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Trip to Hogsmeade

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Tiny steps towards better daily reality, but with every new mile, new secrets resurfece.

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Draco and Elvein started a pleasant routine. They were studying and researching in the library every day after classes. Evenings they spent in the common room, with a mug of chocolate or a cup of tea, talking about typical nonsense. Did they notice how both of them hurried in their small tower, seeking that island of freedom and peace? Probably not. Or even if they did, none of them could admit it, even themselves.

Malfoy chaperoned her on every lesson, even if it was located on the opposite side of the castle. So everyone kept seeing them together, all the time. Surprised and dispraised look followed them. They were criticized harshly. Both of them, for totally different reasons.

Once, Draco has received an agitated letter from his parents, in which they disapproved of his "Ill choice of close interrelation with a person, absolutely not suitable to their family nor their status in society." Since then, Draco refused to read letters from Malfoy Manor. Once, he even threw an unopened envelope in the fireplace, right in front of Elfy, who was sipping some green tea, sitting cross-legged on the sofa. She commented that their fireplace had seen a lot more correspondence than any other in the whole Hogwarts. That earned his giggle, and Elvein decided she loved his laugh.

February turned out to be incredibly pleasant. The Hogsmeade weekend trip was coming soon, and he was very eager, even though Elvein was not coming. Malfoy decided to come back with bottles of Butter-beer and maybe something else.

"Well, good day to you, Headboy, sir." Blaize caught up to him, and they strode together. "What's up? How are things going in the small dormitory?" Zabini's eyebrows stretched up meaningfully.

"Calm your perverted mind—nothing like that."

"Really? Pansy constantly has an earful to tell us how you forgot about her cause of Elfy. An unsatisfied Parkinson's worse than hemorrhoid, so be a doll and fuck her! Or else, our brains will not stand such intense sexual violence."

"Take care of her yourself. Her whining is getting on my nerves."

"You don't care for us, buddy. Not at all. By the way, I find your plan the most intriguing. Well thought, my friend. Relationship, friendship call it what you want, with the weird Squibb's daughter, a perfect statement that you forgo all old beliefs and are ready to take your active part in building a "new society." It would have been awesome to show up on some newspaper with mud blood, but that's a little extreme, I agree."

Draco did not know how to answer. He could deny everything and admit he had a massive crush on Elfy, who had no interest in a relationship, because she is already in love, while someone named Demian is obsessing over her and he will do ANYTHING to get his hands on her while Draco is trying his best to make Elvein fall in love with him, while Elvein is already in love with someone she refuses to disclose.

When he wrapped his mind around everything given above, he got such a polyhedral on his hands that his head started throbbing. Oddly, Parkinson saved him by dragging Zabini towards a tree and making out demonstratively.

"See you later!" Called Draco as he went into "Three Broomsticks."

On his way out, he bumped shoulders with Finnigan and with good old Salazar's traditions; instead of an apology, he threw several nasty comments. Of course, that escalated into quite a commotion. Contented that luckily, there were no victims, he headed towards the castle much earlier.

He laid his purchases on the small table in their common room and noticed Elvein's wand on her favorite spot - a big table at the window. The silver birch wand looked so much like its owner that it made him smile. At that moment, a damp Elvein, wrapped in only a tiny towel and barefoot, started descending the stairs. She held her wet hair with a hand, but it still curtained her whole face, making her almost blind. Stumbling several times, she finally reached her wand, murmured a spell, and dried her hair instantly. Then, turning around, she screamed so loudly that even Malfoy jumped. The towel slid down, revealing her left breast.

"Merlin! Draco! Look away!" She winced and ran into her bedroom.

"Goodness gracious!" Portrait of the pale witch was pulled out of her deep slumber, but just for several seconds. Quickly eyeballing the room, she went back to her second favorite activity - sleeping. In Draco's opinion, she was the only portrait in Hogwarts who actually slept most of the time, officially declaring her the most useless thing in the whole castle.

It took several minutes for Draco to blink and close his mouth, followed by a cold shower with a well-put silencing charm, forbidding Elvein to hear and think what he would have been doing if the water was slightly warm. He dried himself, dressed, and sat on the stairs, waiting for her to come out.

Even after half an hour, Elfy was still hiding in her room; therefore, Draco started knocking on the door:

"Come out. I did not see anything- SON OF A BITCH!" He felt such a painful pinch in the groin that he could not hold back.

"Liar! And jokes on you! It means the deal is still on!"

"Fine! I saw! Now what?! Are you planning to spend the whole semester inside your bedroom?"

In several seconds, the door unlocked and tucked into several layers of clothes, and with red cheeks, Elvein passed Draco, not looking at him.

"Why did you come back so early?"

"Commotion with Griffindore's chumps."

Elfy frowned. "How long are you going to act like a child? I do not understand the rivalry between the houses."

"Come on, Elvein, those are good old traditions. Besides, if we would not fight with each other, most likely, we would chew on each other's necks inside faculties."

She tried to protest, but there was an angry pounding on the door, and vicious Headmistress McGonagall, wrapped in green plaid travel cloak, entered the room:

"Mr. Malfoy! Unsanctioned duel! In the middle of Hogsmeade! Headboy participating! Do you understand the seriousness of this?! Minus fifty points from Slytherin! And next time, even on the slightest piccadilly, you will bid farewell with your Head Boy sign. Is it clear ?! And for you, Miss Temples, I am very disappointed. I was expecting much more. For a whole month, you will be helping with cleaning the dungeon. Both of you!"

Draco's silent indignance was deepened with Elvein's answer.

"I understand, Professor. I assure you to try much harder."

McGonagall threw a last murderous glare at both of them and left the room.

"What was that? What did she want from you?"

"A duel, Malfoy? Really?"

"Do not change the subject! Why is it that when I fuck up, you also have to answer?" It was so clearly written on Elfy's face that she was trying to lie, and she was failing miserably.

"Do not lie! It will pinch you so painfully you will regret the day you were born."

Elvein sighed, nodded her head in defeat, took a glass, and said:

"Pour the drink."
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