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What Happened at Ball?

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How come, Elvein fell in love with Draco? Maybe, this chapter will give us some onswers. Maybe not.

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Hogwarts Express was welcoming passengers covering them with generous fluffy white steam. The red train served his young fellows with loyalty, opening its doors widely for them.

The girl thought she would miss this train's drone, Hagrid greeting first grades, Hogwarts' tall towers, long corridors full of wonders, always busy professors, rambunctious Mr. Filch who fought unruly kids with such comical efforts, and even Madame Pins's angry hissing. She was closing a significant page of her life by stepping foot on the train. A page full of hopes and despairs, happiness and pain. So much pain. But even more significant was love. Love towards a tall young man who opened the cabin helped her to the seat and closed the door behind him. Draco sat in front of her.

"Come with me, at Malfoy Manor, or I'll follow you, wherever you want'' He was asking her for the sixth time today.

"You must go back home. You will have lots to discuss. When you see that consensus is reached, find me. By then, we will have N.E.W.T.s results and will be able to decide what to do with our future."

Draco was burdened, imagining he would have to let Elvein go in just several hours. His throat was squeezing painfully.

"I know" Girl's fingers grasped Malfoy's hands, "But what two months are compared to what we have already suffered?"

Draco just nodded.

"Tell me, how did it happen? How could you turn your attention towards a person who... towards someone like me, someone I used to be? What happened on the ball?"

"That evening, as usual, I sneaked out to meet Demian. But I came back because I also wanted to be a part of that beautiful ball. Or maybe, I just felt rebellious. It was already late, and almost everyone had left. I was just walking around enjoying its beauty when you grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the dance floor. I remember my heart hammering; I was stunned. You told me: "don't worry, I don't bite. Today". You smelled of whiskey and were looking at the girl behind us. I understood everything but could not help myself. It felt like falling, feeling helpless. I saw a boy who had to prove everything to everyone constantly; despite who's worth and qualities, everyone was dissatisfied with him. I saw your pain and suffering. Or maybe, I thought I saw it. Then I understood how right was the emotion I felt towards you. That love and remorse do not go hand in hand. But your eyes told me you saw me but could not see me. That moment closed the chapter of my life by the name Damian. Since that day, I could not look at him without seeing my sins. I started avoiding him. After that, you know what happened."

"Why did you not give me signs? Why didn't you let me know you."

"That time, would you have wanted to have anything to do with me? I don't think so. Plus, Dumbledore's only advice was to keep my feelings secret. So I kept silent till the very end."

Draco kissed her hands, thinking how much time they had already lost. Seconds were mercilessly dragging them towards inevitable separation, shrinking their time together. Malfoy checked time, just to drop something that made Elvein's eyes widen in horror.

"How did you get it?!" Trembling fingers lifted her and Demian's picture from the train floor.

"I'm sorry, Elvein. I opened your letter."

"You did what?!"

"I know I acted ignominiously, but I was trying to understand your situation. Please don't be so nervous; I will tear this bloody picture right in front of your eyes!"

"You have no idea what you've done" Her huge eyes already gazed outside the window, into the abyss. "Draco, he's coming." She whispered.

He saw a small, brown blotched dot, which was quickly approaching. Malfoy reached for his wand, but right then, the train froze on the spot, and the wall with the window was blown up. When he opened his eyes, Draco tried to get up, but the seat had already turned into Devil's snare, encircling his limbs tightly. Elvein stood at the door, her wand erected, while Demian was nested comfortably in Elvein's seat.

"Hello, my love. I have arrived, just as I promised."
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