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Awkwad Questions

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Draco tries to get at least some questions

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Elvein was struggling with finishing her transfiguration homework. Her eyes kept shutting on their own, and the fire crackling did not help at all. She almost gave up and went towards her bedroom when Malfoy burst through the door. Elvein flinched and instantly forgot her dreams of a fluffy plow and warm blanket.

Draco looked agitated. He took a random book and slammed it back onto the desk.

"Where were you?" His voice was almost angry.

"Pardon me? I do not quite understand."

"Where were you today? The whole day!"

Elvein's eyebrows screwed up with surprise, but she still answered,

"In the library, then at Hagrid's place, then back to the library."

"Are you friends with the groundskeeper?"

"I would not say so. I like playing with his dog. Was Professor McGonagall looking for me?"

"No. Dean Thomas was."


"So. Dean Thomas then."

Elvein still could not understand what Malfoy was asking or trying to achieve.

"Who is Dean Thomas to you? An old friend?"

"You could say that."

"What else?"

"I do not understand what you are asking."

"Oh, so you don't understand." Draco started pacing again. "Perfect. Tell me this, that poison you drink, is it affecting your brain? Or eyesight? Still quiet? Fine. Let me rephrase: ARE YOU BLIND?"

"What do you want from me?"

"Are you two dating?"


"Do you love him? What were you telling him at breakfast, how you and I kissed? How did you moan? Were you begging for his forgiveness?"

"You promised to forget everything that happened that night. You promised."

"I promised not to try to kill myself! I have not promised anything else."

"Is it mandatory for you to be so maleficent?"

Draco started to snarl with anger. "I am just trying to understand this whole madness!"

"This, as you have called, madness, is my life. So please do not stress about it. I do not require your condolence nor your patronage."

"Where the hell did you see the condolence? What's wrong with you?"

"Before you say something that we will both regret, let me explain several things: the fact that I am in love does not mean I am dating someone or planning to, till I solve my problem. No, the person I love has no idea about my feelings, and I am not planning to disclose anything—no need for flaring pipedreams. No, I am not blind and can see clearly when someone tries to start a relationship with me. You are the blind one if you can not see that I exterminate all those attempts in the beginning."

"You are still under that potion" He could see it in her indifferent eyes. He continued. "I have just thought that in Malfoy Manor's library, there are lots of books, which Hogwarts would not even dream of. It would be wise to search for a solution to your em problems in them. That's all."

"Thank you. That's very generous of you. By the way," She took a mahogany box out of her black velvet dress' pocket and extended it to him. "I am very grateful for such a wonderful present, but I recognize Goblin's work. It was too expensive. I can not take it."

Draco thought that he would have preferred another slap on the face. He sighed and answered, "It's yours. I am not taking it. If you do not like it, throw it in the black lake." He turned away and went to his bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and said, without even turning around, "Wear it. It will make me happy." He disappeared behind the door.

That night, the girl shook in her dreams, which were never going to come true. While the boy felt the strength of determination to save Elvein from Demian's clutches and what was, even more, he felt hope.

Meanwhile, the night was pouring rammed pathways with generous snowflakes, preparing a new day, as fresh and crisp as new parchment.
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