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Chapter 1-Rosalin

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in which our main character is transported to another world.

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The summer sun warmed the back of my neck as I sat on the grass eating lunch. A warm breeze floated by, as i watched a squirrel dart across the ground and up a nearby tree. I’d decided it was too nice out to stay indoors, hours prior during class. My eyes kept going to the window during the lecture, longing to feel that warmth on my skin. As soon as class ended, I raced out the door alongside my classmates and found a somewhat secluded spot behind the building to eat. Today i'd brought my lunchbox filled with fruit, yogurt, and a thick monte cristo sandwich. Which was better than my usual of grabbing whatever caught my eye at the convenience store. Honestly, as nice as the weather is, it’s depressing to eat alone like this. I went off to college three years ago and still haven’t met anyone to hang out with. My life has turned into a routine of school, sleep, work, repeat. How depressing. My thoughts were interrupted by the melodic chime of my phone’s alarm. Swiping it to off, I pushed a few stray braids out of my face and gathered my things. 

I walked down the street glancing at my reflection in store windows as I passed out of habit. My orange floral sundress swished just below my knees as I walked, the color a nice contrast to my brown skin and I held onto my straw sunhat when the wind picked up. I’d gotten it into my head that maybe if I dressed nicer like the other students in my classes, I’d look more approachable. It hadn’t worked out that way clearly. I rounded a corner and followed a stream of other students inside the brick building. The downstairs lobby was packed with people laughing and chatting on various benches and chairs, with the majority of them waiting for the elevator. Being terrified of small spaces, I decided to take the stairs up to the fourth floor classrooms. At least I’ll have nice legs after walking everywhere...

Three hours later, with classes for today over, I made it into my dorm. I stretched out on the couch, tossing off my shoes as I sat down. After taking a minute to work up the energy I staggered to my feet, and gingerly walked to the bathroom to fill up my old foot spa. More days than not I’d have to soak my feet or I wouldn’t even be able to get back up after walking all day. Especially after the nights I’d work in the local bakery. Placing the foot spa in the tub I turned the faucet on the farthest left it could go and waited for hot water to fill it. It feels like I’m being watched again. I hate’s like I can almost feel someone’s warm breath on my neck. I shivered and turned off the water, rubbing goosebumps on my arm. After a short walk back to the couch I sat my feet in the foot spa and sighed in contentment closing my eyes. There it goes again. That intense feeling… There’s no one here but I feel a presence. Warm breath grazing my neck again. A hand running down my leg, fingers gliding over my ankle.. Fingers gliding over my ankle? My eyes fly open and I look around wildly, but I’m still alone. I look down at my feet, watching the water swirl around them as the foot spa creates bubbles. I swear I felt someone touch me just now. I don’t think it’s been more than a breath and a stare before. Feeling uneasy I turn on the TV and flip to a random channel, leaving the volume loud. The background noise of what’s apparently a home shopping channel is comforting, and I relax again. This time keeping my eyes open as the saleswoman on screen details the appeal of a steam mop…

The world around me is blanketed in snow, twisted barren trees reach towards the sky as if begging for salvation. And walking amongst them are monsters. Bloody and terrifying monsters, at least ten feet tall if not more. Some carry weapons, smeared with chunks of flesh. I hear a wet crunch and the crack of bone as an eyeless one nearby eats…something. I open my mouth, knowing if I do I’ll scream but I can’t get enough air in. I’m hyperventilating. A warm breath brushes against my ear. I turn my head and the stranger covers my eyes. A voice dark and sinful, like silk on bare skin, whispers to me in a language I’ve never heard before. He must sense my confusion, as I feel him move closer...So close i can almost feel his lips touch my skin, and i hear “AND IF YOU CALL NOW WE’LL THROW IN A SECOND SET FOR FREE! ALL OF THIS FOR THE LOW PRICE OF 39.99!”

I jolt awake, scrambling for the remote. I shut off the TV, pressing a hand to my chest. My heart is pounding so hard it almost hurts, and I take several deep breaths to settle myself. I pull my pruned feet out of the foot spa and dry them on the towel I’d left next to me on the couch. I don’t remember falling asleep but I must’ve been out at least an hour, the auto shut off already activated. I want to make sense of my dream but it’s hazy and all I can really remember is that strange voice. Deciding to forget about it and go to sleep properly, I climb into bed and hope I’ll sleep long enough for my 1am shift at the bakery.

The next few weeks pass by in the same uneventful blur, except for that feeling of being watched being an almost all day occurrence. Since nothing has come of it, it’s easily ignorable. I’m 24 as of today! I already don’t have work today so why not skip school and go to the beach? And hit up a barcade after that! I can have fun by myself. As I walk to the bus stop a block over while lost in thought the sky quickly goes dark. The gentle summer breeze turns ice cold. I hold the hem of my dress down as the wind picks up even more. My body shivers and I get the strangest feeling like i'm full of barely contained energy. Almost like I want to break free of my own skin. Everyone around stops and stares in my direction, even traffic stops. Some cars begin to reverse slowly, trying to get away from me and the crosswalk I’m standing in. I look down at my clothes to see what is causing such a reaction, and I notice it. The moon, bright and full, is underneath me shifting as if reflected on the surface of water. I’m hypnotized by that moon undulating in phantom waves. For a fleeting second I can almost feel water lap at my shoes. And then I’m falling into a bright light.

Water surrounds me, pulling me in as I sink farther down. I try to hold what little breath I have and squeeze my eyes shut tight. I can’t move my body at all as I’m dragged farther beneath the surface. Yet again I feel as though im being watched. Help me I plea wordlessly, unable to stop my descent into darkness. Suddenly a light shines again and I gasp as wind whips around me.

I’m free falling through a fading night sky, an equally large moon above me.  Just as I think I’m about to fall to my death, a massive sunflower forces it’s way out of the ground and catches me. I bounce slightly as I hit its center, and almost tumble off the edge. I slide on my back to a stop right before a huge yellow petal, and I take a minute to catch my breath. The moon vanishes as the slowly rising sun turns the night to dawn. I choke out a laugh and brush tears from my eyes, my body shaking uncontrollably. “I’m alive.” I whisper in awe, looking at the giant petals surrounding me. I slowly sit up, trying to increase my field of view but I cant see more than the sky and long yellow petals curled upwards like a safety net. I hear voices below me somewhere, but I can't make out any words. 

The sunflower gives a gentle shake, then begins to descend back into the ground. Most of the petals straighten and I can see a large crowd has gathered in the village below. The village looks like a bavarian themed tourist spot i'd visited with my parents on vacation. The snow covered mountains far off in the distance are more picturesque than anything i've ever seen. Some amongst the villagers are wearing silver cloaks that sparkle even in the low sunlight. The others part to get out of their way and they push closer to the front of the crowd as I come to a stop. I immediately feel out of place, and let out hysterical laughter as panic rises up. I probably look even crazier to them, laughing like this. What if they’ call me a witch and burn me at the stake? This is clearly a poor village, everyone is dressed so simply. Why can’t I stop laughing? Nothing is funny, but this is all so ridiculous my mind can’t keep up. If I recalled this event to anyone else they’d put me away for sure. One of the people in the silver cloaks reaches out a hand to help me up, and I notice the tree shaped brooch pinned to his chest. The green jewels on it catch the sunlight., and looking at it is somehow calming. I take a deep fortifying breath and grab his hand.
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