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Jinkies! It's Pennywise

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Steve's New Friend is Killed By Pennywise. Roger and Klaus Prank Call a Biker.

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This fanfiction idea was given to me by TimeLordMaster108! Who's been such an excellent friend to me. A special thanks goes out to him. Also, I want to thank and credit Sora1234 for being the co-author for this fanfiction.

Since this is based on Stephen King's IT. Just keep in mind this fanfiction won't exactly be like the real IT mini series or movie. We both wrote the fanfiction in our own point of view. In the way Steve, Barry, TOshi and Snot would handle it.

Enough of the jibber jabber! On with the fanfiction!

American Dad Presents

A NarwhalPuppy and Sora1234 Production

Jinkies! It's Pennywise!

A new student has entered Langley Falls. Steve, Barry, Toshi, and Snot decide to make him a part of their group. The student's name was Roberto Sanchez and he has an after school job at a Costco.

Roberto goes to sit somewhere at lunch. Steve, Snot, Barry and Toshi invite him.

"Hey look! Its the new kid!" Exclaimed Steve. " We should welcome him into our group of friends!" said Snot.

"But what if he doesn't like us or is mean to us?" Asked Barry. Toshi doesn't say anything he just nods. Steve waves to Roberto, "Hey, Roberto! Come sit with us.". Roberto agrees to sit with Steve, Snot, Barry, and Toshi.

"Hola, senors. Oh wait, where is my English. Hello." Roberto says awkwardly.

"What did you get for lunch?". Asks Barry. Toshi rants in Japanese, "That's no way to greet a fellow teen, what's wrong with you?"

"Sorry that's Toshi's native tongue." Said Snot apologizing for him.

"Nice too meet you ." Said Steve.

Roberto says, "Nice to meet you too. Say, after school would you like to hang out at the Costco? So you can see where I work?"

Snot says, "Absolutely we can!" "What time do you want us to meet you?". Asks Steve.

How about Four?" Asked Roberto.

"Perfect." Replied Steve. Later on after school got out, Steve, Barry, Snot and Toshi go to the Costco to meet Roberto.

"Well, better call Dad to tell him I'll be late." Said Steve.
The others wait. Steve calls the house.

Stan says over phone, "Hey Dad its me. I'm going to be a little late. A new friend invited us to go over to his house.

In the Smith Family attic, Roger runs inside with a phone book. "Guess what came today!" Roger says with glee. "Why are you getting so excited about a phone book?" asked Klaus. "We can make prank phone calls!" Roger added.

"Nobody uses phone books anymore. People just now use Google for phone numbers." Klaus concedes.

"We are not going to prank phone call a business. More like a local resident." suggested Roger. "Okay! We'll let our fingers do the walking until we find someone we can prank!" Klaus agrees.

Looking though the phone book, Roger and Klaus find a funny sounding name. PATRICK FARCHS. "Score! Bingo! That's who we'll prank! Patrick Farchs! "Wundabar! That's a hilarious sounding name too!" Klaus says. "Sounds like 'Farts', that's why!" Roger said.

Roger goes to the phone and dials the number of Patrick Farchs. At Patrick Farchs' house, he was a lowly biker living in a one room house. Patrick Farchs answers his phone when it was ringing. "Hello?" Patrick Farchs answers.

Running to the bathroom with the phone, Roger and Klaus hold the receiver and then flush the toilet. Patrick Farchs on the other end was like, "HUH?!"


At the Costco, as Roberto waits for Steve, Barry, Snot, and Toshi to arrive, he hears a suspicious noise.

" Better do some detective work." Roberto says.

"Just be careful." Said Stan.

"I will." Said Steve.

Snot sees the Costco. "There it is over there.". Inside the Costco, Roberto, armed with a broom tries to look into where that sound was coming from. Steve comes in unaware of what just happened.

"Did I miss something?" Asked Steve.

Snot calls out, "Roberto! We're here!". " Guess we will have to do a Scooby Doo style investigation. " Barry says.

" What a childish analogy ". replies Toshi. Steve leads the way around the Costco trying to find Roberto. What they hear sounds like an evil laugh.

"Who just did that?" Asked Snot.

Steve says running with his friends, "Let's run we won't find out standing around.". Roberto sees before him, the evil clown known as Pennywise.

"Who are you? " Asked Roberto to Pennywise.

"I'm the worst nightmare you ever had." Replied Pennywise. "I'm the Clown Your Mama Warned You About!" Pennywise added on.

Barry gets spooked. "Roberto, get outta there!". Steve shouted. Roberto just stood still. Pennywise says, You're coming with me!". as the clown grabbed Roberto. Steve leaps at Pennywise.

The others are shocked.

Pennywise kills Roberto before their eyes. Then the evil clown zones in on Steve, Barry, Toshi and Snot.

"I killed your friend! If you come after me, you'll all be next! I'll take all of you! ANd feat on your flesh and feed on your fear!" Steve gets more angry than ever before.

Snot pulls him away. Barry vows, "We will demolish you to the fiery pits of hell, Pennywise". After the whole ordeal, Steve, Snot, Barry and Toshi decide to do some research on Pennywise. And to avenge Roberto's death. Steve and Snot check the internet.

Barry and Toshi check books.

Snot asks, "Did you guys fond out anything about Pennywise?". " Nope, nothing so far.". answers Barry. "We need to find Pennywise's weakness so he can be easy to defeat". Toshi implies. Steve says, " Eureka! I think I found it"

They go over to Steve who reads from the internet, "Pennywise is an ancient trans dimensional evil entity tat prays upon children".

"Children?! That's us!" Panics Barry. "Oh look, there's more,". Said Snot. Continuing to read Steve says, "Pennywise comes every 27 years after a long slumber, using a variety of powers, including shape shifting!".

"It also says he manipulates reality and his actions go unnoticed by adults." Said Snot.

"Try to find its weakness already so we can avenge our friends death.". demanded Toshi.

Pennywise was spying on Steve, Barry, Snot, And Toshi. " They're going to be fun to tyrannize!"

"Well I don't know if this is a weakness but he can't stand adults." Said Steve.

"That could work." Said Snot. Barry suggests, "Let's get Steve's Dad to confront him." "Cool idea, Barry! My Dad is a total stiff! That's sure to work!" said Steve.

Snot said, "Then get him we will."

They all go to Stan. The Smith family patriach sees Steve and his friends at the door. "So, Steve. What can I do for you?"

"We need your help." Steve pleads with his father Barry tells Stan, "And real quick."
"Whenever a CIA Agent is I need, I am there". Stan vowed. Steve explains along the way about their encounter with Pennywise.

"Well now he has me to deal with." Said Stan. What does before them, is thought it be Pennywise. But instead it was just a bunch of balloons in the form of a clown. "I know those are balloons" Said Stan.

"See my dad is smart too." Said Steve. The balloons just flew over Stan, Steve and his friends. "Could be there us no Pennywise. That's okay. I'm used to false alarms.". Steve, Snot, Barry and Toshi watch in disappointment as Stan walks back home.

" Well. Guess we will have to find that Magic Witches Club in school.". said Snot. "Perfect! They'll know what to do." Said Steve. "They'll be easy to spot." Said Snot. The others follow.


The next day. Roger and Klaus want to prank call Patrick Farchs some more. Roger dials the number and he and Klaus run into the bathroom to flush the toilet.

Patrick Farchs on the other end on his phone answers it, "HELLO?" Roger and Klaus both shout into their phone, "YOU SUCK!" Then flush the toilet again. Patrick Farchs begins to get a little mad.

Meanwhile at Pearl Bailey High. Steve, Barry, Toshi and Snot are in school. During lunch after they've eaten, they go to the study hall to where the Witches hang out. The four of them hear singing.

"Do you hear that, they sound like angels singing!" exclaims Steve. " What are we waiting for lets go in!" demands Snot. Entering the girls just got done singing. ".... You're the best.". The girls spot Snot, Barry, Toshi, and Steve.

" Who are you guys?". asked the girls. "We're a bunch of boys who saw Pennywise kill our friend.". Told Steve. " You girls are witches so we assume..." begins Barry. "What?! Witches?! What the hell ever gave you that idea?". protested one of the girls. "Did anyone ever tell you that there is no Pennywise!" spat one of the girls.

"Sounds like you girls are singing to conjure up spells and...." Toshi says in Japan. "You dumbasses we're not fucking witches!" says one of the girls.

" Look all around, do we look like witches to you?". said another girl in the group. Steve, Barry, Snot and Toshi all see pictures and drawings of Fitz and Thester from Paradise PD all around. Some pics are even of Fitz and Thester in pornographic situations. " Hmmm, seems like you girls are super into yaoi, especially with these dudes. Whoever they are." Steve says nervously.

"We're the Fitz and Thester fan club!" shouted one of the girls. " Who are they," asked Snot in a perplexing way. "The coolest characters on Paradise PD!" Answers one of the girls. "Not that its any of your business, We aim to make these characters have a popular fanbase and make them have a love story when season 4 comes!" explains the girls.

"Okay, sorry to have bothered you and...." Snot stammers. After a while, Steve, Barry, Toshi, and Snot all got thrown out of the study hall by the Fitz and Thester fan club.

"And stay out". screams the girls slamming the door in the four friends faces.
"Well that didn't help." Said Steve.

"I was hoping before we entered, we can go in disguise and be like those guys in the movie Sorority Boys with them." Snot says. "What now?" Asked Barry.

"We'll need to figure out something on our own." says Steve. "Yes, and bring Roberto to justice.". vowed Snot. As the week went by, Roger and Klaus were happily tormenting Patrick Farchs with prank phone calls by flushing the toilet and screaming obsenities at him. Pennywise terrorized all the four boys at random. First Steve. It was raining.

" Hey, Steve. Do you want to float this paper ship?". asked Francine. "Mom! I'm too old!". whines Steve. " Oh come on, don't let me down, I made it just for you!". says Francine.

"Fine, just this once.". says Steve rolling his eyes. Steve goes outside in the rain and sets down the paper ship on the running puddle water. It sails straight into the sewer.Steve goes to the sewer to try to retrieve it. Only to be confronted by Pennywise.

"Hello, there! Want to come down to my sewer! I got lots of balloons!". Greets Pennywise. " After the way you brutally murdered my friend? Never!" Steve shouts.

"This really isn't enough for you, is it, Billy?"! Pennywise taunts. "My name is Steve, fuckass!"

"It may not be today or tomorrow, but you better watch yourself because you're going to crash and burn!" Steve says. "I will haunt you and friends forever! You will never be rid of me!" Pennywise promises.

"Just you wait, Pennywise! You need to be punished for what you did to Roberto!" Steve says. Pennywise goes on, " Keep trying, no matter what, you will be unsuccessful. I will haunt you all until you float!!"

Steve runs away from the sewer drain. The following day, Pennywise goes after Snot. As he was getting ready for gym class. Snot was playing games on his computer.

Then the bell rings and it was time for gym class. As Snot puts on his gym uniform, he notices a a rumbling in the shower. Before joining the others for gym, Snot decides to investigate. Vince Chung stops him and says in an angry manner, "Where the fuck are you going? Gym Class is that way!"

"Just give a minute!" Snot spat back. Vince Chung shouted at Snot, "Whatever you say, Wrongway Peachfuzz!" Going into the shower room, the floor began to implode upward. Up from the drain, Pennywise reveals himself.

"Tasty Tasty beautiful fear!" says Pennywise to Snot who then belts out a piercing scream.

Nobody heard it....

The day after. Patrick Farchs answers his phone once more. "YEAH!" Patrick Farchs answers. Roger was on the toilet passing a bowel movement as Klaus was holding onto the phone. When Roger was done, both him and Klaus yell into the phone, "IT'S PATRICK FARCHS!"
Then Roger hangs up as does Patrick Farchs.

Roger and Klaus crack up and high five each other! "We're better than the Jerky Boys!!" exclaimed Roger. "Wonder what he looks like in real life?" asked Klaus. "Maybe a skinny pussy!! Laughs Roger. Patrick Farchs looked at his phone and got the Smith Family number on his caller ID.

"NOW! SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DIE!" laughs Patrick Farchs with his blood reaching a boiling point.

Barry was at the library looking for a way to defeat Pennywise. Some books fly off the shelves. Barry discovered that the way to defeat Pennywise was to summon a Korean Water Ghost! "That's it! Korean Water Ghost also known as a Gwisin! Just like Samara from The Ring!"

After Barry got off the computer, he saw the books fly off the shelves and gallons surrounded him endlessly. Until one of the balloons pops on Barry that was full of blood.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh "! Barry screams in terror. Pennywise comes out of the computer screen, "I always keep my promises! Soon you and your friends will come to a terrible end. Even worse than Roberto!"

The day after. Patrick Farchs calls the Smith house. Roger answers it. "Hello?" asked Roger. Patrick Farchs says, "Congratulations! You just won a free pizza!"

"No shit! Get out!" Roger says. "What's going on?" asked Klaus. "We won a free pizza!" Roger says. "So ask how we can get it." Klaus demanded.
"How can we have this pizza delivered?" Roger asked. "Just give me your address." said Patrick Farchs. "Hmmm, that's a tough one." Roger thought out loud.

"You don't know your own address?" asks Patrick Farchs in an annoyed tone. "What's our address, Klaus! I keep forgetting!" Roger asked the goldfish.

"I'll find some mail! Oh, here's some!" suggested Klaus who found some mail that didn't have the Smith Family address on it. Roger reads it, "Al Tuttle. 124 Cherry Street! Now get your ass over to our house and bring that pizza over here! I'm fucking hungry!" yelled Roger over the phone.

"Now we wait..." said Klaus.


Toshi was at a family reunion. Toshi could feel something was wrong. Akiko notices Toshi was out of sorts, "You seem so distressed. Just enjoy yourself.". Assumes Akiko.

"Stay here, I'll be right back." Toshi says as he runs outside. When Toshi reaches the bushes, he feels wind and sees the trees and bushes rattling. A blackish goo appears before him.
He knows why this is and he won't let it get him.

"All right, I know this is you, Pennywise!" Toshi says. " How ever did you guess?" Says the black blob who morphed into Pennywise.

"You don't scare me, we will be rid of you! You're not even as scary as the ending to The Mist!" Toshi said. " Afraid that's not possible, you see, no matter what. I will always be there.....until you die!! Pennywise says.

Toshi runs inside. He doesn't tell his family what he saw. The boys no longer want to leave their houses.

Until one day, Barry texts Snot, Steve, and Toshi. They all agree to meet Steve in his backyard. Barry decided to tell them about the Korean Water Ghost they needed to summon to be rid of Pennywise.

"How do we even summon it?" Asked Steve. Barry checks his iPhone, "We need to be near water." "Good, we can use Steve's pool!" said Snot. "Cool! At least one of us did our homework on this!" Steve said.

At Al Tuttle's house, Al was having a single man party with Principal Lewis. "Cheesecake, anyone!" asked Al Tuttle. "Yeah! Looks delicious!" Principal Lewis says.

Just then, Patrick Farchs, kicked down the door with excessive force. Patrick Farchs runs up to Al Tuttle and grabs him, "YOU FUCKING CUNT SUCKER! WAS IT YOU!"

"I didn't do anything!" pleaded Al Tuttle in fear. Principal Lewis gets a phone that was ringing and Patrick Farchs charges at him, "IT WAS YOU WASN'T IT! I'LL KILL YOU!"

"What are you talking about!" Principal Lewis asks with confusion. "LET ME GIVE YOU A HINT!" Patrick Farchs says carrying Principal Lewis to the bathroom to force his head down the toilet to give him a swirly. Patrick Farchs gave Principal Lewis 20 swirlies.


Patrick Farchs yelled at Principal Lewis as he shoved the phone into Principal's Lewis's anus.


Checking his iphone, Barry reads a message that summons the Korean Water Ghost. Just then, Pennywise comes their way. They scream
Pennywise says, "Roberto that kid I killed is now floating! So now you'll float too!" Steve, Snot, Barry, and Toshi all stare at Pennywise in fear as Pennywise says more things to them. Something rises from the water.

It was the Gwisin, also known as the Korean Water Ghost. It looked like a young girl with white skin, long black hair and a gown that encased her body.
"You're a son of a bitch, Pennywise! Check out our 'Lady in The Water!'" Snot implied.

As Barry was reading the sentence to make the Korean Water Ghost arise! "Boy That Italian Family At That Table Sure is Quiet!" Barry reads. Steve, Barry, Snot, and Toshi watch.

"Huh? That's all it took? Saying a line from Spies Like Us?" asked Steve. "So what! If it's the only way to destroy Pennywise, we'll take it!" Snot says.

The Korean Water Ghost has jumped itself at Pennywise, thus making the Clown explode!

They cheer very happily. The Korean Water Ghost goes back into the pool and her body becomes transparent and disappears into the pool.

"Isn't there anything the four of us can't do!" Steve says with pride. "And bullies want to think geeks are so weak." said Snot. "There's one thing left to do now." said Toshi. "What's that?" asked Steve.

Then Steve, Barry, Toshi and Snot visit Roberto's grave. They leave flowers beside the tombstone. Steve, Barry, Toshi, and Snot pay their last respects and ride off into the sunset on their bikes. "Our quest ended like Van Helsing!" implies Barry.

Roger and Klaus see an ambulance take away Principal Lewis on a stretcher. The phone was ringing inside his anus giving him pain.

"YYAAAHHH! YYYAAAAHH! Can someone please get that! It could be the office! YYAAAHH! YYAAHHHH!"

"So where's that pizza we were promised?" Roger said angerly. "I know we should've used the GrubHub App!" Klaus said.

Roger and Klaus go inside the living room and they see Stan looking over the phone bill.

Stan opens the phone bill as Roger and Klaus go into the attic and wait for the 'pizza'.

"GrubHub App! Awesome idea, Klaus! I'll apply for an account! We will get our own pizza." said Roger. Before Roger and Klaus can do anything. They both hear Stan scream really loud.

"WHAT! A PHONE BILL FOR $5000?! It's all calls to Patrick Farchs! ROGER!! KLAUS!! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE NOW!" Stan roared loud enough to shake the whole house.

Roger and Klaus run downstairs to face whatever consequences awaited them.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been A NarwhalPuppy and Sora1234 Production!
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