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We Need to Talk Elvein

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Pansy is not happy about Draco's sudden changes, while Malfoy tries to take a close look at Elvein

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History of Magic was passing with its casual, half-asleep mist. Even though Draco had not heard a single shabby and transparent word similar to the professor himself, his head was buzzing like a hive. Demian. Who was Demian?

"You are staring at her again!" Pansy Parkinson whispered through her clenched teeth.

"Leave me alone, Pansy."

"First of all, it's irritating. Second, have you forgotten who her father is? Mudbloods and squibs, as if one is worse than the other."


"No way! I have been quiet for a week already. You have stopped visiting me. You keep pushing me away every single time I try to show affection. Are you two fucking?!"

"I told you to SHUT UP! We'll talk after class."

"We better!" Pansy kept quiet till the end of the class, though was not averting a dissatisfied look from Draco's face. As soon as the bell rang, she dragged him into Myrtle's bathroom.

"Pansy! What the FUCK do you think you are doing?"

"What am I doing? What the FUCK have YOU been up to?! How is she? Better than me? I doubt that! Do you admit to whom you were sneaking every single time when you have left the room during lonely nights? Let me remind you that not so long ago, you were the one rasping on top of ME, not on that frigid overzealous-"

She was interrupted by the toilet's flush, and an emotionless Elvein walked out of the toilet cabin.

"What the hell are you doing here, Tempels?"

"It's a girls' lavatory." The question surprised Elfy, but not the fact that Malfoy stood there. She chose not to acknowledge him at all.

"Yes, but no one comes here, so be kind and leave us!"

"I apologize for interrupting your discussion," Elvein said and left, still without a trace of emotion. However, Malfoy did not miss the fact that she had not glanced his way, not during the scene in the toilet, nor till the end of the day.


Slughorn's task was to brew a feeling repressing potion. When Draco heard this, his head flew up so quickly that he almost dislocated his neck. Elvein finished the potion so swiftly and accurately that even Slughorn was surprised.

"Merlin's beard, Ms. Tempels. It's perfect! I see you have added rhododendron leave for intensification of its effect. And what's that? Did you add winterberry oil as well? For preventing delirium. How did you think of that? Twenty points to Ravenclaw."

"I will assume it's because of practice. Thank you, Professor, for such generous marking."

"Professor, what about dosage?" Draco asked.

"What, my boy?" Slughorn did not quite understand the unexpected question.

"How should it be taken?"

"Well, this is a one-time fix potion, my boy. When a wizard is in need to repress every single emotion. For example, when an auror is on a specific mission, or-"

"But what if someone decides to take it regularly?"

"Regularly? Why would someone ever do such a thing? There is no information about such an experience. At least one I know about. I can only assume that a person would have to increase the dosage in several weeks. If he were to continue drinking the potion, he would become disabled to experience any emotions and turn into something like his own ghost. But even ghosts have feelings. My dear boy, who would do such a thing? There are lots of potions helping against pain or bad emotions, while this one wipes out every single one of them."

"That was just scientific curiosity, Professor."

Horace looked at Draco with a mix of disbelief and suspicion. Lucky for Malfoy, the savior bell notified them of the lesson's end. The professor picked his handbag, full of flasks and retorts, and waddled out of the classroom.

"I need to talk to Elvein." thought Draco while collecting his things and watching Elfy glide into the corridor.
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