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Chapter 2-Sebastian

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In which we meet the first male lead.

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Elsewhere: Sebastian Gregory Valentine, lesser sun and crown prince of the Eithorian Empire, was just returning home. Having fought in the most recent war with the neighboring land of Cazica to the north, he and his men have returned victorious. Riding through the streets of the capital city, Altargia, on horseback they're greeted with cheers and praise, confetti flying through the air. Unbefitting of his station, according to his father, he possessed an approachable and charismatic demeanor. Their armor gleamed in the sunlight, hastily cleaned and polished on his orders a day's ride out from the capital. He couldn't very well have him and his men ride in covered in dirt and blood. As much as that was, and had been the past several months, his reality he had to put on a show for the people.

"He gets me so hot." A noblewoman whispered behind her fan to her companion, enamored with the way the breeze played with his raven-dark hair. She imagined it being her fingers running through it as he lavished his tongue between her thighs.

"I know! Goddess im so jealous of Lady Catherine. If I had him in my bed I'd never let him leave it!" her friend whispered back, panting and fanning herself when his piercing blue gaze was cast in her direction. Her thoughts lingered on what it would be like to have those intensely bright eyes on her, as he thrust his cock into her and filled her with his seed.

This being a typical response to his presence, Sebastian ignored their banter as the victory parade continued onward through the streets. Being a member of the royal family, a few goddess given gifts were passed down to him from his ancestors. Most annoyingly, his excessively large hearing range. It was useful to him on occasions he'd needed to gather information for his father or for his own purposes. And over the years he'd gained control over it with some effort. But after using it on a daily basis while in Cazica, hearing every conversation within a 100 mile radius right now was exhausting.

He was already tired after several weeks of riding back from the battlefield. He didn't have the energy to spare to shield himself from most of the noise. And after that letter from his father he'd received partway through the journey...hearing women fawn over him did not have its usual appeal. Children ran alongside the horses smiling and waving; he shook himself from his dark mood to smile back at them. It wouldn:t do for his reputation to take a hit.

Slowly, the church of Anara came into view. It was easily recognizable by the four tower peaks piercing the sky, surrounding the fifth and tallest one in the center. Although every city, town, and village in the empire contained a church to worship the goddess the one in Altargia, known simply as the Spire, was the most impressive. The building loomed over the city at an even greater height than the castle, the pearly white stones free of any hint of grime. A myriad of stained glass windows depicted the goddess bestowing her creations with the tree of life.

Sebastian took it all in, as it had been some time since he'd last visited. He and the clergy didnt mix well, they thought themselves above the royal family, but even he respected what the Spire represented.

He made a mental note to go and worship when he was more settled, he owed this victory to Anara. Some of its members stood watch on the steps as the parade continued on. Their silver cloaks and gleaming white clothes nearly blinded him and he quickly looked away.

After taking more winding roads, and having more flowers thrown at them then Sebastian thought possible, the procession finally stopped at the castle steps. He dismounted his horse and was greeted by several nobles and foreign diplomats.

"Where's father?" He asked no one in particular as he climbed the steps. He knew everyone would attempt to answer to gain his favor regardless of who he asked, so speaking to them as individuals didn't matter. As expected, they all trailed after him vying for his attention. "Last I heard he was in the throne room your highness." one said in a high pitched voice. "But I saw him walking in the gardens." said another haughty voice. "Allow ME to escort you your highness, id be happy to help you look for his majesty." came another nasally voice. And on and on it went as he entered the castle until Sebastian could feel a pounding headache on the horizon.

"So he is both in the throne room and the gardens, but also the library and his study and yet somehow he's managed to be in the solarium as well. All at once. Amazing." Sebastian let out, with as much humor to cover the sting of his irritation that he could muster. His reputation was everything after all. Ignoring them, he picked up his pace and entered the east wing of the castle. The guards posted there barred his quickly growing entourage of nobles from following. The large wooden double doors were opened for him, and the last they saw of him was a flash of his dark blue cape before the doors shut again behind him.

Walking through the richly decorated hallways, he made his way to his own set of rooms. Once inside, he was helped out of his armor and quickly put into a steaming bath by servants. He sighed and stretched letting the heat ease his tension as they exited the room to give him privacy. Knowing the argument he was in for once he made the effort to go see his father, he mentally prepared himself.

As if I'd follow such an unreasonable request. Going off to fight Argos at the western border after defeating Cazica in the north. He can't just keep sending me off to battles to appease that woman. And if she's going to try to push for that in hopes I die she should have the decency not to involve anyone else. Those are good men, they deserve rest after what they've been through. They deserve to see their families. He thought as he leisurely washed himself, growing more frustrated by the moment.

He heard the door to the main chamber open followed by a rustle of fabric and muffled footsteps on plush carpet. The door to his bedroom was entered next and Catherine appeared in the doorway between his bedroom and bathroom. Her red hair was held in place by a constellation of jeweled pins and her pale green dress glided across the floor as she walked closer to him.

"How long have you been back? You should've sent for me instead of letting me hear about your return from others" she pouted and sat on the edge of the tub next to him.

"I've only been home for a moment. Don't worry." Sebastian chuckled and held her hand, rubbing his thumb along the back of it. He was deeply fond of Catherine, although it had been she who'd suggested deepening their relationship. To this day he unfortunately saw her as nothing more than something to pass the time with, but it was through no fault of her own.

She was chosen by his mother to be his fiance and future queen of Eithoria, and anything his mother loved he despised. It was just how things were between the two of them. He had no intentions of following through with a marriage to Catherine, but he didn't hate her. They'd grown as close as he would allow, and he enjoyed her company in and out of bed.

He'd hoped that after years of being engaged with no future plans she'd fall out of love with him and move towards her own happiness. But she continued to stay by his side, and with his mother's backing behind her he couldn't end it himself. So he took what pleasure from the arrangement he could and felt no guilt about it. It was only right for his conscience to be clear, in his opinion. He'd been loyal to her from the moment they'd become engaged. He owed her that much at least, when he couldn't give her much else of himself.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, her grey eyes narrowed in annoyance when he laughed in response.

"Just you. Truly, nothing else but you." He smiled and brushed his lips against hers, a ghost of a kiss.

"Well I'm right here, pay attention to me." She whined as her hand went into the warm water. She grazed her fingers along his length, and he groaned in response "I'll give you plenty of attention."
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