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Chapter 1

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Ellie Williams x Male Reader I know Ellie's sexuality, and I'm a female myself. I just prefer reading things from a male's point of view, as I am a major tomboy. The Last Of Us wasn't in the gamin...

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Y/N strolled around the area he was patrolling. A groaning Ellie was next to him, riding on her horse. He didn't get why she was annoyed. Surely he wasn't horrible to be around? She was overreacting. She always told puns! Maybe his were way stupider, but they were so stupid that you had to laugh.

"Ooh, what did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?" Y/N tried again.

"For fuck's sake," Ellie mumbled.

"That's not your line," Y/N frowned. Ellie let out a loud sigh.

"What?" she said.

"Oh sheet," Y/N snorted because it was so stupid.

"That's not even funny," Ellie shot, though she kept on turning her head away. Y/N knew she was smiling when she did so.

"Then why do you keep looking away?" he laughed.

"Shut up. I'm going with Dina next time," Ellie said. Y/N groaned internally. She kept on saying that. Dina replaced him in just about everything him and Ellie did together.

"Sheesh, Dina this, Dina that. You crushing on her or something?" he questioned.

"No," Ellie replied far too quickly.

"Mhm," Y/N sung. "Ooh, I have another one. A blind man walked into a bar...and then a table...and then a chair-"

"Shh," Ellie suddenly hissed, stopping her horse. Y/N would have refused, but she seemed far too serious.

"Infected?" he questioned.

"Maybe," Ellie whispered, slowly moving her horse forward. Y/N strained his ears for the familiar groaning, the sloppy stomps of their feet, the hisses and chokes from their throats...


"There's nothing, is there?" Y/N said, looking at her with an annoyed expression as she continued moving. "You just said that so I'd stop talking."

"....Maybe," Ellie repeated, never removing the concentrated expression on her face.

"She's out of her mind," Y/N mumbled to his horse. She seemed to scoff at his behavior. Good lord, none of the girls he knew liked him. Even if it was a fucking a horse. "Ellie, okay, I'll stop with the jokes-"

"You said that five minutes ago. And then another five. And then another five," Ellie said, her voice back to her regular tone.

"I'm serious. Jeez, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. I'm freezing my ass off here," Y/N stated, shivering again. "Could use some company after...that." He heard Ellie take a deep breath.

"Look, Y/N, I'm sorry about Haze-"

"AHHH- nope," Y/N interrupted her quickly. The one name he was trying to avoid.

God damn it, Ellie.

"You don't want to talk about her or what?" Ellie asked, suddenly interested in conversating. They seemed to swap roles.

"Not really, no," Y/N replied.

"Why, because she dumped yo-"

"She didn't dump me," he argued. "Why does everybody think that?"

"You seemed gloomy about it," Ellie answered.

"Wouldn't anybody be gloomy after a fucking break up?" Y/N fought. "What about you and uh...what was her name...Cat? What about that?"

"What about it?" Ellie asked.

"Didn't you feel...'gloomy' after the break up?" Y/N mocked.

"I mean...I've been through worse than a little break up," she said.

"No pain, eh? So you never REALLY liked her," Y/N guessed.

"I didn't say that," Ellie frowned.

"Well she was a lovely artist," Y/N complimented. "Gave us awesome tattoos."

"I only got one. How much did you get?" Ellie asked.

"Quite a bit. I really like tattoos," Y/N replied. "Not enough to cover my whole body where I look like a weirdo, obviously."

"You have the swan on your hand, the infinity sign on the side of your middle finger on your right hand, the snake tattoo on your upper forearm...what else, tattoo collector?"

"Okay, do be fair, a lot of my tattoos are just meant to cover my scars that don't look so cool," Y/N reasoned. He traced the one that ran down from his upper right eyebrow to his right cheek bone. "I don't feel like getting a tattoo on my face."

"I actually think that scar looks pretty cool," Ellie complimented, earning her a small smile from the 19-year-old next to her.

"So did Hazel," he mumbled, now looking forward with a melancholy expression on his face. Ellie stared at him for a bit longer than she needed to. She tried to come up with words to lighten his mood, but, in the end, she just kept her mouth shut. It's sometimes best to do so when people, especially who don't like pity, are down. "Anyways, enough with that bullshit."

"How'd you get it?" Ellie asked. Y/N made a questionable humming noise. "The scar on your face."

"Little scuffle with W.L.F. solider. He had real intention on cutting into my face with that wretched knife. I was maybe...15 or 16 then?" Y/N guessed. "Makes me kind of regret the wolf tattoo I have."

"What?" Ellie questioned, stopping her horse. "Fuck you, you have a wolf tattoo?"

"Did I never tell you?" Y/N asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "Cat gave it to me. On my chest." His hand ran down the clothed area of the right side of his chest.

"You've never told me," Ellie said, almost sounding offended.

"I also have the dead tree on my lower torso," Y/N added. "Oh, and a tribal tattoo on my back. It's my biggest one. Had to cover up hell of scars there."

"You need to show me them when we get back," Ellie prodded, since they were starting to head back. No trouble in this area. Not even a sign of infected.

"Are you just trying to get me to take my shirt off?" Y/N teased, squinting his eyes. Ellie snorted.

"In your dreams."

"Oh, it certainly is."

And that's chapter 1! Never tried this kind of story before, but I'll give it a go
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