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The Deal

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Truth might hurt, but it always leads to veracity.

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Finally, It was their night to patrol. Draco waited patiently while Elvein descended the stairs, letting her pass through the portrait hole. Then, they started walking through the dark corridors.

Draco was watching the girl walk by his side. Only moonlight touched on the bare skin of her face and her snowy fingers, and the dim walls were starting to catch the glimmer. He walked and thought to himself, how is it possible that he has not actually noticed such a breathtaking creature, who was living and learning by his side for so many years. He had no memory of her from the first year of school, maybe not even the second. He recalled how she managed to earn professor Snape's obvious sympathy during the third year. But for what was unclear.

"Why did Snape like you?"

"I doubt he had such feelings towards me. I will assume you are asking why he praised me." Earning a slight nod, she continued. "We were learning about potions, which are masked under harmless drinks. I managed to select all of the chameleon poisons. When he asked how I could do it, I answered that sometimes, it is wise to watch with your mind's eye rather than senses. Not everything that shines is gold, and not everything on the ground is dirt. Though I must admit, part of said was adulate. Some students, including Harry Potter, thought of him as a villain, but I believed he was not. I wanted him to know I had a higher opinion of him and let him feel my emotional support. I am sure he understood what I meant because I highly doubt he would have tolerated flatter from someone not from Slytherin." On that, she gave Malfoy a half-smile glance.

"How come there is so much Slytherin attitude in someone from Ravenclaw?" Draco could not hold back a smirk. "Why did I never notice you?" He teased.

"You had a lot on your mind. Plus, at first, I was frequently disappearing to see him. Then, I was absent a lot. I was dragged across the Ministry of Magic, healers, even seeresses. Add to it all; I dislike being in the center of attention." She shrugged casually.

"Who is he, Elvein? Why do you never name him?"

"If I say his name, he will assume I am calling for him. All I can tell you is that he is a mighty wizard. Maybe as powerful as Dumbledore, just less experienced in certain things. As I found out a little later, he knew Dumbledore very well, and the Headmaster tried to engage him in Phoenix's Order. The last time I spoke with him, Dumbledore told me that he was happy to be convinced, he wouldn't fight alongside Voldemort. When we talked to Minister Skrimjer, he asked me to convince him to take the Ministry's side in the war. I guess I have acted very egocentrically since I have done almost nothing for it." She sighed and continued. "Maybe later, I will tell you some more, not for now, though."

Draco nodded and tried to give the conversation a more pleasant current.

"We have met, though, earlier. At the ball. Right? I think we even danced together."

"That's true at the very end. You had quarreled with Parkinson and took me to the dance floor. I guess you were trying to make her jealous. It worked since you left together."

"I guess I owe you an apology." Draco felt his face crimson.

"Why? It is a pleasant memory."


Elvein nodded her answer, still looking at the invisible dot in the distance. Though he had promised himself to find out, Malfoy hated to leave such pleasant conversation, and his patience was getting weaker.

"How many potions do you take, and how often?"

"I am not going to turn into an empty shell if you are asking that. I take concentrated potion only in exceptional cases."

"When was the last time?"

"That bottle of wine we drank together."

"You put a potion in wine?"

"No. Father planted lots of plants in between vines, so the drink has a light concentration of potion."

"You are lying. I have seen you multiple times drained of any emotion."

Elfy frowned and answered:

"You know, I rarely lie. Even now, I am telling the truth. There are lots of ways to control and inhibit emotions. For example, counting and switching attention are the most efficient way to strengthen your mind. It's very similar to occlumency. I try to control my emotions by myself."

Malfoy was processing everything she told him. Anger and hatred towards Demian were rising like a flood. He tried his best to imagine what exactly was Elvein trying to drop a boundary. Then he had a strange idea, very NOT suitable for Slytherin members.

"Let's make a deal, to tell only the truth to each other. Also, we can be friends. More chances of finding a solution. I understand that an ex-death eater is not the best candidate for a friend, but we might be useful." OH, SHUT UP! Draco mentally yelled at himself. He would have slapped his own face if he was alone.

"With pleasure, I do want to believe that there is a way out, even out of my curse."

"So, is it a deal?"

"What price does the liar pay?"

"Well, it could be done, that if one of us lies to another-" the rest Draco whispered in Elvein's hair. It was not because of the conspiracy, but simply, it was enjoyable being near her.

"Oh! That would be painful." A little pink shade found the girl's cheeks.

"So, deal?"

"It is a deal."

Till the end of the patrolling, Draco felt very content. Though he did not know to be happy or sad about the fact, Elvein has not tried to ask him about that incident in Myrtle's bathroom.
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