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Dumbledore's Last Letter

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In this chapter, the most obvious secret will be uncovered. Who knows, maybe, that's how the house of cards of secrets will start to crumble.

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The girl ran through the dark corridor. Away! Away from him, from herself, from pointless hopes and dreams. Her vision grew blurry, her legs weakened, but she kept running. Away! Away!

"Miss Tempels, Miss Tempels. I was looking for you. I wanted to give you... Is everything alright, Miss Tempels?" McGonagall's voice made her stop.

"Yes, Professor... I just need to ... need to go to my room."

The Headmistress eyed her with a suspicious stare but continued:

"I found a letter that Albus wrote. It was in the case where he kept his correspondence. It seems like he had no time to seal and send it. That's why it took me so long to get to it. This is for you, Miss Temples. Take it. I hope it's not too late and you will find your answers.

Elvein could not recall how she ducked through the portrait, how she got into their common room, how she lit the light, or when she started reading the thin, slanted, and so familiar handwriting.

Draco was leaning against walls and dragging himself towards the small dormitory. Now or never! Now, or ever!

In the common room, Elvein sat on the floor. It was impossible to read her erased face. Not lifting her gaze, she passed him a piece of paper, covered in teardrops and blurred ink.

Dear Miss Tempels,

I am remorseful that our dialogue was interrupted, not letting us finish our discussion. The troubles bedeviling you are quite complex, but there is no dark, which the light can't overcome.

Darkness has marked you, but the love you are so generously shedding is much more triumphant. Feelings as strong as you give, I am telling you with great sincerity, are enviable and can never stay one-sided. It will always find its equal.

But the young man's soul, whom you have gifted your heart, concerns me. His soul is fragile, it's written in his eyes. He stands at a crossroads, and if he does not choose wisely, there will not be a way back. I am ready to sacrifice myself for him. But I need your help. What are you capable of doing for love? How far will you go for the sake of his rescue? Are you capable of overcoming yourself in the name of his salvation? That's what your own survival depends on.

You must recall me asking you to keep your feelings in your heart and, no matter what, not to tell him about it. But unfortunately, I was not able to explain the reason. The motive is that very often, the price of our discoveries is not determined by discovery itself but by the effort spent in the process. He is the one who must choose you. He is the one who must take a step away from darkness. Everybody chooses light himself, my dear Elvein.

I do believe in your success Miss Tempels. Your choices and decisions speak of courage, which every Griffindor's own will envy.

Be strong!

I am inspired by your spiritual powers and want to congratulate you. Love like this is a great power.

Sincerely yours,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

"Tell me! I need to hear it!" Draco still could not believe it. So he waited patiently till Elvein gathered the strength to face him and managed to say:

"I love you, Draco Malfoy."

With the strength of a dragon, Malfoy flew to her and collided his lips onto hers. Madness is the only word that can at least slightly describe their situation. The girl was laughing, crying. Malfoy caught her cries and tears with his lips. But Elvein froze in fear. Her trembling hands grasped the dress collar, trying desperately to open it.

"It's him! The mark. It burns!"

Draco tore the indomitable fabric. The rune was shining like a silver flame. It shimmered and disappeared.

"Is it gone? I can't feel him. Is it really gone?" she could not trust not her eyes nor her own feelings.

"It is gone. You are free, Elvein."
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