into the lustful trance from a few nights ago, but Harry didn't feel like stopping it. He was far too warm to even move. He hesitated, then slightly pushed his hips against hers. He felt her squeeze his hand again.

Was this okay for him to even do? Was that what she was trying to tell him?

Harry pushed himself against her again. Hermione's breath hitched and she held onto his hand tighter. He did it again. The friction was causing great pleasure in his groin, so he continued grinding against her. Harry noticed how Hermione's breath was uneven now. They were starting to grow hot now, but it felt so good. Harry reached up and placed a kiss on Hermione's neck. He didn't want to rush this, but her neck was just out in the open, and he could only have so much self-control. His kisses were slow and sensual, and Hermione couldn't help but let out a small moan when he kissed a certain spot.

What about Ron...get off of her. You only did what you did last time because she was crying and you wanted to comfort her. Stop this. Ron's your best mate. He'll hate you.

Harry paused at that thought, and he slowed himself down. Hermione almost complained. But Harry felt unsure now. Ron would have some mercy on him because he stopped, wouldn't he? Maybe if he stopped, he'd have a chance at their friendship. That is, if he ever found out.

Harry noticed how Hermione was turning around, letting go of his hand. She finally looked at him. And the way she did...Harry lost himself again.

Almost as if they had the same thoughts, they moved towards each others' lips, eagerly connecting them. Whatever the two were holding back finally came rushing out. Their lips were moving together rapidly, their hands reaching for whatever they could touch. Hermione's hands were tangling in Harry's constantly-messy hair, and Harry's hands were roaming around her back, to her neck, and then to her bushy hair. He tugged on it slightly, making Hermione's head move back. She gasped in surprise as Harry pulled away and dug his head into her neck, a swirl of kisses raining down on her. She couldn't do anything but moan as Harry praised her neck with his lips relentlessly. Hermione's hands drifted underneath his shirt, digging her nails into his back. Harry groaned and turned himself so that he was on top of her, pushing his lips back to hers.

"You' crazy," Harry hissed between kisses. Hermione whimpered in response, utterly shocked by his sudden dominance. She definitely wasn't used to this side of Harry. He never really gave off a possessive manner when it came to her. Understandably. But here he was, all over her as if she was something to be marked as territory. Hermione's hands traveled to his face, holding him close to her as they snogged each other senseless. Harry found himself grinding harder into her, completely beside himself. He had no idea where all of this was coming from, but the way she mewled at his touch was empowering, and he had no plans to stop. When they had absolutely no air, he pulled away, only to move back down to her neck.

Hermione's hands moved down to his sweater, hastily pulling it up. Harry caught on and sat up, pulling it over his head. He still had a shirt to go, so he didn't feel self conscious. There was a small chill that went through him, but Hermione seemed to immediately warm him up as she pulled him back down, smashing her lips against his own. Harry didn't know exactly how much experience she had, but she did a bloody fantastic job at snogging. Her kisses alone were driving him mad, and he was pushing her deep into the mattress, kissing her harder.

Their breaths were heavy, their hair was a mess, their clothes were messed up and wrinkly, their lips were starting to get swollen, and the cold air against Hermione's neck indicated that Harry had given her a hickey on some part of her neck. Not to mention that the grinding of their hips was driving both of them insane. Harry's hand reached forward to unzip Hermione's sweater, and she sat up to eagerly remove it. After helping her remove it, Harry laid her back down and started snogging her again, but he was doing it slower.

Their kisses were ten times more sensual this way, and it was intoxicating. Hermione's hands were unbuttoning Harry's shirt slowly, and Harry finally found the patience to let her, too focused on her lips. Soon enough, it was finally undone, and Hermione pulled his shirt off of him. Harry shivered as her hands traveled along his body. They seemed to warm him up quickly, and he eagerly met her lips again. Hermione pulled him down so that he was laying down on her completely. Their hips met again, and they groaned. It didn't take a long time for them to be grinding against each other again. It was obvious that whatever fire had burned just a few minutes ago was starting to go out, and they were getting slower with their movements. Both of them knew that they'd probably stop in a couple minutes. Something always stopped them.

Harry pressed harder against her, and Hermione gasped, then shivered. Her whole body tensed, and then after a couple long breaths, she relaxed again. Harry knew what had happened because he'd seen this reaction from Ginny before. He felt content with himself for getting her to release again, and he continued laying comfortably on top of her. Hermione sighed and ran her hands through his messy hair, kneading it. Harry closed his eyes at her touch. He looked at the mark he had created on her throat, and he kissed it before digging his head into her neck. Hermione felt chills go down her spine, and she held him tighter.

Harry waited for those breaths that indicated that Hermione had fallen asleep. Once they finally came, he stayed there for a few moments, enjoying the heat. Then, carefully, he slipped out from her touch. He reached for his shirt and sweater from the ground, putting them on in the cold air. He felt gloomy at the loss of his warmth, but felt better as he looked down at Hermione, who was sleeping. She looked so beautiful in her sleep, he thought.

No, don't think that.

Harry snapped out of it and he headed out of the tent to continue his watch.

Like nothing happened.
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