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Back to Hogwarts

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On his way to the last year in Hogwarts, Draco's attention is caught by half-veela half-witch Elvein, who quickly becomes his obsession

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Cutting through the thick walls of fog, monotonously brattling its wheels, a red train was hurrying students toward the great Hogwarts. Young ones were leaving behind families, homes, and peace of mind. In carriages, corridors, and the minds of each passenger, minute by minute, a mix of excitement and turmoil was rising. They were returning to school, which not so long ago rose from the ashes. They were becoming more and more confident that this year would be different. It was written on their faces; you could hear it in their voices; you could see it in their movement; you could feel it in the air.

"War is over. Peace frightens me." This thought was spreading through the minds of two different students. They traveled in different carriages, studied in different facilities, lived with different dreams, hopes, fears, and beliefs, and one would even assume they might have anything in common. But the thoughts that were prowling through their minds, making their souls and hands tremble, were identical.

It was too muggy, too crowded, and too quiet in the carriage where the young man from Slytherin sat. Still, he did not dare leave his place but instead looked outside onto the darkening horizon. He switched his gaze to the corridor when it became impossible to see anything.

"Look, Elfy," said Parkinson. There was not even a trace of bitchery in her voice. So unusual. There was a figure of a young girl striding in front of their door. She had not spared even a glance at the students passing by, greeting her. She chose to silently nod while keeping her gaze on the mysterious dot in the distance. Seconds passed, and then she disappeared.

"She is gorgeous. It's a shame she's the daughter of a weird squib," said Zabini. Both Pansy and Blaise started this conversation to stop the unbearable silence because no one liked talking about the strange girl from Ravenclaw, who everyone called Elfy. Her weird nickname stuck with her from the beginning of school when some of the muggle-born students told her she looked like an elf from a muggle movie about rings. She just shrugged this off. The second group of students snatched up this nickname when they found out that her father was a strange squib who entertained himself by growing grapes and making wine. By magical standards, this was a job for elves. The fact that her name was Elvein did not help at all.

To call her strange meant not calling her anything. Add monologues about nargles, and you would have gotten a second Luna Lovegood. At the same time, her mind was hovering far away, though she was answering with such accuracy and straightforwardness that you would have swallowed your own tongue. She always dressed simply, but that only added to her natural beauty and she was becoming stunning.

Her influence on those around her was inhomogeneous, at the same time disheartening and encouraging. She was unforgivingly direct and empathetic. She strangely attracted others to her, though she preferred being alone, and every chance she got was spent searching for solitude. Some said she was haughty. Others felt uncomfortable just because she reminded them of their own insecurities. Everyone agreed on one thing, though: everybody respected her: professors, students, and even Mr. Filch himself.

Once, Dean Thomas asked her jokingly, "Is there anyone in Hogwarts who dislikes you?"

To which she answered thoughtfully, "The Sorting Hat." Her answer caused silence that her explanation was heard even at Slytherin's table. "On the first day of school, the Hat told me that it was not easy to sort me. To which I answered that that's how it should have been. Sorting students into different houses only increases the impact of stereotypes around those houses and their fellow students. The Sorting hat got angry at me and directed me into Ravenclaw." After that, she did not pay any attention to the uncomfortable silence caused by her answer but petted an owl that had brought her letter several seconds earlier and started reading it.

Stories similar to it were familiar in Hogwarts and could have been discussed for several days straight, but our train had already reached the station.

With commotion and bluster, students were leaving the train. Only two of them were drawn, one in expectation of a warm welcome which awaited the ex-death eater, who had escaped Azkaban by pure miracle—second, expecting eyes; scary but painfully familiar eyes. Every logical person would have assumed it would be wiser to walk with friends or get lost in the crowd. Not Elvein, though, who firmly believed everyone should face their own fears.

Therefore, the last carriage with the thestrals was carrying two students. Two students, so different that no one would ever assume they might have anything in common. While carriages, with the slow and steady rocking, were dragging them towards the inevitable last year at Hogwarts.


The strangest thing that happened that year was not the fall of the Dark Lord, not the disgrace of his father, not even the evasion of Azbakan, but the Head Boy badge. It was brought to him by an owl with a letter from headmistress McGonagall informing him that, even though many would judge her decision, Hogwarts never left its students foredoomed. She was giving him one last chance to prove that the sacrifice of the great Albus Dumbledore was worth it and that his soul could still be saved. Another slap on the face, another spit in the soul, as bitter as the rescue that came with the hands of his enemy. Tormented by those thoughts, the Head Boy silently strode into the dark hallway. When he passed the stairs behind Fawkes' statue, he saw a strange glimmer and thought, for some reason, that Headmistress McGonagall had displayed a thought bowl but found only Elfy and the Professor in the office. So, that was who the Head Girl was. Breathing came more easily. The strange girl was much better than Granger, who everyone strongly believed should have been the new Head Girl.

"Mr. Malfoy, here you are. Good. As you and Miss Tamples both know, the status of Head Boy and Head Girl is a huge responsibility, demanding exemplary discipline, remarkable academic performance, and a huge amount of endeavor. I am counting on both of you. Do not disappoint me. " With that, she pierced Draco with a lethiferous look." Nobody can oversee, that our students had to face ordeals many adults were spare of. Some of you made the right decisions. Others not. But we all need to turn another page and continue our lifelines. The decision school made, is at least unusual, but given the circumstances of last year, I believe we need and have to put more trust in you, our students. You must be an example for your fellow students. Hogwarts deserves peace. We all need it. Therefore, follow me to your new dormitory."

They went to the right of a staircase ascending to the Serpentine Corridor on the third floor. Malfoy followed McGonagall, not forgetting to put on his most haughty facial expression, only to find out that no one was paying any attention to him. They stopped in front of the painting, where a big boar with wings was digging soil. Headmistress simply said: Harmony. The boar reluctantly left his activity and with the swing of his wings, gave them a passage.

They've entered the room, lightened with a huge fireplace. Beautiful, wide window reached the sealing. In its intricate mosaic Witch willow tree was bending its green steams, swinging with the low wind. On both sides of the window, bend staircases led to the wooden doors. Blue velvet-clad sofas and chairs looked inviting, green walls were covered with bookshelves. On the central spot hang the portrait of the pale old witch. The room looked cozy, warm, and inviting.

"This will be your common room. I believe you might be trusted with this privilege and use it in the best interests of the school. We all need a place to heal." Last sentence she spoke quietly, sighing out with a heavy heart. "Violet will keep an eye." Headmistress pointed at the portrait, pale witch straightened her back as if demonstrating her endeavor. "And as you've already noticed, my office is right in front."

As soon as McGonagall left, leaving behind their patrolling schedules, Violet attempted a conversation:

"Hello, lovelies. Who would have thought I would be promoted, after so many ears! But everyone knows I might be trusted with important duties. I don't know if you've heard of me, especially after that cullion Peeves had written a song of me being a drunk! Could you imagine that bunderheat?! If I was an alcoholic, who would have trusted me with such an important duty? Oh, by the way, the time runs fast. The monk will be waiting for me and Elizabeth, to celebrate my first day on a new duty! See you soon sweethearts!"

Gathering many folds of her dress, the wizened witch hurried away, leaving her portrait empty.

"Unexpected" was the only word Elfy said before entering her room.

That night, a strange glimmer haunted Draco's dream.
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