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The Edge of Patience

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The biggest secrets hide in corners of the past, in places we least expect. We stumble on them more often, than we could foresee, though acknowledging them depends on our ability to see the nature ...

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Cracking flames in the were illuminating Demian's thoughtful face. He sat at the working desk. As usually grave and in deep thoughts, the man held swan feather in his fingers, eyes fixed on the very last Elvein's letter. The memory of the past spread behind his crimson eyes:

Christmas Eve, the year before:

Parchment sent by Elvein held only one sentence, scrapped out with round, beautiful handwriting:

"I need to talk to you; promise you will let me go."

He quickly answered, "I swear to you." The second owl brought white feather, which started to glow blue at midnight, and teleported Ekrizdis towards a lone tree at the edge of Hogsmeade. Place where Elvein met him every time she sneaked out of Hogwarts. It took only two minutes for her to show up. She was thinner and paler than ever before. Slowly approaching him, she stood at the exact distance from which she used to run for his embrace. Ekrizdis was one to cover the last steps. When only centimeters were parting them, he spoke:

"This is not how you used to greet me."

"Since then, lots of things have changed," Said the girl in a low voice, whose eyes still bore to the ground.

"Look at me."

Elvein did not move, so Demian's fingers gently touched her chin, lifting her eyes towards his "How long will this last, Elvein? Have I not suffered enough?"

"Demian now is the time when the future of the world is decided. Whose side would you take?"

"You know that I will never take Riddle's side."

"But you are not on Potter's side either."

"My love, even with all my powers, I will never be able to defeat Riddle."

"But you can save so many."

"I am capable of a lot, but as you know, I only do what I desire."

"Turns out, there's so much darkness inside you."

"Stop this stubbornness, tell me - yes, choose me, and I will fight alongside Potter."

"I can't. Everyone must choose light by himself."

"You are my light, Elvein."

The girl took a step back, but Demian's arm encircled her and pushed her to his chest.

"You swore to let me go" Almost transparent girl's sad eyes shone right through Demian's soul.

"I know. I will, but .. " Demian's lips touched hers. The girl did not push him away. The kiss grew more profound and more passionate, and the girl's body melted like a candle. Until she did not regain consciousness and pushed on his chest. Demian let her go.

"Open your eyes, Elvein. Please."

The girl took several last steps and disappeared.

Demian put the feather away and stood up. For more than two years, the pocket watch's arrow with Elvein's name pointed at "lost." It has been more than twelve hours since there was nothing but emptiness on the other side of the link. First, he thought Elvein took the Feelings Repressing potion, but it should have worn out by now. Then he thought she was asleep. But the time passed, and the emptiness in his chest only grew more prominent. Demian did not know what to think.

"She is at Hogwarts. She is safe there. Nothing can harm her in there". He paced the room and controlling himself was getting harder and harder. When the evening came, he lost the last drops of control. He gave up, and only in minutes, he was in Hogsmeade.

Presumptively his face held such a horrible expression that people passing gave him space. One middle-aged man accidentally bumped into him, dropping newspaper and scrambling away terrified.

Daily Prophet was a thing that caught Demian's eye and made him stop.
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