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Twin Pearls

by SoniaBibi

Let's give Draco and Elvein some pleasant time alone. They've deserved it, didn't they?

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The world had fretted away. Sun and moon, Lakes and forests, everything has been banished. Only two existed in the small tower. Ones so different, nobody would have ever guessed, they might have anything in common. Their bodies bind together, not to separate ever again. The fire counted last breaths while outside; first sunbeams savagely dispelled the darkness. Flames have died out. The girl's pale frame shrugged from the cold air and snuggled even closely into Draco's warm body.

Headboy covered the bare female back with the warm blanket and dragged his finger on her kiss-swollen lips.

"I know you are awake" His fingers traveled down towards her neck.

"I am scared to open my eyes. What if it's all a dream? What if I will wake up in my bed?" Said Elvein and tucked her head in Draco's neck even further.

"I promise you would not leave my bed so easily. If you still do not believe.." Draco bent down and kissed her lips. Slowly, gently, not like yesterday.

Elvein's fingers slid into Draco's hair. Probably this was the real happiness. It must be here, between her fingertips, on her lips, in his hot breath. She gathered the courage to open her eye to meet Draco's attentive grey gaze.

"Sickle for your thoughts," Asked Malfoy brushing away her fallen strands.

"I could have made so many mistakes. What if I was late in owlery? If you did not follow me yesterday? Or if Dumbledore's letter has never arrived?"

"What would have happened?"

"I would not have been able to take it anymore."

"I would have followed you, anywhere, anytime. Don't cry. Don't you ever cry?"

"But those are happy tears."

"Still" Draco's thumb dried away her fallen tears. Noise on the window made Elvein jump and flogged her nails into Draco's back. "It's only my owl. Don't be scared" Malfoy stood up, went to the window, and took the newspaper from his bird's beak. Meanwhile, demonstrating to giggling Elvein his whole mighty naked glory.

"Don't you giggle at me! You saw the whole thing clearly, just yesterday."

"Honestly speaking, yesterday I barely saw anything. I was a little busy," Answered the blushing girl, trying to cover her giggling mouth.

"Really? Then, what do you think?"

"Impressive," Elvein laughed cordially.

Draco thought he was ready to become her personal joker if she laughed like that. Inspired by those thoughts, he engorged the bedsheet as a Roman tunic and opened Daily Prophet.

"You made the first page," Said Draco sitting on the edge of the bed and opening the Newspaper.

"Slug Club's next successful event. Hogwarts' young student Elvein Temples conquered your hearts".

There was a picture where Elvein shyly descended her eyes on the central spot while Blaize and Slughorn were puffing their chests, smiling bearishly. Underline said: "Elvein Sher Tempels with her boyfriend Blaize Zabini and favorite professor Horatius Slughorn.

Elvein frowned and placed the newspaper aside:

"I don't like being watched."

"That case, you should have worn something else,'' Laughed amused Draco, "Though, no matter what, no one would have been able to look away."

"I don't want to leave this room" Elvein hugged Malfoy's waist.

"But we will have to; today is the last day at Hogwarts" He hugged her back and placed a kiss on her head.

"Can you pass me my jewels"

Draco took a golden necklace, a bracelet, hairpin, and teardrop-shaped black pearl earrings and put them in Elvein's palm. The girl took her wand and transformed her necklace into a graceful chain with ease. At its end, Dragon was curling around one pearl. Then she extended jewel towards Draco and said:

"Those are twin pearls. No matter how many miles separate them, one will always try to reach the second. One, I added on the hairpin you gave me. You will have a second one, so you can always find me. Look" She placed a necklace on her palm. The dragon woke up, put a pearl between his claws, flapped his wings, and flew towards Elvein's hairpin and set on it " I know it's far from Goblin's work, but this is all I am capable of."

"It's perfect," Followed Draco's sincere answer, and he put his necklace around his neck. He was doing this with so much trepidation as if he held his own life between his fingertips.

"Are you hungry?" Asked he.

"First time in days," Smiled Elvein.

"I will bring us something to eat," Said the head boy and reached towards the wardrobe. His feet fumbled in sheets, and he ended up spraying on the carpet.

Elvein laughed but then cried out with fear, covering her mouth with both hands.

"I'm fine. Why are you scared."

"Remember what happened to Bogart when I charmed him?"

"Yes. He turned into ex-minister Fudge."

"I just thought, what If next time, it will turn into naked Draco, who falls so comically?"

Draco imagined it and did not want to stand up anymore.
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