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Chapter Eleven - One Oar in the Water

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Over the course of several years, our faves Tweek and Craig support each other as friends and as lovers, from grade school to college, Colorado to California, to go through a lot of challenges that...

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One Oar in the Water (not thinking clearly about a given situation)
California, October 2014, Fall
Tweek dozed off with Craig in his arms as the afternoon sun filtered into the bedroom. He slipped back into consciousness as Craig snored slightly, making him jump.
He closed his eyes and squeezed Craig a little tighter, Craig’s head on his chest. Craig stirred and squeezed him a little tighter around the waist with a contented little moan, settling back down. Tweek softly kissed his damp hair and smiled as he noticed the little puddle of drool gathering on his t shirt. Aww. Craig.
He heard the clock tick in the hall, chiming four times.
Well, the day’s pretty much shot for study. Damn.
Craig slowly raised his head, blinking groggily. “Mmm. What time is it?”
“Four, according to Lord Cuckington.”
“Ha. Cuck.”
“I know. I’m hilarious and adorable.”
“You are. Hilarious and adorable dot jpeg. C’mere.”
Craig snuggled in closer, wrapping his arms around Tweek and squeezing him a little too hard. He noticed Tweek wince slightly and quickly let go.
“Oh God, sorry.”
“It’s ok. How are you feeling?”
“Yeah I’m ok, I guess. Though to be honest I’d rather slam my tongue in the fridge door than go out to UCLA.” He yawned. “I’m feeling pretty goddamn rough.”
“Me too. Hey, it’ll be ok. We’ll just dope you up with flu medication and I’ll drive.”
“Will that mean you can’t take medication?”
“I’ll check. If it does, it’s ok. I just won’t take any. Panadol and caffeine are ok too.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah of course. It’s funny, I know when they say not to operate heavy machinery they mean like a car. But I always imagine some sort of army tank.”
Craig laughed. “Tweek -”
“It’s totally fine, honey.”
“Well, only if you’re sure. Either way I don’t want to stay late.”
“I’m sure she’ll understand.” Tweek squeezed Craig’s hand as he spoke.
Craig gently nuzzled into Tweek’s neck, making him shiver with the warmth he softly blew onto his skin. Tweek sighed and pulled him close.
Craig stroked his fingers over the back of Tweek’s hand and gave his neck a soft kiss. “You know,” he began softly, “I do have an idea of something we could do to make you feel a little better. It’s been historically proven.”
Tweek felt the stirrings as Craig spoke.
“Would you like to, Tweek?”
Tweek groaned softly in response. “Yeah. So much.”
Craig nestled in a little closer and slowly began stroking the inside of Tweek’s bare thigh, teasing him. He raised himself to lean over Tweek and sensually kiss him on the lips. Tweek moaned into his mouth, arching his hips.
“Craig. That feels really good. Oh, God.”
“Can I spoon you?”
“Mmm. Yeah.”
Tweek lay on his side and spread his legs, placing one bare foot flat on the mattress and raising his knee so that Craig could keep stroking inside his thighs, getting closer and closer as Tweek moaned in his arms. He reached Tweek’s boxers and placed his hand on the front. Tweek sighed and pushed his hips forward into Craig’s hand. Craig shuddered a little, sharply intaking his breath as he felt himself have a tiny orgasm in response to Tweek’s enjoyment.
Tweek moaned. “I know that gasp. You just came a little, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, dude. Feeling your hard cock will do that to me.”
“Oh man. That’s, like, ridiculously hot. But nothing compared to what I’m going to make you feel when you finish inside me.”
Craig groaned and took hold of Tweek’s cock through his boxers. Tweek moaned and turned over to face Craig. For a few moments they gazed at each other; wordlessly, breathlessly. Craig didn’t take his eyes off Tweek as he lovingly rubbed him, squeezing him gently, watching him come undone.
Suddenly Tweek laughed, his eyes bright. Craig stopped and kissed his forehead. “Hey, angel. Are you ok?”
Tweek smiled uncomfortably. “Yeah, I’m ok. That feels amazing. I just really wish I felt comfortable getting naked.”
Craig wrapped him in a gentle hug as he pressed on. “I just, I don’t know. You make me feel so sexy. But, ugh. I stepped out of the shower this morning and I just looked so fucking fat and gross. My stomach looked huge and I had all these stretch marks and I just, I don’t know. My boxers hardly fit anymore. I just don’t want to buy new ones. Plus I just feel like such an embarrassing privileged white boy worrying about my weight when half the world is starving. I need to get it together, I know that. I just don’t feel good naked.”
Craig slowly rubbed Tweek’s back through the red cardigan and nuzzled into his hair. He only wanted to make Tweek feel better but he didn’t know what to say.
Tweek sighed. “Sorry, Craig. I’m in bed with this perfect sexy adorable handsome guy who wants to make love with me and all I can do is get insecure and whiney.”
Craig smiled at him, his eyes kind. “I want to make love with you, but only if you want to. Obviously.”
He softly took Tweek’s hand and squeezed it. “Is it possible that this is linked to your meeting yesterday?”
Tweek nodded, looking grim.
Craig kissed his cheek. “Hey. You are so smart and so capable of this. Seriously.”
He kissed the other side of his face. “And, you know. You’re looking really good. You always are. Even when you’re tired, even when you’re sick, even when you’ve spent the day driving with me and being all sweaty and gross. Even when it’s first thing in the morning and we passed out without cleaning our teeth and the flies are buzzing around us because we stink to high heaven.”
Tweek laughed, but sounded like he was on the verge of tears. “I love you, Craig. You’re so good to me.”
Craig laughed and shook his head, cuddling Tweek. “You flatterer. Besides, you left out “who fucking worships you.”” He moved his head back to smile reassuringly at Tweek. “Hey.”
Gently he took Tweek’s face in his hands and looked him in the eyes. “Tweek. Have you even let yourself acknowledge how much you’ve had to deal with in the past year? It’s like, more than the average person deals with over a lifetime.”
He sighed. “I was reading an article on Huff Post yesterday after I got home. The dude had done a lot of research into depression and thinks that the main cause isn’t chemical but a result of experience. And, I’ve gotta say, I really do think he’s right. Or maybe I just want to feel vindicated in going off the SSRI pills without asking a doctor about it first. Oh yeah, that was another thing. He ranked depression from 0 to 59. And pills only seemed to make a difference of, like, not even two points on that scale. I dunno. I guess it just isn’t fair that people expect you to be ok right away and talk to a counsellor or something and take pills and be fine. We’re expected to be so together, and I feel like you’re doing that to yourself. And it’s mean, Tweek. If I was the one who had gained a little weight after a year of feeling exhausted and starved from depression you would be so lovely and supportive about it. I just don’t get why you can’t do that for yourself. You deserve it. You are so hard on yourself, angel.”
He hugged Craig back under the bedclothes, clinging to him. “So, um. I haven’t successfully killed the mood completely, have I?”
Craig drew back and looked at him. “Are you sure? Seriously, no pressure.”
Tweek nodded, smiling. “I really want to make love with you. But I don’t really want to look at my body right now, so can we stay under the covers?”
Craig gently pulled Tweek onto his chest. “Are you completely sure?”
Tweek nodded again. “Yeah. I, um, I’m really turned on.”
Craig smiled at Tweek and slowly moved a lock of hair from his face. “Ok. But if anything makes you uncomfortable in any way or if you just want to stop, please tell me right away.”
Tweek nodded and leaned in to kiss Craig hungrily on the lips. He took hold of Craig’s face and ran his fingers through his hair, gently massaging his scalp with his fingertips and stroking the back of Craig’s neck with his soft palms.
Craig moaned at his wonderful touch. “Oh, Tweek. You’re so good at this. I wish we could just stay here all night and do this.”
Tweek moaned back. “Will you touch me again? Please?”
In response, Craig gently placed his hand on the front of Tweek’s boxers and began to rub his palm over Tweek’s penis, knowing it would drive him wild. Tweek moaned, spreading his legs again, and gently moved Craig’s hand down the front of his boxers. Craig sighed and gently took Tweek’s hand, moving it down the front of his blue checked flannel pyjama pants. Both moaned in unison. Mutual masturbation had been one of their favourite foreplay moves for years.
Craig kissed Tweek and began to shuffle out of his pants, laughing as Tweek continued to stimulate his cock. Tweek pulled off his pants and dropped them on the floor.
“Oh God, honey. Do you want to lie on top of me?”
“Yeah. Mmm.”
“Will you take my shirt off first?”
Tweek groaned as he pulled Craig’s black t shirt over his head, leaving him completely naked.
Craig lay on his back and pulled Tweek to lie on top of him. Tweek rubbed his ass against Craig’s cock, making him sigh as Craig put his hand into Tweek’s underpants to stroke him again.
Tweek moaned, leaking over Craig’s fingers. “Mmm. I need to take my boxers off.”
Craig groaned as Tweek pulled them off. “Fuck that’s hot.” He could rub Tweek a lot more freely with him naked from the waist down.
Softly he stroked the warm little marks the elastic had left on Tweek’s skin, lovingly running his hands over Tweek’s lightly covered hipbones, the light brown triangle of hair he kept trimmed, feeling the little indentations that the stretch marks had left on his skin and the soft covering beneath his skin that had Tweek so concerned. Craig knew he fixated on the stretch marks with the result that he thought they were a lot more obvious than they were, and as he gently slipped his hands underneath his cardigan to lightly caress Tweek’s softened, slightly swollen stomach he knew Tweek perceived himself to weigh a lot more, and to look a lot bigger overall, than he actually did.
Creek sighed and closed his eyes, holding Tweek closely against him. “Mmm. I love snuggling you. You’re so perfect.”
Tweek moaned loudly. “Craig. I need to be naked so I can feel your body. I need your chest against my back.”
Craig sighed as Tweek pulled off the cardigan and lay back down, totally bare in Craig’s arms, moaning as he rubbed his ass on Craig’s cock and Craig rubbed him to bliss. Craig kissed the back of his neck, sending delicious shivers through him as he spoke. “I should warn you though, I can’t take your cock today. My stomach’s too weird.”
“I understand, sweetheart.”
“Mmm. Why don’t you finish me off like this, it won’t take long. And then I want to hold you against me and put my hands in you.”
Craig moaned at the thought. He grinned as he felt Tweek tremble in his arms in response, growing closer and closer to orgasm. Gently he moved his free left hand up to gently stroke Tweek’s nipples, deftly licking his fingertips and going back to squeeze them harder as he elicited a loud groan from Tweek at his touch. “Fuck. Yes.”
He kissed Tweek’s neck and gently blew on the spots he had kissed as he pumped his cock harder, murmuring into his ear. “Cum for me when you’re ready, baby. I love you so goddamn much. I need your cum on me.”
The combination of sensations; lying on top of Craig, snuggled in his arms with their two naked bodies entwined and Craig lovingly caressing the parts of his body he was most self-conscious of with complete and utter acceptance; Craig rubbing his cock in his expert way while he stimulated his sensitive nipples; Craig kissing and breathing his warm breath on his neck as he whispered intimate sweetnesses into Tweek’s ear; culminated in sending Tweek into ecstatic orgasmic euphoria. He cried out, his body stiffening as he explosively ejaculated, and then becoming limp as soon as Craig finally made him finish.
For a few moments he lay on top of Craig, panting. Gently he rolled off of Craig to snuggle into him and breathlessly, to messily kiss his warm mouth.
Craig was just as out of breath as Tweek. He beamed at Tweek as they lay facing each other, their bodies pressed together as they shared a pillow. “Wow, honey. You’re glowing. Seriously. I – um. Hearing you have an orgasm is seriously the biggest turn-on you could ever imagine. Mmm.”
Tweek wrapped one arm around Craig’s waist and took hold of his penis with his free hand. Craig groaned, making Tweek smile at his cuteness. “Huh. So, um, am I right in thinking this won’t take long?”
“Mm. Fuck yeah. Oh God.”
Craig lay back as Tweek pumped his cock, uninhibitedly moaning at the waves of pleasure pulsing through his body. Suddenly Tweek was leaning on him, seductively whispering in his ear. “If you like, I’d love to spoon you and put my fingers in you.”
In response Craig rolled over so that his back was to Tweek and shuffled back into his warm embrace. He groaned as Tweek, his hands covered in their combined seed and a few pumps of lube, rubbed his hands all over Craig’s chest, stomach, and thighs as he spooned him closely, making Craig tingle as he gently bit his neck and blew into his ears.
Tweek took hold of his penis and began to work him slowly. He softly rubbed Craig’s balls with his other hand, rubbing his taint with lube as he moved further back.
Craig sighed as Tweek started to stroke his entrance, carefully coating him with lube. Craig had never been that confident at having anything inside of himself, much as he loved it. As if reading his thoughts, Tweek leaned in to kiss his cheek and lovingly whisper to him.
“Hey, angel. Are you ready for me to start putting a finger in you?”
“Yeah. I trust you.”
Tweek stroked the side of Craig’s waist to help him relax as he slowly started to push inside Craig. Craig groaned.
“Ok, that’s the first knuckle.”
Craig winced at the slight stinging.
“Second. Do you want me to keep going?”
Craig laughed loudly as Tweek dug deeper until he was completely inside of him.
“Oh, Tweek. Man that feels good. I – haha! I feel cheated.”
Tweek slowly rubbed Craig inside, causing him to shudder and leak into Tweek’s hand.
“Really? I mean, you never seem to when you’re balls deep in me, just saying.”
Craig laughed again, pushing his ass further back against Tweek.
Tweek sighed. “Wow. You’ve already given me a semi again, somehow.”
Craig groaned. “Oh God. Have you got another one in you?”
“I really doubt it. But I want to make you feel amazing. I’ll top you if you want. I’ll top you to a screaming orgasm.”
Craig’s cock pulsed at his words.
“Mmm. I’d love that. Mmm. You’d better do it soon though, I’m practically edging.”
Tweek wrapped his free arm around Craig and held him tightly as he gently slipped his finger out of Craig. Craig turned back, looking a little anxious. “Am I clean?”
In answer, Tweek slipped his unmarked finger into his own mouth and sucked it with a wink. “The cleanest.”
“Sorry. Guess I’m just kind of shy.”
Tweek wrapped both of his arms tightly around Craig. “I understand. But you don’t have to be. You’re perfect.”
Craig felt Tweek gently poking into him and shivered.
“Oh, Tweek. Fuck me. Please.”
Tweek moaned as he began to rub his cock against Craig. “Now remember, it’s just the first bit that hurts.”
“I trust you.”
Craig held himself open with his hands as Tweek kept spooning him, one hand gently holding Craig’s hip as he began to push himself in with the utmost care, the other hand slowly rubbing his cock, melting him into oblivion. “Does that feel good?”
Craig took a deep breath, his heart thumping pleasurably. “O - Overwhelmingly. Ha. How is it for you?”
“Incredible. It always is with you, no matter how we make love.”
“I love being vulnerable for you.”
He winced again. “Are you nearly all in?”
“About halfway.”
“Wait, really?”
“Yeah. Hey, you should try taking YOUR cock up your ass sometime honey. You’re way better equipped than I’ll ever be.”
Craig laughed again. “You flatterer. Ok, I need all of you inside me. Make me see stars.”
He gasped as Tweek slid all of himself into Craig, continuing to reach around and rub his cock as he did so.
“Oh, Tweek.”
“Make love to me. Please. Give me those thrusts you go wild over. I promise it won’t take long.”
Tweek kissed the back of his neck playfully. “Like, ten thrusts?”
Craig moaned in Tweek’s arms as Tweek gave him the deep, hard, satisfying thrusts he needed. He didn’t even make it to five of them, cumming hard on the fourth one, spilling his seed all over the sheets with a strangled yelp.
Tweek moaned and held him tightly as Craig pulsed over his cock. “Oh, God. You just gave me another orgasm. And I’m not even sure how that’s possible.” He stroked Craig’s side as he carefully pulled out and lay back a little, proudly watching Craig leak his cum onto the bed.
Craig rolled over and wrapped Tweek up in his arms, snuggling him tightly and nuzzling his soft messy hair.
Tweek found himself laughing as he snuggled down into Craig’s chest. Craig poked his tongue out, smiling at the elated green eyes.
“What are you laughing at, pray?”
“Us. Don’t gay guys usually argue over who gets to top?”
Craig laughed. “We are the worst gay guys ever.”
“What, cause we’d rather stay home and drink tea and play with the guineas than go to a club?”
Craig laughed, nodding. Suddenly he frowned.
“What’s up, Craigie?”
“You’re so right. And I would so much rather just stay home with you and Netflix and dope up on Lemsip and Pringles and go to sleep early than go out and, like, interact with other humans. Ugh.”
Tweek took his hand and kissed it softly. “I know. Me too. But, hey. It’ll be great to see Tricia. I know how excited she is. And we don’t have to stay late.”
He rolled over the side of the bed to reach his phone on the charger and groaned.
“Ugh. Speaking of which. We should really get going soon, angel.”
“I know. Hahaha, hey, Tweek. I hope they don’t make me stand for extended periods of time.”
Tweek chuckled. “Just tell them I fucked you in the ass to orgasm, I’m pretty sure that should deter any follow up questions.”
Craig groaned and shook his head as he untangled himself from the covers and clambered off the bed. “I’m not showering again. They can take me cummy or leave me cummy.”
“I’ll take you any way, even if you do put it that crudely.” He watched from the bed, still wrapped in the covers as Craig yawned and pulled a pair of boxers from the top drawer.
“These are mine, right?”
“Check the size. You know straight couples don’t typically have this problem.”
Craig laughed as he stepped into the grey boxers. He picked a soft navy button down from the rack and took it off the hook, pulling it on and beginning to button it.
Tweek smiled at him. “Speaking of problems. At least now I can handle buttoning my shirt. Jesus.”
Craig turned back to him, his smile sad. “I love you so much, Tweek.”
“I love you too.”
He groaned as he threw off the sheets and stood up. “Nngh. What’s the most slobby thing I can wear tonight and still look presentable? I don’t mean to whine but my stomach hurts.”
Craig padded back to the bed to sit on the edge of it and put his hand on Tweek’s forehead, his face concerned. “You don’t have a temperature so that’s good. Do you want to stay home tonight?”
“No, I’m ok. Really.”
Tweek forced a smile as he dragged himself to his feet. He picked a grey baseball tee from the pile of clean laundry they’d dumped on the floor and pulled it on, slipping the cardigan back over his head.
“Is this ok?”
“You’re perfect, Tweek. And, y’know. They’re students.”
“Not like the scruffy little freshmen I’m paid to be nice to. These are, like, intimidating PhD students. They know how to do wine pairings and discuss tax rebate and stuff. I assume.”
Craig laughed as he pulled his Levi’s on.
“Do you really find them intimidating? They’re really nice.”
“Yeah. They’re nice. Sorry, I’m talking out of my ass.”
Tweek forced another smile as he gently passed Craig to reach their shared dresser, pulling a pair of black slim legs out. He tried not to cringe at the white “38” inside the label. He could remember when he was a size 28.
“Tweek -”
“We should get going, sweetheart. Did you take those flu pills we found?”
Tweek took several paracetamol and ibuprofen, and chugged the 500ml Red Bull he found in the fridge. He pulled on his Doc Martens, and held out his hand for Craig as he emerged.
Craig blinked hard and opened his arms wide. Tweek stepped into his embrace and felt Craig envelop him. He clung to Tweek, who soothingly rubbed his back in response.
“Hey, angel. You’re shaking.”
“I’m really cold.”
Tweek gently pulled back and pressed the back of his hand to Craig’s forehead. “Oh, honey. You’re burning up. I think we should stay in.”
Craig shook his head, his face ashen but his brow determined. “No. I’m ok, really. I just need the drugs to kick in.”
“I’m making you some tea.”
“Can we put it in a thermos? Please?”
“Craig -”
Craig forced a smile. “Can we chuck a few shots of vodka in there?”
Tweek laughed in spite of himself as he filled the kettle. “I’m so jealous that a fake ID actually works for you. Remember that time we tried mine and the lady just looked at me and laughed?” He flicked it on to boil.
“How could anyone ever forget.”
“Hey, you’ve since learned to leave me in the car with a juice box.” He grabbed a thermos and waved it at Craig. “What kind of tea do you want?”
“That lemon and ginger one would be perfect. Thanks.”
“Honey, are you absolutely sure you don’t just want to curl up? I’ll bring you whatever you need.”
Craig took a couple of steps across the kitchen to close the gap between them and wrap Tweek in his strong arms, nuzzling the top of his head. For a few moments they held each other, each breathing in the other’s familiar scent with their eyes rested closed.
“Tweek. I love how much you care about me. But I need to at least make an appearance. I know Tricia would understand. But I’d feel bad, you know?”
Tweek nodded as he gripped Craig. “I know. So would I. Do you want a red bull to get you through?”
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